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Chris Evans | 11:01 UK time, Tuesday, 5 January 2010

the coolest trainers in the world!



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  • Comment number 1.

    Brief, but yeh, kinda cool!

    x x x

  • Comment number 2.

    HUH. Well 2 can play at THAT game, Christoff.

    Am faxin' a picture a MY bottom by return. Just let me get this damn parka unfastened.

    Btw. Which way is Mecca?



  • Comment number 3.

    Anyway 'ow decadent is that. Matchin' your trainys to your carpet.

    Yous are a Style Guru for sure, CLP.


  • Comment number 4.

    I wonder if you can get Nissan Micra trainers ...... I could then match my car!!

    x x x

  • Comment number 5.

    Hiya Chris,

    No other words needed, really!

    Chris, hope 2010 will be a good year for you, Tash and Noah - and of course all your loved ones. I have a sneaky feeling that this year is going to be VERY special for you. I am so looking forward to the show on Monday .... I'm a wee bit nervous .... but in a good way!

    To everyone else: Happy New Year! I hope 2010 will treat you all well. I am really looking forward to more blog meets, and getting to know everyone a wee bit better as the year progresses.

    Love, Chrissie xx

  • Comment number 6.

    Morning all

    Cool trainers CLP.

    No snow in MK yet (we have sunshine and blue skies - she whispers), it is forecast for later today though.

    Our insurance department have just issued their annual long list of do's and don'ts for driving in the snow and fog etc.

    I hope everybody gets safely to where they need to be and back again equally safely this evening. I agree with Annie - we need a roll call to make sure.

    Hope the poorly peeps feel a little better today ((((((HUGS)))))) for all who are still under the weather.


    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 7.

    nice trainers!

    snap Deevs - got a micra too!

    well done lisa - told you we could be brave - hope bees is proud of us!

    Callie x (waiting for pic of clodah's bottom - I think!)

  • Comment number 8.

    Morning Chris,

    Nice trainers and nice stripey socks too.

    Have a good day now, and mind you don't get stranded anywhere in the snow.


    Still waiting for it to come to Kent - the skies look quite blue at the moment, but it is promised for later on....eeek!

  • Comment number 9.

    Morning all.

    Very bizarre start to the slug (I mean `day' - told you it would only lead to confusion. Especially for anyone who hasn't read yesterday's blog yet...). As I left for work this morning, the first flakes of snow had started to fall over God's chosen land (or Stourbridge as most people know it. I'm thinking of nominating it as European Capital of Culture, however the chances of that nomination being successful have faded since the closure of the indoor skateboard park and the opeining of a new Aldi. Anyway, I digress.), but within minutes a blizzard had unfolded and chaos reigned on the roads, caused primarily by the owners of four-wheel drive vehicles who had quite obviously decided to take to the roads as one in a show of motoring superiority, but also quite obviously didn't actually know how to switch the four-wheel drive system on. These poor souls had to turn around and abandon their attempts to drive up the (not particularly steep) hill in front of them and were instead forced to hang their heads in shame as a succession of vehicles (including a Transit van and a Nissan Micra) ascended said gradient in triumph.

    Having heroically battled my way through the elements, I finally reached my destination, strolled in to the office and was met by a steady stream of people stolling out. Initially, I assumed I'd overdone the Intimately Beckham (other embarrasing Christmas presents are available), but it turned out that the heating had failed again and a decision had been made to close the building. So I'm now `working at home' (or more accurately constructing overlong blog entries in the vague hope that someone will recognise my literary geinus, offer me a three-book publishing deal and thus provide a valid explanation as to why I haven't installed the software I was supposed to have up and running by now).



    P.S. Today's thought for the day is this:

    Time heals all wounds.

    Unless they become infected, in which case I'd recommend antibiotics....

  • Comment number 10.

    like I always say Carl - you can't beat a Nissan Micra

    Callie x

  • Comment number 11.

    Morning all - not much you can say about a pair of trainers is there - nice bottom then!!

    ha ha well done Lisa/Callie - just to prove me wrong, I know - very proud.

    Well it started snowing here a couple of hours ago and hasn't stopped since. We don't normally see much snow cos it either hits Birmingham or the Malverns first but boy is it making up for it now!!!
    Dog is soaked through as is the lounge carpet but at least he's having fun and I did a good impression of road runner toddling up the garden to the office - didn't know my legs could spin that fast.
    Mr B ventured out to collect the post from the sorting office which is on an industrial estate and what normally takes 10 mins took him 50. Apparently, vans, trucks/lorries all over the place and even his 4wd went sideways at one point. Solid ice under all this ere snow.

    Steady as you go Lyndy this afternoon taking Dan for his first jab.

    Beez xx

  • Comment number 12.

    Blimey Carl - I didn't realise you were THAT close !!!

    Beez xx

  • Comment number 13.


    I hope that you are working harder on your new book than on today's blog, otherwise people are in for a long wait.

    BTW The first book is now on sale for less than £5 so I can now buy it

  • Comment number 14.

    Beez - so where are you then? The sorting office is the one in Halesowen is it?

  • Comment number 15.

    Hello everyone out there, or in if the weather has got nasty!

    It's me with another 'handle' - Steffib that was. Had to re-register for some reason. Been somewhat awal of late, apologies for that. But now I'm back, albeit have been lurking.

    Hello to all newbies, good luck to anyone with new beginnings for the new year, hugs to poorly peeps and please take care out there on the roads IF you have to travel in the horrid condirions.

    Sun here in Norfamps atm, but snow expected later!

