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Warrior Froch ready for war once more

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Ben Dirs | 09:25 UK time, Friday, 25 May 2012

Heard the one about the boxer who hit his own trainer over the head with a tripod and his rival who threatened to shoot him? Instead of a one-way ticket to Palooka-ville, they landed a fight outdoors in a ball-park.

God knows boxing needs a few good news stories right now. So thank God for Carl Froch, the boxer who almost always delivers. So much so, he should consider changing his nickname from 'The Cobra' to 'The Postman'.

It would be remiss of me at this point not to mention Scouse heavyweight hope David Price, the 6ft 8in Adonis with the manner of a jovial publican whose progress since striking bronze at the Beijing Olympics and surgical dismissal of Sam Sexton last weekend suggests he might be the real deal. But Price is the future, whereas Froch is the here and now. But for how long?

No boxer likes to hear the end might be nigh - as Muhammad Ali once said to broadcaster Howard Cosell, Cosell having suggested Ali was past it: "I asked your wife, and she told me you're not the same man you were two years ago." But Canada's Lucian Bute will ask more taxing questions of Froch in Nottingham on Saturday than the most sceptical journalist can muster.

A few years back and Froch, now 34, would have been a hot favourite to beat Bute on his own patch. But an epic sequence of seven elite-level fights - a couple of them minor skirmishes but a few of them wars - cannot have failed to diminish the former two-time super-middleweight world champion as a fighter.

"He's a clean liver, he doesn't drink or smoke," counters Froch's trainer Rob McCracken, also head coach of the GB Olympic team, "he's never had weight issues and doesn't have hard spars. He's fresh enough to win on Saturday."

Carl Froch takes on Lucian Bute in the IBF world super-middleweight championship. Photo: Getty

But McCracken's assertion that Froch's fights "have been harder than we'd have liked of late" - the former middleweight world title-challenger is a master of understatement - is actually a little disingenuous. For at times, both McCracken and Froch seem to revel in the Herculean nature of their labours.

When I suggest to McCracken that perhaps Froch needs protecting from himself, McCracken replies: "That's not the type of fighter he is. This is what boxing is all about, why it was so great in the '60s, '70s and '80s, the very best fighting each other, fight after fight; not fighting safe fights where nobody's bothered about the outcome because you already know what it's going to be."

Froch's situation highlights a great paradox of boxing: handle your fighter with care, steer him through a path of lesser resistance and the fans will complain of feeling short-changed; lead him down the most treacherous route and there will be those who accuse you of recklessness and negligence.

"I said to Carl, 'I really think we should look at a warm-up fight'," says Froch's promoter Eddie Hearn. "And he said, 'what's a warm-up fight?' I've got no right to protect him, it's his call. And when you get the chance to fight for a world title in your backyard, you have got to take it."

Hearn is head of boxing at Matchroom Sport, the company founded by his father Barry. Having fallen out of love with the fight game, Hearn Sr now concentrates his efforts on Leyton Orient, snooker and darts.

Dapper, personable and with a gift for the eye-catching quote, Hearn Jr is a chip off the old man's block. He describes the making of Froch-Bute thus: "It was like when there's a girl who's really interested in you and you keep saying 'no', they just keep coming back. They're more interested the more rejection they get." But what you might call Eddie's 'Hearnisms' cannot disguise a serious operator who shares his dad's seemingly boundless innovatory spirit.

"I'm new to promoting but I've been in boxing since I was 11 years old," says Hearn, whose dad promoted Frank Bruno, Chris Eubank and Naseem Hamed, among many others. "My dad told me right from the start: 'Listen, this sport is a huge pain in the backside,' and he's right. But he also said: 'If you can get 1% of the buzz your fighter gets you'll be happy.' I'm loving it, loving that buzz.

"I've got an understanding of what fans want, and it's not rocket science: they want great fights, great promotions, great publicity and value for money. Kell Brook against Matthew Hatton delivered the highest figures for Sky for many years and there were 10,000 in Sheffield's Motorpoint Arena. The right fight with the right promotion shows the audience is still there."

While Matchroom's approach to matchmaking might be a little bit gung-ho for rival promoter Frank Warren's taste - Northern Irish prospect Paul McCloskey losing to veteran American DeMarcus Corley earlier this month was not supposed to happen - Hearn would argue that protecting a fighter's '0' is an attitude that has to go if boxing is to thrive on the ultra-competitive modern sports landscape.

