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So two sleeps to go to the first ever CarFest...

Chris Evans | 11:18 UK time, Thursday, 23 August 2012

As exciting as Christmas except equally as nerve racking at the same time. I am sitting in my garden surrounded by site plans - notes, passes for friends and family and a head that is a ball of confusion. They say "it'll be alright on the night," well let's hope so bearing in mind there are actually three nights, if you count the seven thousand bods who have informed us they are arriving on Friday afternoon. Looking at the forecast for tonight around where I live, it does not read well, save I am having to type this blog in the shade of a rather large Redwood tree because the sun is so hot and bright. Please let the satellites and other long range doobries have got it all butt about tutt with regards to the bank holiday meteorological conditions . Also today, I have been flicking through the auction catalogue for both days. Some beauties in there, I may have to register for a bidding paddle. May it all come out in a joyous Children In Need wash, just not too wet a one.

See you on the radio in precisely eleven hours from now. Chitty stars on tomorrows show.


Peace and Love





  • Comment number 1.

    Eye up Christopher!

    Good luck with CarFest - hope it all goes to plan and don't eat too many pies!

    Talking of CiN I guess I need to shake a tailfeather to assemble Team Pudsey for November .....!

    Enjoy, and don't forget your AA card.


  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Chris, and thanks for the confusion! Don't know which blog to write on, so will try this one!

    Have a fantastic time this weekend - I just now it will be tremendous success! You have some very excited bloggers joining you - I hope you all get to meet up! xx

    Hi Cheryl!

    C xx

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Christoff

    Loved the pictures of Chitty this morning and wish I could be seeing her for real, either on the journey or at Carfast but not to be!

    I'll think of you all

    Sezza xxxx

  • Comment number 4.

    Oh these blogs are like waiting for a bus that doesn't turn up.... Yer wait 'ours... Or in the case of the blog over a week....
    Yer wait... Yer wait.... yer wait....
    Then yer think a better get the tube....
    Yer take the action and 'as yer 'alf way ter the tube....
    Past goes the bus.... Then another..... Then another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bit like blogs!!!!!!!

    'ere's me blog from before:

    Greetings Of Nice Ter The CLP & ALL Bloggies...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    Firstly ter any blogger who say they 'ave trouble reading me blogs.... The simple way ter be able ter read them is imagine 'demeted scouse' a sort of cross between John bishop & Paul O'Grady and Bingo Star is EXACTLY in the middle (but not talent wise or pay wise).... Oh and errrrrrr also in most cases when yer see a " ' " at the start of a word just knock in an aych where a 'ave (there's one) (actually there's two there if yer include the one in there's... But this is a case where yer don't put in an aych as the " ' " in there's is instead of a " i " noot aych!!!!) (aka there is)
    'ope this 'elps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (know, sorry now there is two and without one in there's)

    Any way where was a?????????

    Oh I yeah:

    Terdee is DEE 11 of Bingo Star's Quest Ter Become An Olympic Track Cyclist Champion:

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    But now everyday evening if it's raining ave gotta do it as a starter terwards Rio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A don't mean am cycing ter Rio.... Only ter work!!!!!)

    This week ave cycled 5 times and ter be 'onest me legs feel like they 'ave no energy left... They feel week and VERY tired!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    A know a probably will never get ter the olympics.... If anything it's madness..... But if yer don't try yer don't get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    A will tell more in me next blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for now gotta go... Gotta sort out some prioblems all:

    A rat 'as eaten me orange Clubs and ave got soot on me new carpet!!!!!

    Tatty bye!

  • Comment number 5.

    PS CLP - Soz ter 'ear yer ran outta fuel in The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang....

    Remind sme of the time a broke down twice in me 44 tonne truck....
    Me boss said blimey do yer need the 'elp of Mary Poppins.....

    Looks like terdee CLP yer really do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ENJOY pal when yer get refuelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 6.

    to all bloggers - so we dont miss each other shall we use the most recent one that says CARFEST!

  • Comment number 7.

    Chrissie S - Thank you ^J^ You've always said nice things to me when a getta crazy idea in me 'ead!!!!!!

  • Comment number 8.

    Morning Yo's Ter CLP & ALL Blog Pals...

    Bingo Star 'ere...

