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So the last day for Hells Bells of Hulls...

Chris Evans | 15:41 UK time, Friday, 23 December 2011

In the studio that is. She'll still be very much directing the crew from the bridge but no more baggy eyed early mornings. 'I'm going to change my life !' she declared. And when Hells says she's going to do something, she usually carries it through.

And how good was Mary Berry today?! There's a gal who has dug in deep to life and eeked out every bit of what it has to offer. The lady is simply amazing. I think I may be in love (again - swoon).

So that's it from us for another year. Thanks for the loan of your ears. It is very much appreciated. Now have a lovely time at Crimbo and let's have you all back in the new year. Oh, and be ready. We're going to be very busy. There's something called The Olympics going on and The Queen is thinking of having a bit of a do for her Golden Jubilee.

Toodle pip.

Is it Christmas yet ?

Peace and Love.



Excellent work everyone...

Chris Evans | 10:24 UK time, Wednesday, 21 December 2011

...It appears The Mili Wives are heading in the right direction all the way to you know where.

I raised a glass with lovely Gareth Malone last evening. We were literally passing like ships in the night, he on his way home and I on mine.

And so we met somewhere roughly in the middle, to toast the girls and their supreme effort. One bottle turned into a sneaky two, but by that time a couple more pals had swelled the numbers and helped relieve us of our onerous task.

In other news, it's the shortest day today, so technically Summer starts tomorrow.

See you down the beach!

Peace and Love and truffles tonight for din dins. Scrum yum yum.




Excellent work from The London Welsh Rugby Choir today...

Chris Evans | 13:18 UK time, Tuesday, 20 December 2011

...My goodness, those boys could move mountains to tears with their voices.

Straight after the show it was 'Bye bye' to the boys; and 'Hello' to the girls. Off to Oxford Street to hook up with The Mili Wives and Gareth Malone for the official launch of Wherever You Are. Which was in our case, right outside the main entrance - in front of the nations press.

Thanks to James who drove me there in a 1942 US Army Jeep. Nice touch.

One o'clock now, and after a preview screening of the brilliant new Daniel Craig movie Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I'm off home to pick up Mum and Wife to come back into London later for a carol concert at Westminster Cathedral.

And I thought this week was quietening down!


Peace and Love.




Six Sleeps And Counting - Everything.

Chris Evans | 11:47 UK time, Monday, 19 December 2011

The number of cars on the road (diminishing), the number of shops opening earlier (increasing), my calorie intake (let's not go there).

We had a full on Christmas Day on Saturday. Especially brilliant because of the live Strictly Final. We went for a pub lunch (turkey and all the trimmings) for fourteen before returning to shout at the telly for the rest of the night. How the judges didn't give Harry a perfect forty for his show dance I'll never know !!!

But deserved he was, and deserved he did win. Hats off and tough luck to little Chelsee as well, one of the myriad reasons that has made this year's SCD the best - ever!

Would I do it next year if asked???


They say you only regret the things you don't do.


Peace and Love




What a busy bee I am today...

Chris Evans | 11:39 UK time, Friday, 16 December 2011

...In fact I'm so busy, there are bees who are threatening to sue me for violating their airspace.

Crazy show this morning with The Strictly gang; followed by filming with this year's 500 Words winners Angus and Olivia to promote next years short story writing competition; then off to have lunch with my family before The One Show with Lee Evans, Sue Johnstone and Prof Bri Cox; after which it's The One Show Christmas party.


Gotta get on.

Peace and Love




The rapping vicar from Devon...

Chris Evans | 10:00 UK time, Thursday, 15 December 2011

...Gavin Tyte, received approval indeed when The Archbishop Of Canterbury sanctioned his nativity rap live on our show today at 9.20.

Listen again if you missed it.

You'll also hear his excellent Pause For Thought, wishing us all a very messy Christmas. He was on fire today Dr Rowan.

I'm off to the gym. Again. Honestly. The fifth time in seven days. It's all preventative you understand. I have no off switch when it comes to being offered anything remotely Christmassy to eat. I have never tipped the scales at 14 stone and I don't intend to in 2011. Doesn't mean it won't happen. But one has to do what one can.

Peace and Love




James Corden joined us for Breakfast today...

Chris Evans | 12:16 UK time, Wednesday, 14 December 2011

...He's good lad isn't he? At the tender age of 33, he's already been up and down and back up again, and is now on top of his game like never before.

His book is a great read, not unlike someone else's (not too far from this keyboard), in its rollercoaster ride of goals and own goals. I thoroughly recommend his book as a stocking filler.

Now, the team had their second Chirstmas lunch in two weeks yesterday. And boy, are we all feeling it today. Not so much the wine and spirits, but the calories!!! I'm not sure I'll be able to eat again this side of the 25th.

Obviously - I'm not saying I won't have a go.

