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Playlist 14 June

Mickey Bradley | 16:30 UK time, Friday, 15 June 2012

Tonight is the 34th anniversary of the Good Vibrations Battle Of The Band, held in the McMordie Hall. Not too many were injured, no one was declared a winner, so it's good to play both Rudi and The Outcasts, two of the troupers on the night. Also a hearing for Slaughter And The Dogs's 'Where Have All The Bootboys Gone?'. A title which raises two questions. Where, indeed, have they gone ? And why do people not say 'bootboys' any more ? Is it because we live in less troubled times? That's three questions, sorry.
Elvis Costello's finest 108 seconds was the b-side to his Clubland single, another example of the b-side outperforming the a-side. 'Hoover Factory' is the specky one's love song to a prime example of Art Deco architecture. Prime real estate as well, being , in Elvis's words, 'five miles out of London on the Western Avenue'. It's now a Tescos. A very nice Tescos, of course.


The Fall - Totally Wired
Wire - Champs
Rudi - Overcome By Fumes
Holly & The Italians - Tell That Girl To Shut Up
The Lines - On The Air
Slaughter & The Dogs - Where Have All The Bootboys Gone ?
Sparkles - No Friend Of Mine
Chesterfield Kings - She Told Me Lies
Bohemia - Unconventional Boy
Cabaret Voltaire - Sluggin' For Jesus Pt 1
SSD - Get It Away
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Horseplay
Elvis Costello - Hoover Factory
The Shoes - Tomorrow Night
hose Naughty Lumps - Iggy Pop's Jacket
Outcasts - Don’t Want To Be No Adult


  • Comment number 1.

    Is it ok to say that Overcome by Fumes is my second fav song of all time and would be one of my Desert Island Discs?

  • Comment number 2.

    So has anyone noticed the sartorial similarity between the Hives current stage outfits and those worn by Mr Lucky & The Gamblers? The latter being Pacific Northwest contemporaries of the Sonics and responsible for the rather spiffing "Take A Look At Me?" It's probably a coincidence after all I doubt very much that the Hives are remotely aware or even interested in 60s garage bands. ;-) Talking of the Sonics, I saw Wire supporting them at the Meltdown Festival last year but it was a bit of a mismatch. Perhaps if Wire had stuck to short songs instead of po-faced post-punk noodlings it would have worked better but afraid to say that after a while I started looking at my watch. The Sonics eventually took the stage and, despite the best efforts of the security men, had people dancing after a few numbers. God forbid that you should actually be allowed to dance in a temple of culture? Anyway good luck to the Hives and their efforts to recycle the past and have a bit of fun long the way.


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