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What the team is up to this weekend

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Matt Fincham | 10:15 UK time, Friday, 29 May 2009

Chris - is going for a run with his friend Asa out in the hot heat, and then he might go out to celebrate all the exercise he's done this week. His Mum is going back to Leeds today, so he'll be waving her off at the train station.
Dave - is doing more decorating, and preparing for a certain football match tomorrow
Carrie - is panicking as she's renting her flat out but it's not ready for people yet - but a couple want to move in tomorrow! She'll also be watching a certain football match.
Rach - is going to kill some time by doing an 8 mile walk whilst she waits for her brother, who'll she'll be going out with tonight

(Dom is celebrating the birth of his baby daughter and Aled is in Wales)

Here's what the team are doing today!

Aled | 15:27 UK time, Thursday, 28 May 2009

Chris has to put together the Golden hour which he hasn't done for a while and is very excited by that, he'll then go for a run and do some training, Chris only has 3% left on his generic satellite hard disc recorder so he's going to watch some tv and clear it.
Dave has got a hot and steamy afternoon with a stripper - removing wall paper.
Carrie is sorting a leak and then general admin.
Rachel is in a dilemma as she's supposed to go swimming with her friend Rachael.
Dom is at home waiting for his new baby
Aled is having his appraisal today. He's then getting ready to go to the Eisteddfod tomorrow as he's "president for the day"!

Here's what the team are doing today...

Aled | 11:28 UK time, Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Chris is recording some links for the show and getting some stuff
together for our Friday show in Swindon - Chris is then going through
the script for his Ch4 show for the last time! (Last show this Sunday)

Dave will be helping Rob DJ record some more links, he will then be
taking a hot delivery for Chris' soundclash against Tim Westwood - he's
then picking up some wood for his floors

Carrie has her appraisal today, she's then going to a nice pub for lunch
and then going to see Chelsea and Barcelona

Dom is doing the Oddbox today (as he's going to Swindon tomorrow) and
then watching Chelsea v Barcelona and watching The Apprentice at the
same time!

Rachel is looking for her glasses as she's lost them. She's then going
swimming with her heavily pregnant friend Suzi.

Aled is working on our next Karaoke night out (happening in June and
July) he's then attending playlist, going for a 3 mile run, having a
drink at Surgery producer Jocelin's leaving drinks then going to the gym
with the twins!

Dave's dodgy thumb

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Matt Fincham | 18:09 UK time, Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It came to our attention this morning that Dave has a rather oddly shaped thumb - he explains all in this video...

Here's what the team are doing today...

Aled | 12:41 UK time, Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Chris is not going to the dentist -he is instead going for a run and then working on his soundclash versus Westwood so that he can kick his **** (bum).
Dave is doing more DIY fun as he buys more paint
Carrie is wakling the dog and watching Ashes To Ashes on the iPlayer and then watching the football
Rachel's Tuesday so it's pilates tonight.
Dom has his appraisal with the head of News.
Aled has some record company appointments, he's then going for a 6 mile run and a dinner with friends.

Here's what the team are doing this weekend

Aled | 12:53 UK time, Friday, 1 May 2009

Chris is going to chill out tonight and have a couple of drinks, tomorrow he's going shopping with the girlfriend and doing some training and then going to a wedding.
Dave is looking forward to his first festival of the summer (in Peterborough this weekend), he likes trucking and he likes the trucks.
Carrie is going down to Sommerset to see her Nana in her window
Dom is buying a car seat for impending arrival of new child (due in three weeks!!)
Rachel is going to the midlands to spend some quality time with the parents and looking at all the press she got this week that's been generated by Marco :)
Aled is going to Swindon for the weekend. He's competing against Greg in challenges which will be set in shows across the weekend on Radio 1. On Sunday he's doing The Surgery which is an anything-goes open surgery.

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