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Hey Blogsters. What gives ?

Chris Evans | 06:03 UK time, Monday, 29 October 2012

It's 5.56 on Monday morning - and now, it's not just me and a few other undeserving showbiz types who have been to see Mr Bond in action. The Twittersphere has been alive with nuggets of joy from the increasing thousands who are now party to all the shhh. . . moments. Some poor souls are pretending to try to find fault with Skyfall but I can smell their synthesis. Ne'er mind, there's always going to be someone who claims not to like steaming hot apple pie with melting ice cream. Imagine being one of those !

Not us my friends. Not us.

Have a fab week.

Peace and Love.





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  • Comment number 1.

    Hey - you snuck up on us!!! Great to get a note from you!! Thanks!! Been really enjoying your JB build-up!! My husband (Jeremy) and I (J&B, gettit??) are REALLY LOOKING forward to seeing it - even more so after all your excitement!!! But I have to get my bassoon exam done first....I only have a few more weeks to prepare for that!! I have tickets to see The Unthanks tonight - they are singing along to a film about shipping - no idea what its all about but I bet it will be BRILLIANT to have live singing with a movie!! Hhhmmmmm - might treat myself to steaming hot apple pie with melting ice cream before we go now..... xXx

  • Comment number 2.

    Morning CLP and glad you haven't given up on us. Thank you xx

    Love to all bloggers, Susan xx

  • Comment number 3.

    Hey Christoph! Greaaaattttt to have you back!

    I'm very excited to see the new JB filum on Friday - first day of a weeks holiday so me and GD are going to see it in the afternoon as a treat. Been really hard not to find out about the plot etc and need to keep switching the tele or radio off when people are reviewing it!

    right made me smile that you are back with us! Off to get on with the day job now

    and I might need sausages for tea now......
    Happy Monday everyone

  • Comment number 4.

    Well, Look who it is!!

    So lovely to see you here Chris.

    I want to see Skyfall! Think that might be an outing this week. Kids are off school and I'm off work so a chilled week for all of us!!

    Although it is Boy1's 16th birthday this week and I seem to have ended up being the one who is going to take him and some friends to one of these horror maze type things that spring up at this time of the year! EEEK!


    Sezza xxxx

  • Comment number 5.

    Hello Chris & Everyone.

    It must have been great to have been at the Skyfall premier Chris. Daniel Craig is a local Wirral boy who has done rather well for himself. I know I should support my fellow Wirralians but I have to say that my own favourite James Bond was Pierce Brosnan.

    I can't say much today as I'm feeling too heartbroken about the passing of my little cat Tom.

    The weather's sunny but cold here!

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 6.

    Chris!! Welcome back - you have been sorely missed. xx

    Skyfall for us this week, too, before I end up finding out too much about it!

    Hope everyone is ok.

    Maddy: lots of love to you. xx

    The Blog is back - hurrah!


  • Comment number 7.

    good mornig all,

    Really great to see you back Chris ,have been passing by most days to see if you had popped by and hey !!! a red alert from susan to say you had .

    Now ,I am going to hold my hand up here ,I'm not that much of a bond fan ...not our Bond from over the pond but of the films ...so I may not be going to see it ,but on the other hand I have offered to take Ken ,that's if he wants to go . Bearing in mind we've only been to the cinima together twice in thirty odd years ,so you can guess what the out come may be..:-))

    I hope that Tash and the boys are well and I bet they are groowing up fast now ,and I suppose Noah will be getting excited about Halloween ,Eli I think is a wee bit too small just yet ..

    Right must be off things to be getting on with ..take care all and Chris ...thanks again ...


  • Comment number 8.

    Hello Christoph,

    Great to see you - I knew you wouldn't give up on us xx

    Oh I can't wait to see Mr Bond in action hoping to see it this week, I've loved sharing your excitement.

    Maddy - sending you a big {{{{hug}}}}

    I'm going to be moving very soon - yes Annie finally getting away from the psycho neighbour! So a fun couple of weeks ahead of me but well worth it, I have a great view from the flat I have at the moment but the one I'm moving to has an even better one over farmland and the Clydevalley and I have a garden too! Can you tell I'm excited? ;o) xx

    Have a good folks!
    Mary xx

  • Comment number 9.

    Afternoon CLP. Hey it's great to get a blog from you, thank you so much.

    As someone who only ever goes to the cinema about once every ten years , I may break with tradition and go and see this film. As long as everyone is quiet and not munching and crunching, I think I may have the patience to sit it out.

    Maddie, Am thinking of you xx

    Right, must dash , take care everyone.
    bye for now
    MC :-) Living life in the 153 days until the clocks go forward lane.

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Chris,

    There are some joyless souls out there.
    Thanks to Bids, I ain't one of em!

    Took the boy to the Top Gear Live show yesterday courtesy of the wonderful Bids and got a picture of him next to the Lotus that you see Richard Hammond in on the adverts - you know, the one underwater....
    Sadly, I'm going to miss it tonight as me and the CMM are off to see Skyfall.
    So looking forward to it. Daniel Craig is easily my favourite Bond and this has nothing to do with the fact that......stand back for a name drop......we share a hairdresser.
    Probably explains the similarities...

    Said hairdresser is also the Soho Joe that Chris spoke to last Movember.
    I'm getting involved with Movember this year and in an almost incredible piece of synchronicity (given the Daniel Craig, Soho Joe, Chris Evans links), I will be outing myself as a secret ginger!!
    Lord knows why, but that's the colour my face fuzz grows.

    Any of you getting involved in it?

    Not you Deevs!

    I'm gorn




  • Comment number 11.


    Went to see Skyfall yesterday at The Big Screen, formerly the IMAX in Birmingham. Excellent film. Craig and Connery the best 2 Bonds by a distance, both in different ways. Great that nobody seems to be plot spoiling.
    I shall be partaking in Movember. The moustache will be brown, unlike any beard I ever grow, which is grey.
    See you soon folks....


  • Comment number 12.

    Good day Chris and everyone else,

    On holiday today as it's my Mum and Dad's 50th Wedding anniversary and we are going out for dinner, so I got to hear the whole show this morning - which was great!

    I'm with Bids, I was never a fan of Bond, however I have enjoyed the last 2 Daniel Craig ones and we will definately go and see this one, we will wait a week or so till things calm down a bit.

    Maddy - So sorry to hear about Tom, sending you a big hug {{{{}}}}.

    Mary - Good luck with the new house, please take a photo of the view from your window for us.

    Have a great day everyone.



  • Comment number 13.