    Steffib no more.

  • Comment number 16.

    Dear Mother Nature

    If you're lurking, please please have an ounce of compassion and make the road from my place to where I need to get to on Friday pm nice and clear. Not asking much - just a clear run along the A14 and ooooop M6.

    Ta very muchly.


  • Comment number 17.

    Carl - Chateau Impney land - sorting office in town.

    Steffi - it's on its way - I thought it was supposed to be snowing from north to south but not looking at where this lot is coming from.

    Deev - fingers crossed - any reports from up there yet? and btw the M6 is always a nightmare on a Friday evening (sorry) - take a book to read or phone me.

    Beez xx

  • Comment number 18.

    Chris - Ferrari trainers - who'd have thought?! Sometimes, less is indeed more.
    Carl - Liking your Midlands humour, particularly the vitriol you save for the 4*4 drivers!
    Weather forecast for Warwick says light snow. Well I guess snow, is, by definition, light, as it doesn't weigh much but the view from my window cannot be described as light snow!
    Deev - Failing that, at least train tracks!



  • Comment number 19.

    Beez - I know the Chataeau Impney, we had a `do' there a few years back. The carpets there generate more electricity than nPower if I remember rightly.....

  • Comment number 20.

    Afternoon each!

    Well, thank you to CLodagh and Carl in particular for making me smile cos have had horrible journey this morning and its only going to get worse going home..hey ho!

    So oop norf in Gods Own County...and Carl,i be tellin` thee thar`is Yorkshire(!), we seem to have a minimum of 4 inches in any part..snow Deevs, snow!

    So 32 mile journey... 3 hours plus. Still a white out, all patients cancelled so shutting at 2 and aiming to get home before midnight..lots of luck needed i think!

    Dont `arf look pretty everywhere tho..

    Gonna brave a walk in the blizzard to the sandwich shop now..anyone else whilst i`m there?

    Take it steady please everyone..

    mSc x

    PS - Tres cool trainers Master Noah..that there Rips has immaculate taste! Glad you like! x

  • Comment number 21.

    Morning all. Just a very quick pop in to say thank you all.

    I take it the pic is of Noah sporting his new trainers?

    Thats all folks.

    Normal service will be resumed as soon as.

    BFN. MTF.xx

  • Comment number 22.

    Carl - the very chappie. Go in looking extremely elegant - well as much as one can - walk out looking like Ken Dodd with skirt clinging to your legs like it doesn't ever want to let go.

    Beez xx

  • Comment number 23.


    Ne'er mind the smut. I am a changed woman, I tell ya!


  • Comment number 24.

    M6 and Friday nights: not a good combo. Fingers crossed for you Deev.

    Bees - 'cited now, speshly as we could be at home instead of the cold office tomorrow.

    Nice trainers and a cute bum, what more could we ask for, thanks Chris. Hope you and yours have a fantastic 2010. The year certainly looks bright so far for you. Am soo looking forward to waking up with you next week.

    Happy New Year to one and all out there. Here's to a fabby year for all.

    Ooooo, look, the sun is going in, maybe snow soon


  • Comment number 25.

    Nice trainers CLP!!

    It's still snowing here, and am now thinking I'm not going to get out in the car tomorrow either, and it's getting a bit deep for walking in.

    Which would be fine if I had more than one tin of dog food left....hmmphh!

    Oh well, will have to find my walking boots and waterproof socks out - my wellies are in Wales, which is very handy indeed!

    Will be waiting for it to ease off a bit yet though...

    JG x

  • Comment number 26.

    hmmmm i'm not an expert on bums (well yes i am) but that doesn't look like it belongs to you CLP.....could we have further proof please? or would that be a tad indelicate.

    Glad you have gas again M W'a

    And I really like slug for day, will probably wear it out with overuse.
    Well that's me off to enjoy the rest of the slug. x x

  • Comment number 27.

    Hi Chris and the rest of you nutters.
    Chris - glad you like the trainers we bought Noah. Thanks for the photo.
    I'm sat at gate 8 Heathrow desperate to show one of my neighbours and say...... You see that? That's Chris Evan's Son and we bought him those trainers. How sad am I?! No need to reply.
    My Max gets a pair of those every year which he is allowed to wear to suitable car related events and birthday parties.

    I'm escaping this freezing weather and heading for the tropical paradise that is Glasgow.
    I have a mice hotel booked and will be available on here at the hotel bar talking an increasing amount of gibberish as the night goes on.
    Anyone care to join me?

    Ooh Chris.......

    Could you confirm that you spotted Hazel's epic poem and our tribute to you that the kind people at Macallan printed on the special lable.
    They also asked if I could provide a picture of you with the bottle. Purely for in house use.
    I said I would ask! So I have.

    Thank you.

    Take care out there



  • Comment number 28.

    Oh but a bit of smut brightens up the day Deevs!

    MTF...great to `see` you but we now dont want to see you til u is proper better ok... please take care..xx

    And got myself a nice cheese sandwich if anyone interested... rest of ya can fend for yaselfs!

    mSc x

  • Comment number 29.

    oops . started my post at no 19 so missed out all in between. Apologies to Noah.
    Glad to see you surfacing MTF. Don't overdo it :)

  • Comment number 30.


    Ooooh, can't believe you are heading for Glasgow - be prepared, it's ruddy cold!

    I would LOVE to meet up with you later, but I have to say that I am already a little concerned as to how I am getting home after work. Things are pretty much ok in the city centre, but the outlying areas are horrendous.