"The sport is doing OK, but it's not flying, and we think we can make it big again," says Hearn. "Froch v Bute is a pure fight, two great pugilists in the sport for the right reasons. Money matters in any walk of life, but this fight is about two tremendous fighters wanting to be the best in the division.

"Every sport needs a bit of controversy now and again, not everyone wants to read about what a great bloke Carl Froch is and how hard he works. But Carl is a warrior and should be regarded as a hero for the fights he's been through."

Bute, 32, is a heavy-handed southpaw with a wide variety of punches, his left uppercut and right hook signature shots. While not as slick as Andre Ward, who beat Froch in the final of the Super Six tournament last December, the suspicion is the Englishman struggles against fighters who don't sit in front of him.

The challenge for Froch will be to close the gap, apply pressure and test out Bute's chin - Librado Andrade had him in all sorts of trouble in their first fight in 2008 - while soaking up those vicious body punches of Bute. If Froch can land enough on the champion, a third world title could be his. But it's a big 'if'.

Lose and Froch will still have options. Fights against compatriots George Groves and James DeGale would be lucrative, while Wales' Nathan Cleverly and Denmark's Mikkel Kessler, who beat Froch in 2010, are viable opponents at 175lb. But in boxing, options are not necessarily a good thing. Howard Cosell knew that, whatever Muhammad Ali might have said about his wife.

"A loss isn't the end of the world, but it would be a disaster," says Hearn. "If Carl does lose, there are bundles of fights out there. But we want the big super-middleweight fights, the unifying fight - we want Andre Ward.

"But he's had some tough contests, earned a lot of money and victory over Bute would finally get him the respect he deserves." Indeed, in the perverse world of boxing, Froch might only be fully appreciated when he's hung them up and disappeared.


  • Comment number 1.

    Interestign fight this one - I agree with you Ben that 2/3 years ago Froch would be heavy favourite, which makes it a hard one to call for two reasons.

    Firstly Froch - how much did the Ward fight take out of him physically and mentally? There is a difference to going in the ring as a tough guy thinking you are harder than a guy, than actually being skillful enough to beat someone in a boxing match. Froch is undoubtedly a warrior, who has not had the coverage in Britain he deserves - though I think regardless of the outcome of this fight he will have some major pay days to come in the UK as Ben suggests agains Groves / De Gale / Cleverley

    Seconldy - Bute - only ever fought at home, we saw what can happen if you hit him, but we have also seen how quick and powerful he can be. Is it good that he is a little of an unknown or does that make it harder for Froch?

    I think Carl will struggle a little against the southpaw style of Bute - whose left hook to the body will be in full flow tommorrow night. However if Carl can land early and see if Bute can take one of his punches it might spur Carl on.

    It also has to be noted that Bute is naturally a little heavier than Carl.

    It is a really tough one to call. Bute needs to overcome the crowd and also Carl's pressure - I would however like to see a little more thought from CArl and not try and turn it into the Abraham fight because Bute is too good for that.

    I will be rooting for you mr cobra - he will leave everything in the ring, my heart hopes it will be enough but my head thinks Bute might just have edge over this ageing warrior.

  • Comment number 2.

    Also - David Price

    He is a beast and a gent - came across really well on Ringside last night (good to see Calzaghe back on alongside Khan - both in good form). He spoke really well of his future plans and how he needs to take his time - also pointed out that he has not really been tested yet and his fights arent lasting long so he is sparring with better boxers to get some round time - I would like to know who these better boxers are!

    I think the chances of him fighting Fury are gone - Fury has got his contract with Channel 5 and is going to fight a lot of nobody's, whereas Price surely will be aiming at European Belt now and a world title shot in 5 fights time. by the time Fury is done with Channel 5 Price will be a seasoned and recognised heavyweight and Fury may have done little to enhance his career

    Watch out for Mike Perez - would be great to see him fight one of our British figthers in the future - would be a proper test.

  • Comment number 3.

