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Matt Fincham | 11:58 UK time, Monday, 28 February 2011

Chris - is going to the gym, packing his parents back up north and then he's sleeping for the rest of the day

Dave - is going ice skating today

Dom - is presenting Newsbeat at lunchtime and then a man is coming to take down his marquee this afternoon

Tina - has meetings and then she's going to the gym

Aled - is having hair laser surgery this afternoon and then he's going indoor sky diving this evening

Matt - has record company appointments this afternoon and then tonight he's got a quiet night in

Sam - is on a course

It's Friday, yes it's Friday

Matt Fincham | 14:15 UK time, Friday, 25 February 2011

Chris - has some meetings this morning, then he's got his party tonight; tomorrow he's watching Leeds and then seeing his good friend Dominic Byrne, and then on Sunday he's probably going to have something called a hangover, so he'll be resting ahead of the Big Show on Monday morning

Dave - has some party preparation to do, then he's got a weekend of socialising

Sam - has a fair few meetings then has to glam herself up for Chris party!

Tina - is having a haircut and then she's going to Chris' party tonight

Aled - is going to Chris' birthday and then he's off to Cardiff uni

Matt - is sadly not going to Chris' party tonight - he's off to Holland to visit some good friends

Dom - is going to Chris' party tonight and then he's having a relaxing weekend

Halfway there...

Matt Fincham | 10:57 UK time, Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Chris - is going to the gym and then donating a large portion of his time today to get a ridiculous number of hits on Dave's semi-naked cardboard cut-out

Dave - is getting over the embarrassment of having a cardboard cut-out model of himself sent in to the show

Dom - has to take the car in to the garage

Tina - is going to the gym

Matt - is going to playlist this afternoon and then this evening he's recording some more music for a friend's album

Sam - is working on a secret project and perhaps doing some hilarious things with Cardboard Dave....

Aled - will also be going to playlist this afternoon

The life-size cardboard model of Dave...

Matt Fincham | 09:37 UK time, Wednesday, 23 February 2011

...well it's a lot taller to be honest:

Comedy Dave in his boxers

Dave's 'hot bod'

Matt Fincham | 12:02 UK time, Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Today we made a startling discovery - that our very own Dave Vitty has done a glossy magazine photoshoot, clad in nothing but a pair of tight white boxer shorts.

You may have heard our shocked reactions during today's show.

Click on the link below to make your own mind up. Be warned's not for the faint hearted!

The week starts here...

Matt Fincham | 10:56 UK time, Monday, 21 February 2011

Chris - is off to the gym (which he's looking forward to immeasurably), he's got some bits to do around the house and then he'll be sorting out a few details for his party on Friday

Dave - is working on a new creative project and then he'll be going for a lunch meeting

Sam - is working on some bits and bobs and then later on may do some clothes shopping...

Matt - will be recovering from a very heavy weekend and trying to stave off a cold

Dom - will be presenting Newsbeat at lunchtime, followed by a meeting and then he'll be watching Episodes

Tina - is working through a long 'to do' list today

Aled - has a doctor's appointment and then he's trying to get his life back

Today is Wednesday

Matt Fincham | 11:07 UK time, Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Chris - is going to the gym and then he may follow up some party invites for people who haven't replied yet

Dave - has a luncheon meeting

Dom - is up to news stuff and then he has some boring meetings

Tina - is having a meeting and then she's got a friend coming over to stay

Aled - is recovering from the Brits and doing recording for a TV show

Matt - has playlist at lunchtime and then this evening he's recording some music with a colleague

Sam - is a busy, busy girl today - meetings then dinner tonight with a friend.

Today's Valentines' themed blog

Matt Fincham | 14:18 UK time, Monday, 14 February 2011

Chris - is going to the gym and then he's having his Valentine's day evening with Andi Peters

Dave - is going on This Morning and will then he'll be doing interviews and ting

Aled - will be going to the gym (eek) and having a spray tan

Sam - will be very busy today and then is going out for dinner with her other half for a Valentine's Day treat.

Matt - will be busy tonight

Tina - will be trying to catch a mouse in her flat and if she can't catch it, she's not going to stay there

Dom - is off sick

Thank flip it's Friday

Matt Fincham | 11:21 UK time, Friday, 11 February 2011

Chris - is going to the gym, then he's recording a new parody for the show; tomorrow he's having his first proper drink for four weeks and then on Sunday he'll be supporting his good pal Comedy Dave

Dave - is going ice skating this weekend

Sam - is having a cold for most of the weekend. Boo!!

Matt - is off to Wolverhampton to see all his family this weekend; they're getting a big family photo taken tomorrow

Aled - it's the first proper run through of OMG in the studio today

Tina - is hoping to have her hair cut today, then she's doing 60 Seconds and then on Sunday she's going to Dancing On Ice to support Dave

Dom - is taking his son to Anfield tomorrow for his first ever Liverpool game and then he's going to Dancing On Ice on Sunday

Das Blog

Matt Fincham | 15:17 UK time, Thursday, 10 February 2011

Chris - is not going to the gym (which is heaven for him); Imaginary Martin is coming over later so he's going to heat up some of the vindaloo he made yesterday

Dave - is busy writing lots of stuff and then going skating

Dom - will be writing and recording the Oddbox

Tina - has several meetings and then she's sleeping

Matt - is having dinner with some friends tonight and then he's packing as he's going away this weekend

Sam - is having a busy day, then a drink with a friend tonight.