    Are you only here for today? Or are you free for a coffee tomorrow lunchtime? No worries if you are heading off tomorrow morning - we will meet up again soon, I hope!

    MTF: just trying to catch up over the last day or two. Sorry to hear you have been really not well. Take care, and take it easy, ok?!

    C xx

  • Comment number 31.

    Hahaha Carl, am acquainted with the Instantly Fe*kham syndrome, (other fly repellants available) meself.

    Mind, 'avin' survived me intrepid ascent to the paper shop without crampons an' breathin' apparatus, dodgin' projectile toboggans an' weltin' scavengin' polar bears, I find meself fondly reminded of one New Years' Day some years back.

    Now, New Years' Day was when the entire family (plus dogs) had to convene, on pain of death or a sulk that would last until June, at Renee's for dinner. Only death or at least hospitalisation would suffice as an excuse not to attend. This day, however, was rather like today, with a heavy snow-fall and absolutely freezing. So I was a bit grumpy, preferring by far to stay in by the fire. But the hero hubby was cheery about it; "No probs, sweetheart. We'll take the tractor." Says he.

    Ergo, that afternoon, amidst the snow-scene, off we set, aboard 'is best Massey-Ferguson. Off down the country lane that we round 'ere we call the Two Mile Stretch. Marvellous. Except that one mile into it, chug chug chug.. frozen. Nada. Diesel frozen solid. Hmm. "No probs, my little boa-constrictor," says the hubby, "I'll go an' get our John with another tractor."

    And so, with me sat sittin' like a right pansy in the middle a nowhere on a tractor in me best frock an' party shoes, off 'e bounded, back to the farm, like a big 'appy labrador. And 20 minutes later, back 'e was, coupled up the second tractor, and hurrah, off we...... chug chug chug. Ah NO.

    By this time, our neighbouring farmer had turned up with 'is own tractor, and suffice it to say we ended up like an elephant-train a tractors down the lane, with 6 pursed-lipped farmers all starin' at the conundrum an' discussin' the price a spuds.

    Did we make it the extra mile? Of course. But not on the tractor. Renee opened the door to the sight a the hubby, carryin' on his back meself, a bottle a sherry an' a large bowl a stuffin'. What a hero. Mind, 'e got 'is reward after dinner, gettin' papal dispensation to spend the rest a the day diggin' an' fixin' tractors instead a washin' up an' playin' Sardines. In heaven, 'e was.

    And so my own thought for the day is this. Achtung. Diesel freezes at a lower temperature than petrol. And if you're ridin' on a tractor, don't do it wearin' party heels.


  • Comment number 32.

    Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to you all. Isn't this weather something else? Take very good care. MTF - it's coming our way tonight so for gawd's sake make sure you're stocked up with medicine and everything else you need. If you get stuck, give me a shout and I'll do a mercy dash with a bottle of brandy round my neck (might not be much left by the time I get there).

    Rips - I'm delighted to read that you have booked a mice hotel for tonight. Is that the same as a nice hotel but just really, really tiny? If so, mind out for those ladies who are so enormous you can only see their slippered feet and their wrinkled stockings. They're usually shouting for someone called Thomas.


  • Comment number 33.

    Well, we got six inches of the white stuff, MR MC rang me at 6.30am to let me know it had taken him 30 mins to do a mile .

    So , i sprung into action, got myself ready and went out at 7.30am.
    Had my handbag, work bag - containing packed lunch , and fffffruit , and popped the garden spade in - just in case !!!!! Now why i took that and not chocolate i will never know . Oh, and for some mad reason, i brought my camera with me , as you do , at 7.30am !!!
    Did the 3 miles to work and as long as you stuck to the grooves it was ok.
    So, it is snowing hard again, and I am off to take some more pictures .
    MC xx

  • Comment number 34.

    Oh, just read the above, and i didnt pop the spade into my handbag ! it went in the car . LOL MC xx

  • Comment number 35.

    Hi everyone - no time to stop or read - so sorry if this has already been said, MTF is one poorly fairy and being on lappy is hurting her eyes, but she says thanks for all good wishes.

    More hugs coming your way from me fairy friend, rest up, eat chicken soup!


  • Comment number 36.

    Hohoho Obama, I spotted that as well, bless 'im! At least I HOPE it's bless 'im, trust me I've stayed in some mice hotels in me time...

    In fact I stayed in one once with the rugby team (with the hubby I hasten to add) when we were all blasted out our beds by a blood-curdlin' scream eminatin' from one of the team's room. Burstin' into said room, we were greeted by the sight of a rugger-bugger atop the dressin' table, roarin' like a big girl, with 'is diminutive missus chasin' round the room, bed-pan aloft, after a tiny field-mouse. Turned out that the said chap had sat up in the bed an' grumpily told 'is missus off for ticklin' 'im when 'e 'ad an important match to play the next day.

    Bless. Now I could add here that some years later, this is a chap who played a pivotal role in England's World Cup.. but I shall leave it there. No names no pack-drill..


  • Comment number 37.

    Ah bless MTF. Take care of yourself, my sweet.


  • Comment number 38.

    Ahh Clodagh, seem to think Two Mile Stretch is very near where Mr JG spent a rather uncomfortable night last night, fixing gas pipes and getting stuck in the snow!!

    MC, I was told by Mr JG at 6.20am not to attempt to get into work under any circumstances, have a safe journey home, and you Scoobs!

    JG x

  • Comment number 39.

    Bum . . . been posting away on the wrong blooming blog . . . . . .not a good start :(

    Well i'm here NOW . . . . afternoon folks hope all's well with you.

