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Playlist 28 June

Mickey Bradley | 19:09 UK time, Thursday, 28 June 2012

As the show starts the weary road home, to rest after five years in the punk rock forest, you may notice some of my all time favourites making appearances. Like the Modern Lovers song which is to be found on their best LP, the one which was made up of demos recorded in 1972 and then released in 1976. Although that's only four Earth years later, it's the equivalent of twenty punk rock years. Things had changed beyond recognition. Short hair good, long hair bad. I yearn for such simple rules these days. Ending tonight with John Otway, who may not be classified as punk rock in the Ofcom files, but qualifies for outings on this show under rule 21(b) of the Sniffing Glue Rule Book.

Modern Lovers - She Cracked
Dentists - I Had An Excellent Dream
Dexys Midnight Runners - Let's Make This Precious
The Beat - Work A Day World
Electric Eels - Accident
McCarthy - The Funeral
Godfathers  - Birth School Work Death
Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City
Penetration - Don't Dictate
Go Betweens - That Way
Dr Feelgood - All Through The City (live at BBC)
Last Gang - Spirit of Youth
The Wipers - Romeo
John Otway - Cheryl's Going Home


  • Comment number 1.

    I fought the temptation to buy the feelgood boxed set, Mickey, but succumbed in the end and paid £25 for essentially one CD I didn't have anyway. Worth it to hear the do-wop version of Roxette, though... (I kid you not).

  • Comment number 2.

    Work-a-Day-World is probably The [US] Beat's best song on a debut record full of nothing that made me want to purchase it. Collins writing is nowhere near the quality of his former bandmate Peter Case, either. But the bands in which they collaborated had some great moments: I first heard the Breakaways on this very show. The [English] Beat are superior--by miles. Too bad for the Stateside name change but the addition of "English" got my attention. To think I might have missed out on I Just Can't Stop It or Special Beat Service...painful.

  • Comment number 3.

    Paul Collins played a small venue in London a couple of years ago. He mixed old and new material and had a nice self-deprecating manner. His Spanish backing band did a pretty fine job too. "Walking Out On Love" is a good contender for his best song should anyone want to investigate The US Beat further.


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