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Day Four in The Big Olympic Park

Chris Evans | 15:31 UK time, Tuesday, 31 July 2012

'Tis nothing but excellence and excitement. There is simply nothing like it.

Bumped into Bill Turnbull from BBC Breakfast News, temporarily back down south from his new icumbency up North. Do you know I'm sure I spotted a Mancunian twang as we greeted each other this morning whilst waiting for Chappers from 5Live to vacate our communal BBC London 2012 loo.

Clare Balding, by the way is Queen Of The Communal Kettle, and in other news I'm worried about our equally communal but teeny tiny sink. It's smaller than the tap it's supposed to collect from.

In fact I'd go so far as to say that if the whole of the BBC's Olympic Park three storey Broadcast Unit comes crashing down within the next twelve days, I would put my shirt on it that the accident investigators will be citing the epicentre of the collapse to the carpet tile directly underneath. You heard it here first.

Peace and Love




The Olympic Park This Morning...

Chris Evans | 12:36 UK time, Monday, 30 July 2012

...was bathed in sunshine, which meant a chilly cloudless start but it was baking by the time we came off the air at ten.

It's really quite strange leaving Stratford every morning as the rest of the world homes in on there.

This Olympics already feels like a holiday you don't want to end. Although we're only on Day Three, you just know it's going to be over in a heartbeat. Like a kid's childhood, we all have to make the most of such things, because when they're gone they ain't never coming back.

Dive in and dig deep my friends. And the same goes for Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield this afternoon in the Men's 10m Synchronised Diving.

Rock on London 2012, we love and adore you.

Peace and Love




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How can something so big, be so beautiful?

Chris Evans | 12:29 UK time, Friday, 27 July 2012

That's been the question at the forefront of my mind, whilst I returned home from the eighth wonder of the world that is the Olympic Park this morning.

It's taken seven years to evolve, and is a true meeting of Sport and Art. It's enormous, and honestly - it's stunning. And it's now officially our home for the next two weeks - how exciting is that?

And by the way - how great are the guys and gals of the British Army? What an honour to be greeted by them at silly o'clock this am, whilst going through stadium security. They truly are the flags this country should be flying over the next two weeks with proper pride.

The show this morning was a joy - thanks so much for all your texts, email and calls. Your input is our output. And we how we loved outputting the bells at 0812 - Martin Creed is officially a dude.

See you all on Monday - don't forget we have a new start time of 0700.

And have yourselves an awesome Olympic Opening Ceremony in the meantime...



(London) 2012

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Well, it's nearly here...

Chris Evans | 11:00 UK time, Monday, 23 July 2012

...And it's very exciting. The Olympics are now just four days away. This is going to be absolutely brilliant. Like - the best ever. I cannot wait. Have to go and get my accreditation today so I can get in, if I haven't been crossed off the list that is. Stay right here on the Radio 2 Website and go get our Daily Download, by the way, to hear how not to get a knighthood by our very own Vassos Alexander - in Royal Lytham with HRH Prince Andrew. Priceless.

Have a fab Monday you crazy cats.

Peace and Love



Rock and roll.


Got caught up in another Olympic lanes maelstrom this morning...

Chris Evans | 09:39 UK time, Wednesday, 18 July 2012

If I acquire a bus sometime in the next nine days can I use the fast track routes to get to the show for the Olympic fortnight when we will be broadcasting every day, including both weekends live from The Olympic Park? Answer? Nobody's really sure. Can I use a motorbike ? Again, no one really knows. For the rest of this week I shall simply continue to set off from home before I arrived back there the day before, that way I should just about make it in before the end of Vanessa's show.

Let me know, if anyone knows anything for sure about anything at all.

Peace and Love




Well it seems we're back...

Chris Evans | 11:46 UK time, Monday, 16 July 2012

...and with aplomb in the form of a George Michael exclusive interview tomorrow. How very much all jolly D it seems to be. Plus what with The Olympics now within sniffing distance and The Open Golf Championship this week, I may have to go and burst quietly in the corner somewhere. Writing this when I am supposed to be writing questions for gorgeous George, which I really must now go and do.

Pip pip




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