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Khan cooking up a storm

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Ben Dirs | 09:19 UK time, Sunday, 24 July 2011

Such is the opprobrium directed at Amir Khan by sections of the British public that you suspect he would have to defeat Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on the same night - blindfolded and with one arm tied behind his back - for his doubters to acknowledge the extent of his talent.

But the nature of his victory over seasoned veteran Zab Judah, a five-time world champion who has been in with some of the biggest names of the modern era, will surely have won a few of those doubters over. It gets up some people's noses that the kid from Bolton thinks he is a little bit handy, but on the evidence of Saturday night in Vegas, he is exactly that. The best fighter in Britain? He may just be.

Just as Khan's humdinger of a fight against the big-hitting Marcos Maidana last year proved he can take one hell of a shot, his lopsided win over Judah proved he can out-slick a noted speedster. His American paymasters keep on teeing up the challenges, Khan keeps on smashing them out of the park, the worries over any perceived shortcomings receding further with every fight.

In truth, the 33-year-old Judah, with a 15-year career behind him, looked like a shop-worn fighter. But he was, after all, the IBF light-welterweight champion, with 17 world title fights and a ton of experience in the bank. You are only as good as the other man lets you, and through his constant pressure and speed of hands, Khan made Judah look like a man who had forgotten his pin number.

The art of good match-making is finding opponents who are on their way down and Khan's American promoters Golden Boy are masters in the field. The fifth-round knockout of Judah follows on from his defeats of Marco Antonio Barrera in 2009 and Paulie Malignaggi in 2010 - both former world champions, both past their best when Khan caught up with them.

In the same vein, Barrera's fellow Mexican legend Erik Morales, who has been mentioned by Golden Boy chief Richard Schaefer, could be next on Khan's hit-list. Morales has been on the slide for six years or more - but he is a nailed-on Hall of Famer and so will be an easy sell and a gold-leafed addition to the Khan resumé.

Amir Khan celebrates his victory

Khan celebrates the fifth successive defence of his title

Many will feel Khan's next opponent should be Tim Bradley, who owns the WBC and WBO light-welterweight belts. But Bradley has already turned down a fight with Khan once, despite the offer of a 50-50 split. Plus, despite his belts, the American is very far from being a marquee name.

Morales, now 34 and with 58 fights behind him, fights British lightweight champion Anthony Crolla in September, a bout 'El Terrible' should win at a canter. That would pave the way for a pre-Christmas clash with Khan, after which - should he win - Khan might look to move up to welterweight, where Sheffield prospect Kell Brook might slot right in.

The unbeaten Brook has been calling out his cross-Pennines rival in recent months and, as is the way in the social media age, engaged in a war of words with Khan on Twitter. Brook is homing in on a world title tilt and he could be the perfect homecoming fight for Khan next spring, at the perfect time.

Should Khan come through his next two fights, whoever they might be against, the clamour for a match-up with Mayweather will become deafening. As it stands, Khan is still some way short of Mayweather's class - but he is improving all the time and this time next year, he might just stand a chance.

There are those who will tell you the domestic heavyweight dust-up between Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora was an affront to the aesthetic senses. Well, of course it was, but it was tons of fun and what is called in the business a 'good bad fight'. If Khan-Judah was fine dining, Fury-Chisora was cod and chips in a bus shelter - and often cod and chips is all you want.

Anyone who has ever seen the fight between Danny McAlinden and Jack Bodell (Youtube it, it makes the wrestling scene between Alan Bates and Oliver Reed in Women in Love look like Hagler-Hearns) will know there has never been a golden age of British heavyweight boxing. For the most part the domestic scene has served up hearty, honest fare, and Saturday's smash-up at Wembley was no different.

Fury, a fellow who genuinely appears to enjoy having a 20 stone man trying to rip his head off for 12 rounds, entered the ring on Saturday wearing a T-shirt proclaiming 'I Found Jesus'. If he gets his wish and lands a shot against a Klitschko next, Fury's inspiration and all his saints and seraphim will not be able to help him.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Oh, Ben, you do make me laugh.

    I can't believe anyone still criticises Khan. Surely he and Froch are the UK pound-for-pound top two now. The Morales fight would look very likely indeed to me, Khan seems to have a tendency to fight declining stars much closer to their prime than Calzaghe ever did, and Morales fits that to a T. He'll definitely need to fight Brook at some point just to silence a few more doubters - come to think of it, is there any prospect of a Brook-Bradley fight? If there is, Brook has to take it, as he could (and would) then spin the "Khan's dodging Bradley" yarn for some considerable time.