Aled - is going ghost hunting tonight

Midweek Madness on the Chris Moyles Show

Matt Fincham | 10:48 UK time, Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Chris - is going to the gym (Day 2 of 3 sessions this week), he's then going home and will be cooking a little chicken dish of his choosing (maybe curry - with no rice)

Aled - is dressing up as a vampire again and hanging out with Peaches Geldof

Dom - is doing a Peppa Pig voiceover today

Tina - is going for a long lunch with her cousin, and then her best friend is coming over to stay

Dave - has a meeting with Roy Walker in his imaginarium, he then has an interview on the Moan In on Five Live and then some more skating

Sam - has work to do and then will be off to an award ceremony, where an event she worked on as been nominated.

Matt - will be going to the playlist meeting and then he's going to a Deconstruction Records party tonight

Tuesday's a pretty dull day, really

Matt Fincham | 12:51 UK time, Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Chris - will be chilling, party organising and will be catching up on some movies

Dave - will be meeting Roy Walker in his imaginarium and then will be ice skating with friends

Dom - will be doing some news and then off to the gym

Tina - will be planning more ideas for her takeover tomorrow

Aled - will be having a quality sleep and then off to the gym.

Sam - doing lots of work, surprisingly, and then will be having a big dinner and glass of wine with friends

Matt - will also be doing lots of work, surprisingly, then tonight he's having a posh dinner with his housemate who he hasn't caught up with for ages

Monday, Monday

Matt Fincham | 14:57 UK time, Monday, 7 February 2011

Chris - is going to the gym to get measured and weighed to see if another week of no bread and the tiniest amount of booze has made a difference...then it's Monday night slob on the sofa night

Dave - is presenting Football Express on 5Live tonight

Dom - is presenting the lunchtime edition of Newsbeat and then he's off to the gym again (he went for the first time on Friday)

Aled - has three meetings, training with his trainer, then sleep, Glee and Tool Academy

Sam - has 3 meetings, then off to the dentist to hopefully not have a filling.

Matt - has record company appointments this afternoon and then tonight he's going out with some work friends

Tina - is sleeping and then she's up to various bits and bobs

Thank goodness it's the weekend

Matt Fincham | 10:21 UK time, Friday, 4 February 2011

Chris - is chilling, illing, maxing and relaxing and then watching Dave dancing on ice on Sunday

Dave - you may be seeing him on a TV show this Sunday night, which involves ice skating

Dom - doesn't really have any plans - he'll be watching Liverpool vs. Chelsea on Sunday and then just generally relaxing

Tina - has got Football Focus and 60 Seconds today, then she'll be planning her video with Chipmunk and what she's going to be doing with her hour of the show next week after winning DisasterMind

Aled - is going on Gemma's show on BBC Radio 1Xtra this afternoon and then is off to Bristol

Sam - is having a big ol sleep this weekend and may start work on another DIY exercise in the spare room. Such fun.

Matt - is going out with a friend tonight, then he's taking his Mum (and family) out to a very nice restaurant tomorrow as it's her birthday

Want to see a pic of Dom's new glasses?

Matt Fincham | 11:26 UK time, Thursday, 3 February 2011

Here's what the team is doing today...

Chris - is going to see the movie 'Paul' today with his friends and then he has a few other people to see throughout the day; he's cooking for a mate tonight

Dave - is also going to see the movie 'Paul' and then he's going to go ice skating

Tina - is also seeing the film 'Paul' and then she'll see where the rest of the day goes for her

Dom - is not going to the screening today as he has to write and present the Oddbox; he'll also be enjoying his new glasses

Sam - is going to the screening today and then she'll be busy working in the office

Matt - is busy working in the office, then tonight he's going out with a group of friends

Aled - has got a meeting, which he's hoping to get out of so he can go to the screening - he's also meeting Peaches Geldof today

And here's a photo of Dom's new glasses which he wore for the first time today:

Dom's new glasses

Wednesday, etc.

Matt Fincham | 10:29 UK time, Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Chris - is going to the gym and then he's going home to sort out his wardrobes - which is boring, but will be fruitful. He also might cook something special tonight - Beef Wellington's an option

Dave - is going ice skating in Bracknell and Shepperton and then he's going to bed

Dom - is going to pick up a new pair of glasses (for reading)

Tina - will be having a long sleep, then she'll be watching some episodes of True Blood and then buying some matching clothes hangers

Aled - after 9 hours of sleep in 3 days, he's going to have a well-deserved rest

Matt - will be attending the playlist meeting today and then tonight he's going to a birthday dinner (upsettingly the table booked is outside)

Sam - will be taking back some clothes boutght yesterday to the shop. Basically she's made aa fashion faux pas

Tuesday is statistically the dullest day of the year

Matt Fincham | 11:53 UK time, Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Chris - is not going to the gym, he's going to see a friend who's recovering from an operation in hospital. Yesterday he tackled a wardrobe full of old clothes which don't fit anymore - today's he's going to focus on socks. Tonight he's going to join his good friend Comedy Dave at a charity pub quiz - more details on the show tomorrow...

Dave - is off to the Loaded Lafta Awards, then he's got a choreography session and then tonight he's going to a charity pub quiz with Chris

Sam - is really not doing anything fabulous - she feels quite cheated!

Matt - is actually getting his haircut tonight (it's been postponed three times)

Aled - is going to a secret location and then he's going out for dinner tonight with the Press Department

Dom - is off to interview Sir Elton John about this new movie Gnomeo & Juliet

Tina - is going to the Arsenal game tonight

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