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Avril Lavigne - 'Hot'

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Fraser McAlpine | 10:17 UK time, Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Avril LavigneYou've got to love songs with tempo changes in. Even if the change is no cleverer than a sudden halving or doubling of speed, in an age when musical dynamics have been reduced to things either being louder or quieter, silent or deafening, it's really refreshing to hear someone abandon the tick-tock metronome for a bit and put some thought into the arrangement of the entire song, not just the opening bars.

Yup, I'm actually implying that Avril is some kind of musical genius at this point, which I would imagine is a fairly controversial point of view. So, in the interests of balance, I will also add that she's perhaps a little creepy when she's trying to be sexy. Not massively creepy, but any come hither-type song which contains the line "now you're in, you can't get out" is possibly crossing a line from 'passionate sexy talk' into 'scary stalking talk' (plus it's massively disturbing if you think about it too much).

Other than that, top marks for lyrical vividness, and for capturing something of the moment when you're so knocked out by your new kissyfriend that you are willing to talk endless streams of total sexcack, mainly because talking is all you're ready for.

This is why she can get away with a line like "I can make you say everything that you've never said", without raising giggles from smart-arses like...well...


... and jokes about what kind of stuff Avril could actually make you say that you've never said before. Maybe something like "Gravy AND custard on my crisps? Yes please!", or "I bet I could eat a whole steam-roller", or "hey, when's it going to be Chico time again?"...heh, that would be funny...

*comes to senses again*

So yeah, nice new-wave verses, nice enormous chorus - it's anthemic (and a little squeaky), and suits Avril's adenoidal rasp rather well. Docked one star for not being as brilliant as 'Girlfriend'. But then, very few things are.

Four starsDownload: Out now
CD Released: October 22nd

(Fraser McAlpine)


  1. At 08:22 PM on 24 Oct 2007, Mitch wrote:

    Love it, best song off her album.

  2. At 09:30 AM on 25 Oct 2007, Mr H wrote:

    Ooh, I think someone (perhaps Fraser M) has got a wee thing going for Ms Lavigne. Although the video is more reminiscent of a skanky Christina Aguilera than anything else.

    I agree the tune is rather good, but as for the words, puhleeze!

    You make me so hot
    Make me wanna drop
    You're so ridiculous
    I can barely stop
    I can hardly breathe
    You make me wanna scream
    You're so fabulous
    You're so good to me Baby Baby

    It's no 'Gettin' Jiggy Wit It'!

    Unh, unh, unh, unh
    Hoo cah cah
    Hah hah, hah hah
    Bicka bicka bow bow bow,
    Bicka bow bow bump bump.

    Now that's just genius!

  3. At 11:00 AM on 25 Oct 2007, Roxy wrote:

    The lyrics of this song aren't very good IMO but I like the song. I'd rate it 3 stars tho. I like Runaway that's one of the best tracks on her album.

  4. At 04:14 PM on 17 Nov 2007, Jessica Fielding wrote:

    The uh uh uh bit sounds like she's 4gotten her words.

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