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Chris Evans | 10:43 UK time, Thursday, 23 August 2012

So, two sleeps to go to the first ever CarFest. As exciting as Christmas except equally as nerve-racking at the same time.

I am sitting in my garden surrounded by site plans - notes, passes for friends and family, and a head that is a ball of confusion. They say "It'll be alright on the night," well let's hope so, bearing in mind there are actually three nights, if you count the seven thousand bods who have informed us they are arriving on Friday afternoon.

Looking at the forecast for tonight around where I live, it does not read well, save I am having to type this blog in the shade of a rather large Redwood tree because the sun is so hot and bright. Please let the satellites and other long range doobries have got it all butt about tutt with regards to the bank holiday meteorological conditions.

Also today, I have been flicking through the auction catalogue for both days. Some beauties in there, I may have to register for a bidding paddle. May it all come out in a joyous Children In Need wash, just not too wet a one.


Peace and Love





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    Just like London buses. He don't blog for ageeees, then 2 turn up at once ....

    As I was saying ...

    Eye up Christopher!

    Good luck with CarFest - hope it all goes to plan and don't eat too many pies!

    Talking of CiN I guess I need to shake a tailfeather to assemble Team Pudsey for November .....!

    Enjoy, and don't forget your AA card.


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    A double hello Chris :)

    I'm sure all will run smoothly once the Carfest gets under way, the build up to doing things is always more nerve wracking than actually doing it. I can well imagine this is the case when performing on stage, sick with nerves beforehand but as soon as one is up on the stage relaxing and enjoying it. This is good to build up the adrenaline causing one to perform much better. And nobody does it better than you Chris (I feel a song coming on).

    I hope the weekend weather forecast is wrong but, if not, I will be thinking of you all in your soggy tents in the muddy field while I'm tucked up in my cosy bed listening to the sound of the wind and rain on my windows (sorry my envy was getting the better of me there). I hope all will be fine and sunny.

    Chitty chitty bang bang we love you! How wonderful that chitty is yours Chris, what fun it must be to drive it.

    MM xxx

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    Hello Deevs & Chrissie on t'other blog!

    MM xxx

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    OMG CLP - 7000 campers!!!! YIKES!

    So there'll be a few queues then! hopefully I'll get pitched by 10pm when they turn the lights off!

    off to forage for some lunch

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    PS Just been looking at the photos of Chitty outside Radio 2!

    What fun! And you're dressed for the part Chris LOL!

    MM xxx

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    Hey Maddy - did you hear they ran out of petrol! LOL

  • Comment number 8.

    I bet Chitty needs a lot of petrol Debs but surely they could have flown over the rooftops LOL!

    MM xxx

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    Right, it would appear this is the blog we are using!

    Bingo: you go for it!

    Debs and Maddy: would you believe, I have never seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Isn't that a shocking admission!

    So happy for Chris, though, the photographs on the website are just so joyous - it is brilliant!

    Hope everyone is well this Thirsty Thursday.

    C xx

  • Comment number 10.

    So here we go - wont be here over the weekend - you know why! so this is MY friday night and I've just popped a penguin

    Happy TNWC everyone! Looking forward to the sheninigans I'll be experiencing over the weekend - have a car full of stuff for ALL eventualities weather wise - flip flops to wellies to mossie stuff to trench foot cream LOL

    Looking forward to spending some time with Bids and Lyndyloo and mini-man - not sure who will be more hyper me or mini-man!

    BTW did you hear that CLP said there are still carfest north tickets available???

    Chrissie! how can you not have watched CCBB??? goodness - I'm going to sort that out right now.....

    OKdokeys folks, have a great evening will say toot suite tomorrow!

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    ha ha Deevs - just seen your comment about needing CLP's AA card - well he certainly did didnt he today LOL!

    tatty bye

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    Hiya: oooh, isn't confusing having two blogs to jump between!

    I know the CarFest crowd have gone now, but just to say, have a fantastic time, one and all!

    Debs: I am very intrigued!

    Nothing to report from me today - result, eh?

    Happy Friday!

    C xx

  • Comment number 13.

    Can I say a big thank you for Car Fest South 2012 the family (2 adults & 2 kids 12 & 10) had a fantastic weekend what a success. Will definately attempt to be back next year

  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Chris, it is great you are brining Car Fest to North. I am sure everyone will have a great weekend. You and other attendees might want to pop over to our museum while in area to see our collection of over 250 engines - trace the history of how todays car engines were developed (www.enginemuseum.org). Have fun.

  • Comment number 15.

    oops, sorry I shouldn't have put website address, I was just trying to let you know where the engine museum was in the area near Car Fest while also wishing everyone a great time. It is fantastic you are bringing the Car Fest to the North, thanks for that. Museum Volunteer


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