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Archives for May 2011

Tuesday Blog - Assorted Shniz

Matt Fincham | 12:54 UK time, Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Chris - has script meetings for his telly show, then he's picking suits for his forthcoming telly show, then he's going home, having tea, watching telly, and going to bed

Dave - has assorted shniz

Aled - is having an ideas meeting with the Chris Moyles production team, then a physio session and then he's going to the cinema

Dom - is presenting the lunchtime Newsbeat programme then going to pick up his son from his football practice (crazy hey)

Tina - has work stuff during the day then is going out for a girly dinner in the evening

Matt - has lots of meetings, record company appointments and then tonight he's catching up with a friend

Pre-Bank Holiday Friday Blog!

Matt Fincham | 12:24 UK time, Friday, 27 May 2011

Chris - this weekend he will be training, enjoying getting back on the drink, going to imaginary Martin's birthday party, watching Formula One and sleeping

Dave - his weekend will involve relaxing, avoiding the drizzle, watching the Chapion's League Final and DJing in Beaconsfield

Aled - will be having some gym and exercise fun, venturing off to somewhere in the UK , but will be back for The Surgery on Sunday

Dom - is going to a children's theme park for his daughter's 2nd birthday, then watching (not playing in) The Champion's League final on Saturday night, and having a nice relaxing Monday

Tina - has 2 days doing the news on the telly, then also watching The Champion's League final, and going to a wedding

Matt - will be busy devising an exciting, multi-faceted feature for the show then this weekend he's going to Suffolk for his cousin Julie's wedding

Lots On The Thursday Blog...

Matt Fincham | 13:52 UK time, Thursday, 26 May 2011

Chris - is recording links for the brand new podcast that will be available to download tomorrow, then meeting his mate Steve for a cup of tea, then heading home and doing his washing, then writing a song parody and trying not to go to the pub

Dave - is going car racing with JLS... really

Aled - has meetings with record companies, then going to the gym, having a power nap, then going to see Olly Murs with Tina

Dom - is just doing the OddBox today

Tina - has meetings and then a sleep, followed by early dinner with a friend, and seeing Olly Murs with Aled

Matt - has yoga, lots of meetings, then he's going to have dinner with some friends and watching Scream 4

Oh Look! It's Wednesday!

Matt Fincham | 10:40 UK time, Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Chris - is going to the gym then has meetings for Quiz Night series 4, then going home to watch The Apprentice

Dave - has another meeting with Roy Walker in his imaginarium, then going on 5 Live with Richard Bacon this afternoon, then home for assorted boring jobs

Aled - is going to playlist today

Tina - will be spending the day at TV Sport

Dom- is going birthday shopping for his little girl who will be two on Saturday

Matt - is writing a playlist presentation, then going to playlist, then watching The Apprentice

Chris And His Moustache

Matt Fincham | 10:40 UK time, Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Chris - is getting ready for his appearance at the comedy gala tonight then going home and shaving his moustache off

Dave - has a meeting with Roy Walker in his imaginarium, then he's going swimming with Nicole

Aled - may be going on the search for his Twitter mate (a visiting president), then watching Geordie Shore

Dom - has no plans and it's brilliant

Tina - has back to back meetings then she'll be watching Geordie Shore (followed by Newsnight)

Matt - has record company appointments, then string quartet practice tonight for the first time in months

Monday Blog

Matt Fincham | 10:29 UK time, Monday, 23 May 2011

Chris - is going to the gym and celebrating a week off the beer, then he's going home because he has work to do and calling his brother to say happy wedding anniversary

Dave - has a whole list of boring jobs he'll be going through in order.

Aled - is facing his horrible gym trainer with the big arms and waiting to receive his internet shopping

Dom - is doing the lunchtime edition of Newsbeat then looking forward to having his tea

Tina - needs to pop into the bank and then looking forward to the delivery of her first ever online food shopping tonight!

Matt - has meetings then he's going for dinner and to the theatre tonight

F-F-F-F-F-Friday Blog!

Matt Fincham | 11:38 UK time, Friday, 20 May 2011

Chris - is doing nowt - chilling, training, writing, eating, sleeping. Not necessarily in that order.

