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  1. World Book Day 2013: Giles Andreae

    Catherine Carey

    We chatted to Giles Andreae, author of one of the 2013 World Book Day stories (and CBeebies bedtime story) 'Giraffes Can't Dance' about books, reading and, of course, dancing.

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  2. Sid's Blog for Dad Week

    As part of our 'Dad Week' we caught up with the original Big Daddy of CBeebies - Sid, and persuaded him to answer a few questions for us... Hi Sid! How's 2012 treating you so far? Fantastically well thanks - It started off with the last few performances of Sleeping Beauty, the panto I was in ...

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  3. Let's hear it for the Dads...


    Guest Blogger Tim Atkinson writes: In common with most parents, I'm a big CBeebies fan. Of course, I only watch it when the children ask. And I never, ever end up watching on my own when they've gone off and started doing something else. Oh no. Nor do I suggest it to them. 'Shall we watch CBe...

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