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The Chris Moyles Show On Tour

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Aled | 13:39 UK time, Friday, 23 November 2007


Our bus

So much news to blog about!

Hello btw

First of all, hello to everyone who was at the Big Brother party last night. Despite how sad Chris made it sound this morning on the show I had a great time. If you ARE the type of person who’d like a dinner date with one of the Big Brother lot like Charley or Shabnam firstly here’s a hug, and secondly good luck to you.

One by one the team are leaving for the day and are in some way or other starting their journey “oop North” ready for Monday morning’s show from Leeds when The Chris Moyles Show will be “On Tour”.

Chris has gone and is currently enjoying the sights of the M1, Dave’s gone to record Nuts and will be making his way then. Rachel’s about to leave in 6 minutes (she’s precise like that) to go and give her talk to some kids and adults alike in Kidderminster. I go tomorrow in a people carrier and I’m dreading it. Dreading it because all our vehicles are branded (see above). You may think my ego would like that but really it doesn’t. It’ll be interesting to see who on Britain’s roads love or hate the show – I’ll know as the beeping horns will be slightly different.

If you’ve managed to get tickets to either of the Gag Idols – we’ll see you there. If not and you live in or around Liverpool and Manchester I don’t think I’ll be giving too much away when I say stay tuned to the radio on the morning of the event as I may very well have a few tickets spare to give away!!!!

Failing all of that keep your eyes open for a bus or people carrier with our faces on it and give us a wave! If you do use your horn please sound friendly and don’t do as I’m overtaking!


Some fun things to do on a Friday afternoon...

* Take a listen to this week's podcast from the show - I think it's very good. Watch it on your computer and see the pretty pictures!

* Check out the other new ones from Radio 1

* Talk about the show in other forums (please say something nice!) good ones to try are (a fan site), digitalspy (a media site) or (my site :))

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  • 1.
  • At 07:37 AM on 26 Nov 2007,
  • Jayne in Petersfield wrote:

Good luck with your Outside Broadcasts love. I hope Chris doesn't make you do/say anything too mortifying!


  • 2.
  • At 12:42 AM on 25 Nov 2007,
  • Glenn wrote:

Just saw you on services ouside nottingham on M69, nice branded van!!
We were on our way back from a hockey game and one of my mates shouted out, "hey is that aled?" I could tell you were a but embarassed because of the way you just ignored him.
Don't be embarassed lol. Awesome show, keep it up.

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