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Katie Melua On 'The Nine Million Bicycles Moment'...

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Fraser McAlpine | 17:49 UK time, Friday, 14 March 2008

Katie MeluaThere's only one thing I've ever wanted to ask Katie Melua, and it's not anything snarky or rude. Which is a surprise because her music has never really done anything for me. She always seemed like a very nice person though, self-depreciating, not overcome with diva-itis or a massively short fuse, and best of all, she seemed to be in on the gag that some of the songs she has been given by Mike Batt - the man who has written some of her biggest songs - are just preposterous.

Mr Batt seems to be so bored of trying to write conventional pop songs that he has to try and find a high-concept twist, an arresting opening image or central conceit to hook the listener in with DRAMA, before twisting the tale back around to something slushy. Bully for him. But what is it like to be the person who has to try and sell these mile-high rickety song structures to the world? What do you do when the man who has helped you build your barnstorming career - a man whose creativity you respect enormously - turns up with a song about how many bicycles there are in Beijing? Laugh? Cry? Both?

Only one way to find out...to the ChartPhone!

Or download the mp3 version of this interview*...

Here's 'If The Lights Go Out'...another film pitch in song form...

Katlie Melua is also available in website form...
And MySpace form...


  1. At 10:07 AM on 17 Mar 2008, Gerard wrote:

    Actually the only question I ever wanted to ask Katie *was* dirty, but also out of pure ...ahem... journalistic curiousity. What exactly is a 'Hindu Kush' and how does one get halfway up it?

    Well, she started it....

  2. At 01:34 PM on 17 Mar 2008, Toby wrote:

    Fraser you're being a bit misleading.
    Mike Batt doesn't write ALL of Katie's songs, only some of them. Some of them are written by other people, some of them she writes or co-writes herself, some of them are classic blues songs.

    And don't forget, Batt's always been a bit batty - he wrote (and performed) all the Wombles songs!

    [I get what you're saying Toby, but I don't think it really looks like I was suggesting Mike Batt writes every single song Katie sings. He did write the ones I asked her about though. And you're right, the man's a fruitloop...what's interesting is that SHE doesn't seem to be. Hence the questions. - Fraser]

  3. At 04:58 PM on 17 Mar 2008, Matt wrote:

    "I don't think it really looks like I was suggesting Mike Batt writes every single song Katie sings"

    Yes it does. You called him "the man who writes her material", not "some of her material".

    [*goes away to look it up properly, comes back*

    OK, fair enough. I've changed it now. - Fraser]

  4. At 01:35 PM on 18 Mar 2008, Danielle wrote:

    im not a fan of her music, but she does seem like a good sport. I half met her at a beth rowley gig and she seemed nice.

    this also proves she's a good sport


    radio2 listeners sent in alternative lyrics for her song...

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