    Back on topic . . .. them trainers Chris look a bit naff if ya don't mind me saying so fella :-D


  • Comment number 40.

    Aw bless 'im, JG; could well be. It came down pretty thick all of a sudden, so thank the lord for chaps like Mr.JG is what I say. Give 'is cheeks a pinch from me.

    The ones on 'is face that is, yous little minx.


  • Comment number 41.

    Good afternoon all and one,

    Like the trainers Mr C, are you on your knees due to the Scotch you downed from us bloggers too, or for another reason?????

    Have a good day all, in and out, work to do dammit lol

    Errol xxx

  • Comment number 42.

    MTF get well soon and keep warm x

    well the white stuff has stopped here but the schools have started to close early! First day back and an early finish, I wish I was back in school. never mind only 3 days till the weekend!

  • Comment number 43.

    Hi all,

    Ok, I know we keep asking for more pics of Noah but a peek at his face would be nice! The trainers do look good though.

    No snow here, in fact the frost has even melted today, but we are expecting some of the white stuff later.

    Still stuffed up with cold and can't get rid of this headache, any suggestions?

    Da da Lid xx

  • Comment number 44.

    Oh it would appear i'm on me own in my thinking about the trainers

    *~~~~~ trudges orf to naughty step

  • Comment number 45.

    Ah NO am just lookin' at the news, seems the bookies at the race-courses are goin' computerised. Is nowt sacred, I LOVE all that arm-flailin' stuff at the races.

    Actually, I was contemplatin' suggestin' a trip to the races for a blog-meet, given the hat theme we were discussin' the other night; but it would probably be a tad ambitious, and even given I could get some good deals for us, accomodation and ticket-wise at York or Chester, it would still work out too expensive for most, am thinkin'.

    It's a thought, though.

    NB. York have free accomodation the evening of Ladies' Day but you might need your solicitor to sign you out an' post bail the next day.


  • Comment number 46.

    Lid (!!)

    Steam inhalation with Olbas oil.

    Trust me!


  • Comment number 47.

    Scoobs - Don't belive what Deevs tells you; she is worse now, never stops! lol.
    Rips - If you are staying at a mice hotel, at least the cheese board should be good :O)
    MTF - Look after yourself and get well soon.


  • Comment number 48.

    Dear Cheryl.

    Good looks;- check.

    Sunny personality;- check.

    Appearin' on stage wit CLP;- check.

    New start for New Year;- check.

    Lucky in love;- check.

    As for a clear run oop t' M6 on a Friday;- Are you MAD, woman???

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mother Nature.xx

  • Comment number 49.

    Greetings Of New Yearness Ter CLP, Tash, Noah & ALL Bloggerooons........

    Bingo Star ere -

    Firstly note ter self - NEVER wreet out a long blog live ever again... did two neets ago, full of fun, 'umour & niceness ter fellow bloggies & whilst doing it me computer decided ter lose net connect...ion with the blog thus logging me out, but noot telling me until a 'it 'post commentation' & then it tells me a need ter re-sign in... thus losing all of me words of niceness!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CLP - a most warm welcome ter a very cold 2010!!!!!!!!!!!
    A like the new blog colour... reminds me of chocolate/ coco!!!!!!
    My GOOODNEEEESSSSSS CLP, a like yer photer but a 'ope that's noot Noah in the photer????!!!!!?????????????!@?@!
    If it iz whatta yer feeding 'im... Percy Throwers Miracle Grow????????
    A like yer Ferrari trainers, they loook similar ter race boots, aka soft soles with alotta feel... (ave goot a soft soul with alotta feel).... soft soles iz what yer need ter drive a race car or Ferrari... aka ter ave the feel from the peddles.... which begs the Q.... that must be why the Ferrari trainers are designed that way... aka... ter drive a Ferrari.... aka with feel... aka well - know what am sayin'!!!!!!!!
    Plus yer trainers go very well with yer carpet!!!!!
    Tell me iz thatta Carpetright bargain basement special end of roll carpet, like a get, & Ferrari red by coincidence or INDEED a genuine Ferrari carpet.... next ter genuine Ferrari trainers????????
    Either way most nice!!!!!!!!

    Talkin' of red..... aka me Elvis suit.... just wanted ter say ter Errol, yep a ave been bigging mesen up on the blog but it's after bigging mesen down all over NY!!!!!!! NYAA!!!!!
    Gotta get the big down/ big up balance level - know what am sayin'!!!!!!!!
    On the Elvis all a will say iz me mother says she can see alotta Elivs in me, especially in 'is army years, & an ex girlfriend said a remind 'er of 'im - WHATTA COINCIDENCE!!!!!!!
    Am noot saying ave anywhere any talent like Elvis & a certainly cannoooot sing like 'im!!!!!!
    But when a watched the tv pro the other neet.... a can see ave gootta very similar personality ter 'im aka a vulnerable sensitive big kid who loves beautiful women & ter shake ma groooove knee - ok beautiful women don't seem ter like me... ok the similarities are ending VERY fast!!!!! LOL!!!! NYAAA again!!!!!
    Butta will let yer inter a little secret.... wearing the Elvis suit 'as gone ter me 'ead.... yes ter me 'ead & am noot just talkin' about the wig & shades...... in fact ave been wearing it ever since... on the train ter London, ter bed, whilst aving a bath, driving me truck up & down the M6 & even whilst eating me crimbo dinner!!!!!!!!
    Ok a do admit a did get bread sauce, cranberry & tukey all down me front due ter me noot being able ter see me mouth do ter me Elivs shades..... And me cape accidentally dipped inter me snowball....... Butta ave Daz'd me Elvis suit & goot me reds redder than red (the cranberry stain ave left az it matches the suit)!!!!!!!
    The only problem the Fancy Dress 'ire dudes ave been 'ounding me.... like a 'ound Dog' ter ave it back az ave gone over me 'ire teem.... So ave sadly 'ad ter give it back with 'as left me very 'All Shoook Up!!!!!'

