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Ring Out The Old...

Fraser McAlpine | 23:59 UK time, Sunday, 31 December 2006

Lily Allen2006 was a rum old year. New things arrived, old things went. Sometimes the new things were good (Lily Allen, Guillemots), sometimes the new things were bad (too many soundalike indie bands). Some of the old things were on the way out anyway (Chico, Goldie Lookin' Chain) and some of them were cut down in their prime and can't ever be replaced (James Brown, Top of the Pops).

So, in the spirit of back-look celebration, here is something SUPERMASSIVE from 2006 from a band who really made the year go off with a bang...

And here are a selection of stars being VERY UNCOMFORTABLE as they try and say something pleasant to you, their record-buying fans.

Sarcasm! At The Disco

Wildmen of ROCK they may be. But as public speakers, Jet suck!

Mike Skinner, you are LOVELY!

Your mum won't understand a word TI says...

Bloc Party. Never has a band failed to live up to the excitement and fun of their name as this lot do here. MAKE A BLOODY EFFORT YOU GRUMPY SCROTES, or DON'T DO THE MESSAGE AT ALL. No point acting like it's beneath you to do it and THEN DOING IT, is there?

And, as a special 'treat', in case you're all getting too comfortable...here's something that will make your skin crawl off your body and run to the hills...



  1. At 11:02 AM on 17 Jan 2007, shannon wrote:

    i think lil chris is the best new thing around, and i would love to meet him, that wud be so gd, aniway, he is the best new person around:P

  2. At 12:44 PM on 26 Jun 2007, kaylee wrote:

    i think timberlands new song is the best and my favorite song is dj granty fixed up xxxx

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