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The Chris Moyles Show is off now for a week! Here's what everyone's doing:

Aled | 13:54 UK time, Friday, 31 July 2009

Chris was having a showbiz coffee with someone but they cancelled so he's going to have a run and have a nice weekend instead.
Dom is getting ready for holiday (it won't be abroad)
Carrie is excited about seeing Tom, she's then doing a week on the BBC News channel followed by a late honeymoon to Sri Lanka
Dave is heading Up North to Wakefield and getting ready for Nicole's second birthday he'll then be back to be on air with Vernon a week Monday
Rachel is going to Kidderminster to try her wedding dress on and talk flowers!
Aled is taking part in The Switch tour next week popping up in Glasgow on Wednesday with his Surgery head on to help anyone who's had their Highers and Standard results and need to talk to some experts. He'll then be back with Vernon and Dave a week Monday.

Enjoy Scott Mills. The Chris Moyles Show with Vernon will be back a week Monday, The Chris Moyles Show with Chris will be back a fortnight Monday on the 17th of August.

Monday, Monday

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Matt Fincham | 12:22 UK time, Monday, 27 July 2009

Chris is wating for a delivery to arrive and then he intends to go for a run. He hasn't run for a few days, so needs to do a nice long one today. He might also go for a drink as his friends are in the pub today, but he wants to be good....find out tomorrow if he's been good or not.

Dave will be trying to shake off his cold. He's hoping it will have gone by the time we go to Hull on Wednesday.

Carrie is going to the gym and is then going for a typhoid injection.

Dom is doing the lunchtime Newsbeat. He's also waiting for a delivery. Once that's arrived he's taking Fin swimming and then getting a takeaway curry.

Aled is jumping on a train.

Rachel is going to do a big work-out as she ate too much over the weekend. She'll then be putting the finishing touches to her wedding list.

What is the team up to this weekend I hear you cry?

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Matt Fincham | 09:46 UK time, Friday, 24 July 2009

Chris - didn't train yesterday, so today he's going to pump out a nice 6 miler and then chill for the rest of the weekend. He'll tell you what he got up to on Monday...
Dave - it's a 'Happy Friday' from Dave; he's in a good mood and is looking forward to a night in with a takeaway
Carrie - is opening the village show is Birstwith
Rachel - is going round to her friend Vanessa's to have a hair trial for her wedding; she'll then be celebrating her friend Juan's birthday tomorrow
Aled - has hired a posh car and is heading west for personal reasons, BBC Wales reasons and also a secret project for the Chris Moyles Show
Dom - and his good wife Nicola Byrne are going out for a nice meal

What the team is doing today

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Matt Fincham | 10:56 UK time, Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Chris' parents are coming down to visit him this afternoon, so he's tidying up the house - then he's training, and tonight he'll be watching Who Do You Think You Are? at 9pm on BBC1
Dave - will be taking back some large plastic buckets to a well-known wine warehouse and he'll be watching Who Do You Think You Are? tonight at 9pm on BBC1
Dominic - will be watching Who Do You Think You Are? tonight at 9pm on BBC1
Aled is still off sick
Rachel - is still engrossed in wedding plans, then she'll do a session at the gym, and of course she'll be watching Who Do You Think You Are? tonight at 9pm on BBC1
Carrie - will be presenting Newsbeat, then she'll be having lunch with a friend; she then needs to have some jabs for Sri Lanka, and then she'll be watching Who Do You Think You Are? tonight at 9pm on BBC1

What the team is doing today

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Matt Fincham | 11:47 UK time, Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Chris - it's weigh-in day today, so find out how he's he's fared tomorrow on the show

Dave - is babysitting his niece; he then may have a fish pie for tea

Dom - is looking forward to making a casserole

Aled - is ill in bed

Carrie - is going to Pilates, walking the dog and then she'll be eating fish tonight

Rachel - is continuing planning her wedding, and then relaxing from all the wedding madness by going to Pilates

What the team is doing today

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Matt Fincham | 14:40 UK time, Monday, 20 July 2009

Chris is a mole and he lives in a hole. He will be running, writing and sorting out his man cave - it's very messy.
Dave will be treating his wife Jayne to a wonderful birthday (whilst awaiting some men to come and pick up his portaloo)
Dom is presenting the 12.45 Newsbeat programme and then having a meeting
Aled will be working on day two of Aled's Game Box and then taking some tablets as he's feeling a little bit peaky
Rachel will be doing lots of exercise, consisting mostly of upper body work and arm toning
Carrie will be travelling back from Scotland after attending this year's Open

What the team is doing this weekend

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Matt Fincham | 10:58 UK time, Friday, 17 July 2009

Chris is getting over looking at Dave in his Hole In The Wall suit. He's then going home for a run and waiting for the delivery man. Once the delivery has arrived and he's showered for the day, he's then going to treat himself and play XBox or watch Torchwood, which he recorded last week.

Dave is going to record a secret television show where he has to wear a silver suit.

Carrie is heading up to Glasgow for the golf after an hour's therapy to recover from seeing Dave.

Dom is taking Fin to football and then getting ready for Davestock tomorrow.

Aled is going to Cardiff to finish recording his documentary about bullying.

Rachel is going away with her bridesmaids, Mum and Mally's Mum to a girlie weekend. She also has a wedding dress fitting tomorrow!

