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Email Interview: Alphabeat

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Fraser McAlpine | 17:43 UK time, Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Alphabeat - Anders arrowed

How's your day been today? Good? Have you had the sunshine, or the dark clouds and the sleet? My day was good, blazing sunshine all day long, and nice bitingly-cold winds, a perfect combination. AND I got a reply to The ChartBlog Email Questionnaire, which I had sent over to Alphabeat a week or so ago. You know Alphabeat, right? The ones with that really super-duper-ooper-happy song 'Fascination'. Well their guitarist Anders sent me a brief mail with all the answers filled in, even though the one about 'product' seemed to get under his skin a little bit.


Hey Fraser,

Here are your Alphabeat answers…

by Anders Bonlokke (guitar)

A x

Now that might appear to be a terse email, but look, he put a kiss after his name. That's pure affection, that is.

Here are his answers in full...


QUESTION 1: Where are you (as this is email, feel free to lie if you are somewhere dull)?
Anders: We're in Cardiff Wales doing a gig here tonight. I'm really hung over from last night so I hope we'll manage to find a pub where we can get some home cooked pie and mash. It's my absolute favorite kind of hangover food and I'm really happy that we've moved from Denmark to the UK since it's much easier to get hold of pie and mash here when you're hung over.

QUESTION 2: What are you doing (see question 1)?
Anders: Waiting for our sound check to begin and finish as quickly as possible so I can get to the pub.

QUESTION 3: Tell us all about your new product...
Anders: Our new product being I guess our new single 'Fascination' is something that we've patched together from 'Modern Love' and 'I'm Soooooo Exited'. We're releasing it on the 3rd of March.

QUESTION 4: How long did it take you to type the answer to question 3?
Anders: It took a while, cause I'm hung over and because I thought it was a weird question.

QUESTION 5: Really? Did it require any specialist training?
Anders: No.

QUESTION 6: Are you looking forward to a future where computers can just read your brainwaves rather than expecting you to use a keypad?
Anders: Sure, although for now I'd be happy with a new battery for my laptop since the old one is dying a slow death.

QUESTION 7: What would you like to be wearing right now?
Anders: Hoodie with matching trousers.

QUESTION 8: And what are you actually wearing?
Anders: Hoodie and jeans but they feel too tight today and I would like something more comfortable.

QUESTION 9: What would you like the next person you see to be wearing?
Anders: Hoodie with matching comfortable trousers.

QUESTION 10: Why do you think Donald Duck wears a tunic but no trousers?
Anders: Cause it's more comfortable.

QUESTION 11: What musical training do you have? Do you play any interesting instruments?
Anders: No particular training and no interesting instruments really just the classic guitar, keys, bass and maybe an occasional untight tambourine.

QUESTION 12: If you and your most musical mates all had your instruments in front of you right now, but were instructed to play a song, any song, right now without conferring, what would it be?
Anders: 'Rapper's Delight'

QUESTION 13: Now be honest, did you cheat on question 12?
Anders: Nope

QUESTION 14: What was the last thing you posted on your own message board?
Anders: Troels our drummer has just posted the latest chapter of his notorious tour blog dealing with today and yesterday and the fabulous "Wonky Pop Tour" that we're going on with Frankmusik and Leon Jean-Marie in April.

QUESTION 15: That's nice...
Anders: Yes

QUESTION 16: Does this little bit of admin make you yearn for a simpler life without personal assistants?
Anders: No

QUESTION 17: One of the answers to these questions won't be interesting enough. Which one would you like to change?
Anders: 16


And here is that song, 'Fascination', which is out now...

Alphabeat are also available in website form...
And MySpace form...


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