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Miley Cyrus - 'Party In The USA'

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Vicki Vicki | 10:59 UK time, Friday, 23 October 2009

Miley Cyrus at Switch Live last year

"I think it's good that Miley's a popstar"

These are the words I said to Fraser after listening to Miss Cyrus' new single, 'Party in the USA', for the first time. Okay, so it wasn't the most insightful thing to say and I'm pretty sure it made Fraser seriously reconsider whether or not I should be writing for ChartBlog, but I REALLY DO THINK THAT.

You see, there are a lot of popstars these days who, well, quite simply don't really add that much to 'pop'. They go through the motions and just end up churning out the same old, same old - sure it's good, but it's also a bit boring. Then there's Miley. She's fun, she's full of youth-osity and 'Party in the USA' is real breath of fresh air.

Oh, and it's a seriously stomping tune, too.

(Here's the video. It is ace.)

The best thing about this song is Miley's voice. Fact. She has this amazing way of making her voice sound interesting all the time. Add this to a huge, belter of a chorus, a touch of her hometown country vibe, some feel good lyrics and a bloke's voice going "woah!" so suddenly you think someone else is in the room with you and you've got all the ingredients for, well, a huge party contained in one little song. (After all, what party is complete with a random bloke going "woah!"?)

The song is about Miley's move from Nashville, Tennessee to LA, and whilst this is a little yawnsome (enough with the 'I'm such a home girl' stuff, already), in essence it's got a wonderfully positive vibe, being about how your favourite songs can make everything okay; a little bit of a 'home from home' thing, if you can accept such a phrase without a little bit of sick coming into your mouth.

The point is though, that it's TRUE. However cringe it sounds, your favourite song can make you feel okay and feel more confident, even if you're not really. And this is where Miley's genius lies: she comes across as just another teenage girl who deals with the same kinda stuff as everyone else and loves to listen to Britney. The only *slight* difference is: when she feels down, she gets a new Chanel handbag or a dapple grey pony.

But this 'I'm kinda normal really' thing comes across in the slang she uses in the song. Sure, the lyrics aren't the most eloquently put, but they're real - well, 'real' in America, where sentences like "I'm nodding my head like 'yeah!'" and "Who's that chick who's rockin kicks?" are, like, totally fly.

Of course, you have to take this all with a pinch of salt and a fat man in a business suit, but there's something about the song that makes me believe her and slightly want to be friends with her. I want to go to her party in the USA, drink from red plastic cups, talk about how swell the jocks from high school are and then dance to Britney. And then when it's over, I will pick up my cardigan and tell her to her face that I think it's a good thing she's a popstar.

Because it really, really is.

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CD Released: October 5th
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(Vicki Lutas)

P.S. You know Miley deleted her Twitter account? And then made a rap about it? Well here's 5:19's take on what really happened...



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