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What the team are doing today

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Matt Fincham | 10:45 UK time, Friday, 19 December 2008

Chris - is taking his girlfriend Sophie Christmas shopping to buy her a special outfit for the drinks party tomorrow night

Rach - is going to buy a pair of walking boots

Dave - is going to Newcastle for the next leg of the Chappers and Dave world tour

Carrie - is going to a special concert tonight

Dom - is finishing Christmas shopping and looking forward to CBeebies live

Aled - is off ill - get better soon, my love!

That's it from us for this year...we're back on Monday 12th January 2009, but you can download the podcast and listen to our 12 Hour Best Of Show on New Year's Day.

Peace out,


Chris Martin on the show

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Matt Fincham | 23:50 UK time, Thursday, 18 December 2008

Mr. Christopher Martin joined us on the show's a video of him in action:

He was a genuinely nice guy and we shared some musical tips with one another.

Tomorrow on the show, we'll be exchanging Christmas presents with the team. It should be fun!


Chris Martin's in tomorrow!

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Aled | 15:41 UK time, Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Hello listeners and fans of the blog

While Dave and Chris go shopping, I'm still in the office - so thought I'd send a little blog to say "Hello". This time of year is always a busy one on The Chris Moyles Show. Not only do we try and make sure that we go out with a bang for Christmas (this week we have Mark Ronson, The Ting Tings, Chris Martin and Father Quizmas), we're also finalising any shows we have coming up over the holiday period (this time a MAMMOTH 12 hour Chris Moyles Birthday Show - with 12 hours of the best bits of both 2008 and the first 5 years). We're also working on having a strong week back because we assume you'll miss us and you'll want to hear us at our best when we do come back.

So what have we got planned for the new year? Well it's no secret that Car Park Catchphrase is going (or "resting" as we say in the business) tomorrow we'll be revealing what will be replacing it. The cheesy song is going and is being replaced, as well as a new bolder fresher (and MUCH louder) theme tune to the show. You'll also see us differently when we come back (more details nearer the time!).

What won't change is the team. We're all coming back in the New Year (yes, even Matt Fincham)!

Back to this week, and I'm off to get some sleep as I've just heard that Rachel's not back tomorrow morning so I'm going to get some energy ready for when Chris Martin comes in during tomorrow's show.

Have a good day!


Here's what the team are doing today...

Aled | 12:28 UK time, Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Here's what the team are doing today

Chris is going Christmas shopping to buy some surprises for the girlfriend and the team. He's then going to try and upgrade his bluray player... THEN Chris is off for drinks
Dave will be finishing off his Christmas shopping (and starting it)
Carrie will be trying some water buffalo (as in eating it!)
Dom will be buying presents for the team today
Aled will be wrapping his presents
Rachel will be recovering from her illness.

Here's what the team are doing today...

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Aled | 11:49 UK time, Monday, 15 December 2008

Here's what the team are doing today...

CHRIS is training again today and starting his Christmas present shopping
DAVE will be doing some more thinking about Christmas and continuing his war with Robin
DOM is presenting the 12:45 edition of Newsbeat and then contemplating the Yuletide period
CARRIE is doing Christmas tree decorating and finishing wrapping her presents
ALED is recovering from little sleep by sleeping. Lots. And getting ready to fill in tomorrow when The Ting Tings will be in!
RACHEL is ill in bed and will be sleeping until better!

Hooray it's Friday and this is what the team is up to today!

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Rachel | 09:37 UK time, Friday, 12 December 2008

CHRIS is filling up his new fridge which arrived yesterday.

DAVE is going to Manchester and then crossing the pennines, because the Chappers and Dave world tour lands in Sheffield.

DOM is puppy sitting this weekend. His friends have gone away and so he's been left in charge.

CARRIE is finishing wrapping her presents and spending quality time with Major Tom.

RACHEL is going back to Kidderminster to see friends and family.

ALED is heading back from Birmingham after giving out Dom dog blanket calendars. Then he'll be getting ready to present the Surgery on Sunday night.

Have a nice weekend! Don't forget we've got Mr Mark Ronson in on Monday AND he's going to be playing 3 live tracks!

Over and out
Rachel x

Hello from Plymouth

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Aled | 12:54 UK time, Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Hello from Plymouth!

I'm the advance party here, you may have heard this morning that I was here to give away tickets to tonight's Chris Moyles Show Carol-oke in Plymouth - above is a photo the crowd that had turned up before we got to stop people turning up - this was achieved in around 6 minutes so, safe to say it was a rather successful morning!

