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Playlist 24 May

Mickey Bradley | 15:27 UK time, Friday, 25 May 2012

Paul Weller turned 54 just as tonight's programme began. His band's first 45 takes me back to O'Neill's front room in the Punk Rock Spring  and the In The City single, which had just been bought in Ken's records in Derry. Even though it was my record, Vinny's record player was the nearest to the shop, so the first play was on that. It's often been said that the early Jam were Who copyists. I don't dispute that but I couldn't hear it myself in the front room that Saturday. It was fast and furious and had great bass and guitars. What more do you want ? Great hair, that's what. How well would Weller be regarded these days if he'd lost that hair, and put an extra four or five stone around the middle ? Is he an inspiration to ageing punk rockers or is he, by his very appearance, a reminder of how some of us have gone to seed ? Both, I say.

The Jam - In The City
McCarthy - The Procession Of Popular Capitalism
an Dury - Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll
Alternative TV - In Control
Runaways - Rock and Roll
Miaow - When It All Comes Down
Animals & Men - Evil Is Going On
Madness - Disappear
Cramps - I Can’t Find My Mind
The Stains - John Wayne Was A Nazi
Distractions - Time Goes By So Slow
The Animals - I
’m Gonna Change The World
Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane (Live At Max's)


  • Comment number 1.

    'How well would Weller be regarded these days if he'd lost that hair, and put an extra four or five stone around the middle.'

    That look would certainly be in keeping with quality of his recent musical output.

  • Comment number 2.

    "Takin' My Love", the B side of "In The City", is a great slice of Dr Feelgood inspired RnB. Too bad it does not have any harmonica on it although you can hear Weller playing harp on "In The Midnight Hour" (on the Jam's "difficult" albeit underrated second album) and "The Night" on the flip of "Down In The Station". Someone should put out a comp of shouty punk '77 harmonica tracks. "I Couldn't Be You" on the UK Subs debut album and "Run Down" on the second Saints album being fine examples.

  • Comment number 3.

    Dr Feelgood, 'Going back home' Live at The Kursaal , Southend, 1975. It really doesn't get any better than that.

  • Comment number 4.

    Well, speaking as an occasional harmonicatitionist myself (see Undertones 'Chain of Love') I will look for more examples of sucking and blowing for a future show.


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