In fact I feel it almost my duty to road test one of the new chicken's eggs when I get home in half an hour.

It would be ungrateful not to.

Peace and Love and melting olive oil and butter. Mmmmmmm.




Blimey oh riley.

Chris Evans | 11:09 UK time, Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hit the brakes. This is all going too quickly. One more weekend and that's it for another year.

I cannae believe it Captain.

And hey listen to this! I'm all sorted, all the pressies bought and everything. The team lunch part ll today; my annual boys lunch on Thursday, and then that's it.

Nothing extra next week, all work do's taken care of, and so just a smooth approach in to The Big Weekend.

Regards from The Smug Zone.

Peace and Love




This weather thing...

Chris Evans | 11:35 UK time, Friday, 9 December 2011's more unpredictable than Angela Merkel after a bad night's sleep. I can't begin to tell you exactly how blue the sky is down here in London today. It's as blue as blue can be. It's bluer even than the bluest bluebird telling naughty jokes on Blue Year's Day. Stunning!

Anyway, it's not what's happening up in the air that's the biggest concern at the moment, but what the dickens is going on down here on earth? I have never witnessed uncertainty like this - not in my lifetime. The whole world seems to be posturing, but none of us really know what for.

The answer ?

Enjoy everything you have and NOW!!!

Peace and Love Brothers and Sisters.




Stayed over in town last night...

Chris Evans | 16:52 UK time, Thursday, 8 December 2011 me and Mrs E could witness the phenomenon that is the James Cordon play 'One Man, Two Guvnors'. After the reviews it's already received, you don't need culture-less me to back up such plaudits, but for the record it's as good as you'll see in the world today. There, that'll do.

James is a genuine friend, and has been for a good few years now. He sorted our tickets and invited us back to say hello afterwards. And it was there we saw, at first hand, the great young thesp, post performance, still with the sweat of art glistening on his brow.

Top man, top show, top night. But too late for din-dins. So it was crumbs in the bed when we woke up this morning. The hotel mini bar snack took a severe battering.

Toodle pip you guys. I'm off to write more about Bond and his carriages.

Peace and Love.





Chris Evans | 13:34 UK time, Wednesday, 7 December 2011

You can't fail to have noticed that The Brekkie Show is supporting the Military Wives' Choir. Well, now we're inviting choirs across the nation to record a version of the song and send it in to us!

To see how it's done you can watch the official Military Wives video.

And you can download the lyrics here. Lyrics.doc

Chris and the production team will be selecting some of their favourites to play out in the lead up to Christmas. This is your chance to share in the magic of the majestic Military Wives. So warm up those vocal chords singers everywhere, and get recording now!

Email your rendition as an MP3 to and make sure you put 'CHOIRS' in the subject.

So The Military Wives march on yet still.

Chris Evans | 11:29 UK time, Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The bookies' favourite as we speak. But they will need your/our help all the way to judgement day if they're going to make it to Xmas Number 1.

On other fronts, and there are lots of them - we're all gearing up for a big final week on the radio beginning Mon 19th Dec. Harpists, brass bands and more choirs than we know what to do with, all being booked as we speak.

Right - breathe and relax. It's time for the team Christmas lunch part 1.

Bagsy sit next to Lynn, or Moira, or Helen, or Suzie, or Sam. Good 'ere innit?

Peace and Love



2011 (but not for much longer)

There's a genius called Gareth Malone...

Chris Evans | 11:07 UK time, Friday, 2 December 2011

who knows a genius called Paul Mealor. One is a choir teacher, the other is a world renowned composer. They put together a song and a group of girls to sing it. The girls are one hundred military wives who spend regular periods of time wondering whether they will ever see their husbands again. They told Gareth and Paul how that makes them feel and those thoughts and feelings have formed the lyrics of the song. Their song is magical. They sing it wonderfully. And all profits from the sales go to Her Majesty's Forces recognised charities.

The song is called Wherever You Are and is available to order on line from today. It is a song the world needs.

Please ask everyone you know to read this and ask ten more people they know to read it.

On behalf of The Military Wives.

Thank you.


Happy Decembeard Everyone!

Chris Evans | 10:47 UK time, Thursday, 1 December 2011

I'm going for it. Decision made. Moustaches for the prostate and beards for the bowels.

In other news, The Military Wives single is gathering even more momentum. With us tomorrow, on The One Show on Friday and already booked for Strictly !!! If you have a tv show, radio show or work for a newspaper or magazine it is your duty to get them in/on.

I've been doing interviews about the girls already and I have been at pains to point out, this is not an anti X Factor thing. It's far more important than that. It doesn't matter who the girls beat to get to number one. All that matters is that it happens. If I was ITV I would book the girls on to The X Factor to help make it happen.

I'm off to hang the decorations. Goodbye dear friends.

Peace and Love




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