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In which direction will the helicopter head?

Chick Young | 15:19 UK time, Tuesday, 19 May 2009

So what happens next? Don't ask me. I've been so far off the mark I couldn't tell you what day Christmas is this year.

The championship lead has been tossed about like seagulls in a storm. But it's going to find a haven this Sunday one way or another.

You can't say that the football provided by the Scottish Premier League this season has been Barcelona-esque, but it has been a ripping yarn. Never mind the quality, feel the thrill.

Before a ball was kicked, I tipped Celtic to win it and Inverness to be relegated.

The SPL helicopter will be heading to either Celtic Park or Tannadice

It says much for the roller-coasting unfolding of events that, right up to the last breath of the season, I could still be right, still be totally wrong.

It has to be advantage Rangers. But they have been here before and pushed the self-destruct button. Would you really put the mortgage on it being straightforward from here on in?

That helicopter could be buzzing about in the sky like a homing pigeon with a memory lapse this Sabbath afternoon.

But, when it comes home to roost at Tannadice or Celtic Park, there will be a manager somewhere reflecting on what he might have done differently.

Should Gordon Strachan really have left Aiden McGeady out of his team at Ibrox? Does Walter Smith have special glasses that make Andrius Velicka look like a striker?

And should Kyle Lafferty be allowed to accept a championship medal when an Oscar would be much more applicable? His antics against Aberdeen were scandalous. His haunting by opposition support could be enduring. It was a big mistake.

While he tries to rid himself of the shame, his team will try to embrace the title. It is theirs to throw away now all right.

If you had told their manager, owner and support on the flight home from the Kaunas catastrophe that they would have to beat Dundee United on the last day of the season to secure the title, they would have cuddled you like an auntie at Christmas.

It's still a tough shift. Too true it is. United can play and, in Morgaro Gomis, they have a midfield player who has already caught the appreciative eye of those who seek talent for clubs much bigger than his current employers.

But you might reflect with some justification that if Rangers blow it this time then they really don't deserve it in any case.

And what of Celtic? The trapeze swung back their way after Hibs drew with their rivals last week, but they couldn't launch themselves upon it. The getaway car left without them.

Anything could happen, it really could. What if they both lost? Two sets of fans looking like victims of a haunting. Ninety goalless minutes in two cities 70 miles apart, the emotions of the fans ripped raw.

It is a wonderful game. It grips you and tugs at your heartstrings, it brings you out in cold sweats and it is capable of lifting the weight of the world from your shoulders. There is not a sport in the world that runs it close.

Lives will be affected by what happens in Dundee and the East End of Glasgow and in Inverness and yes, still, Paisley this weekend as the relegation question is answered too.

So what happens next? Don't ask me. I'm away to do my Christmas shopping.


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