    PS Errol/ MWa - MWa a read yer blog the other dee & nearly 'ad a 'eart attack!!!!!!!
    Just glad yer ok & be VERY careful with eleckie & water!!!!!!! Damn scarey a tell yer!!!!!

    PPS Manchester Calling - Read about yer noot liking getting up at 6am after getting up at 10am!!!!
    My advice set yer clock four 'ours forward.... then yer can still get up at 10am!!!! Ok it will be darker 7 colder but the sentiment iz there - know what am sayin'!!!!!

    PPPS MTF - 'ope yer bad cold/ flu iz getting better!!!!!

    PPPPS - A waz gonna wreet about me dee at work yesterdee.... Butta will any way, just a bit shorter:
    A 'ad a crazy dee driving me Eddie Stobart HGV over icey/ snowy roads through the Lake District, up & down steep 'ills at 15mph, along the A595 near Millom... a nightmare ter drive a big hgv on at anytime let alone when it's snowing... A thought if am gonna slide off the road: better at 15/ 20mph than 40!!!!!
    The A595 iz a very narrow twisty up & down A road... one of the worst in the whole country from my experience!!!!! This went on for 80 miles of A roads in the dark yesterdee eveing.... all the way ter Tescos at Workington!!!!!
    Which iz 40 yards from the bridge that goot washed away there!!!!! So a waz diverted arooound the town!!!!
    A returned via a better route the A66 over ter Penrith - a lot better!!!!!
    Then returning down the M6, the bit a though would be easy, near Warrington... suddenly VERY 'eavy snow fall!!!!!!
    One HGV 'ad already jack knifed inter the central reservation at 2am.... Driving a HGV in snow/ ice there's no feel and it's very easy ter jack knife lose yer traction on yer drive wheels az there's so much power going through them!!!!!!
    Rain iz nothing ter a HGV az the weight of it pushes it inter the road, but on ice... physics take over & yer can't control a sliding truck!!!!!! The weight makes it keep sliding!!!!!
    Any way made it ter the depot then goot stuck in the yard at 3am this morning in the snow az a tried ter reverse but couldn't get traction!!!!!
    Ended up blocking the whole deserted yard in a blizzard... finally managed ter get free & park me rig!!!!
    Be it though where am noot meant ter park it!!!!!
    Probably 'ave management banning me from their site for noot doing me job properly!!!!!!
    Finally managing ter get 'ome without crashing me truck & car.... then finally after 380 miles of travelling at 4.10am this morning... a finally succumbed & slipped over az a waz walking through me gate..... dropped all me bags & smacked me face & neck on the gate post!!!!!!
    So ave know, sorry now, gotta badly swollen face, cut on me neck/ ear & badly bruised thigh.... plus still goot me toothache on the other side of me face!!!!!!!

    But do a like this cold weather.... love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brightens up a boring winter!!!!!!!


  • Comment number 50.

    Clodagh - A Blog Day At The Races - yes, yes, yes! Don't worry about the legal representation - I've got that covered. x

  • Comment number 51.

    Afternoon each

    Nice trainers Chris.

    Well, have finally managed to shift about 6" of frozen snow off the micra - took ages though. The sun is shining beautifully but not managing to melt any snow/ice. Bums.

    Off to walk to school to get little boys.

    Anyone driving later - be careful and let's know when you're home.


  • Comment number 52.

    Hurrah Obama, well now, what wit yous wit the legals covered, Our Baz wit the bettin' covered, Damian wit the bar covered an' meself wit the cleavage covered for fear of collectin' used bettin' slips, I'd say we're on...


  • Comment number 53.

    Oh dear Bingo, bless you. all that way and all those troubles only to slip on your whatever. Major TLC coming your way along with hugs (but not to tight as it might make you yelp)!

    _mrsT_ (Steffi as was)


  • Comment number 54.

    Me too Clodagh - A Day At The Races for a blog meet - brilliant idea. Love it!!

    Darce x

  • Comment number 55.

    Oh Bingo NO. Bless. Well now listen. When I get to Liverpool on Thursday I'll fetch the rollin' pin an' welt you round the funny-bone, which won't cure the toothache but it'll take your mind off it. An' I'll do your 'air like Phil Oakey to 'ide the shiner. So don't fret. Just don't turn up in the HGV, I'll never be able climb up into t' cab without showin' me next week's washin'.


  • Comment number 56.

    Ooo crikey blimey, hurrah, now look. IF yous are up for a day at the races, we'll look into it. The best ones in my humble opinion would be Chester or York, the likes of Ascot or Epsom are always hideously expensive (sorry, A and E but there you are..) and will also be expensive to stay; but if anyone has any different thoughts I'm open to it, it's always good fun at York in May or August but I personally can't do May as I'll be away. Anyway we'll probably need to save up? So will look into the options, just to see. Nowt wrong with looking, huh.


  • Comment number 57.

    Yes me dee at work yesterdee all 100% TRUE!!!!!!!!
    And forgoot ter mention it took me an 'our at the start of me shift ter get outta the yard az me allocated truck waz all frozen up & with a flat battery az it 'ad noot been used over the 'olidee period!!!!!