    Yes we are 'eading at 'igh velocity (around 1,000mph... That's 'ow fast the earth turns) to a British Bank 'olidee weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Being a man through experience and the advice that me father always told me this earth/ life is a place for the wise.... Aka we 'ave all that we need it's just using it correctly.... Ave learned it's best as much a spossible ter avoid following the crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    'ence am working all over the Bank 'olidee.... Bag me double time... And getta day in lieu ter use when everyone else is back at work!!!!!!!!!!
    But the one day am not working is terdee aka Friday... aka demolishion derby day as I call it on the roads added with a Bank 'olidee weekend.... So the last thing a wanter be doing is driving me truck terdee when everyone else... Is errrrr trying ter drive... aka stuck in a jam!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And a ain't talking the in a jar type).

    Ken - Just wanted ter say thanks for the advice about the cycle trainer... Been noting it all down and yes they are a fanstic idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ave noticed all the pros use them ter warm up before an event at an event... like the Olympics!!!!!!!!
    Googled them and a see Machine Mart ave some at only 60 quid area!!!!!!!!!!!
    A agree yer would work up a 'ell of a sweat a there's no wind ter cool yer down too if yer using it indoors.... A could see mesen using it in the yard outside aslong a sit's not raining!!!!!!
    Great idea as the time wasted travelling ter the gym... Could be used cycling at 'ome... and away from the nutters on the roads!!!!!!!!

    Talking of which an update on me cycling progress so far:
    Only been taking me cycling extra serious for just over a week and me times are coming down already!!!!!!!
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    Yesterday a better it at 21mins 48 seconds with a slight swirly side wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As a get stroonger and fitter the time should keep improving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me main area is me leg muscles need strengthening more ter power up the 'ills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe a can get me time down ter 15minutes which is as fast as the pros!!!! But a would need a faster bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Over the week a achieve a top speed of 27mph which is pedalling like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But mostly it is the 25mph area!!!!!

    Yesterday a went bazzzzzerk trying ter 'it 30mph... pedaling absolutely spinning me pedals as fast as possibly possible and a 'it 30.01mph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Butta feel this is the top speed of me 20 year old Raleigh mountian bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A top pros bike can get over 40mph comfortably.... A need a new bike for for now me present bike is fine ter get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 9.

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Chris,
    Can you clear up something which i am reading on the Daily Mail blog for Chitty yesterday and is getting certain Chitty admirers wondering.
    Is the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang you bought for £500k THEE actual GEN 11 in the original film and the one that Pierre Picton had that went to auction in the US and which was bought by Peter Jackson and you bought it from him in New Zealand?. Also the number plate does not read GEN 11--is this because it has to be re registerred with the DVLA?
    This would clear up those bloggers who are making wild assumptions about whether its the real Chitty or a replica you have restored

  • Comment number 11.

    Hi Chris, definitely xmas and birthday's all wrapped up into one! I'm coming along to the Carfest on Sunday and just need to know if its ok if I can bring my dog Charlie with me as my dog sitter is currently unwell. Charlie is an exceptionally well behaved bulldog with a keen interest in cars ... or should I say weeing up car wheels but on this occassion he will be on his best behaviour. I haven't seen anything on the small print that dogs are not allowed so would be grateful for the thumbs up. Let lady luck with with you and the weather too. Soexcited123

  • Comment number 12.

    Evening all - at least everyone who's here!

    If you're there, well, hello to you too if you come back here!

    Pleased to see Chris is still wearing his Chitty Driving outfit! The half-hour shows are too short though!

    I am exercising great restaint here

    Boy1 took some GCSE's in the summer and the results are out and were posted here but he's not home until tomorrow!!

    The steamy kettle is looking very tempting!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi all

    I think here is the place to be Sezza (or it may be there.....) anyhoo in anybody else's absence, I'll declare the bank holiday FNWC open (with apologies to Annie, Chrissie etc).

    I hope everybody is having a great time at Carfest (I was tempted but I really don't do camping). I like the way Chris said he was on the way to a do!!!

    I am soooo looking forward to this weekend, mainly because I need some serious sleep without the alarm clock threatening me every hour throughout the night.

    I hope everybody is well, back to my G&T and ordering chinese...


    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 14.

    Me again

    Has anybody seen the piccie on FB from Ocad*? Apparently they have just done their first festival delivery to carfest - I bet that's how Debs has got her supply of penguin ;-)...


    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 15.

    I wannna be at Carfest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :-( :-( :-( :-(

  • Comment number 16.

    Evening each

    Thanks mtd, my glass is beside me.