    Afternoon all!
    Thought I would pop in following the warning order from Suse, on the darkside of the bloggers facecloth page!

    I shan't be joining the movember caterpillar growing as my own non-shaving efforts end up with a Gary Neville-esque dirty mark, rather than a Melchett soup strainer (baaaaaa)!

    I do like Daniel Craig as Bond, definitely moodier, darker more sinister, but Pierce Brosnan played the sarcastic humour, and suave agent much better IMHO.

    Must confess that I'm shocked that Rips has a hairdresser!!!!! Hairdresser, George Michael fan, Ginger-tached! Time to come clean Rips, you're Chris' love-child aren't you???


    DD out

  • Comment number 14.

    Afternoon each!

    What a lovely surprise for a grey Monday...CLP is back!

    Bond..have persuaded the GM that he needs to finish work early on Wednesday so we can go see it (my day off already). Having never having seen any Bond prior to the Pierce Brosnan ones I am now a proper convert! (The GM has decided he will `educate` me by making me watch the earlier ones over the dark and urgh winter months!). Thank you to everyone for not giving any plots away... roll on Weds!

    Marje, so sorry to hear abot Tom... hugs x

    Mary, how exciting! Good luck with the `flit`!

    Right..must get back to it..couldnt resist popping in tho!


    mSc .. who is now thinking sausage and mash followed by apple pie and cream for tea is a must.... x

  • Comment number 15.

    oh DD that was a classic blog "water/screen" moment - I do hope CLP reads our posts and gets to yours - hilarious - Rips, CLPs secret love child!

    I am a big believer in fate and when looking for a stamp first thing in my filywotsit out dropped the group photo of us lot at the O2 - so I put it on my pin board above my desk - hey presto CLP writes a blog! Karma....

    Maddy - massive hugs to you xxx
    debs who is really not here.......

  • Comment number 16.

    Huzzah CLP is back. Thanks Mr Evans thought you had forgotten us.

    Looking forward to the James Bond special tonight on TG. I think I might have to drag myself to the flicks for a bit of daniel craig, normally you wouldnt get me unless you pulled me there by my hair as I have the concentration span of a goldfish............ what was I saying. Oh yes filums I may give it a go as I seem to be getting pulled into the hype.

    Glad to see the men folk are taking part in Movember this year. If I take part if will be purely accidental and could be down to hormone levels more than anything else as I should strictly be unable to take part. Good luck to all of those growing and all of those kissing... Uuu Hum!

    Mr CB had a moustache when I met him I told him to shave it off as I hated it, but when he did it looked plain weird, so he grew it back. Then about 5 years ago he shaved it off for good I took about a week to notice. You couldnt get him to grow it back now if you tried.

    Ps - Im not really an apple pie person, but I can do a crumble and ice cream if that helps.

    Anyway Hello you lovely lot of bloggers and here's to a good week. Oh and I hope that our american friends are okay after the lashing of Hurricane Sandy which is heading their way.

    Laters CB xxx

  • Comment number 17.

    CLP has blogged for us today ......


    Hi everyone

    ... and you Rips.

    Yes, as said in post #11 above from the love of my life, we went to see Skyfall yesterday. And yes, the screen at The Big Screen is BIG! Massive. Giant. The fillum was rather good too - and that's from someone who's never really "got" the whole Bond thing.

    Anyone remember Daniel Craig when he was in Our Friends In The North. That was such an excellent drama. Wouldn't mind seeing it again.

    I've been networking this morning and my weight loss was noted - 10lbs since 1st October so far. It's weigh-in night tonight so let's se what the scales have in store.

    I've just got back from a long walk with Randall. We tried a head collar to attempt to alleviate the pulling and .................................. it worked! He fought against it a little bit but the walk was so much better and I'm not in agony from being pulled by a 20kg Springer, which is a first.

    I've also been advised to look into a raw food diet for him - anyone got any info/views on this?

    Right, a new client to research, and some old clients to service, if you know what I mean!

    Good to have you back Chris - see you soon.


  • Comment number 18.

    Afternoon Ter CLP & ALL Bloggers...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    CLP - Nice to have you back after such a long time away from your blog!!!!
    I really did think you'd given up blogging!!!!!!
    Great to have you back... I many more blogging days will follow from yersen ;-))))
    Yes The Bond film another thing that shows us us Brits are best at doing stuff!!!!!!
    Long after the likes of StarWars or Jaws 'as gone... Still this brilliant idea for a movie partly based on true life but with added pinache!!!!!!!!!
    A can see where they got the idea for 'er Majesty dropping in at the olympics came from.... Skyfall INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On my end much much sadness over the weekend as I lost my little friend of 13 years!!!!!
    Sadly we had to have our cat put to sleep after a few months of kidney troubles!!!!!!!

    A VERY difficult decision of when to put have your pet put to sleep but neverless a very peaceful and calm way to go!!!!!!!!
    Watched my little friend slip away.... So fast, so peaceful.... Gets me thinking why us humans have to go on in pain and suffer for so long after our minds or bodies have long left us when we get old!!!!!

    NEVER did my little friend break my heart, play selfish evil games with my feelings, lie to me or just use me for money!!!!!!!
    I thank god that on this wonderful beautiful world yet often cold and heartless world.... If you know how to.... You can enjoy the unconditional love and friendship that these animals ALWAYS give you if you give them just a little of your time!!!!!!!!!!

    R.I.P to Tom xxx

  • Comment number 19.

    For any who think i'm silly or stupid.... A grown man upset over just a cat!!!!!
    I'm just happy that I have a good enough heart to understand what a heart is for and how to use it.... And the same with animals ;-)))
    For any who've never had a proper pet... My advice get one you they really do bring so much for so little in this modern materialistic world!!!!!!

  • Comment number 20.

    A few photos of my best little pal on this link :


  • Comment number 21.

    Bingo, I feel your pain, I've been through it twice in the last 4 years, and I fear will go through it again in the not too distant as my old girl is now 18. I don't think any of your friends on here will think you silly, we have had many occasions where other bloggers have gone through this with furry friends!

    Take comfort in the good times you had and the paw prints left on your heart!


  • Comment number 22.

    Evening all, I've been trying to return to here for weeks now - thought it'd all closed down?
    Phew it still rolls on.

    Hopefully going to see JB tomorrow with the lovely MrsW. It's half-term and we've both got the week off but the ankle-biters are booked into a mini-Olympics day tomorrow so we're spending a (rare) day alone. Mind you the teenie-bopper will probably come with us to eat all the popcorn.