Dave - is DJing in Farnham

Aled - is going to Aberystwyth to meet his new nephew

Dom - is in Sunderland today as he is voice training some students tomorrow

Tina - is doing 60 seconds on BBC3 after a quick sleep

Matt - will be seeing a friend tonight, then going to the rugby at Twickenham tomorrow

Dom Is Getting His Lawnmower Out

Matt Fincham | 11:40 UK time, Thursday, 19 May 2011

Chris - will be training and/or working on a new song parody

Dave - has assorted jobs to do

Aled - will be going to appointments, meetings, sleeping, then the gym

Tina - has meetings then going out for dinner tonight with Newsbeat friends

Dom - will be filming Odd Box then going home and getting his lawnmower out

Matt - will be getting over the release of an embarrassing film featuring him (it's not rude), going to yoga, then going for a run tonight

Life is a rollercoaster and you've just got to ride it

Matt Fincham | 10:38 UK time, Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chris - will be going to the gym for the first time in two weeks, then carrying on with his one man campaign to get 'Go West' into the charts

Dave - is doing some more home shopping

Aled - has a couple of meetings, then off to playlist, and watching The Apprentice tonight

Dom - is going to do a voiceover today - life is a rollercoaster and you've just got to ride it

Tina - has meeting related business and still needs to unpack

Matt - has a playlist meeting, then tonight he's going for a jog, having dinner with some friends and watching The Apprentice

We're back in the studio!

Matt Fincham | 12:29 UK time, Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Chris - has some script meetings for his telly show and then he's unpacking from Radio 1's Big Weekend

Dave - is up to assorted business

Dom - is voice training some people for four hours this afternoon - they're learning how to speak proper, innit

Tina - has hundreds of emails to go through, then she's unpacking and tonight she's got a reunion with her beloved dog MJ

Aled - has physio and a gym session this afternoon

Matt - has lots of emails to catch up on, then tonight he might be going to see a new band called Foster The People

It's the weeeeeeeeeeeeeekend!

Matt Fincham | 11:07 UK time, Friday, 6 May 2011

Chris - is packing for Carlisle, then he's heading up north for the weekend where he may play on his games console

Dave - is producing a potentially award winning parody and then he's driving up north

Dom - is going to the gym to renew his membership and then he's packing for Carlisle

Tina - is presenting 60 seconds on BBC Three tonight

Aled - has a meeting at R1 HQ, then he's having lunch with a friend in town and this afternoon he's meeting someone at Television Centre

Matt - is recovering from last night, working hard to prepare our trip to Carlisle and then going to some drinks tonight

Sam - is recovering from last night, has a meeting, then will be having a big drink tonight. Oh dear.

We're all off to Dave & Tina's drinks tonight

Matt Fincham | 11:25 UK time, Thursday, 5 May 2011

Chris - is recording podcast links with the team, picking the Golden Hour and then he's going to Dave and Tina's birthday drinks

Dave - is packing his suitcase for Carlisle and then he's getting ready for his birthday drinks

Sam - has a meeting after the show, lots of work in the office and then she'll be going out tonight for birthday drinks

Matt - will be marvelling at the amazing Family Guy photo of the team then he'll be going to Dave and Tina's birthday drinks tonight

Aled - has a meeting, then record company appointments and then he might sneak in a quick game of Civilisation (watch out Sam)

Dom - is presenting the Oddbox and is then off to birthday drinks

Tina - needs to have her hair done and then deciding what she's wearing for her birthday drinks tonight

It's only bloomin' Wednesday!

Matt Fincham | 10:39 UK time, Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Chris - is going to the gym, getting his haircut and then writing another parody and some jingles

Dave - is on 5Live with Richard Bacon and then will watch the footie

Dom - is spending 4 hours on a course training BBC jounalists

Tina - is having a nap, doing her hair and then having dinner

Aled - is having a few meetings, then playlist

Matt - has lots of meetings, including playlist then tonight he'll be working hard

Sam - will be taking Chewbacca home and then meeting a friend later.

We're back from the long weekend

Matt Fincham | 11:43 UK time, Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Chris - is training at home to work off some of the excess lager from over the weekend and then he's going to try and write a new parody this afternoon

Dave - will be writing a little song/vignett for the show and then he's going home to have a clearout

Dom - is presenting the lunchtime edition of Newsbeat (even though it's a Tuesday), then he's got a meeting and he then has to see someone about something boring

Tina - is up to various bits and bobs, sorting through emails and then getting her eyebrows threaded

Aled - has a couple of heavy meetings

Sam - has a couple of meetings - not heavy, will be eating a banana and then home.

Matt - will be working hard in the office and then tonight he'll be recovering from a heavy weekend

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