    A 17 'our dee a did yesterdee!!!!!!!!
    But less boring than a office job - know what am sayin'!!!!!

    mrst - aka Steffi - Ello & welcome ter CLP's friendly BIG radio blog!!!!!!

    Clodagh - A sort of wish i's smacked me other side... might ave knocked me bad tooooth out..... a can see an idea for a comedy sketch/ boook moment ere!!!!!!
    PS Dpn't worry about me shiner.... am off ter 'ire me Elvis suit again ter 'ide it & make me able ter move about.... insconspicuoserley!!!!!!!


  • Comment number 58.

    Oh poor Bingo - all that travelling only to fall at the gate post. Big hugs mate.

    Lunch time butty in house - on way back spied pigeon wandering by office. Now there's a tree by the office door and I knew what would happen - flying pigeon - snow falling so clapped my hands and up it flew. What it didn't tell me was there was an accomplice hiding behind a bush. Yup - snow - head - wet... lenny the lion hair here I come.

    Never been to the races and there's one on my doorstep - good idea - I'm up for it.

    Beez xx

  • Comment number 59.

    Bingo if yous turn up in that Elvis suit I'm fetchin' me catapult.

    An' takin' yous to Abrekebabra.


  • Comment number 60.


    Office jobs are never dull. There's the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, BBC News, texting, chatting to colleagues, drinking cawfee in the warm, chair dancing, writing letters of resignation, making lists for your new life and even ..... but don't tell anyone .... the odd bit of "real" work!!

    Clodagh (or Mother Nature) - thank you! That really brightened my day. The length of the journey is irrellevent - it's the end destination that matters.


  • Comment number 61.

    Morning / Afternoon all

    Hope those of you with snow are managing to keep warm. It's sunny here, but bloomin' freezing.

    Love the photo, very cool trainers indeed.

    Blog day at the races sounds like a lot of fun, I'm getting so envious of the blog meets!

    Bingo - hugs, hope you're OK.

    MTF - hope you have someone looking after you, take it easy and feel better soon

    Deevs - A14/M6 on a Friday... eeek. It's the junction where the two meet that gets sticky, either leave early, or leave late, rush hour is more like car park hour! (sorry, don't mean to be voice of doom in the corner, just wanted to share my (bad) experiences with you)

    Hello to everyone else!

    Hurrah almost coffee (and chocolate biscuit) time!


  • Comment number 62.

    Aha! The lovely Catthorpe Interchange!


  • Comment number 63.

    Deevs, the very same. Many a Friday night spent sitting there. ugh. Good luck with it! But you're right, it is whats at the other side of that keeps you going. That and spying on people in the rear view mirror. It's amazing what you see people doing in their cars when they think no one can see them!!


  • Comment number 64.

    I dance in my car in traffic jams. Got stuck on the A14 last year en route to Donington for the MotoGP weekend and was snapped by about 3 mobile phone cameras - coulda made a fortune!


  • Comment number 65.

    Well Mr JG has finally woken up, and we've decided to attempt to walk to the nearest petrol station/shop to get some extra provisions (and dog food!)

    If we're not back in a couple of hours, please send a rescue party!

    Wish us luck!

    JG x

  • Comment number 66.

    And where the M5 meets the M6 - joy of joys. Did once think about walking between the cars selling ice creams. This weather - could be hot soup!

    Beez xx

  • Comment number 67.

    Deevs - I'm hoping your prospective new employers don't read this blog... Maybe you could persuade Bingo to transport your stuff up to the Midlands when you make the move permanent :-)

    I second Beez's recommendation on the racecourse, went there for an afternoon a couple of summmer's ago on Derby Day. They had five or six races, plus the Epsom races on a big screen, you can also take your own food and drink, which helps drive the cost down. Alternatively, there's the all-weather track at Dunstall Park if an evening event is preferable?

    Not that I'm trying to usurp Clodagh or anything :-)

  • Comment number 68.

    Cheryl, Spot on spelling of Catthorpe - most miss out a 't'...I shall add that to my list.
    Clodagh, Blog day at the races yes...or maybe we should all go to the dogs...if we haven't already that is...



  • Comment number 69.

    Deevs I've bin' snapped by cameras on the motorway too. In fact I've a lovely one taken on the toll motorway in Dublin, taken after bein' sat fumin' in the gridlocked traffic round Ballymun. Fancy 'em finin' me just because I was indicatin' I'd bin' delayed 2 hours. It was lucky for them I 'ad me high-waisted jeans on an' couldn't get 'em unbuttoned fast enough.

    No sense a humour them Irish.


  • Comment number 70.

    Usurp away, Carl. Am open to suggestions; I can only pass on me own experience but me, I'll travel anywhere for a Black Russian an' a chance to wear me 'at.


  • Comment number 71.

    Spooky Nic - was just about to suggest an evening at the dogs!




  • Comment number 72.

    Clodagh - I reckon this racing idea is going places. I don't mind where we meet as long as there's a bar and a tic tac man (not that old misogynist John McCriririric though).

    Nic - I used to love going to the dogs here in Bristol then they went and built Ikea on it. I've nothing against a bag of a hundred tea lights and a lime green bean bag but it's just not the same.

  • Comment number 73.

    Soz all ave noot caught up on all the blogs recently so buzy working and goot slight concushion terdee!!!!!!!