    Ooooooo, Carfest is sounding good. Although I did wonder, on my way home and listening to the roads report, whose camping gear was spread across the M6? My first thought was Debs!!!!

    Sezza, step away from the kettle - and good luck to the boy with his results.

    Back in a bit.


  • Comment number 17.

    Annie, I have stepped away from the kettle and towards the wine bottle!!

    Seemed like a plan!

    x x x

  • Comment number 18.

    Good plan Sezza.

    Just been talking to stepson, he's off to Edinburgh for a night on the tiles - I remember when!!!!!

    Another glass of red then I'm off to bed. Am distraught - left my Kindle at youngest sons today - don't know how I'll get to sleep.


  • Comment number 19.

    Hi again

    mmmm a night on the tiles in Edinburgh?? ooh it must be at least 2 months since you did that ;-)))

    Did you know, there's an old fashioned remedy for lack of Kindle - I think it used to be called a book ;-) On my second glass of red now as well.

    Just started watching Mrs Brown's boys. I know it's a repeat but it's got us laughing already...


    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 20.

    I'll leave you tonight with my favourite Mrs Brown quote - 'I'll never forget your father's last words "oh fe*k it's a bus" ' he he he he he

    night all

    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 21.

    Morning all

    I have to say, I'm more than happy NOT to be at CarFest. I hope the weather there is better than the weather here (dank and shonky) altohugh CLP was saying on Twitter this morning that it's mighty windy. Maybe it's the camping/bakes beans thing. He also posted a beautiful picture of Noah in the tent. Such a gorgeous child, as is Lyndyloo's MiniMan.

    Well, I'm not sure where that week disappeared to but here we are again arriving at another weekend. Nic's out umpiring today (can't see much play to be honest as we had a lot of rain yesterday). As it's his birthday tomorrow I think I shall take inspiration from Mary Berry and see what I can rustle up with some flour, eggs, cocoa, sugar ...... just because you're 40-something it doesn't mean you can stop enjoying life and behaving like a kid!

    Also making a pork madras for tea tonight - hopefully the curry aroma will mask the cakery aroma as I want it to be a surprise for tomorrow!

    Oooh he's back from dog walk .... laters baby!



  • Comment number 22.

    I am glad I am not in a tent. the weather down here is horrible,wet and windy. weekend plans have changed some what, the car festers should get nice weather tomorrow as it is supposed to be sunny..hoorah.
    will go and watch the begining of the cowes torquay cowes power boat race ( from the safety of my car) and hope they all safely return. saw some boats out today it was really lumpy. they looked like they were having fun, if you can call being bruised to within an inch of your life is fun....

    djeli. landlubber

  • Comment number 23.

    I still wish I was at Carfest!

    Picked Boy1 up from the Jamboree today and I am even jealous of him - he had such a good time!

    It's clouded over here now so I think we're in for some rain and I've just rubbed my oniony hand in my eye so I'll be back later!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 24.

    Evening each

    mtd, yes, I had a book in bed last night (and again tonight) - it was bloomin' heavy, kept dotting me on the head.

    Was at the teeny grandson's first birthday party today, my god my lot are noisy!

    Drove back through torrential rain - pretty scary. Hope Carfest isn't too soggy.

    Happy Birthday to Nic tomorrow and Hellooooooooooo to Djeli, Sezza and Deevs.


  • Comment number 25.

    Good evening all,

    Now where was I on 25th August 2012....Oh yes !!! Car Feast (south ).

    Well as you can see i'm back ,and i've had a lovely day ,albeit rained on my drive up to the fest and on the way back and wilst there a Thunder storm .So not only shall I remember it for that ,I will also remember it for lots of other reasons.

    First off the directins that were given were spot on ,the venue spot on , the organisation of the whole thing spot on ,The boss has done well .

    Met up with our Debs and delightful as ever ,so we started and watched a motor bike display ,then had a wander and saw load s and loads of cars, oh!!! yes that's why it's called a Car Fest . Then there was an air display ,fantastic ,then a helicoptor display ,fantastic..,load of things to keep the kiddies happy ,and lots to keep the big boys happy .
    A lovely big marquee with lots of stalls for the cottage industry ,so A lovely bottle of whisky liquer was purchased for the lovely Kenneth and also some somerset home made bangers .
    Couldn't really move around in side of there as that is where we took shelter when the heaven opened ,so wasnt too bad . We also managed to get a bite to eat of the local farm stall .