    Hope you're all well out there.
    I've changed jobs recently, well teams to be precise. Still doinf the same thing but with a much nicer bunch of people. Lovin' it again having not been enjoying work for a while.
    Still plodding the streets trying to keep the weight down and fitness levels up. I wantedto lose 2 stone which I'm 1lb away from achieving. I have a CRUK golden bond place for 2013 London marathon which I'll be doing in memory of the first MrsW. Totally bricking it though. Booked my hotel lastnight. Anyone stayed at the Aloft London excel? Any blogger reviews?

    Anyway enough about me, how y'all doing?

    bonnet de douche


  • Comment number 23.

    Oh and Rips, there's nothing wrong with being ginger x


  • Comment number 24.

    Hi all

    So good to see some old and newer faces here. Thanks for the new blog Chris. Can't say that I am a fan of Bond, the last one I saw in a cinema was 'The Spy who Loved Me' (that ages me somewhat doesn't it). With any luck, given the usual turnaround of DVD releases, I wouldn't be surprised if the latest effort is not being shown on flights by the time I go away in March next year - mind you I don't expect everybody to keep quiet about it until then.....

    Bingo, nothing to be ashamed of, as DD said, quite a few of us have experienced the loss of a pet and know how it affects you. I'm sure the 'Rainbow Bridge' is as applicable to cats as it is to dogs. ((((hugs)))) to you and MM.

    As the nights are now well and truly drawing in, it is time for the winter season of our quiz league to start tonight - a home match to ease us in.


    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 25.

    Evening all!

    Thanks for the new blog Chistoph, I was really starting to wonder if we had heard the last form you on here! I for one an delighted to read you latest ramble....

    I am not a cinema goer if I am honest, I never seem to find the time, this week I only have Wednesday evening off and too many things for me to catch up on to think about heading off out in the cold again. I have heard plenty of very good reports from friends and family, not to mention a certain DJ in the morning mentioning it once or twice, ;-) I may see about finding/making a window to watch it.

    Great also to see so many bloggers on here today!

    Much love.....


  • Comment number 26.

    Evening each

    How nice Chris, you're back - Mary was right. (And Mary, so glad you're leaving the psycho neighbour behind at last.

    Lovely to see everyone. I got so excited at seeing a new blog I scrolled right past you all. xxxxx

  • Comment number 27.

    Yayy! Evans the Breakfast has steamed back into the village! Top show this morning, sausage talk an' all. But DON'T think that we don't KNOW what "Him" and Vassos were REALLY giggling about on the sausage-theme, hehehe... bad boys!
    Keep smiling!
    Roo xxx

  • Comment number 28.

    What a great read the blog is today, easy to forget the quality of contributor on this old sheet of electronic musings.

    Dave - come on now! You're no stranger to a sack, back and crack wax, I know....
    Sorry....too much?

    Debs, as for Chris' love child....I wish. There was talk of adoption once, but alas it came to nothing.

    Nic - dear MoBro the ladies love a bit of the old salt and pepper - or so I hear - embrace the silver fox in you.

    Dearest Gingembre, I'm honoured to temporarily join Club Ginger, honoured I tells ya!
    Glad work's working out mate and good luck with the marathon. I promise to tickle your marathon if you tickle my London to Paris bike ride next August....deal? ;0) x

    Bingers - so sorry to hear about your loss mate, I know where you're coming from and you're spot on. That you care so much, says only good things about you.

    Hi to everyone else, lovely to be here x



  • Comment number 29.

    Oh! One more thing.....

    Skyfall - Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god....repeat to fade

    Just brilliant, and that's all I'm saying.



  • Comment number 30.

    Morning all,

    Isn't it great to be back here.

    Really enjoying the show so far, as usual.

    Deevs - we had our dogs on the raw food for a while, it was to put weight on them, which it did, but I hated working with it, we bought the frozed minced variety but it is just horrible to work with and put out for them, give it a go though, you may get on ok with it.

    Doesn't surprise me, what Chris is saying about the sheep dog, good ones sell for a fortune.

    Have a good day.



  • Comment number 31.

    Morning all!

    How lovely to be able to say that again!

    first up HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOTSOBIGUN!!!! Hope you are doing something nice today.

    Great to see so many bloggers back - good luck Ginge in the marathon, much respect to you - and Rips - good luck on the bike ride too - crazy dudes the pair of you - but I'm sure in a good cause.

    Right nothing to report so off to work up the stairs I go!
    Happy Tuesday everyone

  • Comment number 32.

    Good morning all,

    Yes isn't it nice to be back ,and talking of nice ,it's a beautiful sunny day down here on the south coast Blue skies all around ,but I haven't put my nose out side the door yet .

    Back to work for me today and once back home tonight it will be pumpkin soup and bean casserole being made in readiness for our little visitors tomorrow night and Im having my hair cut ,so it looks like its going to be a bit of a night .

    Rips, thank you for those lovely words on t'other side the other day.

    Keith ,Happy Birthday to you ,I hope that you have a lovely day and that you are being spoilt by those grandsons of yours ,bet you get extra big {{{hugs}}} today .Well deserved as well.

    Right of to put thekettle on ...so have a good day all and have a good one and stay safe ,and thinking about our friends over the pond ..


  • Comment number 33.

    Morining All,

    How lovely to see you all on here again.

    Deevs - I feed Henry & Kingston on raw meat most of the time (and also the cats, Lilly & Treacle). We never have any health problems & their coats are always shiny. It started with a dog we had a few years ago - he had a skin condition & as soon as we dropped the tinned food it cleared up. Oh, and cooking the fresh meat doesn't work, it needs to be raw :-) I highly recommend it.

    Bingo & MM - so sorry to hear about Tom, he was well loved and had a good life, always remember that. It hurts so much, doesn't it. [[[ hugs ]]]

    Keep smiling everyone and have a good day

    CG xx

  • Comment number 34.

    Morning all,
    Goyjus day in Bucks. little chilly but almost a blue sky just suggestions of white fluffiness stopping a baby blue hue!

    HB to KC - have a great one!

    Rips, well you were doing the exfoliation class whilst I was having my SB&C, how is your T-zone by the way? ;^)

    Home made Steak & Mushroom pie with Port & Stilton Gravy was a smash hit last night, apparently I can make that again SOON! By order of the management!

    Have a great day, may pop back in later!


    DD out

  • Comment number 35.


    Just checking in to make sure I wasn't seeing a mirage yesterday ... nope, it appears to be real!

