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Kylie - 'Get Outta My Way'

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Fraser McAlpine | 14:42 UK time, Tuesday, 28 September 2010


There are times when it seems like the whole field of dancey pop music (or poppy dance music, it's a strangely ill-defined field) consists of nothing but reflections, refractions and reinterpretations of one song - 'Music Sounds Better With You' by Stardust.

This is nothing to complain about, of course. Even after all these years - 12, to be precise - 'Music Sounds Better With You' casts a powerful spell in a way that a lot of the other filter-disco astonishments that followed in its wake, and the stuff that came before it, could never quite match.

It's almost as if producers are constantly attempting to strike out in fresh, bold new directions with their music, but somehow find themselves in familiar territory as soon as they realise that in order to do the job right, hey're going to need euphoric, strident chords, and a four-to-the-floor bass drum, and a sense of swooshy motion, as if you've just been picked up by Superman and taken for a speedy tour of the world.

There really is no better way to say what that song says, you see. Or at least, not one that has been found as yet.

(Here's the video. There is a LOT going on in it.)

Of course, Kylie is an old hand at the spiralling dance-pop thing. 'Wow' had it, and 'Spinning Around' had it. This has it in spades, although it's not happy dancy loved-up Kylie that is singing this time.

No, this is frustrated and furious and fed up Kylie. The kind of Kylie that would dance all the way across to you, in a dizzy nightclub situation, and then tip your drink over your head, slap your face, and then dance back up on a podium - all the better to point and doing that little-finger-wiggle girls do to crush a man's spirit.

It's the words that carry the disdain, and the delivery that keeps the dance going. She's not going to lower herself to emoting in a vulgar shouty way, just because some MAN has failed to meet her expectations. No, being a classy girl, surrounded by friends and admirers, she's going to smile and pout, winningly, while pointing out that it's basically her way or the highway, MISTER.

Which makes this officially a slightly new spin on Stardust's original idea...'Music Sounds Better Without You'.

Three starsDownload: Out now

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(Fraser McAlpine)

Pink Is The New Blog says: "'Get Outta My Way' is my fave track on the album so I am very excited it is being released as the next single."

Mr Will-W: Pop Maven says: "Minogue at her catty best"



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