    Froch deserves a homecoming and deserves to win a third world title. He used to really annoy me when constantly calling Joe Calzaghe out, first he had no chance against the skills of Calzaghe who I still think would rule the Super Middleweights had he fought all of todays names. But now Froch is his own payday, a world class fighter, a man with huge heart and dedication and genuinely one I would pay to watch. He has a great chance against Bute on Saturday night, Bute will not have faced someone as tough as Froch, who hits as hard as Froch and will be there until the very end like Froch will. Bute certainly has the skill, his left uppercut is a phenomenal weapon but if Carl can drag him into the deep end, Carl will win. On a side note if its possible to have wife cam on his missus that will go down a treat. Rachel Cordingly #theone

  • Comment number 4.

    Bute is a bit of an unknown in this one. A stay at home fighter who has never taken on anyone of Carls quality before, he has a lot to prove. However that doesnt mean he couldnt go ahead and prove he belongs at this level...

    There a few things that go against him though. He has prepared himself for the atmosphere by pumping crowd noise into his gym when he been training. For me that shows the crowd and fighting on hostile ground is something thats playing on his mind.

    Also he is fairly big at this weight and he had a pretty nasty toe infection that will have effected his ability to train. Could making the weight be an issue for him? We could see him tire going into the later rounds , something we know Carl wont do!

    I think either we will see a Taylor kind of fight, Bute starting well but Carl wearing him down for a late stoppage, or Bute proving just how good he is

  • Comment number 5.

    Not seen much on bute, his resume cant compare to frochs but like most fighters resumes they sometimes can inhance/dehance without a fighters control, i mean look how good the pascal win looked on frochs record a few fights after when pascal won the lhw title. I really hope froch has one last big performance in him left but i worry the younger bute may have too much for him

  • Comment number 6.

    Really don't know how to call this fight, but it's great to see 2 real fighters who are happy to take on the fight and just get on with it like men. David Haye watch and learn.

    I see this going 12 rounds, but really can't split them. Should be a great fight.

  • Comment number 7.

    It's a great travesty that Carl hasn't been showcased on British telly more often, he's stood toe to toe with the best. I don't understand why boxers get so uptight over having a zero in the loss column, yes it's good to keep that number low, but Ali is well-loved, as is Foreman and Frazier, and Leonard and they all lost. I'd rather see fighters go after each other rather than duck each other.

    Which brings me to Tyson Fury and David Price. Price will own Fury in my opinion if they ever fight, Price is too fit and has too many weapons, plus a tighter defence. But like yorkshire_blogster says above, I don't see where Fury can go save for perhaps fighting Haye or Chisora soon, and they'd probably want it on Sky anyway. Price is the obvious choice and it's the obvious match. Fury looks desperately unfit for a pro and frankly it was embarrassing to see him get knocked down by Pakjic, who is half a foot smaller.

  • Comment number 8.

    Heavy-Badger - I think you might be right about it being a Taylor kind of fight... then again, I'm not sure - as some of you have already said, this is a difficult fight to predict.

    okyah - Yeh, I think Price beats Fury, it's just very sad it may never happen. As the head of Channel 5 boxing said a couple of months back, they can't risk Fury fighting him because they have him on contract and a defeat for their man would ruin the "narrative". That's modern boxing for you!

  • Comment number 9.

    Froch is a great fighter and positive role-model for the future boxing generations. I agree with you assessment of him and liked the blog.

    While i think that Price's fight this weekend was exciting and he showed poise and skill in beating Sexton, he needs a fight like Fury to cement himself and to continually test himself. As you say, it is a tough situation in modern boxing now and a fight with Fury is not likely. However, do you not see Carl Frampton as an exciting, up and coming, new prospect who has a great trainer in Shane McGuigan and coach in Shane's father and former world champion, Barry McGuigan. With the right guidance and proper tutelage from a former champion i see Frampton as a real contender. What are you thoughts?

  • Comment number 10.

    Frampton looks a star of the future but id like to see him fight Scott Quigg. Quigg didnt have the best night in his last fight but before that he was believed to be the slightly better fighter, would be a great fight!

    Havnt seen the weigh in but sounds like Bute had his fair share of fans there.. Tomorrows building up to be a real slobberknocker!

  • Comment number 11.

    I'll take Bute to win this one all day on points. Froch is not a very good boxer. He has an outstanding chin and stamina, but that is it. He is slow (legs and arms) for a super middle, leaves his hands low, has poor skill levels, and telegraphs his punches - notice the way he twists his arm out in front of him and leans to the side when punching - very poor technique. A more skillful boxer with a half decent chin would beat him every time. This can be proved with his fights against Dirrell (who should have got the decision), Kessler (although that was a close fight) and Andre Ward. Jermain Taylor would also have beaten him easily if he had a chin as he was miles ahead until the 12th rd ko.