    Look at it this way. Khan, right now, would be competitive against Ricky Hatton in his prime. And Khan's not peaked yet. Why, then, is Khan still genuinely unpopular within a not-inconsiderable section of British boxing fans?

  • Comment number 2.

    Oh, and the laughter was at the description of the Fury-Chisora fight. And, for that matter, the idea of either of them fighting either Klitschko. I think either Klitschko would stand half a chance fighting both Fury and Chisora at once!

  • Comment number 3.

    Khan is top 20 P4P in the world, possibly top 10. Moralez next? No thank you, as there are plenty of good challenges out there. Bradley, Maidana rematch, Guerrero.

    Fury-Chisora was entertaining. Neither ready for a Klitschko. Fury should fight Price next or possibly Harrison.

  • Comment number 4.

    Dear Beebs;

    Once again our nations think tank the beeb fails to get the general dudes of Blighty behind one of our best asset in sports, that is Amir Khan. He shows he has the skills talent and charisma to do good things not only to showcase himself but to showcase other good British sport folks out there too, so why do we still criticise? SHOW SOME LOVE PEOPLE!!!
    BTW why is there not one picture of the man himself on this page....answers please

  • Comment number 5.

    and another thing, to talk and praise the domestic fight between the two sluggers in the same section I find is very disrespectful, for example I'm sure if a guy went to a top eatery on the high street and started whining he`d be more content with his local deep fried place and that his pint of larger hadn't arrived would get a few pretentious noses out of joint I'm sure, so why is it permissible to do this on this particular occasion Ben Dirs,? Ya uncultured Chav??? ....Snigger Snigger

  • Comment number 6.

    Amir Kahn Fought like a world champion Last night Demolished Zab with his blinding speed. If he's moving up to welterweight next year id love to see him Unify all the belt by beating bradley. Shame a Fight against Kell brook is on the cards i rate brook highly but kahn will win that fight all day.

  • Comment number 7.

    I give Khan all the respect in the world. He's come back from a devastating loss, changed camps and trainer and improved himself to the point where he is a very good, world class fighter. He absolutely schooled Judah, admittedly not the same fighter he was but that takes nothing away from the performance by Khan.

    However, the one (big) black mark against him is that loss to Prescott. Such was the manner of that loss I would say that surely he has to avenge it before we can ever talk of him being a future great.

  • Comment number 8.

    I can't believe people (elsewhere) are still claiming a 'borderline low blow'.

    1. It's either below the belt or it isn't
    2. It wasn't
    3. Judah was clearly looking for a way out, and jumped at the chance to stay down, having received a comprehensive hiding from Khan.

    Which brings me neatly to my next point- why can't fighters of late just accept they've been beaten, and man up about it? Judah after the fight was almost as pathetic as Haye... I half expected Mrs. Judah to turn up and demand to speak to the headmaster about how unfairly her son was being treated...

    ("he's a good boy, my Zab, everyone's always against him...")

  • Comment number 9.

    Big deal, he beat the guy who was ranked number 6 in the world at 140 lbs, by the impartial ring magazine.

    Six years as a pro, and hes never been the underdog in a fight. I love boxing but wont watch any of Khan's fights out of principle. Stop the mismatches!

  • Comment number 10.

    i'n not sure. who has khan fought apart from maidana? a past it barrerra and non-puncher malignaggi? as for judah, i never thought he was a credible opponent, he doesnt have anything to trouble khan. khan is probably is the best in gb though, anyone saying froch is the best needs an eye test and some glasses. he was schooled for 12 against JT before the ko, beaten on my card against dirrell and beaten by kessler, he beat a blown up middleweight in abraham and beat pascal, a guy recently beaten by a middle-aged man.

    as for the heavyweight fight, i'm a fury fan, both the boxer and the man and he did well last night showing good combinations, fitness and chin. however, he's a few years away from being ready for a klitchko. as for chisora he should probably quit while he's ahead; out of shape, doesn't listen to his corner and in it for the wrong reasons, money. to think this guy was supposed to fight Klitchko! shows the legacy he wants to leave.

    also refreshing to see a fight on terrestrial tv for a change

  • Comment number 11.

    no one will take Amir Khan seriously when he keeps fighting washed-up boxers - until he takes on BREIDIS PRESCOTT again (the man who knocked his lights out in 54 seconds), Amir Khan will remain a journeyman pugilist feeding off the scraps of has beens

    reminds me of David Haye - the moment he fought Wladimir Klitschko, a true heavyweight in his prime, he was crudely exposed as another overhyped British journeyman boxer out of his league among seasoned professionals

  • Comment number 12.

    messien - Chisora in it for the wrong reasons? Surely every boxer is it in for the money? Good to see the fight on proper TV, I'd agree with that.

