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  1. How one dad is encouraging his family to get active

    How one dad is encouraging his family to get active

    How one CBeebies dad has taken up the challenge to work more physical activity into family life, balancing a busy schedule and two energetic boys.

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  2. CBeebies new presenter: Meet Ben Cajee

    CBeebies new presenter: Meet Ben Cajee

    We sat down and chatted to the newest addition to the CBeebies house!

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  3. Melody: All about Angharad, by her Mum…

    Melody: All about Angharad, by her Mum…

    Melody is back with a new series on Monday 16th March. 11 year old Angharad Rhodes stars as Melody, a little girl with a big imagination who is partially-sighted. We caught up with Angharad's mum to find out all about Angaharad and what it's like being mum to a little CBeebies star...

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  4. New Let's Play: A blog by Sid

    New Let's Play: A blog by Sid

    Let's Play is back with a new series - Sid dropped in to tell us all about it...

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  5. Twirlywoos: A brand new CBeebies show

    A brand new show called Twirlywoos will be coming to CBeebies in early 2015. The show's been created by Ragdoll Productions, home of In The Night Garden, Teletubbies and Dipdap.

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  6. Kate and Mim-Mim: Q&A with creators Scott and Julie Stewart

    Brand new show Kate and Mim-Mim is coming to CBeebies. We caught up with creators and show runners Scott and Julie Stewart to hear about how their own children inspired the show.

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  7. Say 'Eh-oh!' - New Teletubbies coming to CBeebies!

    Some exciting news here at CBeebies – Teletubbies will be returning to the channel with a brand new series.

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  8. Andy's Dinosaur Adventures

    Andy's Dinosaur Adventures is a brand new show on CBeebies where Andy Day is transported back through time to come face to face with the dinosaurs that once roamed our planet. Mark Jones, the series producer, describes how the series was made.

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  9. Maths Month on CBeebies Grown-ups

    Because we love to be helpful at CBeebies we’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve created a parent’s guide covering everything you need to know about numeracy, and we’re dedicating a whole month to sharing top tips to develop your child’s maths skills.

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  10. Mr Bloom: Here and There

    Mr Bloom is going out on the road in his new series 'Here and There', visiting children where they live and finding out about the special places in their lives. 

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  11. The Numtums: A new series

    CBeebies flagship maths show, The Numtums, is back with a new series which helps little ones develop great Numeracy skills with fun, comedy and songs. 

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  12. A CBeebies Christmas Carol: behind the scenes

    A behind the scenes look at how this year's CBeebies Christmas Pantomime, A CBeebies Christmas Carol is being made.

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  13. Christmas on CBeebies

    Christmas is fast approaching and here at CBeebies, our little Christmas elves have been very busy, lovingly putting together a massive sleigh-full of festive shows and treats to make this a truly magical Christmas for your little ones to enjoy.

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  14. Topsy and Tim: Interview with Executive Producer

    Grown-ups caught up with Maddy Darrall, Executive Producer of Topsy and Tim. We found out all about the brand new series and what it was like to adapt the very well known stories. 

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  15. Topsy and Tim: Author Jean Adamson talks about the new CBeebies series

    Jean Adamson, author of the Topsy and Tim books talks about seeing her books brought to life for the new CBeebies series.

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