    BUT..... just wanted ter say.... Chezza... didn't realise Nic lives in the Midlands!!!!!!
    That means yer gonna be closer ter me & Beezer!!!!!!!!! ;)

    Az for UncleCarl's suggestion of 'elping yer move yer stuff... a might be able ter get it up the motorway but it's getting yer stuff through the door iz the problem.... Am aving visions of Laurel & 'ardy sketches!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS UncleCarl - Like yer thought of the dee!!!!! LOL!!!!!!


  • Comment number 74.

    PS A blog meet at the dogs sounds interesting... ave never been ter Battertsea!!!!!!!!!!!

    PPS Chezza - Know what yer saying about office jobs butta am just the outdoor on the move type mesen!!!!!!!!

    Although wouldn't mind an indoor job.... entertaining!!!!!!!!
    Aka in the world of showbizz.... which rminds me... gotta go.... gotta keep up me new year resolutions!!!!!

    Of which a will tell all next week what they iz!!!!!!!!


  • Comment number 75.

    Hi Clodagh

    I would be up for racing in August so long as it doesn't get ridiculously expensive. How many people will be needed to get some sort of corporate deal? I am sure that we could get enough of us together to do that...

    mtd ffb xxx

  • Comment number 76.

    New Year resolutions:
    1. Not to give up things I like doing
    2. To see friends I seem to have lost touch with since my own 'new beginnings' two years ago! AND to meet new ones (may even attend a blog meet)
    3. Loose some weight (HA!) and swim more (HA!)
    4. Not to panic every-time new driver GD is out in her 1 week old car!


  • Comment number 77.

    Hi......I of course meant 'nice'!

    Loved your interpretations of it though.

    I particularly like the fact that Clodagh said Bless 'im just like the CMM does when I'm being a bit simple, did you also tilt your head to one side at the same time.

    Chrissie - would love to meet up tomorrow, but may be tight for time.
    My mobile no is on my FB info if you would prefer to arrange that way.
    Absolutely no delays from Heathrow Glasgow, but a colleague travelling from Birmingham has failed as they closed the airport.
    I am not certain whether or not I will get back tomorrow though with snow forecast for both here and home.

    Bingo - I'm saving your post for tonight, you can accompany me to dinner.

    Deev - You have given up smut! Good for you.....I myself am looking forward to a dinner tonight where I will drink only water, eat only salad and finish the evening at 8:30 where I will retire to bed with a nice mug of green tea.......PAH!



  • Comment number 78.


    Didn't say I'd given it up completely, just that there's now a time and a place.

    Kinda just off the M6 toll road ......



  • Comment number 79.

    Oops...here's the '?' I forgot.
    I also meant Heathrow to Glasgow although how long 'til they change the name to London Glasgow?
    At the moment, a London airport only needs to be within about a hundred miles of the City!!



  • Comment number 80.

    SPot on Rips - London Stanstead? London Luton?



  • Comment number 81.

    My sister and her hubby are en route to Inverness. Started out yesterday afternoon and hope to arrive at their new house sometime this week! Any news from anyone in the area would be appreciated.

    Last I heard, they stayed overnight in Penrith last night with a view to getting as far north as poss to-day. Expect they've over-taken the removal lorry by now.


  • Comment number 82.


    It is very frustating being able to read the blog at work but not comment!! Thought of some witty, interesting things to say but now I've forgotten them so you'll have to put up with this drivel!

    Love the trainers, good shopping Rips, it was worth you putting your self through the trauma of going to That shop and, worse, trying to explain to CLP what you were doing that day!! Still makes me smile picturing you - um, shopping, me, no, why!!

    Didn't think you'd get the trainers to fit you though Chris, well done sunshine!!

    _mrst_ if you want to go back to being Steffi you can do it, I just have to remember what JG said. Think you go right to the top of the page and there is a button that says Settings, click on that then type the name you want to appear on the blog in the name section (surprisingly!!) Try that & if it doesn't work, someone will tell you how to do it, I'm sure.

    Speaking of which, are you back JG? Hope you made it ok.

    I loaded my car up this morning with chocolate, water, choclate, blankets, chocolate and emergency energy food (chocolate) in preparation for a drive up the M11 today but was very pleased when I got a phone call to say the meeting was cancelled so am now home safe!! And the Jam meeting tonight has just been cancelled so curling up at home!!! Hooray!

    Clodagh, Would love to know a ball park (or race course!) of roughly how much the Blogger Day at the Races would be. Would love to come, just need to know how many pennies I need to save up!

    Sorry, being a bit Bingo here. Will stop now!


    Sarah xxx

  • Comment number 83.

    Thanks Seza, may give it a go when time allows! Meantime, think I'm getting used to the new name, although in private it's been a nickname for a few years now - can't tell, won't tell how it came about!


  • Comment number 84.

    Rips - Tarr might be the best offer a get during 2010!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!@!!!@!

    Sarah aka Seza - Keeping wreeting, don't worry about it.... a don't!!!!! LOL Again!!!!@!!@!!

    Just wanted ter give some serious driving advice ter all driving in snow!!!!!!
    Reduce yer tyre pressures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah.... noot too much or for along jounrney at speed az yer will wreck yer tyre sidewalls, but if yerv gotta normal car and yer normal tyre pressure iz 28... errrr 26ish PSI.... that's what the correct pressure is for most cars in normal conditions!!!!!!!
    The only problem this makes yer tyres relatively 'ard.... thus increasing wheelspin!!!!!!!!!!
    If yer get stuck in snow or need ter drive in 'eavy snow lower yer tyre pressures ter say 20ish... but noot too low.... and this makes yer tyres softer aka more bendy thus allowing them ter flex & grip the snow better aka better traction!!!!!!!!!!
    But don't lower the pressure too much aka below 18psi az below this yer tyres flex too much & it will damage yer rubber sidewalls!!!!!!!!!
    Plus too much flex & it becomes dangerous!!!!!!