    Happy Birthday Keith - hope you are having a great day.

    Nice to see so many returning bloggers - it's beginning to look a lot like CiN!

    Happy Tuesday, everyone.


  • Comment number 36.

    Hello Gail, Debs, Bids, CG, DD & Chrissie.

    Happy Birthday Keith

    A sunny but cold day here, if it stays like this Ill be happy. Thinking of people in the USA.

    CG-I'm very interested in what you say about feeding dogs raw meat as I had a lovely dog Trixie who had excema (spellcheck telling this is wrong) , we tried all sorts including putting sulphor (wrong again) in the bowl of water but nothing worked. Anyway in 1972 when I was expecting you know who the health nurse said you can't have a dog like that with a new baby. She was only 8 and we had to do the most heartbreaking thing. We ended up at the same practice last weekend where again I walked out heartbroken. I wonder could raw meat have been the answer.

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 37.

    Happy Birthday Keith!

    Anybody who wishes to donate for my Movember moustache, get along to my Mospace - it will be brown, not because I am going to dye it but because the hair that grows there is brown, whereas on my head and chin it's grey.

    Nic, in sunny Redditch

  • Comment number 38.

    Good afternoon dear friends

    Firstly ...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH! x

    Secondly ..... thank you CG and G on the raw food advice. And Sezza for the link on the other side to a raw food forum. It's definitely looking like a possiblility. I've got a book here to read all about it, how to convert his diet, quantities etc. He's also due to go into the kennels when Nic and I come to London in Nov for CiN so I'll have to check with the kennel if they allow dogs on a raw food diet - I know they're not keen on bones being left with dogs though.

    KW - good luck with the London Marathon, and good for you doing it in memory of the first MrsW.

    Maddy - I'm beginning to doubt some vets. Randall is a 10 month old "typical" Springer - full of life, very mischievious and incredibly lively. We took him to the vet last week for his weight check and to get his medication for flea/worming treatments and they recommended we have his bits cut off to calm him down. I think not! And I'm sorry about your loss (you too Bingles).

    Well, I could sit here chatting to you all for the rest of the afternoon but I really need to start work: ok, I was at a client meeting for 3 hours this morning and then walked Randall and did a couple of housey bits so not been idle!

    Have the rest of a great day.

    x x x

  • Comment number 39.

    MM - I'm sure it would've been the answer. We all treat our animals as part of the family (which they are) - including the way we like to feed them. i.e we cook our food & add gravy therefore we expect our pets to like it too (which of course they do!).but it's far more natural for them as they are carnivores to eat raw meat. Ours do have leftovers, but as a 'treat' not as the main diet.

    I know many may diasagree, but this was recommended by our vet and has stood us in good stead for a long time now.

    CG xx

  • Comment number 40.

    Rips - deal, no question. Love the sound of your challenge.

    Happy Birthday Keith (not so) Big 'un - top man


  • Comment number 41.

    Firstly 'APPY BIRTHDEE GREETINGS ter Keith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SEcondly : Just banged a blog over on The Mayo side about an incident 'ad ad with some dog stuff on me bicycle.... Getting te rRio 2016 isn't as clean sweep as yer might think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thrirdly : Thank you for all yer kind words about me & me mother's cat Tom!!!!!!!!
    Nice to 'ear some blokes 'ere share that they 'ave been VERy upset too!!!!!
    a was trying ter think of a celeb who would get equally upset and Paul O'Grady, AND from The Wirral ;-)) , sprung ter mind!!!!!!!

    Fourthly : Anyway BIG thanks:

    Dissing Dave, Misteltoe Dipper, NotSoBigUn, TalentedMrRipley, CountryGirlie ;-)))))

    Firthly : Tatty bye for now!!!!!!

    Sixthly : Gotta go... Got some plasterboard ter bang up over me soundproofing/ insulation.... Don't want the neighbours 'earing me practsing for the X Factor gig!!!!!!

  • Comment number 42.

    Afternoon Everyone,

    Well would you 'adam & eve it', first time I have the opportunity and the inclination to look at Chris's page and lordy lordy a new blog.

    Well done Chris hope you enjoyed your Blog holiday. . . .

    Sorry to say but due to circumstances beyond my control I have not been listening to the radio or looking for a new blog.

    The last time I wrote on the blog I was complaining of a bad headache which I put down to the wine consumed mid-week. How wrong I could be, a day later I was admitted to hospital with what could have developed into a life threatening condition. A week in hospital and 5 weeks at home later I'm well on the mend to enable me to celebrate my daughter's 9th birthday today. Should be back at work next week too, but it does seem like I've been standing still for six weeks, amazing to think Christmas is less than 8 weeks away. Yuk!

    Watched, Graham Norton with the 'Skyfall' trio, Richard Hammond with the car stories but sadly to say it will be sometime until I'm able to go to the cinema.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday to anyone who is celebrating like my daughter however young or old you may feel. And RIP to Tom.

    My brain is still very foggy so having difficulty it taking in huge amounts of info at any one time, so apologies to anyone who had something of interest to say and I missed it. As always must try harder!

    So by for now and love to all. (X)

  • Comment number 43.

    Blimey Sharon - hope you're on the mend now. Take it easy.

    CG x

  • Comment number 44.

    Hi Sharon.

    It's good to 'see' you here and I'm so pleased to hear that you're recovering well. It does seem like time has stood still for a while after getting home but one thing I find is that we never forget our fellow patients who are in a similar situation. Take care & look after yourself.

    CG-Tom used to ask for raw meat and I always gave him a bit of raw mince when using it. Unfortunately due to being too kind I also shared some food which probably was not good for him. It's a good thing that Daisy doesn't want 'human' food.

    Deevs-you let Randall keep his bits for as long as possible. It's a different matter for cats to prevent scruffs who stay out all night.

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 45.

    PS I'll tell you a little story about the time I took a photo of Tom in front of other people and had them in fits of laughter. I said 'ham' which made Tom look at me as he knew the word. Ham instead of cheese :-) Yes I know I'm mad :-)

  • Comment number 46.

    Maddy, lol! We get a similar reaction at the word "chicken" from our 2 cats. You're not mad, you're cat trained!

    DD out

  • Comment number 47.

    CG-looking back at my reply to you I seem to come over as a bit know-it-all, I didn't mean to. I agree with you wholeheartedly that it must be more natural for carnivore animals to eat raw meat. What I meant by food which is probably not good for pets I was referring to processed ham, chicken, etc.

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 48.

    LOL DD!

    We say cheese & ham when there are animals & humans in the picture :-)

  • Comment number 49.

