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Enjoy The Magic At JimmyEatWorld!

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Fraser McAlpine | 18:27 UK time, Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Welcome To JimmyEatWorld

I sent ChartBlog's cub reporter Sam Horner off to interview Jim and Tom from Jimmy Eat World a couple of weeks back. He's a fan, and wanted to ask them lots of nice questions. See if you can guess which are his and which are mine...


ChartBlog: So you guys have had 2 sold out London dates on a fully sold out tour this time around. Are you chuffed?
Jim: Oh yeah, It's a big deal, ONE is a big deal! [laughs]

ChartBlog: Its just coming around to the UK's dirty festival season. Are you guys planning on playing any?
Tom: We're going to play Download, not sure on which day though.

ChartBlog: What main differences do you find with shows in the UK and those back home in the States?
Jim: In general the UK shows are a lot more energetic, more active and it makes for more fun and easier to tell if you're playing well from the reaction of the crowd.

ChartBlog: Are there any UK bands that you would like to take out on tour with you in the states?
Tom: Oasis maybe...[laughs]
Jim: Or the Rolling Stones...[laughs]
Tom: Yeah there are alot of bands we would love to tour with that we like.
Jim: Where are British Sea Power from?

All: No idea (Later to be revealed they are from Cumbria and West Yorkshire).
Jim: Oh...well them.

ChartBlog: What music is currently playing in your iPods?
Jim: I've been listening to this New Zealand band called DIE! DIE! DIE! which are pretty rocking.

Jimmy Eat World - Jim and Tom

ChartBlog: With such a catalogue of songs and albums, how do you guys decide which songs to play on a set list?
Jim: From what we think will go down the best, and songs we haven't played for a while. We've thrown in a few more older songs recently. We'll mix it up, we never play all the latest record, we try and mix a lot about.

ChartBlog: So I promised I'd ask you some questions on behalf of my boss Fraser...If there was a theme park called JimmyEatWorld, which rides would you include?
Jim: Teacups? or the Gondola across the park.
Tom: The Scrambler.
Jim: The Scrambler?
Tom: Yeah, its got like three parts and spins in a circle...
Jim: The Zipper?
Tom: Yeah, the Zipper!

ChartBlog: What JimmyEatWorld snacks would there be in the food hall?
Tom: Suicide Wings.

ChartBlog:When your parents get angry at the band, do they refer to them as James Eat World?
Jim: [laughs] Thats definitely the full name! That's when you know your parents are angry, definately when they call you by your full name.

ChartBlog: Does that happen often?
Tom: No, we are good kids.

ChartBlog: So what are you guys going to do with your afternoon in Camden?
Jim: I wanted to go to that rave shop, and buy loads of raver gear.
Tom: I've never been there before.

ChartBlog: Cyberdog?
Jim: Yeah that's it. Lots of UV lights and yellow stuff and strobey.

ChartBlog: That look would suit you guys.
Jim: Thanks! We were going to get luminous dreadlocks. Definitely go down well.


Jimmy Eat World are also available in website form...
And MySpace form...

But NOT theme park form. Why, Lord, WHY??


  1. At 05:44 PM on 19 Mar 2008, Kat wrote:

    Hmm I don't think my comment went through but I can't remember what it said


    FANGIRL "I love them OMGOSH OMGOSH, I wish there was a Jimmy Eat World and they could perform live ALL DAY!!! ^_^"

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