  • Comment number 12.

    SE_Yeed - i think your under estimating Frochs ability there.... Only 2 defeats and 2 time world champion whilst constantly fighting top level opposition. If it was that easy to beat him im sure he wouldnt be where he is now.

    "A more skillful boxer with a half decent chin would beat him everytime" - If you say so but remember whilst theres no doubt Bute is more skillful, he has shown in the past that his chin isnt the best...

  • Comment number 13.

    As a fellow Nottinghamian my heart say's Froch but my head say's Bute. I totally agree with SE_Yeed #11. For all his heart and bravery (which I truly admire) I don't think Froch is a very skillful boxer. I think Bute will expose Carl's tendency to leave his hands low. Bute will also box at range and Froch is too slow and cumbersome to get inside without taking shots. One more thing is the crowd. It seems to me that Froch is trying to convince himself that the crowd will make the difference but, I think that is because he knows that he gets nervous fighting at home (who wouldn't?) I really hope I am wrong but I see Bute wearing him down and forcing a stoppage in the late rounds. C'MON CARL!!!!

  • Comment number 14.

    SE_Yeed - I've very different opinions on Froch to you. Dirrell spent too much time spoiling rather than fighting, the rounds he won were clearly won but there were very few of them as the judges clearly awarded rounds for Froch coming forward rather than Dirrell spoiling for 2 minutes and fighting for 1. Kessler IMO won fair and square by a couple of rounds and Ward was far too quick and tactically aware for Froch. Taylor outboxed Froch but not as clearly as some say. I think that Froch is a skillful boxer but his lack of pace and gung-ho attitude mean that he's easy to drag into the wrong kind of fight.

    I never understood the grief Carl got for calling out JC. Carl was the #2 SMW in the country and JC the #1 in the country for about 2 years, then Carl was JC's next mandatory challenger after the Kessler fight, if JC didn't move up in weight he'd have fought him next. Surely Carl should've been applauded for wanting to face the best rather than chasing one of the paper champs from Germany?

    Sadly I have a feeling that Bute will win this one, although it's very hard to call. Bute can be vulnerable but Carl has been in lots of tough fights and every flaw has been exposed. Bute must have various tactics worked out to disrupt any rhythm Carl has, as Ward changed tactics to stay on top and Carl just couldn't adjust.

    Frampton by the way could be the best prospect across the Irish Sea since McGuigan IMO. Price looks good so far but needs more rounds. I fully expect him to fight Chisora about this time next year, after a couple of wins. Whether he will progress quickly enough to face either Klitschko before they retire is another thing - if he's rushed into the fight he'll lose badly but they won't hang around in decline.

  • Comment number 15.

    I never do well when I try to predict carl's fights, probably because I live fairly close to him and have a loyal streak a mile wide. To give an example, I think I remember saying that the Ward fight would go similar to the Taylor fight and I got that dead wrong. Ward was class and my carl froch tinted sunglasses wouldnt allow me to admit it until after the fight.

    So i'm coming with caution on this one. There's a part of me that thinks carl on his best night would beat anyone, but I know a part of that is bias.

    The truth is, win or lose it wont matter much to the prospect of me not following this man. I'd follow this man anywhere, win lose or draw and despite the defeats I still think he's the best.

    So boxing can shove it's "0" where the sun does'nt shine, because I know for a fact that a couple of losses do not preclude greatness. What makes Froch great is his attitude towards the sport. Thats why I follow him and why I wont stop.

    Win or lose he'll have a right dig into Lucian Bute. That much of a prediction I'm prepared to give.

  • Comment number 16.

    Froch has being in with everybody you can't knock him last time out Andre Ward outclassed him and I don't think Bute is as good as Ward. Froch is nearly 35 so for me its a case of what he has got left. Bute probably has more miles on the clock mainly because he did not take part in the Super Six, but in his fight with Andrade he was dropped and if there was not a long count would have been stopped. With reseravations I'll go with Bute in a split or majority descsion.
    One thing I do have to take issue with you a bit is about Price/Fury yes I would like to see the fight. However if it does not happen but there is at least some FTA boxing so be it. At least unlike the BBC C5 is showing live pro boxing which like a lot of sports these days Horse Racing from next year, Cricket the BBC no longer shows on live TV. Not your call of course but I find it quite amazing that the Match of the Day rights are so expensive, which are just highlights.