    Hello everyone!

    Well, I can't afford to go to the cinema to see Skyfall... But I DO know what happens in the end - bl**dy h*ll!! And Daniel Craig is definitely inspired casting!

    Did you know, it's only about 7 weekends left until Chrimble?! Can I put in a request for another Deevs Advent-Calendar this year (easy on the mince pies)?!

    Here's a Roo-made-up-joke (sorry if it's been used elsewhere before... I'm out of touch) - What does Miss Moneypenny eat at Christmas? Mince-spies....

    I apologise sincerely and unreservedly.... ;-)

    Keep smiling!
    Roo xxx

  • Comment number 50.

    Been on nights again trucking.... Aka night truckin'.... just a quick blog ter say:

    LOVE Radio 2.... 24/7 my friend thatta can take anywhere and everywhere.... Abitta Jo Whiley earlier.... Then later inter the night fellow scouser Janice Long and then The Dark Lord aka Alex Lester playing some most nice tunes.... Anyway before me quick blog turns inter notta quick blog....

    A just wanted before a go ter sleep ter take this opportunity ter say good morning Mr Evans & good moring ter ALL bloggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the words of Barry from Watford.... "niyte niyyyte!!!"

  • Comment number 51.

    Good morning all,

    Sharon - glad to hear you are on the mend, take care.

    Has anyone heard from Bondy yet?

    We had the most torrential rain last night, the lane is flooded this morning.

    Deevs - Just shows how we all differ, as soon as is possible, we have all of our animals "done", male or female, cats or dogs. All this talk of the raw meat, I may give it another go with Glaid and Denny.

    Have a great day.



    p.s. I think the cream should go on after the jam.

  • Comment number 52.

    Morning all!

    CLP loving Noah and his scary voice, I bet he is really going to enjoy Halloween today - I hope you are taking him trick or treating, me I've got lots of little treats in case I get visited, theres not so many kiddies on my close these days though.

    Sharon, sounds like you have had a bad time recently but glad that you are on the mend and able to celebrate with your daughter.

    Right lots to do today so best get a wiggle on - also getting a bit worried that Skyfall is not going to live up to my expectations now with all the OMGs going on about it.....

    Happy Humpday everyone

  • Comment number 53.

    Good morning all,

    Morning Gail,Debs ,and Bingo ...a grey start to our day here on the south coast ,and wondering if we'll have as many treaters tonigh as the rain I think will deter us .
    Debs ,we had loads last year and I actully ran out of sweets so had to raid the fruit bowl and the fridge for yogurts,got exta for tonight ,little devils wont catch me out ...lol..

    Sharon ,here's hoping a speedy recovery for you and take it easy and if your not ready to go back to work dont go ,unless youreally have to ..

    Right folks have a good day and take care and stay safe .


  • Comment number 54.

    Hi everyone:

    It really is great to see so much activity on the blog - long may it continue!

    Sharon: how absolutely awful for you. Sounds like you are getting much better, but take it easy - you have obviously had a very serious illness. I agree with Bids - only go back to work if you really have to - we forget how exhausting going to work can be after an illness. Hope your daughter had a lovely birthday. xx

    Maddy: I absolutely agree, if you have been in hospital, when you do get home, you always think about the patients who are still there.

    Hope everyone is fine today - Happy Halloween!


  • Comment number 55.

    I love You Chris Evans!!!!

    As an awful version of The Time Warp came on the radio this morning, I moaned!

    Then, 10 seconds in, Chris turned it off and said it was so bad he wouldn't lay it!!!

    Hip hip hooray!

    Have cooked birthday pancakes for Boy1 and now watching Johnny Depp be a vampire!


    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 56.


    Hehe, Sezza, that version of the Time Warp (school disco classic) was by "Damian" - I remember it well... falls into the SO cr*p it's almost good category, but I'm glad CE pulled it - the raw disgust in his voice was hilarious!

    Vassos definitely had the scariest laugh on the echo-mike... there are probably traumatised kiddies up and down the land.

    I think I'm going to pretend to be out tonight. I'm happy to give the local kids sweets as I know them (they used to come 'round to play with Jasper in our little garden), but I feel awful when I've run out. Last year I worked out that if I'd given all the trick-or-treaters who came calling a few sweets, it would've cost me about £40!! :-o

    Bit of Jasperwe'en trivia for you - did you know that the original Jack o' Lanterns used to be carved out of turnips...? Gisèle wants to have a carved pumpkin for a little Gizmowe'en, but Betty is exceptionally gassy at the moment, so I don't think I dare risk it....

    Keep smiling!
    Roo xxx

  • Comment number 57.

    Good Morning Everyone.

    Sunny but cold here, it was still earlier but the wind is getting up now. Nothing to complain about though when we think of USA.

    Like you Roo I think I'm going to pretend to be out tonight. I'm not an old scrooge (or should that be witch) but I've found that when you give treats the word seems to get around and you have to keep opening the door all evening.

    Off soon to have my flu jab, left it a bit late this year as I usually have it in September.

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 58.

    MM and Roo I too am erring on the 'being out' side especially as our living room bit is at the back of the house so it doesn't really look like we are in (except for the car in the drive!)
    Take care out there Maddy as very windy here x

    Love Suse xx

  • Comment number 59.

    afternoon peeps - it's taken until today to have a chance to read the blog and catch up on all your doings!

    Good luck to the Movember chaps - if I don't get busy with the tweezers I could well give you both a run for your money - including a goatee!!

    As for those of you taking on strenuous fundraising - you have my admiration (and will in due course, my donation)

    Raw food for pets? Honey has the fatty/gristley (sp) bits I cut of meat/poultry but she also has dried & 'wet' food plus leftovers - she particularly likes to play in the garden with the remnants of corn on the cob, holding them in her paws and nibbling like a human would!

    Scones - always jam first as you can spread cream on jam but how do you spread semi-solid jam on soft cream??

    Halloween - I can't remember having pumkins as a child but definitely hollowed out a swede and put a stubby piece of candle in it and I seem to remember doing the same with huge potatoes. Times were obviously hard back in the 60's!

    Right back to it ...
    ttfn, Crumpy xx

  • Comment number 60.

    Evening bloggers, well it's been an age since I last blogged, was probably around the time of the Edinburgh Blog meet...

    Well since then I spent ten weeks on secondment in London with work, and what an amazing time I had. My time coincided with both the Olympics and Paralympics; there was an amazing buzz around the capital throughout, I even managed to catch some Olympic action live, as well as finding a lovely park with a big screen and a fab food village next to City Hall. I have to say that I loved CLPs shows during this time, they really got me into the Olympic spirit.