    Managed to see see Lynyloo and littleman,both looking really well ,but miniman really tired ,bles him ,he's such a handsome chappy.

    Unfotunately didn't get to see the boss ,but he was obviously busy in the back ground doing what he does best no doubt .

    Chris I thank you for a remarkable ,unforgetable day and a day that you should be well and truly proud ,you certainly pulled it off .


  • Comment number 26.


    just reporting back from CarFest - CLP has made it a ROARING success - in so many ways - my camping experience was not great - way to cold last night so I am back home after much much walking in fields and will venture back tomorrow.

    We had showers - massive ones - thunder and lightening too - but in general most people were oblivious - serious festival goers it would seem. Had some time with the lovely bids, lyndyloo and mini-man too.

    But wow, what a show he has put on - i would urge all that can go to north get a day ticket NOW!!!!

    The amazing dancing diggers, the awesome blades - at times heart in mouth and please god dont let the engine fail stunts - the trail bike stunt riders - who really do do dangerous stuff as we saw when one of them missed a jump - luckily he got up to ride another day, the RN helichopters - again heart in the mouth stuff.

    The cars - oh my the cars - now I am not a petrol head but was mighty impressed with the cars on the hill climb - especially the "7 £1mill" group and the novelty ones which contained the fab u lous chitty

    The scale of what he has organised is off the scale - the site is HUGE - hence why I retreated early tonight to rest the ankles - still eagerly awaiting news of friends pie - it made it to the top 25 and looked mighty fine too

    So I know CLP has his knockers - but what he has pulled out of the air this time for CiN is awesome - the programme said already he has raised £3/4 mill.

    So I dont want to rub salt especially in Sezza's wounds for those that couldnt make it - but when he runs it next year - and he will - try hard for a ticket - but you just dont need to camp..... day one and two are a repeat apart from the music.

    Right time to put feet up and open a penguin - LOL MTD - no that wasnt my delivery

    debs (with a very pink nose BTW!)

  • Comment number 27.

    Bids/Debs, great posts - sounds like you both had a great time despite the rain.

    Hope you get better weather tomorrow Debs.


  • Comment number 28.

    PS - sorry who had the dog question - the answer is no - its in the FAQ on the website but I literally also saw someone being turned away even though she wanted to keep the dog in the dog handbag. I wouldnt risk it if I were you. Having said that we did see one very small mini dauschund??? who I reckon was either with a VIP or mrs Jodie S!


  • Comment number 29.

    ha ha Bids - you and me posting at the same time!
    so yes CLP - be proud - very proud!!!

  • Comment number 30.

    Thanks Annie - forecast is sunny and 20degrees - perfect - unless I cannot walk in the morn, I'm defo going back - its only 2 days a year after all - not just a normal sunday hey - plenty more of them left this year


  • Comment number 31.

    I am glad you Carfesters had a good time.

    It wasn't really the best weather for campers - esp if you're not used to it

    Deevs, hope the cake is cooked and hidden away

    Annie, Birthday party sounds like it was fun

    We are going for lunch at Mum and Dad's tomorrow. Should be nice and saves me from cooking!

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 32.

    Morning everyone

    Glad the CarFesters had a good time, apart from the appalling weather.

    Red - yes, I'm a landlubber too. Queasy on a pedalo me! We went on a boat trip in Goa to a "secluded beach" and I was fine(ish) whilst the boat was going along as it was calm and very hot, so the breeze was welcome. BUT then they moored up/dropped anchor so that some of people could go snorkelling in the sea, and that's when the trouble started. Never in my life have I wanted to be on terra firma so much - I couldn't even accept the delicious samosa I was offered. Eugh!

    Well, the cake went well and is now safely stowed away in an air-tight cake tin. I've never done that one before - it's a mocha sandwich cake from the GBBO cookbook from last year. IT looks good and smells heavenly so I shall enjoy a slab of that later. Oh, and I've put Happy Birthday candles on it too ....... it's the little things!

    Birthday Boy is still asleep at the mo but he's put in his order for his birfday brekkie of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs so once I hear movement from upstairs I shall be putting me pinny on!

    Not sure what we're doing today - MiniNic is with us as of 10.30 am and staying overnight. Tomorrow I'm taking Nic to Worcestershire County Cricket Club where we have a table booked for lunch in the restaurant and then The Royals are playing a match against Lancashire, so let's hope there's no rain.

