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Playlist 19 July

Mickey Bradley | 09:16 UK time, Friday, 20 July 2012

Resisting the temptation to end the show with Sid's "My Way", tonight's last song is the Damned's best single, another Brian James composition that defies explanation. Don't ask me, anyway, what it means. But the Captain Sensible bass line is still the first thing that Undertones drummer Billy Doherty wants me to play in soundchecks and practices. I, of course, oblige.
There may be a stewards inquiry into The Times appearance tonight - too acoustic-ey, not enough fuzz guitar, but the song's the work of Ed Ball, someone who was there when the Television Personalities and The O'Levels and (new name to me) The Teenage Filmstars were formed. Hats off to Ed, if you're wearing one. Hats off to everyone who listened to the show and who read these occasional ramblings.
Aren't punk rock records great, eh ? Or is that just me ?

Ramones - Glad To See You Go
Stranglers - Duchess
The Times - Cloud Over Liverpool
Swell Maps - Midget Submarines
Sex Pistols - (Don't Give Me) No Lip Child
Frantic Elevators -Every Day I Die
B-52s - Dance This Mess Around
Boy Hairdressers - Golden Shower
X - Your Phones Off The Hook But You're Not
Chills - Pink Frost
Splodgenessabounds - Michael Booth's Talking Bum
Animals & Men - It's Hip
New York Dolls - Looking For A Kiss
Damned - Neat Neat Neat



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