What the team is up to today

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Matt Fincham | 12:17 UK time, Thursday, 16 July 2009

Chris - is going on This Morning this morning with Phillip and Fearne and then he's training
Dave - is going to a well-known wholesale supermarket to buy stuff for the weekend
Rachel - is sending her fiancé Mally off for his stag do which he's dubbed 'Mallyfest', and then she's preparing for her hen party this weekend
Aled - is feeling stereotypical and going to see Priscilla in the theatre tonight
Dom - is presenting the Oddbox today and then de-erecting a gazebo
Carrie - is walking the dog, going to the gym and then packing to go to the Open Golf tomorrow

Team off air.. what do they do?

Aled | 10:59 UK time, Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Chris is going to the gym - the trainer sent him a text yesterday saying he's doing the sandbag circuit plus one rep max bench press
Dave will be doing busy things for the party on Saturday (looking into portaloos)
Rachel is going to pilates
Carrie also has pilates (but she's not going with Rachel)
Dom has a meeting, he's then going to pick Finn up from school
Aled has a medical meeting today.

Here's what the team are doing while Chris is away

Aled | 10:46 UK time, Monday, 13 July 2009

Vernon has the girls today as Tess is working
Dave is going to a generic well known Danish theme park based around building blocks
Dom is doing the lunchtime newsbeat programme reporting on news and then taking Finn swimming
Carrie is going to interview England cricketer Paul Collingwood
Rachel will be working in the day as she's the Day Producer today and having a run with
Aled will be running with Rachel then having a little sleep!

What exciting things are the team up to this weekend?

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Matt Fincham | 11:43 UK time, Friday, 10 July 2009

Today's blog truly is a corker!

Chris - is off on Monday (Vernon will be filling in); he'll tell you where he's been on Tuesday morning
Dave - is unpacking more boxes in his new house and and enjoying the best day of the week (Friday)
Dom - is enjoying the weekend
Carrie - will be enjoying a four hour drive up the M1 to Yorkshire
Rach - is celebrating her friend Tash's birthday!

Oasis are playing tonight - here's what the team are doing

Aled | 11:25 UK time, Thursday, 9 July 2009

Chris will be running 5 miles in an attempt to burn off the quarter of the muffin he's just eaten. He will also then be planning his weekend which he'll tell all about on Tuesday (as he's not here on Monday) and then he'll be going to see The Oasis at Wembley.
Dave is looking forward to The Oasis at Wembley and will also be un packing some boxes from his garage
Carrie is getting ready to see The Oasis tonight and she'll be sorting out her neck as it's a little stiff.
Rachel is going to work out what thing needs to be dropped from today's schedule - work, sleep, exercise or see The Oasis to make it all fit in.
Dom will be presenting the Oddbox. It's on various BBC channels. Dom started listing the times but our attention span was too short so missed it. He's then travelling to David's house and listening to The Oasis.
Aled is heading home to Wales to go back to his old school for a BBC Wales TV show

What the team is up to this soggy Wednesday

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Matt Fincham | 11:50 UK time, Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Chris - is going to go home and run to Aled's plodcast, then he's working on some more song parodies, and then he's out tonight celebrating with a beer that he's lost two pounds
Dave - is working on an exciting new game for Noel Gallagher - it should be marginally better than today's 'Chip Diddy Chip Tooth Picky Pick ChipMunk Pineapple Chunk Challenge'
Carrie - today is legs, bums and tums day, followed by a kip and then Torchwood
Dom - has a bums and thumbs class today, then he has a meeting this afternoon
Rach - is going to have a sleep and then a very big session on the cross trainer
Aled - in anticipation of Chris enjoying the plodcast, he'll be making a generic version for the Radio 1 website for listeners to download

Ahead of Chipmunk on the show tomorrow here's what the team are doing!

Aled | 12:09 UK time, Tuesday, 7 July 2009

For Chris it's weigh-in day at the gym - he would love to lose 3lbs this week and will reveal tomorrow how much he lost. He's then looking forward to seeing episode 2 of Torchwood (if you missed the first one you can see it on the iPlayer)
Dave will be working on a pilot of an exciting new game for the arrival of Chip Diddy Chip Chipmunk tomorrow on the show
Dom has no plans today but will be keeping an eye on the weather
Rachel is going out to lunch with her good friend Rachael she's then doing some pilates
Carrie is having a sleep - she's then going to the gym, she also has to cash in some cheques to the bank (the cheques were made out to her maiden name - all very frustrating!)
Aled will be working on his Plodcast for Chris' run, he will then have some record company appointments ahead of tomorrow's playlist

The team are tired... but here's what they're doing today

Aled | 10:51 UK time, Monday, 6 July 2009

Chris is training today and coming down after his Take That buzz (Listen again here)
Dave is also getting over the emotions of last night. He won't be training but will be having a little sleep
Rachel will also be getting over last night's Take That concert - she will also be having a sleep
Dominic is interviewing Harry Potter (which you can hear on the radio a week Wednesday)
Aled is (oddly) not that tired as he spent the evening with Alesha Dixon, today he'll be working on the next 7 shows that come outside of Radio 1 HQs.

What a busy day the team are having...

Aled | 10:35 UK time, Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Chris is going to Wembley to hang out with Take That and make a video (more details tomorrow)
Dave is going to Wembley to hang out with Take That and make a video (more details tomorrow) and then pay for a new front door
Rachel is going to Wembley to hang out with Take That and make a video (more details tomorrow) and then reacclimatise to work
Carrie won't leave Wimbledon, she is also apologising to BBC Breakfast and the bosses at Wimbledon
Dom is writing the oddbox and watching Andy Murray play his match at centre court
Aled has a meeting at midday about applications for a certain phone, he then has playlist.

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