  • Comment number 17.

    Heavy Badger, I believe that Carl Frampton has called out Quigg multiple times but there is a problem similar to that of Price and Fury. Quigg didnt look as impressive as he has in previous fights and Carl has continually improved IMO. However, i believe if Carl wins tomorrow night his next fight could quite possibly be against Quigg, although i believe Quigg will fight again before this could take place.

  • Comment number 18.

    Its hard to call. Froch is probably slightly war-worn & while I strongly disagree with those calling him unskilled, he does have flaws & a terribly low work-rate.
    Bute, however, is being asked to jump several rungs up the ladder at once. He's fighting a world-class fighter in his own home town, having previously done neither.

    Before his defence against Glen Johnson, Bute admitted Johnson was far his toughest opponent to date. No doubt, the road warrior's tough, but when you're 31 years old & making about your 10th defence of your "world" title & your toughest opponent is 41 & has lost 3 in his last 5, that is a terrible indictment. Bute must be the most protected champion since Calzaghe.

    Of course, when finally tested Calzaghe proved he was world-class & maybe Bute will also. By contrast, Herbie hide, Enzo Maccarinelli & Shea Neary were "world champions" in the loosest sense who, when put in with a world-class opponent, showed exactly why their promoter had been keeping them away from one.

    We'll find out tomorrow

  • Comment number 19.

    #18 "while I strongly disagree with those calling him unskilled"

    In all fairness to 1eriugenus, when I say I don't think Froch is a very skillful boxer, it does sound like I think he has no skills at all. When what I really should say is that I don't think he is as skillful as some others in his weight class. Andre Ward being the obvious.
    I totally agree that his work rate is very low, his jab is also where his nickname of "the cobra" comes from but it has a tendency to be lifted to his opponents chin rather than striking with venom like the proverbial cobra.

    However, what Carl Froch has in spades is a lions heart and a fantastic ability to take punches. I just hope that my fellow Forest fanatic proves me and the bookies wrong and takes Bute's IBF belt off him in style.

  • Comment number 20.


    forget the skill leval carl posses for a 2nd,never mind one after another but most fighters throughout history wont have that type of resume throughout their whole careers, shows what type of fighter carl really is

  • Comment number 21.

    on another note, I'm amazed at the lack of media coverage for this fight. One column in the sun, nothing in the mirror apart from Barry Mcs column and nothing at all in some papers

  • Comment number 22.

    Good blog and good comments ..
    As a Froch fan i admit I am biased and I have not seen Bute fight so hard one to call.
    One thing you can guarantee is that Carl will be 100% prepared and will fight his heart out so Bute will have to be in top form and as good or better than people say to win. Lets see. After all the bad boxing press recently, it is good to see some order restored with David Price looking good and acting with class and Carl as usual being a top pro.

  • Comment number 23.


    I genuinely like Carl in this one. In some respects it is v similar to Carl's defence v Dirrell. He is at home to a quick, elusive opponent with v limited experience.

    I said then that Carl should've jumped on Dirrell & tried to batter him early while he was still a bit dazed. I hope he'll learn & do so this time.

    Obviously, there are massive differences between Dirrell & Bute. AD couldn't punch like LB & was much less aggressive. LB may be quick but I suspect he'll be much easier to time than AD who has that defensive slickness that only black american boxers seem to have.

  • Comment number 24.

    RE Msg 10 & 17

    I'd like to see either Quigg or Frampton fight Kid Galahad but it is a case of rock:paper:scissors.
    Quigg would love to fight KG.
    Frampton would love to fight Quigg.
    KG would love to fight Frampton.

    "Super 3" perhaps if Hennessey can make it happen.

  • Comment number 25.


    That my friend is a very good point!!
    If Froch can work out Bute's timing and disrupt his rhythm then there is success to be had.
    You are right when you say Dirrell was very slick, and in my view he spoiled the fight a little which I believe was his tactic.
    But again Froch's low work rate worked against him because he should have jumped on AD. I sincerely hope that if he has Bute at sixes and sevens he keeps the pressure on and sees what Bute is made of.
    I hope you are right to call this in Carl's favour, and we shall find out very soon but I just have a feeling that Carl will be very tight and try to force it and leave himself open to the counter.
    I doff my cap to you in advance if you have called it right.

