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Anyone for polo?

Carrie | 14:13 UK time, Friday, 30 May 2008

Yay its Friday!! Thank goodness for that!! This week's been a long one even though we had a bank holiday..

Anyway it's the weekend now and they've promised that the weather will pick up! Lets hope as I have a wedding to go tomorrow..

carrie.jpgTalking of rain - what is going on with this weather! Left work yesterday and it was proper blue sky everywhere - really hot so only needed a vest top! Perfect for Polo! I went to the Guards Club in Windsor Great Park for a special Great Britain v Ireland match to celebrate 100 years since the teams met in the first London Olympics.

Dressed up really summery as it was still bright and warm when I left home but by the time I got there the heavens had opened!!

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My pigeon explosion horror

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Comedy Dave | 13:22 UK time, Thursday, 29 May 2008

Dear Onliners

Dave here with a Thursday edition of the Chris Moyles Show blog. For those of you that like to listen to the show, today we had Boyzone in live. I thought they were dead funny and I hope you did too.

This week is all about the visuals as the radio show has gone all bi-media with Grey'ead filming us everyday. Hopefully by now you'll have seen some these video treats, and if you have seen them, why not reply to this and tell me what you thought. Personally I don't really care, but I know that Grey'ead and Aled like feedback, and I can take this opportunity to gauge opinion and pass it on. Aled will probably use it to make a graph. He likes graphs a lot....

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hang on a little...

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Aled | 12:53 UK time, Thursday, 29 May 2008

I will post my reply blog in a bit... currently making the podcast which I haven't done in a long time and it's taking much longer than I expected so bare with me - I'll post later this afternoon

Sorry for delay


Quick! Talk to me!

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Aled | 14:05 UK time, Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Hey blog fans

How are you today? When we recently noticed that comments on the blog have gone very quiet recently we asked around and discovered this is because you now have to sign in and have a log in with the BBC to be able to interact on the blogs. Most people haven't bothered. Well, we miss you!

I'm currently working on a few new blog ideas to enable the team to blog more often - but we want it to be a two way conversation. We post blogs and you reply with comments. In the future we could ask for questions you might have for guests, opinions to what you've read or heard on the show or just suggestions you might have for the team.

So lets start now... anyone want to me to say anything or ask anything to any of the boys from Boyzone coming in tomorrow? Log in to the blog and post as a comment and then I'll post back on here tomorrow with their answers!!! :)

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I hate early mornings

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Will Kinderburg | 14:25 UK time, Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Hello - I'm Will, former Producer of Chris' afternoon show and now self styled guru of all things visual at Radio 1.

My alarm went off at 3.45 this wasn't a good look. Back on the early shift after nearly 4 years, yuck. However, all in a good cause as Chris - for the first time in history - has allowed us to film the show while he's on the air. Each day we'll be bringing you the visual highlights of The Chris Moyles show, for a one-week only special offer. This tasty treat will be served up at around 12 ish each day. Today Chris dragged me back on air to promise the listeners that it would be live by 12. It wasn't of course. This wasn't my fault, we had two epic power cuts in the Radio 1 building as I was trying to edit. Besides it's the first time we've done this and there was a fair amount of web-geekery (which frankly goes right over my head) that needed to happen.

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Greetings From Dave Island

Comedy Dave | 12:22 UK time, Thursday, 22 May 2008

Dear Friends,

Just a quick postcard from Dave Island, population me. Hope all's well in the outside world? This weekend Aled has invited all of his friends over to his flat in London for a Eurovision party, although I won't be going because I'm his least favourite associate. I'm now all on my own making up a little Island community here in the Straits of Isolation just near the Sea of Abandonment. There isn't a bridge connecting Dave Island to the rest of the world, just an occasional off peak ferry service...

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Oh my God it's Florent....!!!

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Carrie | 10:30 UK time, Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Good Morning - well not a good morning for me - had proper taxi driver nightmares!! For the last two weeks they've been late cos they can't find my flat but never bother to ring so I can direct them!!
Arrgghh! Anyway then the computer decided to break - don't need any more stress given whats happening tonight! Just the biggest game in English football ever...
Am sooo nervous - felt physically sick all night and didn't sleep a wink! I know I'll get loads of grief off Man Utd fans but its massive for Chelsea - we've never won it before or even reached the final. And its in Roman's back yard! Not too much pressure then!
But all those nerves made a little easier by the lovely suprise on the show this morning - a message from Florent Malouda!!! Now he seems to have been coming good in his last few games so very chuffed with that! A big hello back to you and good luck to the boys tonight..
For those who don't know he's a very cute French winger here's the video check out that cheeky wink :

Works for me!!

Come on the boys tonight - JT, Frank, Joey do your thing..Blue is the colour....!! Ah its going to be emotional!

Carrie xx


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Dom | 17:41 UK time, Tuesday, 20 May 2008

As you may have heard this morning on the award winning Chris Moyles Show - Carrie is thinking about getting a tattoo. Apparently its what you do if you marry into the army life. It's like a seal of approval amongst the posh ranks.