    The Olympics seems so long ago now though, I've been back in Edinburgh for about 3 weeks, and I'm missing London badly. It really has got me thinking about long term plans, and the possibility of a move back south of the border. In the meantime I've got a flying visit back to London planned for mid December, for a spot of C*******s shopping.

    Not seen Skyfall yet, but am planning on doing so. I loved Casino Royale, but was disappointed with Quantum of Solace, so have high hopes for this one. Loved Graham Norton the other night; how lucky was Judi Dench to be sitting in a Daniel Craig/Javier Bardem sandwich!

    Hope all is well in blogland


  • Comment number 61.

    Morning all!

    Nice to see you Rosie - sounds like you had an amazing time in London, what an amazing opportunity you had hey :-)

    Didnt have many tricksters last night - I think the pouring rain dampened their spirits, so I am now left with 40+ mini m@rs bars!

    Right last day of work for me for 6 working days so lots to get finished off so that my brain can properly switch off at 5.30 tonight.

    Happy Thirsty Thursday everyone

  • Comment number 62.

    Good morning all,

    Rosie - sounds like you have a lot to think about.

    Debs - don't worry, just send those m@rs bars up here!

    Loving these old classics this morning, remind me of the last dance at discos.

    Have a good Thirsty Thursday everyone.



  • Comment number 63.

    Good morning all,

    We did have the treaters last night and all little ones which was nice,and the rain held off for them ,but later on into the evening it pored down and it was quite windy ,so you passed it on Debs:-).. WE have a garden chair sitting down the garden ,so it will stay there for now ,well until I've got shoes on .it's sodden out there .

    It's Al saints day today ,so we will be lighting a candle tonight and say a prayer for all the souls that are no longer with us and hoping that they are peaceful souls .

    Debs ,have a good break and feet up . Rosie ,any chance of a transfer ?? morning Gail..

    Right just time for anther cuppa ..so take care all and have a good one ,and stay safe .


  • Comment number 64.

    I think we may have a good supply of sweeties for CiN this year!

    We didn't have many Tricky Treaters last night either so I have heaps of parma violets and love hearts left!

    We did have fireworks being set off on the field behind us last night - I've just been picking up the remains! - and I didn't realise my little dog could bark so loud or for so long! Every snap, crackle and pop set him off! I ended up sitting on the floor beside him for ages!

    The next few nights are going to be fun!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 65.

    Chris, the other morning you mentioned a pie book that your wife has, I was driving at the time and so I missed the name of it. Please can you let me know the name and author.


  • Comment number 66.

    Hello Chris & Everyone.

    Wet, windy & sunny here on the Wirral peninsula! Heating is on!

    Chris, it was lovely to get a new blog from your goodself on Monday despite being very busy with many other things going on in your life but is that it for a while?

    I have to say also that apart from mentioning my fellow Wirralian Daniel Craig I haven't actually replied properly. Apologies!

    I myself don't care for sitting in a cinema, the last time being when I took my little boy to see ET, I much prefer to watch films in the comfort of my own home where I'm free to have cups of tea & snacks and go to the loo without disturbing anyone. Then there's the added risk of picking up a cold from someone (there's always somebody coughing & sneezing). However having heard all the good reviews about Skyfall I think I could be tempted to go and have a look.

    Re steaming hot apple pie and melting ice cream! I like my apple pie & ice cream cold.
    I'm not one of those people who complain about everything though, I've met those people a few times, the ones who actually enjoy complaining as it seems to make them feel important. Very sad!

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 67.

    afternoon all, hope you're well?

    Damp, dull & dreary this afternoon in Norfolk.
    Took the ankle-biters 10 pin bowling this morning which was great fun.

    Eldest daughter had her first interview for college yesterday morning and was offered a place there and then - all great 'til they came out and told dad (me) who swelled with pride and shed a tear or two. Cue humiliated daughter and laughing tutor. We did giggle about it on the way home though. Well, it'snot everyday it happens is it??

    Trickin' and a treatin' last night was fun, followed by a trio to carrow Road as my beloved Spurs were in town - oooops, shame they couldn't win but nonetheless a good night was had.

    Is CLP's just a sporadic blogger now?

    bonnet de douche


  • Comment number 68.

    trio? I meant trip obviously!!! sausage finger alert

  • Comment number 69.

    "Let the skyfoe
    When it crumboes
    We will stand toe
    Face it all together . . ."

    Loving that song and I can't wait to see the film tomorrow evening in my little local picture house. I used to dismiss James Bond films as a load of old sexist nonsense, having been made to watch them in the seventies and eighties on Christmas Day afternoons, but then I saw Casino Royale and changed my mind. It was superb. I'm very excited about this one.

    If any of you happened to see Young Apprentice tonight, I just want to confirm that I'm actually wearing my Swimsuit Kimono as I write. It's very nice, but a bit pinchy up top.

    Hope you're all well.

    Love Barmy xx

  • Comment number 70.

    Good morning everyone,

    KW, that's funny, I hate to think what I would be like in the same circumstances, I cry at absolutely everything, but well done to your daughter.

    Barmy - Loving your lyrics, did you hear Vanessa talking about it?

    Maybe we will get to see Skyfall next week. Near us, the cinema had to be evacuated half way through the movie the other night as a workman had cut through a gas cable in a street near by.

    Have a good Friday everyone.



  • Comment number 71.

    Morning all!

    Vanessa how nice to see you pop in - loving the lyrics too!
    Gingembre - how lovely and proud of you - what you going to be like if she gets married!!! LOL and yes CLP is a bit more sporadic these days

    First day of a week and a bit off for me - still awake at silly o'clock but I dont mind that - means you can pack more in to each day :-)

    I discovered autumn watch last night - who knew! WOW

    Right going to luxurate in my PJs and listen to Lisa on the show, so time for a coffee I think - then Skyfall at lunchtime with a cheeky homemade picnic sneaked in.

    Happy Friday everyone

  • Comment number 72.

    Good morning all

    Have a great Friday :-))))

  • Comment number 73.

    Afternoon ,

    Debs, happy first day of your holidays :-)) enjoy yourself.

    I am planning on doing some C shopping this weekend. We will be finishing work 7 weeks today and flying off to the sun , yipeeeeeee. just cant wait.
    Hope everyone is well, Happy Friday, hope to see you at FNWC
    MC xxxx

  • Comment number 74.