    RIght you lot, have a fantastic Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday and I'll be back Tuesday for a catch-up.

    Lovin' your work!


  • Comment number 33.

    'Lo every body

    Sun us shining throught the clouds here so hope it's the same at CarFest!

    Deevs, I'm sure you and the Nics - Big and Mini will have a lovely weekend whatever you do

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 34.

    ***Happy Birthday Nic***

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 35.

    Afternoon all

    It was pouring here this morning, but has turned out nice now!

    Glad everyone enjoyed CarFest, despite the weather! I wanted to go to the North one, but can't make it unfortunately...

    Happy Birthday to Nic! And to everyone else I might have missed!

    I'm contemplating whether to attempt to clean out the fish tank, or have a snooze on the sofa instead... The snooze is winning so far lol

    Anyway, hello everyone, and hope everyone is ok x

    JG x

  • Comment number 36.

    Evening each

    Hope everyone has had a good day.

    Was a lady wot lunched today - met shopaholic friend and had a good chinwag and catchup then visited posh garden centre/farm shop where she purchased a basket full of goodies. Drove her home then went to youngest's to pick up my kindle. I'm a happy bunny now.


  • Comment number 37.

    'Lo everybody

    JG, Did the snooze win? We had a lovely lunch and sit in the garden at Mum and Dad's and I had to rest my eyes a little when we got back

    Hope things are going well for you the moment

    Annie, You sound happy! What a nice day you had

    x x x

  • Comment number 38.

    Happy Bank Holiday Monday to those lucky enough to have the holiday!

    Me? Sat at my desk, feeling just a tad sorry for myself! What a morning - absolutely pouring here, and really quite dark!

    Bids and Debs: great to hear about CarFest - Bids I saw your photographs on FB - good grief, the site looks absolutely enormous. Sounds like the organisation was tremendous - no wonder Chris said in this blog his head was a ball of confusion! That's great you both met up with Lyndyloo and miniman - what a gorgeous wee boy he is.

    Cheryl: hope Nic enjoyed his birthday, and his cake!

    Annie: glad to hear you got your kindle back. Yes, books are really heavy, aren't they?!

    I am re-reading (yet again) Chris's first book - it is such a great read and even though I know all the stories by heart, I am really enjoying reading them all again.

    Last, but certainly not least, just to say that on Saturday morning I received a package from the "river people" containing a DVD of Chitty ... from our lovely Debs! Oooh, it was a lovely surprise, and how thoughtful, eh? Debs: thank you SO MUCH - you are a wee pal! So, that's me sorted for next Saturday afternoon - perhaps a glass of wine while watching Chitty - I can't wait!

    Have a good day, all - just about to have a look in my in-tray to see what delights await!

    C xx

  • Comment number 39.

    Afternoon each (where is everyone?)

    Chrissie, I was working today too - out in the pouring rain, driving through enormous puddles. Horrible, isn't it?

    I've just re-read Chris's second book and it was just as good second time around.

    Back in a bit to see if anyone's around.


  • Comment number 40.

    Oh well, I'll just talk to myself then.

    You know how I feel about bagpipes! But just watched the Edinburgh Tattoo - and it was fab! Pipes and Drums are playing Black Bear - love it.


  • Comment number 41.

    Probably make more sense talking to yourself! I often find that xxx

  • Comment number 42.

    I'm here again lol... like a bad penny lol xxx

  • Comment number 43.

    Howdedoody girls.

    Susan, Me too.

    JG, how are you?


  • Comment number 44.

    Hiya Blog!

    Just popped by to say me & Miniman had the bestest time at Carfest ever! Thank you for introducing me to some great friends over the years and apologies for not being around much any more.

    Peace & Love
    & Miniman
    (in a motorhome on an extended journey home)

  • Comment number 45.

    Morning All,

    Hope all the Carfest South people have dried out? From the pictures on Fb it looks like you all had a fab time whether is rained or shined.

    Unfortunately, I could not manage to get to Carfest South, but as the North one is only a hour drive from home I took the family for a picnic and a walk to the location for CarFest North; Cholmondeley Castle & Gardens.

    As it was a Bank Holiday we choose Sunday. The weather was very kind, the picnic was fab and the gardens are beautiful. The Castle looked very impressive and as it's a private residence even more so based on the size and location. The locals were even playing cricket at the base of the hill, very civilized for a Sunday afternoon.