So - what tattoo should carrie get? Comedy Dave drew a picture of a cannon with two cannon balls below it this morning - although the overall image looked a little inappropiate. She has to get a skull and cross bones in there apparently as that has something to do with Tom's regiment.

If you have any ideas about what type of tattoo she should get - and more importantly WHERE she should put it - then leave your commments below.

On a seperate note - i'm looking forward to going to my first ever Rugby League game on Thursday with a visit to the mighty Featherstone Rovers. See you there - if you're going obviously.

Bye now

Dominic A Byrne.

Fancy a game?

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Aled | 13:41 UK time, Friday, 16 May 2008

Hi Blog people.

It's Friday afternoon and I don't want to work. Anyone fancy a bit of blogging fun?

I'll ask a question and you answer it. Then you ask a question and I'll answer it and we'll see where it goes?

Answer this question... the weirdest thing I've seen today is....


Let's Go To The Shop

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Comedy Dave | 17:07 UK time, Thursday, 15 May 2008

Today, Chris, Dom and I went to the shop to buy some fizzy pop. We're hoping that it's going to become a regular feature, as yesterday Chris bought us some crisps. Tomorrow is going to be sweets day, so stay tuned to find out what we end up buying in the next exciting installment of 'Let's Go To The Shop'!

Stay safe,


Me running on the treadmill

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Dom | 13:20 UK time, Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Our awards triumph

Rachel | 13:56 UK time, Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Hooray and hooray again! We only went and won the Gold Sony award for the best breakfast show!

This time yesterday I didn't think we were going to win it. The Sony awards are always a weird one as you just can't second guess who's going to win. Anyway this year the right decision was made!!! In my opinion that is.

I am currently sat in my office at Radio 1 feel slightly tired (well very actually), but very happy. I had about three hours sleep last night so my brain feels like it's about to pack up. So....rather than waffling I thought I'd post a few of my photos from the night to tell the story.

The first is Dom and Dave in the pub before heading off to the awards. They look slightly gormless, but smart in their suits! If you heard the show this morning it was around this point that Dom said I looked 'well'. If you didn't hear it go to listen again...about 8am.


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Back from Honeymoon!!

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Carrie | 11:14 UK time, Monday, 12 May 2008

Hello to everyone from the New Mrs Prideaux! What a fantastic day Tom and I had! The weather was wonderful - couldn't believe it after we had rain on friday and then it chucked it down on Sunday so very very lucky!! Was a lovely sunny day..needed two days to get organised by Saturday morning would have forgotten my own head had it not been attached!
Was up at the crack of dawn to get ready for the hairdresser to come and stick me in rollers - thought I had ages to get ready but ended up having a mad dash in ten minutes trying to get into my dress - first getting the zillion buttons undone then back up again!! And getting my sister, niece and nephew into their bridesmaid and page boy outfits! They all looked so cute though!!

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R1BW... almost over!

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Aled | 12:31 UK time, Friday, 9 May 2008

Hello blog and Chris Moyles Show fans

I'm sat here at my desk in work in my beige trousers (never again - it was an experiment), working on some stuff that's coming up on the show in a fortnight's time.

If you've got tickets to Radio 1's Big Weekend lucky you - you really are a jammy sod and pretty much everyone else hates you (btw take your camera phone with you and video your highlight of the Big Weekend - film you or your friends if you want we'll want them on Monday). If you didn't get tickets then don't worry The Chris Moyles Show are there to be your eyes and ears. Yes you could listen to Radio 1 for the whole weekend to hear the gigs or watch BBC 3 on Saturday evening to see Madonna live - but where's the fun in that when you can find out what's REALLY going on!

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Introducing one more band...

Aled | 13:14 UK time, Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Radio 1's Big Weekend is happy to announce one more band to the lineup...

p.s. here's today's naked tease.


If the Chris Moyles Show Facebook fan page reaches 500,000 by Friday at 10am you'll see the whole team naked.

Wedding day photos

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Rachel | 11:52 UK time, Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Hi fans of the Chris Moyles Show blog it's Rachel here. I can't believe that Carrie's wedding has been and gone. We (being the Chris Moyles team) had such an amazing wedding. Carrie and her Major Tom put on a brilliant day & it was all lovely and romantic. I cried. Typical girl!


Keep reading for more photos!

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My cake mistake

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Matt Fincham | 16:46 UK time, Friday, 2 May 2008


So, if you heard any of the show today, you'll realise that I'm in a spot of bother at the moment. Chris was sent in two congratulatory cakes from some kind folk in a bakery, one of which he intended to take home with him and the other to give to the team.
Unfortunately I picked up the wrong cake and in my generous nature decided to offer it to people in the office, not knowing that it was the cake Chris desired.

When I'd got back from several meetings upstairs, half of it had gone! And I honestly hadn't taken a bite of it....

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More guess the body part fun

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Comedy Dave | 15:28 UK time, Thursday, 1 May 2008

Hello Blogsters

Despite rumours to the contrary, I'm actually not in a bad mood today.

I'm just on the way out of the office, but before I go, here's the next picture in our line of 'guess the team member's body part' gallery.


Answers on a postcard...

Kind thoughts,

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