If you don't have tickets to tonight's event then I'm afraid you're going to miss out as it's going to be great :) but you CAN hear all the stories from tonight on the show tomorrow morning. I will still be out and about in the cold tomorrow, this time with Dom calenders!!! If you live in and around Plymouth I might see you tomorrow morning, if not... I might see you on Friday (for more info tune in to the show then).

After that it's back to London for this weekend's Surgery (Sunday from 10pm) - this week something that's close to my heart: Body Image. Do you look in the mirror and dislike what you see back? We'll be taking calls and discussing this in this week's Surgery on Radio 1.

Have a good day


p.s. if you're out and about my tip are thermals - I've relented and bought a thermal top - oh they're good!

We're going to Devon today!

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Rachel | 10:09 UK time, Wednesday, 10 December 2008


The entire Chris Moyles team are off to Plymouth for our Christmas karaoke night! Well everyone except for Aled, because he's there already!

Make sure you listen from 6:30am to hear what happened.

Have a nice day now!


I can't wait for Christmas!

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Rachel | 11:03 UK time, Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Morning everybody...Once again brrrr it's cold outside. So only 8 days to go...Only 8 days to go!!! Not that I'm counting or anything, but I am very much looking forward to Christmas. I'm going to be spending lots of time sleeping, eating and seeing friends and family and can't wait! (Oh it's only 8 days until I finish, obviously a little longer for actual Christmas day)

For fans of the Chris Moyles show, which I assume you are if you're reading this blog, the show will be off air until Monday 12th January. Don't worry though we're planning a huge 12 hour Chris Moyles extravaganza on New years day. That will feature all the biggest and best bits of the last 5 years. Aled has been working on this mammoth show and has pulled out some great highlights. Plus they'll be a few bonus podcasts so if you get an MP3 player for Christmas make sure you subscribe.

Before we finish on the 19th we've got loads of big things happening. We're off to Plymouth tomorrow for our Christmas karaoke night. Aled will be out and about tomorrow will be the man with the tickets.

Also next week we've got Mark Ronson on Monday, Ting Tings on Tuesday AND Chris Martin on Thursday. We're hoping to film some of this too.

So its Tuesday and here are the answers to the quiz....


2. What was the name of the car in The Duke's Of Hazzard?

3. Who was Henry VIII's first wife?


5. Joke now flash huge jesting IS AN ANAGRAM OF THIS CELEBRITY AND TITLE (6 WORDS)

AND for your bonus question....
Which is the largest city in the USA?

Scroll down to the bottom for the answers!

1. KELLY & Ozzy Osbourne, 2. The General Lee, 3. Catherine Of Aragon, 4. No, 5. Joe Swash king of the jungle

Bonus question - New York

Its Official We can now get Christmassy!

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Carrie | 09:25 UK time, Monday, 8 December 2008

You may have noticed this morning that today we have started using our christmas jingles.So that means its official - everyone can now get properly christmassed up!!
I think the world is definitely split into two - those who love christmas and those who don't. I love all the lights and decorations - my other half really doesn't. I can tell when we finally have a christmas at home there is going to be real rows and bother. I might have to come up with a cunning plan to get the house decorated while he's out and put them up with superglue!!

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Hooray it's's what the team are up to today..

Rachel | 09:30 UK time, Friday, 5 December 2008

it's Rachel reporting in with details of what the team are up to this weekend...

CHRIS is driving to Leeds today to see his solicitor to make his will. (don't worry he's not planning on going yet!)

DOM is going to buy a Christmas tree!

DAVE is taking the Chappers and Dave world tour to Cheltenham tonight. (If you're going make sure you sing the 'Chappers Chappers Dave Dave' song! Listen to the Iplayer just after 8:30am if you haven't heard it yet!!)

ALED is off to Cardiff

CARRIE is going bowling and horse riding, but not at the same time. She also has regimental drinks tomorrow night.

RACHEL is doing some more Christmas shopping and then going to a house warming/Christmas party tonight.

Have a nice day now!
Rachel x

A recipe from Dave

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Aled | 16:46 UK time, Thursday, 4 December 2008

Dear Blog Readers

Tonight I'm thinking of making my special chilli con carne from the following recipe:

Mince beef
1 large onion
Chilli mix
Kidney beans
1 Oxo Cube
Worcester Sauce
Sweet Chilli
Maggi Sauce
Black Pepper

Why don't you join me and cookalonglive?

Then again I might get a curry as there's a new place opened in the village and I like to support local business

Find out next time only on Dave's Thursday Blog



It's Thursday - this is what the Chris Moyles team are up to today..

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Rachel | 09:34 UK time, Thursday, 4 December 2008


Good morning everybody! Here's what we're all up to today....

