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BBC Blog Network FAQ’s

  • Jem
  • 01 Apr 06

What does FAQ stand for?

It stands for Frequently Asked Questions and is a place where most common questions are answered so read on and you may find the answer you need right here…

What is the BBC Blog Network?

It is a place where you can access all of the BBC's blogs. Most areas of the BBC are going to start blogging soon so keep an eye on this service for the latest BBC blogging news.

What is a blog?

The word blog is a shortened form of weblog (web log). It is a ‘log’ of someone’s thoughts and opinions. They have in the past mostly been text based but increasingly they display pictures, video and sound.

Can I post Comments?

Yes you can reply to any blog entry by clicking the link under the entry. We may occasionally close comments on a post partly for reasons of spam.

What should I put in my comments?

Please try to keep your comments short and relevant to the post in question. This is because long discussions may put off fellow users and make the page very long and unwieldy. We would encourage readers wanting to engage in longer or broader discussions to do so on our message boards.

My comment has disappeared

It is likely that your message has broken one of our house rules. Please send another that doesn’t. If you would like to query this decision please contact the individual blog at the individual blog contact address. Questions to the general enquiries address on messages will not be answered.

Please keep your comments clean.

Comments which fail our house rules may be removed. If you see a post that is inappropriate, alert us by using the "complain about this post" link and we will act accordingly.

You've seen a message which breaks the House Rules & want to report it

Please return to the message in question and click on the 'complain about this post' button.

Want to ask the BBC something?

The BBC welcomes feedback, both positive and negative, about our programmes and services but please make sure your comments are in line with the above House Rules.

So, if you have a complaint or comment about anything general on the blog network, please email us according to one of the options below.

• Blogs Network Enquiries

If you have a general enquiry or comment about the BBC Blog Network then click 'Feedback' above and send in your comment.

• Individual Blog Enquiries

These should be sent via the links on each individual blogs. If you send a blog specific comment or question to the general blogs address then it will not be answered.

• You have a question about the BBC Blogs Network and how it is run.

For questions about our editorial policy and practices, please click 'Feedback' and fill in the form.

• You want to complain about the BBC Blogs Network and how it is run.

The BBC takes complaints about anything that breaks our Editorial Guidelines very seriously, this includes issues such as...

o Editorial bias

o Harm and Offence

o Illegal behaviour

To register a complaint about any of these issues, please visit the BBC Complaints website


You should also be aware of our privacy policy.