    Oooh, I do like a Friday! Busy week at work, just so looking forward to getting home tonight to relax and perhaps have a glass of iced water ...

    Out tomorrow to the hairdresser (full of trepidation, as always) and then going to see my sister for the afternoon. Exciting, eh?!

    Will not have the laptop this weekend as our lovely daughter has borrowed it, as hers is "playing up". I will be lost without it!

    MC: you are going away for "C"? How fantastic!

    Have a lovely weekend, everyone.


  • Comment number 75.

    Afternoon everyone

    No time to catch up, but just dropping by to say I've had someone drop out of CiN phone duty. I know it's last minute but if anyone wants to join Team Pudsey 2012 please let me know ASAP.

    Stress levels through the roof at the mo.


  • Comment number 76.

    Hi Deevs - hope you get pudsey duty sorted - for those on here that do not know what an amazing day it is - its truely magical - so much love in that room on the day - if you are not loved for the rest of the year - its enough to bank and carry you through - and the time really does fly by - no sooner have you sat down than its 6.45pm and we are all eagerly waiting for the final total.....

    Anyhoo, just back from cinema to see you know what - all I'll say in the style of Dr Mosh - oh yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

    My high expectations were not disapointed :-D

    Right seeing as how I'm on hols today and its gone 5oclock somewhere - oh yeh - here! I'm declaring FNWC open and will say "cheers" with a penguin to you all

    Have a great Friday everyone and see you on the morrow

  • Comment number 77.

    My instincts have just been confirmed! I was switching off the tv after watching Coronation Street when I must have accidentally pressed the 4. I caught the end of a silly dating show called Baggage hosted by Gok Wan (I never watch him as I can't stand the little creep). It's not that he's gay, arrogant or that he persuades women to take off their clothes, it's just that there's something nasty about him.

    Anyway at the end of this ridiculous show were a couple talking to Gok, the lad was telling the story of how when he arrived home his partner had to tell him that she had accidentally killed the cat. The three of them were laughing thinking this was hilarious. What empty soul less excuses for human beings these three despicable pieces of s*i* are! I was certainly right in my instincts regarding Gok Wan


  • Comment number 78.

    Go ahead moderators but I'm safe in the knowledge that I know I'm right and am so thankful I have a soul unlike these people!.


  • Comment number 79.

    Well how pecu! for some reason U thought of FNWC today... Lovely to see all the old familiar (faces) names.

  • Comment number 80.

    Thats an I not a U! And this not letting you re-post sure is new!

  • Comment number 81.

    It's not what it was ni - good to see you venturing on here again though.

    I can't say I've ever seen a Gok show - I've seen trailers and his style has never appealed to me. I can see where you are coming from MM and it must have been hard especially this week.

    I've just watched Marley and me - the end is a real tearjerker (and it's supposed to be a comedy....) it brought back some painful memories to me as well.

    Anyway, I've had my wine and G&T (not necessarily in that order) and I've got to get up early to be pampered (it's a hard life !!!).

    Goodnight all


    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 82.

    Off to Skyfall in 1 hour, 41 minues!!

    Am really looking forward to it!

    x x x

  • Comment number 83.

    Morning each!

    Well I can confirm that I am another Skyfall fan... and Javier Bardem is just amazing! Sezza, enjoy..as has everyone else I know who`s seen it so far! We went on Wed night to avoid the trick or treaters.. sounds horrible I know but we are literally up every 2 minutes at our house and it makes for a grumpy GM so always safer to be out!

    Working today but busy weekend with family and friends planned so looking forward to that.... bit cold up here though and will be outside most of tomorrow so shall make sure my scarf,hat and gloves are upon my person!

    Have a lovely weekend all...

    mSc x

    PS -Barmy, were you on t`Apprentice then?! I need to find it on the player thing if so!

  • Comment number 84.

    What a brilliant film!!!!

    When are we allowed to talk about it?


  • Comment number 85.

    Nope, still not bothered about going to see Skyfall, even with the hype. Sezza, I think it will be a while before you can actually talk about it though....

    btw, great impression Barmy - you've got Adele down to a tee..

    Now for another dilemma. I'm not in the country during CIN week so will miss the auction for the drive and dine. Obviously, I do not have the sort of cash available to actually make a bid (unless the eurolottery comes up trumps...) but I do want to enter the raffle (or whatever it's called) for the dine and disco. I can't remember if the contact details were on the programme home page or FB last year (if so I can pick them up and try via skype). Does anybody else remember?

    Nearly time to go to bed, so I'll sign off now.


    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 86.

    Good morning all,

    A bright sunny day down here on the south coast at the moment anyway ,as there is some fluffy clouds around so not perfect wall to wall blue.

    It's been a busy w/end in the Bids household finishing off my autumn deep clean ,doesn't half make you feel good ,but banjaxed the next day .

    Nothing in the diary for me today so might pop out and do some shopping a bit later ,I do need a couple of things and I might just have a look around for some X**s ideas.

    Now all this talk of (Bond) I'm going to see what the girls have to report as they have both seen it before I decide to venture out to see it and drag Ken kicking and screaming ..and believe me he will .

    Mtd ,where are you off to this time ,hopefully some where a bit dryer and warmer !! enjoy anyway and safe travels .

    That reminds me I hope our Friend Bond over the other side of the pond is safe and well after Sandy ,she really did kick up a storm didn't she .

    well no use me sitting hear chatting when I need to be getting motivated is it and I'm sure you'd like to read some other posts ...ok ...I'm going ...

    Take care all and have a good day ..Bids.xxx

  • Comment number 87.

    Mondee Morning Greetings In The Afternoon Ter CLP & ALL Bloggies...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    CLP Man - What Gives?????

    Gis us a new blog from yersen pal?????

    A now, sorry know, yer a busy man with a busy shedule.... But come on CLP man.... Atleast gis us a blog a week????

    All the above mean't in niceness tones as a like both reading yer blogs and writing on yer blog!!!!!!!

    Talkin' of 'giving'.... Man do a 'ope Barracks Obama gets beck in a president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A just feel 'aving a black president is VERY good for world stability.... It diffusssesss tensions in the world!!!!!!!!
    And despite the economic crisis.... We are begining ter stablise financially.... Despite the world economy is still broke.....
    A just feel for these and many other reasons Obama is better!!!!!!!

    Glad ter 'elp!

  • Comment number 88.

    PS For any enjoying fireworks terneet.... Please enjoy!!!!!!!
    Butta won't be this year as am working terneet!!!!!!