    But lower yer pressures a bit ter low twenties and yer will get through the snow better!!!!!!!

    A Bingo Driving Tip.... free of charge ter all blog readers/ writters!!!!!!!!


    PS If yer get mega stuck in snow or mud if in a boggy field - yer can lower yer drive wheel tyres wreet down ter say 10 just ter get outta being stuck!!!!!!!!
    But remember once out of the 'ole aka BIG mess yerv goot inter.... find the nearest garage fast or carry a foot pump ter bang em back upter 20 plus!!!!!!!
    And 26 ter 28 in normal driving conditions!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 85.

    Just been outside for something I'm not giving up and it's still not snowing here. But, the sky does look as if it's got a need for dandruff shampoo.

    Hope you all get home safe and sound. Take good care and may there be a huge mug of hot choccie awaiting you. Failing that a stiff one.....drink I meant of course!


  • Comment number 86.

    Cheryl, Liked your deliberate mis-spelling of STN!



  • Comment number 87.

    PS I 'ave my tyres at 32psi on me Rover turbo... az this iz better for VERY fast 'igh performance driving!!!!!!!!
    Butta do ave special low profile tyres on me Rover!!!!!
    But no good in snow!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 88.

    Sorry that's Stansted for all of those of you who haven't worked in the airline industry, which I'm guessing is almost ALL of you. D'oh!



  • Comment number 89.

    Yer see come ter an exciting Bingo Star party & we can all talk about tyre flex & psi levels!!!!!!

    Gotta go!!!!

  • Comment number 90.

    Bingo, My tyre has decided to lower its own pressure to 12-14 randomly and with seemingly no rhyme or reason.

    Maybe it is nervous of the snow?

    Seza xxx

  • Comment number 91.

    Oh No - just went to garage to get meat out of freezer - good old stew and dumplin's tonight - first stew of the winter - and it's snowing again.

    That's it Bingo - my low profile tyres are going nowhere tonight - the post can wait until tomorrow!!! Erm, your post 73 - should I know something? me n you? hee hee.

    Beez xx

  • Comment number 92.

    Well, we made it!

    Only the dog fell over! Fell off a kerb into a pile of snow - oh how we laughed!

    We've also cleared part of the drive, as Mr JG abandoned the van this morning blocking in both cars, and when he tried to move it, it wouldn't climb back on the drive again...doh! So had to clear a bit to get it parked straight!

    Bingo, both our cars have low profile tyres, but at least Mr JG's is a quattro, although it's still not that good in snow.

    Beez, mine is not moving until Spring!

    Seza, bet you're glad your meeting was cancelled!

    Right, need a cup of tea

    JG x

  • Comment number 93.

    I can see I'm going to have to have my wits about me when I move eh???

    Wits. I said Wits!!!


  • Comment number 94.

    Afternoon all.

    Glad to hear so many of you have managed to get home safely. Are we missing any?

    Clodagh - a blog race meet sounds like a great idea. Horse-racing that is, not blogger racing, although that could be fun!!! I like the sound of York in August, although that's me being selfish as it's only a few miles away.

    Getting a little anxious about travelling to the wedding I'm at on Friday. They're putting on a coach to take us to and from the venue. For starters I know that unless the temperature ramps up significantly in Scotland I am not going to be able to walk the mile to the bus before the wedding. This will be due to the lack of ice-gripping ability of the 3" peep toe sling backs I'll be wearing with my evening dress and wrap - assuming I haven't frozen to death on the slide - I mean walk!

    Assuming I survive that, and the roads stay clear enough to get the coach to the wedding, my next concern is how well the coach will manage the return journey given it's not collecting us until 1.00 am. If the roads aren't great in heavy traffic, what are they going to be like in the middle of the night?

    Do you think walking boots, waterproof trousers under a black satin strapless evening dress, balaclava and rucksack make a good look? Obviously I don't want to upstage the bride!!


  • Comment number 95.

    How can you tell if you car's tyres are low-profile? will they be wearing dark glasses and a hat?

    Sorry..... :-)

  • Comment number 96.

    Hi Rips:

    No problem about tomorrow. I will give you a wee ring just to see if you are free, but totally understand. I would advise that you head for home ASAP - sounds really horrendous.

    Clodagh: I love the idea of a meet at the Races. I know people who have been to York Races and they had a terrific time. Look forward to hearing further from you on this important matter!

    C xx

  • Comment number 97.

    Hello gang, hope you're all ok and survived the drive home safely! No more snow in my bit of Edinburgh, just wintery sunshine. Think there's snow coming sometime soon though. Have got a friend bunking with me tonight due to the weather so probably won't be able to blog much later on.

    Keep warm everyone!


    PS Cool trainers CLP!

  • Comment number 98.

    I like the idea of a meeting at the races too, I've been to York, Haydock and Chester, and had a brilliant time at all of them!

    Failing that there's always Belle Vue for the dogs, if all the others have been turned into Ikeas!

    JG x

  • Comment number 99.

    Well, that's me done for another day. Looks like another day at home for me tomorrow, can't see the white stuff disappearing any time soon....

    Keep warm and safe, those of you that will be travelling tonight, take extra care. And watch out for those icy footpaths - Bingo, I'm talking to you :-)

  • Comment number 100.

    I'll take 100 then :)

    JG x


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