  • Comment number 26.

    We've heard that David Haye thinks Carl will win. No surprise there - they are pals.
    We've heard that Frank Warren thinks Carl will lose. No surprise there - he retains a long-lasting dislike for British boxers that he doesn't represent.
    The one person we haven't heard from, who would have by far the best understanding, is Glen Johnson.
    I suspect he won't tweet his prediction until the last minute when he's had a chance to put some money on !

  • Comment number 27.

    shows what I know about boxing. GOOD LAD CARL!!!!

  • Comment number 28.


  • Comment number 29.

    Brilliant from Froch - round 3 must be one of the rounds of the year!

    On another note - Eddie Hearns was brilliant, such a big boxing fan, wanting to see 50/50 fights & a 'pitch invasion' style celebration to boot. The man's the most entertaining promoter since Don King!

  • Comment number 30.

    I will NEVER doubt you again Carl. sensational
    And Mr 1eriugenus. I doff my cap to you good sir.

  • Comment number 31.

    First off excellent performance from Froch. He's put himself right back in the mix for the big fights.

    That being said - I've never rated Bute and always said he was a hype job. As anyone on the old 606 will attest to.

    I'm not saying I'm some sort of boxing guru - I've called Wlad Haye completely wrong for a start. But I do have a very good ratio when picking fights and also spotting who's the real deal or not and, Bute, I've called spot on for years as last night proved.



    forget the skill leval carl posses for a 2nd,never mind one after another but most fighters throughout history wont have that type of resume throughout their whole careers, shows what type of fighter carl really is

    For a start - Kessler and Ward were both loses, so don't count.

    If you're just counting fighting somebody - then someone like Glen Johnson would be the king of all kings even though he's lost to most he's faced.

    Froch has a very good record and he isn't finished yet but its vastly overrated because the fights have come one after the other.

    Most seem to lose the ability to judge the fights on their merits when listing them and where the fighters were in their careers when he fought them - all they see is the names and people seem to think these guys were all fighting at they're optimum weight, in their pomp and fighting at the weight were they were World Champion and had their career success.

    This just isn't true in Froch's case.

    Pascal - His best win but a LHW - all his success has come there and he moved up straight after saying he was killing himself to make SMW

    Taylor - Career middleweight - all his success was at MW. Never a SMW Champion. Lost 4 and drew 1 of his last 8 fights before he retired initially. That's only 3 fights won out of 8 and was stopped 4 times. Never a SMW Champion .

    Has come back now as a MW.

    Dirrell - Green - Never a SMW Champion when Froch fought him and to date still isn't.

    AA - Career MW - all his success was at SMW. Only a name because of the S6, very average, limited fighter.

    Johnson - 44 and moved down from LHW. 16 losses and two draws on his record including loss and a draw with Clinton Woods.

    Bute - Arguably the 4th or even lower best fighter in the division. A good win but proved to be a hype job, like Lacy.

    Froch has never been the best in his division - he is possibly joint 2nd best or 3rd best.

    He's lost his unification bout and the ring belt - he got dominated in a badly one sided fight to see who was the best in the division.

    He has a quality resume - but it's hugely overrated when analysed as all bar one of the fighters he beat weren't at their optimum weight and were they'd been champions.

    Also, green or well past their best - Bute aside.

    Froch has lost the defining fights that mattered.

    He's beaten the best of the rest but never the best of the best.

    Unless he beats Andre Ward that is always how he'll be remembered as - never the no:1 in the division.

  • Comment number 32.

    "Froch's victory cements his place in the pantheon of British greats and one of the greatest 168lb fighters in history.".......Ben how can you expect anyone to take you seriously as a sports journalist wwen you write this? Froch was beaten with easy by Ward, and would be if they fought again. He was beaten by Kessler, and only beat Dirrel with a disgraceful hometown decison. He is a decent, tough fighter. Look at Bute'sfight card, he hasn't betean anyone of note. So to say Froch is..." one of the greatest 168lb fighters in history", is an absolute joke and makes you a laughing stock. Clearly, your knowledge of true great boxers must be very limited.


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