    Without 'Sara SatNav' finding the location may have been a bit tricky as we didn't see many if any sign posts, Cholmondeley Castle is a best kept secret of the North and the owners obviously wish to keep it that way.

    All said and done a fab time was had by the family and I. With that in mind I hope all the peeps travelling to CarFest North have a fab time too, lets hope the weather is kind to one & all, especially if you are a 'southern softie' travelling to the 'frozen north'.

    Will look out for the next installment of Photo's.


  • Comment number 46.

    Good morning all,

    I did pop in last night for a catch up but feeling a bit brain dead ,so I thought ,better not post in that state as all you would have had was a load of garbled rubbish..but now have had a sleep and feeling more like a chat .

    Still thinking of the lovely time that was had at the carfest and it will be nice to look back on .I was chatting to one young lady who had come down from York ..she did say she'd had the offer to change her tickets for the northern one ,but she said she wanted to be at the first one ,and I could see that she was very proud to say that by the big smile on her face.

    Annie ,yes we too watched the Edinburgh Tattoo last night and really enjoyed as you know I do like the pipes ,and all those kilts swishing . Oh!! and by the way ,the guinea pigs have now left the building and both were alive and kicking ..lol.

    And also did anyone watch the programme about those brave soldiers that went to climb Mount Everest ,it was introduced by Prince Harry ,you know that little rascal tha's always getting himself into a scrape .
    Anyway ,I hope that anyone that did see it was as moved by those brave young men as I was ,to think in just a fleeting second having their lives changed forever ,but still having all that bravery to carry on and face all those challengies in front of them .

    I decided to have a day off today ,but going to have to run some errands later and do a tip run to get rid of the garden stuff . So i'll be off noe and pop by later .

    Take care all and enjoy the rest of your day ...Bids.xxx

  • Comment number 47.


    Hope everyone is ok today.

    Annie: the rain yesterday was unbelievable, wasn't it. My boss was driving back to Glasgow from Oban and he said that when they got to the Rest and Be Thankful he was very worried that the car would be swept away by the waterfalls coming off the hills. Really scary. I will have to watch the Tattoo on iplayer, I completely forgot it was on, I would have recorded it.

    Hiya Susan and JG - nice to see you popping in.

    Lyndyloo: awww, lovely to see you! I know you are a busy mummy now, but I well remember our smashing chats on the blog in times gone by. xx

    Sharon: what a lovely picture you paint of your day on Sunday.

    Bids: hiya - glad to hear the guinea pigs have gone home, live and kicking! I will check out that programme you mentioned. We were out last night, and I forgot to check the TV listings, so I missed that too. Sounds really moving.

    What a morning at my place of work. We have the electricians here testing the fire and smoke alarms. Very noisy, just a pain, but must be done. I was sitting at my desk, typing away (as you do) and our front door opened. I assumed it was my boss returning from the bank. Err, no. It was the fire brigade! They had not been told by their control room that there was testing going on - we are connected to them automatically if the alarm goes off. Ooooh, if only I had known, I would spruced myself up a bit - gorgeous firemen everywhere - it soon woke me up, I can tell you! Why are firemen so gorgeous?

    Well, enough rambling for now. Happy Tuesday, all!

    C xx

  • Comment number 48.

    Sharon ,nice to see you had a lovely day out on sunday and got to see the carfest north sight ,and im sure it will be as good as the s/one .

    I was a tad worried about going to the south one on saturday ,but no need to have done so ,as soon as I reached the M3 there were yellow road signs that had been put up to give you directions ,and loads all the way to the actual sight .

    So anyone going ,you'll all be fine as it's well sigh posted and organised .

    Bids.xxx .

  • Comment number 49.

    Crissie ,put that gorgeous fireman down right this minute ...xxx

  • Comment number 50.

    Bids, I did assume there would be additional signs but we all know what 'assumption' does? Sometimes it doesn't at all and that's when the trouble starts.

    Chrissie, at one place I worked at, many moons ago, they were always having the firemen appear complete with all their equipment, however one lady always missed the fun cause the visit would happen during her lunch hour. And as she always went home for lunch it was a standing joke, that once again she'd be disappointed.

    Also, thanks for the tip for the TV Bids, will look later on iplayer; was busy yesterday being a domestic goddess, hoovering, cleaning & ironing etc. so didn't see much TV.

    Meanwhile the end of the month is vast approaching and its a four day week. So best crack on.

    (S) x

  • Comment number 51.

    Awww, Bids, do I have to? He's really, really hunky!