    Doppleganger - Not sure I agree, Prescott has rather disappeared without trace since that win, got completely outclassed by Mitchell, Khan's got bigger fish to fry.

    Nav Sandhu - Mismatches? You are aware Judah was the IBF title-holder?

  • Comment number 13.

    If Khan is so sure of himself, why not put right the Bredis Prescott defeat?
    Surely, knocking out the bloke who stopped him in under a minute would silence more than putting has beens to the sword?

  • Comment number 14.

    Good answers Ben.
    oh & andie99uk, Ben's reply still stands. You're merely repeating an answered question.

  • Comment number 15.


    How can you make these statements about people not being 'credible' boxers or as good as others say (Froch/Khan), and then go on to say that you're a Fury fan? I mean, the guy's likeable and can punch but he's never going to leave more than a tiny ripple with his career.

    Fury: 'he's a few years away from being ready for a klitchko'. Yeah, if you mean light-years...

    Hard to take you seriously, mate.

  • Comment number 16.

    he is a class fighter but i, and many others it seems, have never got over how much of a gobby kid he was before he'd done anything and prior to joining freddie roach the performances didnt back it up. its the same with james degale now. with the exception of maidana (whos always a bit hit and miss and got a lucky decision against morales) he still hasnt been in with a quality fighter in their prime. i think things will change when he does that providing he wins. id like to see him fight ortiz as he is the biggest puncher around but hed have to beat mayweather first and i cant see it. dont want khan v mayweather cos it should be mayweather v pacquaio next. maybe soto or guerrero or kell brook next

  • Comment number 17.

    i want to comment more on this Breidis Prescott thing. i think Khan should stay at 140lbs because he's a big guy at that weight. Look what happened when he met another even bigger guy (Bredis). He got knocked out. So, Amir has advantages at 140lbs that i think he'd be unwise to give up. But even if he rematched Prescott & won or lost the fight, that's not the point & doesn't prove whatever some would wish it to prove because boxing doesn't work that way. If you're the champion, more to the point, if you become unified & later undisputed champion. It doesn't matter if you've had 100 losses before. Look at Pacquiao, current pound for pound king. He's been hammered more than once in his youth. SO WHAT!

  • Comment number 18.

    Ben, these titles are worthless. Maybe im insane but i believe in one champion per division and until Khan beats Bradley, he hasnt cleared out the 140 lb division.

    Judah being a title holder means nothing. He was ranked number 6 in the world and was lucky to "beat" argentine banger mathyisse.

    Lets stop the hyperbole, Judah has never won a big fight in his life, check his record.

  • Comment number 19.

    You're either unreasonable or a stirrer. Khan has just unified 2 of the 4 divisions. You may not be aware that he offered to fight Bradley 50-50 split who publicly said when he declined that "what if i lose the fight, then i wouldn't be able to make the big money with a Pacquaio fight". So, don't blame Khan for the Bradley situation.

  • Comment number 20.

    Bradley pulled out. Don't blame Khan. 50-50 fair split & Bradley said he wanted the Pacquaio fight. Khan's unified 2 of the 4 belts. Fair play to him.

  • Comment number 21.

    I think Khan's record is beginning to take shape pretty nicely now. True it isn't perfect, but no successful boxer can honestly say that he has taken on the best fighters in every one of his fights - the game is about building up your name by taking on guys who you are capable of beating for the most part in between a handful of truely difficult contests. The Maidana fight falls into the latter category and so would a potential match-up with Bradley, which I really hope happens. Khan has now dispatched some good names in boxing in impressive enough style to suggest to me that he is capable of becoming a top ten p4p boxer at least.

    Whilst i agree with Ben that Prescott has fallen off Khan's radar now I would still like to see him avenge the defeat. It will always be a question mark on his record and onw which he really should be able to answer easily enough.

    Finally I've never really got the animosity towards Khan. I think it has more to do with the fact that British boxing fans don't seem to like olympic success than how gobby he is. The majority of boxers are gobby, its just that some can back it up. I think Khan is beginning to show that he can.

  • Comment number 22.

    Judah looked immense until the Tzsu KO. even after that he beat Corey Spinks to unify the division. He earned the right to be in the ring with Mayweather, Cotto, Baldomir etc. What boxing planet are you living on Nav?

  • Comment number 23.


