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Shhh - whisper....

Chris Evans | 10:59 UK time, Friday, 7 September 2012

I think (still whispering) that it's gonna be a gorgeous weekend for an awful lot of us. It's suntan weather down South today already. And my wife who is already oop North with the boys on the way to glamping at CarFest says it's stunning blue sky there as well. This is all rather bloomin' good news for one and all. And it's the finale of The Paralympics - plus The Parade Of Champions which is taking place in London on Monday. Which we hope to feature a lot on the programme a few hours earlier. As well as, of course, the small ingredient of Robbie Williams available for a bit of breaky banter. He's hand delivering his brand new single for us to spin. As David Jacobs might say:

How (absolutely) delightful.

Have a fab weekend.

Peace and Love






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