    Sharon: she must have been gutted! There are few things in life finer than a fireman and his equipment ...

    I must stop this!!!


  • Comment number 52.

    Firemen!!! Did someone mention Firemen???? ;)) Be still my beating heart :)

    Morning All,

    I am glad all the Carfesters had a great time, what an amazing experience to be a part of.

    Sorry to those who had rain this weekend, apart from Saturday which was a bit hit and miss with very heavy downpours, the rest of the weekend, in my part of the world, has been 80% sunshine.

    I had a pottering weekend, doing some chores which I've been putting off, including cleaning the windows and scraping the pigeon poo off my balcony. Everything now is nice and sparkerly and I brought a bobbing humming bird from a local DIY store to put on my balcony to hopefully stop the pigeons landing. So far it's worked, but it's not even 24 hours yet and of course I am not there to see them, but they will leave their calling card, so I will know!

    Today though I have a bad back and am walking like a pregnant penguin...lol! I knew doing chores was bad for me ;)

    Nothing else to report, I hope everyone is fine and dandy.


  • Comment number 53.

    Chrissie there was this gorgeous rugby playing hunk in the year above me at school that I always fancied and guess what - he only went and became a fireman and married a girl in our class. Can still picture him all these years later.

    Hi to everyone else and really sounds like both carfests are going to be such good fun. I'll just have to hope for phone duty in November.


    Sus xx

  • Comment number 54.

    'Lo everybody

    Ali, do you need a fireman to help you in case you get stuck with a nasty housework induced injury? ;-)

    Chrissie, what an exciting morning! I've done that before by not checking if I was "on-site" before I set the alarm off! Am always careful to check now - it was nice to see them but they did give me a bit of a ticking off!

    Bids, Carfest sounded fab and I'm so glad you had a good time

    Sharon, It was a nice Bank hoilday wasn't it? We went for a picnic and a romp around Thetford Forest. We did a walk with a couple I've not walked with before. It was the brisk-est walk I've ever done! little Gibbs' feet were practically flying!

    Susan, Hope we can meet up at the telephone bank again this year! I think my ears have just recovered now!

  • Comment number 55.

    Can I just thank you all for the Blog Birthday Vibes for they have worked!

    Last week, Mr Sezza said he would take me out for lunch on the day - indicating he hadn't forgotten (as I'd suspected!) so I was very happy but then yesterday, my bestest friend called and said her husband had decided he didn't want to go to the Paralympic Tennis for which they had tickets so would I like to go instead!

    Mr Sezza said he didn't mind and would have the day off anyway!

    So instead of maudlin at home feeling sorry for myself, I will be off around the Paralympic Park with my buddy!

    And I might be able to wangle a lunch with Mr Sezza another day too!!

    Sezza xxxx who know she is very shallow but is now a happy girl!

  • Comment number 56.

    Ooooh, loving all the firemen chat!

    AliB: that's a great idea with the wee fake bird - hope it works. Sorry to hear about your sore back - absolutely no joke, so I hope it improves soon. xx

    Susan: lovely to hear about that hunk!

    Sezza: yes, our brave firefighters can be very strict. I also got a telling off from one of them - years ago - and I honestly could hardly keep my face straight because he had the most gorgeous blue eyes, and I really couldn't listen to a word he was saying! And, that's excellent news about what you will be doing for your birthday. You are not shallow at all - enjoy!

    After all this friskiness, I really will have to go for a walk at lunchtime - lovely day here, hope it's the same for everyone else.

    C xx

  • Comment number 57.

    Sezza, I may well need a hunky fireman to carry me home ;) Glad the birthday plans are sorted out, sounds like a fun day and well done to Mr Sezza for not forgetting. It was my best friends wedding anniversary on Sunday, so I did check with her hubby on Friday that he hadn't forgotten and he hadn't...phew!

    Chrissie, Thanks for the good wishes xx I hope you enjoyed your walk at lunchtime xx

    For the past two weeks I've been in the office on my own for most of the time, give or take a few hours here and there, today my colleague is back and he's been on the phone most of the morning talking as loud as loud can be! And there I was bemoaning the quite, and today I wish it was quiet! I have a headache to go with the bad back, fortunately his is off at 3:00, so peace will reign once more.


  • Comment number 58.


    Not a lot going on here!

    Looks like everyone who went to CarFest had a wonderful time despite the weather. Love the pictures on facebook.

