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Back from Rome

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Rachel | 21:17 UK time, Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Greetings blogsters or should that be bonjourno. If you've been listening to the show over the last few days you'll know that Aled's been at the helm as I've been off being all producer-like at a radio conference in Rome.

I had a great two days. Obviously I diligently went and attended as many sessions as possible and have met many characters from the world of European radio. I think the strangest conversation I had was from a man from Denmark asking me to explain Beep Beep Busters (a feature we used to do if you're new to the show)....where do you start?

Rome's an amazing place. I didn't get masses of time to explore, but what I did see was amazing. Walking amongst the colluseum is really like being in ancient Rome. It's mad.

So, it was back to work with a bump this morning when I travelled in on the tube. As I usually get up at a stupid ime in the morning I always forget what rush hour is like!

Had a mad day just catching up with everything, so mad I totally forgot to write my blog. So, I'm now sat at home in the lounge with my house mates Tom, John and Mr Rachel watching the football. I've just told them that I'm writing about them and now they're all slightly paranoid that I'm writing something bad. How rude.

Anyway, here comes the corporate bit...if you missed the show today why not go on listen again. At 9am in half time we surprised Dom. There he was doing his Jools Holland impression, when the actual Jools walked in. His reaction was priceless.

Right that's about it. Have a nice evening, night etc.

Rach x

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Your know end news! What is this? Discounts!

I just don't have anything to say. Not that it matters. Eh. I've just been staying at home doing nothing, but I don't care. That's how it is.

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  • At 10:02 AM on 24 Nov 2006,
  • stuart in ballymena wrote:

Hiya Rachel,

Glad you are back, been to Rome once myself, it was cool. Norway is better, go there as well as Canada and France (I was away skiing!) I got to go to Cyprus for the cyprus rally, now that was fun!

Are you really single??? cannot believe that, you are lovely, well if you ever want to go watch the Kidderminster Harriers let me know.

Really love the show, sat in my office every day with a mug of coffee and a mountain of paperwork for company! you all keep me sane!!! I laugh every day.

many thanks


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  • At 02:53 AM on 18 Nov 2006,
  • Sophia wrote:

Hi Rachel,

Glad you're back! And could you do something about the playing-song police? I think too many songs are killing the show!

By the way, the Jools Holland interview was great. He's absolutely charming and wonderful. Keep up the good work guys~ :)

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  • At 11:14 AM on 17 Nov 2006,
  • sophie north wrote:

hey guys i just wanted to say that i absolutely love your show and listwen whenever i can. aled is well fit by the way!!!! chris and team are all legends

You and Mr Rachel live with housemates? Bad like the gunsmoke. Every relationship I've known that's been in shared accomodation [and I've had a few myself] has failed. Not that yours will but GET OUT NOW!

Anyway, I was doing Chandler Bing's smugdance because I got Tarlotte Churchzan first day and you all didn't.

Could you get off Jay-Zed's 99 Problems and on Ice T's original? "I got a bitch who's a man because they're bitches too."

There was a throwaway remark yesterday that Jocelyn and Carrie were hitting each other. A chick wrestling feature opportunity missed there, I feel. More of that if possible.

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  • At 03:12 AM on 17 Nov 2006,
  • ivybluefish007 wrote:

My first post here=]
I've been really want to got a chance to say to u guys
:o)Shows are great
you are funny
though i just can hear ur show online or restored in my Mp3...
Wish you great though =]
-->Ivy from China :p

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  • At 01:52 PM on 16 Nov 2006,
  • Rupert wrote:

Hmm... The silence is deafening after that post.

Dear Rachel

Glad to hear you had a good time in Rome. I've been there once myself, several years ago when the ex-pope was still in residence. I saw him doing his thing from a distance, and thought I saw him wink at me. No idea why. Perhaps he just had something in his eye. Anyway, next thing I know I'm surrounded by men in hooded gowns asking me why the Holy Father was showing me favours despite the fact that I am clearly a humanist in sheeps clothing. What are you on about?, I asked, at which point they turned into black crows and took to the skies.

I woke up in a cold sweat with the sound of the Omen soundtrack in my head Da Dum. Da Dum. Da da da daaa daa. Dolores, my ever-present wife, looked at me in astonishement. Why? Because on my head was written the word 'Nosferatu', written backwards in read biro.

At first we were troubled by both the dream and the writing. We thought back to what we had been recently doing, and especially to last night's dinner, taken in a restaurant near the Forum. I'd eaten the house-special Diablo pizza, which had some very hot chillis. Our conclusion was that the chillis had somehow reacted in my stomach and caused both the vivid dreams and act of self-grafiti. We traced our route back to the restaurant, but instead of finding tables and chairs, we saw only an empty plot of land, with a sign saying 'Acquired by Thorne Enterprises'. We looked at each other in amazement, turned round to leave and almost fell over a small boy walking towards us. He ignored us, walked straight onto the plot of land and just stood there, as if waiting for a sign...

We left Rome that evening, and have never returned. Sometimes, late at night, we revisit that place in conversation, but neither of us can explain what happened...



(This comment was brought to you by McCrumble Paranormal Enterprises Ltd - a commentary service for the spooked blogger)

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