CHRISwill be sleeping and then because it's Thursday he will be doing an amazing Golden Hour. It's Thirsty Thursday tonight, but he might have to give it a miss.

DAVE is going home and relaxing.

CARRIE if she can be bothered and has enough energy she'll try and finish her Christmas shopping.

DOM is interviewing one of our favourite celebrity judges from Strictly Come Dancing. He shouts SEVEN a lot! (hear what happened on the show tomorrow)

ALED is going to the gym for a training session. He then has a night out with the twins.

RACHEL is going to pilates and then meeting up with friends for more Christmas drinks!

Dave's on blog duties today!

Rachel x

Let's have a bloomin' party!

Dom | 13:56 UK time, Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Hi there bloggerloggers,

Hope everyone's ok - i've had a cold for 2 and a half weeks but i don't really bang on about it. Being a man i just take some medication and carry on as normal! That's the way i roll. Anyway - very exciting tonight. It's Radio 1's Christmas Party. It may only be December 3rd but as far as i'm concerned it's pretty much christmas in my head!

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It's Wednesday and this is what the team are up to....

Rachel | 12:35 UK time, Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Here's what the team are doing today:

CHRIS is going to record the speaking clock and will then be making his way to the Radio 1 Christmas party

DAVE is going to spend some time with Dom this afternoon perhaps having a meal or perhaps going to the cinema and then will be making his way to the Radio 1 Christmas party

DOM is going to spend some time with Dave this afternoon perhaps having a meal or perhaps going to the cinema and then will be making his way to the Radio 1 Christmas party

RACHEL is going for a long walk, having a sleep and then going to the Radio 1 Chrismtas party

ALED is attending playlist, having a shop for something to wear and the going to the Radio 1 Christmas party

CARRIE is still ill so won't be going to Radio 1's Christmas party

A busy day

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Rachel | 12:58 UK time, Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Hi everyone, blimey it's been a busy one so far today. I absolutely loved the show today. We had our favourite guest of the year Mr Justin Lee Collins. I've never met someone with so much energy as the JLC. He always bounds in and gives every member of the Chris Moyles Show team a big manly hug.
He arrived early today and so filled the time rehearsing his moves for his impending performance in Chicago. It was a very funny sight.

As always we persuaded Justin to do us a song. If you didn't hear his version of Mistletoe and Wine go to the iPlayer and have a listen. He did it just before 9am. Class as always!

In a complete gear change (see what I've done there), we've got Jeremy Clarkson on Thursday. Do you think he'll be full of festive cheer?!!

So onto other business. Scandal hit the Chris Moyles Show this morning during Rob DJ's quiz. There I was happily going through the answers when Dom noticed that Dave changed changed his answer. I was not happy and am still disappointed in the fact that he was trying to pull a fast one. I don't like cheats so Dave was docked his points!

As always here are the questions from the quiz today....

What colour are official New York taxi cabs?
What is the capital of Canada?
Which football team are nicknames the rams?
Why are there 13 stripes on the American flag?
The Queensbury rules are standard rules of which sport?

Plus your bonus question....

Scroll down for the answers!
Have nice day!

Yellow, Ottawa, Derby County, American only 13 states when it was founded, boxing, Shanks and Bigfoot.

Here's What the team are doing today

Rachel | 10:10 UK time, Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Chris will today be going to a fitting for new suits in preperation for his brother's wedding. He'll then go for a run, have some tea go to the pub and he'll also fit in some time to see his financial person to talk money stuff.
Rachel today will be spinning and going to her pilates class
Dave's friend Gareth (who's a builder) will be coming over today to have a look at the ensuite to see whether it can be redesigned.
Dom is taking his car for an MOT
Carrie is ill today - so presumably she'll spend it in bed!
Aled is putting the final touches for both the special Dom project and a secret Outside Broadcast which is coming up soon

It's Monday and here's what the Chris Moyles Show team is up to!

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Rachel | 10:07 UK time, Monday, 1 December 2008



We're a bit thin on the ground in the studio this morning. Aled is off on a secret mission (more next week on that next week!) and also Carrie is off sick (get well soon Carrie!). So, here's what the rest of the team are up to today.....

Chris is taking his car in for a service and he has 2 men trying to fix his treadmill problem. His Mum and Dad are visiting too.

Dom is weirdly taking his car in for a service too. Before that though he's doing the lunchtime edition newsbeat.

Dave has a very dull meeting with a very dull man about dull things. He'll then be going home to go skateboarding.

I'm going to a spinning class and then going to start writing Christmas cards.

Have a nice day now!!


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