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The ChartBlog Awards - Part 1

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Fraser McAlpine | 16:42 UK time, Wednesday, 19 January 2011

ChartBlog Awards

As promised, here's a brief stone-skip over some of the better moments of ChartBlog's four years of glory.

Some of these have been nominated by ChartBlog readers on Twitter. Feel free to nominate your own in the usual place.


Most Ridiculous Froth-On

The Ting Tings - 'That's Not My Name'

The best song to have been released in ChartBlog's lifetime. Yes it is. Yes it is.

Key Quote: "Stop all the clocks. Everybody put your guitars, synths, drum machines and microphones down. There's no need to put any more music out in 2008, the race to have the Most Bestest Song Of The Year In The Whole World Ever has already been won, and if you continue to take part, you'll be lapped more times than a lone saucer of milk in Catland. "

Bubbling Under: My Chemical Romance - 'Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)'


Best Soundtrack

A hotly-contested award this one. So hot, in fact, that we've had to split it between two equally astonishing winners.

First there was the cover version ChartBlog commissioned of the Klaxons song 'Gravity's Rainbow', as performed by the Central Band of the Royal British Legion.

New Rave, Meet Old Dave

Apparently the band themselves were so taken with it that they used it as introduction music for a couple of gigs, and the Central Band themselves ended up playing at an MTV party. All because of one daft idea (mine), executed brilliantly (by them).

Smile, It's Radiohead!

When Radiohead were doing their whole 'honesty box' thing, allowing people to pay what they wanted for their album 'In Rainbows', they also pioneered the concept of allowing assets from their songs to be released for remix purposes. They even set up a competition for people to remix the song 'Numb'. So that is what I did. Didn't win, of course.

Their song is sad, my remix is NOT SAD.

Bubbling Under: Delays and their ChartBlog song.


Least Successful Meeting of Minds

McFly interview - When Harrassed Met Harry

Poor ChartBlog Hazel. So smitten was she with Harry McFly's startling beauty that she entirely lost her grip on what she was supposed to be doing, while she was supposed to be interviewing him about stuff. The ensuing interview, while it was not as bad as she claimed at the time, did betray a certain nervous charm, shall we say?

See also: An interview with the lead singer of The Academy Is... about their song 'We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands', in which he totally failed to see any connection between the song's title and actual hands and mess.

And: Trying To Get An Interview With Beth Ditto

Bubbling Under: Five Minutes with Justin Bieber


Cuckoo Award For Extensive Nesting

Jedward ft. Vanilla Ice - 'Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)'

Behind every great blog, there's a great community of regular commenters. They read every post, laugh, high-five and generally support everything the bloggers ever say or d-hang on, that can't be right...

Oh yes, what they do is pick the most preposterous place on the entire blog and build a new community there. It's like guerilla message boarding, or something. Then they talk to each other about up and coming pop songs, swap reviews, and tease one another, while claiming significant numbers as their own. Now that the parent blog is about to fly the nest, ChartBlog's own comment-cuckoos are seeking other places to settle, so don't be surprised if you hear strange noises coming from your attic in a week or two.

PS: To the ChartBlog commenters - only kidding! Love you guys! Mwah!

Bubbling Under: Alexander Rybak - 'Fairytale'


Best Pretend Science

Lyriscope - Katy Perry

Ah remember the Lyriscope? What fun that was! Acting out the lyrics to hit songs, and seeing how close to reality they were, or are, or both. I might have to let you into a little secret though. Some of the things that are written about in Lyriscope reports did not really happen. You can probably guess which ones (and if you say "all of them", there might even be a prize.)

Key quote: Lyric: "The taste of her cherry chapstick..." ...is cherry. What is all the fuss about?

Bubbling Under: Lyriscope - Nickelback's Rock Star


Best Mission Statement

Everything Everything - 'Photoshop Handsome'

Some reviews are about the song and nothing but the song. Some are about other things around the song which are more interesting or more relevant to whether it's a worthwhile purchase or not. And some are about The State of Music In General and how it can only be improved by the song the review is supposed to be about.

Key quote: "I'm not asking this for my sake, or the band's sake, but for the future of pop music as we know and love it. Let's make this song a hit, and maybe, just maybe, show *insert name of least favourite pop act here* that there is more to this music lark than turning up half-dressed and pouting suggestively in a photogenic fashion."

Bubbling Under: Lady Gaga (or GaGa, as I wrongly wrote at the time) - 'Bad Romance'


Best Attempt At Satire

Cage Against The Machine - '4'33"'

Need I say more?

Bubbling Under: When Is A Sugababe Not A Sugababe?


Coming Soon: Part 2!



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