    Re the firemen chat. A large part of my childhood was spent peering through fire station windows. Wherever we went we had to visit the local fire station as this was the only thing my brother wanted to do when he grew up. He did get to be a fireman and so our house was often visited by his firemen friends (yes I did get chatted up lol). Later on Bingo and his cousin were sometimes invited to the fire station, we would have a meal and drinks there.

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 59.

    I must have put a damper on the blog with my fire brigade comment!

    MM xxx

  • Comment number 60.


    Hope it soon re-lights!

  • Comment number 61.

    Just cooking tea but thought I would pop in to see what I had missed. Just you then Maddy!
    Hope you are well?

    Right back off to stir the pasta sauce.

    S xx

  • Comment number 62.

    Evening each

    Firemen!!!! Two of them installed my new bathroom in my last house (they get lots of time off apparently). Remember that Ali if you ever need a new bathroom or kitchen! Hope your back is better soon.

    Little boys have gone home with their Mum. My head's befuddled with talk of the latest gadgets for computers.

    Back in a bit. xxxxx

  • Comment number 63.

    Back again!

    We've just done our last puppy training class and Gibbs has his rosette!

    Mind you, on tonights performance, I'm surprised it wasn't torn into pieces! Barky wasn't the word for it!

    I am now indulging in a well deserved glass of wine!

    'Lo Maddy and Annie and Susan, Hope you're all ok.

    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 64.

    Good morning all,

    Just a quick pop in for me today as I've got to drop my car off for it's service today before work so just finished breakfast so just going to hit the shower and then hit the road .
    Have a good day all and hope it's a good one .


  • Comment number 65.

    Morning all -

    How jealous am I about the carfest thing? Should have gone, really quite gutted we didn't but life is so up and down at the moment we really can't be making too many plans too far ahead - its a bit of a nightmare!

    PS - I know, Ive been missing in action for ages, am really sorry - I blame my topsy turny life


  • Comment number 66.

    Morning all

    Bit grey here this morning - was lovely first thing! What went wrong!

    Can't remember who it was that was re-reading Chris' book but just wanted to say we have the audio-book in the car at the moment that's keeping us entertained

    Bids, got to take my car in later - seems to have a lack of brake lights! Eeek!

    Baggy, good to see you. Was thinking of you yesterday. Hope the topsy turny life is leading you in a good direction!


    Sezza xxx

  • Comment number 67.

    Hi everyone:

    Funny sort of a day so far ... haven't seen a single fireman yet!

    Baggy: nice to see you popping in. I would say that topsy turny describes my life too!

    Sezza: I am currently reading Chris's Book No.1 - what a great read. I do fancy getting the audio book - does Chris read out all the naughty words?!

    Hope everyone is ok.

    Can't believe it is Wednesday already - where is the time going - it's nearly the end of August!

    C xx

  • Comment number 68.

    Chriise, he does read out all the naughty words with great gusto I have to say!

    A bit awkward when we're all in the car but I just keep facing forward and ignore the giggles from the back seat!

    Sezza xxxx

  • Comment number 69.

    Sezza: oooh, I can just imagine - the kids must love it! Right, that's made my mind up, I have to hear this!


  • Comment number 70.

    Morning blogettes:

    Testing Testing ................ if this doesn't post I'm going to depart in a huff !

    Tried several times last week and once yesterday. None of which appeared.

    Regards PJ

  • Comment number 71.

    Hiya PJ - receiving you loud and clear!

    Ooooh, it's so frustrating when you write a post, and it disappears to ... who knows where!


  • Comment number 72.

    That one worked. So here goes.

    Had a great B H weekend. Spent some of it in Port Sunlight and the 50th Anniversary celebrations of Ringo's first appearance with the Beatles. Which took place at Hulme Hall in Port Sunlight in August 1962. Met some great people - from all corners of the UK and a nice gang from Holland. There were many Beatles tribute bands. Saw one from Scotland, one from Thailand, another from Brazil and the final one we saw was from Switzerland! Port Sunlight is where Mr PJ went to school so it was down memory lane in more ways than one. Deevs you'd love his accent !

    Sunday was spent in Liverpool at the Mathew Street Festival. Didn't we chose our day well? The Monday was cancelled due to high winds. We'd especially gone to see the son of a friends - fronting a band that played Ska. They were excellent as was a Quo tribute.

    Anyway let's see if this posts. Hope all are OK.

    Regards PJ



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