    Am noot a party pooper.... A love fireworks..... A was always the first ter buy fireworks as a young adult and only let them off under FULL firework code conditions/ rules AND only on November 5th!!!!!!!!

    Over on the Mayo blog my show tune 'as ter be what probably everybody on the blog 'as chosen (and ave noot read any commentations over there yet so am noot cheating).....

    Katy Perry - Firework!!!!!!!! Most nice tune ter build self esteem without risk of a faulty blue torch paper.... Believe me 'av 'ad a few in me time and following the firework code a never approached me failed firework!!!!!!!!!
    In fact one year a took a VERY BIG safe precaution of telephoning the local army bomb disposal dudes!!!!!!!!!
    Well that's whatta told the judge!!!!!!!

    Tatty bye! ENJOY terneet!!!!!!! ;-))))

  • Comment number 89.

    Hi everyone:

    Just checking in to say "hi" - I have absolutely nothing to report - so boring!
    Right now, it's all work and no play which is pretty rubbish, but it's just the way things are at the moment.

    mtd: I honestly can't remember what happened with the raffle thingy last year. I want to say it was on Chris's website, because I was so seldom on FB then. But, just to be on the safe side, check both! Not long until your holiday - you must be getting very excited!

    Very cold here today, and apparently it's going to be freezing this evening for the fireworks displays. As much as I loved it when the three of us went to organised displays when MsS was young, I am very grateful I won't be out in the cold tonight!

    Remember, remember the 5th of November!


  • Comment number 90.


    Why don't you just come out and say that you can't be bothered with this blog anymore.

    It would be more honest of you to do so rather than just keep people hanging on with a blog every month or so.

    Blogs are old technology, the likes of Facebook and Twitter has killed them off.

  • Comment number 91.

    Here's a song for Bonfire Night to cheer us up until Chris gives us a new blog:


    MM xxx

  • Comment number 92.

    Ah MBD - you came back and peeked though didn't you?

  • Comment number 93.

    Morning all - wowser its chilly this morning!!!

    Heating AND gas fire on at the moment to get some warmth on the go - its defo a porridge day today!

    Enjoying my lazy week off and enjoying the freedom to do what I want when I want, nice :-) so making the most of it as I have a crazy busy week back at work next week

    Right blog is bouncing as I type so I think the lappy may need a switch it of and on again type treatment

    Happy Tuesday everyone, I'll see you later

  • Comment number 94.

    Mornin' all !

    It's been ages since I got the chance to post on here - the last time I went to post something the blog had closed! I'm very pleased to see a new blog (albeit over a week old!) and to 'see' everyone again x

    Hope everyone's well and happy. We're finally going to see Skyfall tonight. There is a tiny cinema opposite our new abode and apparently it's just like sitting in your lounge so it could be interesting! And it's half the price of going to the larger cinema in town so all good hopefully.

    Chrissie - hope the trip to the hairdresser wasn't too stressful after all x

    jillygoat xx

  • Comment number 95.

    Hi everyone:

    Hope all's well.

    I was SO grateful this morning to wake up to rain! Last night, after work, I had a wee visit to my b-i-l, I got home around 9pm and it was icy cold. I thought: good grief, this will be horrendous in the morning. But, thankfully, the temperature rose overnight and I was singing in the rain going to the train station!

    Jilly: how lovely to see you - I have been thinking about you - 2012 has been such a difficult year for you, I hope things are a little better. xx Thank you, the hairdresser situation went fairly well, but when you hear her say "I'll just cut your hair to the nape of your neck" you think: I am going to have a halo instead of hair! Not to worry, it seems ok!

    Still haven't made it to Skyfall - not enough hours in the day at the moment. Jilly, that wee cinema sounds like the business - I hate the great big cinemas!

    Hope everyone is ok.


  • Comment number 96.

    Hi all

    Just popping in while I can. I'm at the hotel, using the free wifi.

    Hope everybody is well.

    See you on the other side.


    Mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 97.

    Morning all!

    nothing to report, enjoy your trip Mtd
    Jilly - big hugs to you - you really have had a year of it x
    Chrissie nice to see you - to see you nice!

    Right time for a coffee, then off to spend some time with friend and her baby later - baby cuddles on the cards!

    Happy Humpday everyone

  • Comment number 98.

    Good morning all,

    Blue skies and beautiful sun shine greeted me this monring when I rose ,and no frost to boot so good news from me .

    Crissie ,so I hope it's the same for you minus the rain ,like you I dread this time of year for the frost and the ice ,just wish I could hibernate,wouldn't that be grand.

    MTD ,hope that you enjoy your holibob ...

    Debs ,Is your week off going to plan ,I do hope that you're having lots of you time :-)).

    One more thing before I go ..one of our lovely bloggers has a little one that is poorley at the moment so I don't normally ask for your prayers ,but I'm asking (please) if you could say one for this little person to hope the recovery come swiftly .

    I thank you ....Take care and have a good day all. Bids ..XXX

  • Comment number 99.

    Chrissie & Debs - thank you x

    We didn't get to the cinema last night after all ..... I had four telephone calls in a row when I got home (happy ones, thankfully!) which, together, lasted over two hours, and by the time 'im indoors came home I'd only just got the dinner on the go. We're planning to go this evening now, and I won't answer the phone until dinner is underway!

    Chrissie - like you, I really don't like the large cinemas. Our local Vue cinema charges £10 a seat, whereas the little one over the road is only £5. I appreciate the seats may not be as comfy or as plentiful, or the screen quite as big, but it's so close I could almost go there in my onesie and slippers and no-one would notice. Ooh, there's a thought .... !!

    Bids - I'll say a prayer for the little one x

    Have a good day one and all - the sun's shining here - hurrah!

    jillygoat xx

  • Comment number 100.

    Hi everyone:

    It's fair to say, isn't it, that we have a very, very quiet blog again!

    mtd: happy holiday! You have NO idea how much I wish it were me and MrS being away!

    Debs: nice to see you, too! Hope you are enjoying your week off - just lovely to have some freedom. And, enjoy the baby cuddles - last time I held a baby (a niece's wee boy - five years ago) I did not have a single clue what to do with the wee soul. How MsS made it to 21 is anyone's guess!

    Bids: after reading your post, I stopped what I was doing and said a prayer for the wee one. I sincerely hope everything will be ok and that he/she recovers very soon. xx Yes, indeed Bids, hibernation would be wonderful. Particularly if we make sure we have enough red wine and nibbles to keep us going!

    Happy Wednesday everyone - another week flying past!



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