    He may have bigger fish to fry so to speak but be fair, the defeat was such a devastating one that surely Khan himself must want to avenge it at some point. If it had been a narrow points loss at a learning stage of his career then fair enough. But it wasn't. It was a 54 second blowout where we saw Khan stagger drunkenly across the ring and then collapse. The manner of this defeat can never be glossed over unless he convincingly avenges it. All the greats wanted to avenge their defeats and many of them did. Tommy Hearns was destroyed by Hagler yet the Hitman spent all of his career calling out the Marvellous one for a rematch, like he did for Leonard. He never did get the Hagler rematch but at least he won a moral victory in the draw against Leonard in their second fight. That, to me, indicates the mindset of a true champion.

    No matter what Khan goes on to do, this defeat will always linger over him unless he makes a statement and puts Prescott in his place. Sorry Ben but that's just the way it is. A true champion would want to put right that reverse and I hope that Khan does because I like him a great deal otherwise.

    As a long term boxing fan who has been watching the sport since the late 1970s I can't give Khan my full respect unless he takes care of that blip on his record.

  • Comment number 24.

    Carey, dont call me a stirrer. I love boxing but Khan hasnt beaten anybody he wasnt meant to beat. Thats a fact. I just dont buy into the King Khan nonsense. Like i said, the belts are worthless, the IBF were convicted of corruption a few years ago. Boxings a corrupt sport. We need more common sense to prevail. Bradley doesnt want to fight Khan right now, due to contract problems but Khan has been a pro now for six years and never been the underdog. Why? Why is it that Carl Froch's last six fights have all been highly competitive, whilst Khan's havent?

    The mans attitude and arrogance stink. The media lapped up David Haye's cobblers before the Klitschko fight and then character assassinated him afterwards. When will that happen to Khan for his retarded remarks? He recently criticised Sky for telling certain customers to go to their nearest pub to watch the Haye fight, but what about some of Khan's army, that have to go to sin city, when they dont drink or gamble?

  • Comment number 25.

    "Ben, these titles are worthless. Maybe im insane but i believe in one champion per division and until Khan beats Bradley, he hasnt cleared out the 140 lb division."

    Nav, Bradley TURNED DOWN THE FIGHT WITH KHAN. So that leaves who exactly? I was one of Khan's biggest detractors but the kid has turned real good. He is now the real deal and people need to stop shifting the goalposts about what 'he needs to do'. If he fought Floyd right now he'd get beat. Hell if he fights him in 2 years he still gets beat, but not by that much. He has bulked up massively, he looks far more solid chinwise than he used to be, has the quickest hands around his weight division and he is tactically improving with every fight. For me he still lacks a serious dig and he is worrying low on confidence in himself. I do feel for his sake it might be worth him taking care of Prescott as he does seem doubt his ability to take a big punch. I personally feel if he starts badly in a fight he'll wind up losing as he doesn't have the confidence in himself to turn it around.

    But seriously if Bradley doesn't want the fight and Manny is never gonna be on the cards then who should he fight? He's beaten the rest in his division. Floyd is busy with Ortiz which takes out two legit fights and the guys above are mostly your stay at home types who would rather fight a goat than Khan if they ccan get away with it. That leaves well...uh...noone. Morales is a terrible fight to take. His marketing team seriously need to stop in their tracks with that one. Fighting a totally past it and much loved MAB damaged Khan's credibility and beating up another all time great aint gonna exactly endear him to boxing fans. Go and take out Brook who is massively overhyped, then try and pick up another title off of the weaker title holders. Then once the big names have settled down he can see who is on offer

  • Comment number 26.


    The Khan / Maidana fight wasn't competitive?!

  • Comment number 27.

    What I want to know is how the hell the Beeb has got Haye above Khan and Froch in the Brit Top 10!?!?!? You are only as good as your last fight (which wasn't at all good), I don't care what he did at Cruiserweight...

  • Comment number 28.

    Have had some doubts over khan since his ko but after moving to the US and Roach he has shown nothing but improvements. I thought Zab might have had an outsiders chance but looked poor and wanted out imo.

    I think Khans arrogance and dissrespect to other fighters is what annoys people but some do take it too far. It's irrelevant imo and has no bearing on his skills inside the ring.

    Fury-Chisora wasnt a great fight but at least it was competitive which is what's missing all too often in this era.

  • Comment number 29.

    I'd agree with the people saying he needs to face Prescott again. He might have bigger fish to fry, but the manner of the defeat is a major black mark against him. The quicker he gets it out of the way the sooner people will stop talking about it.

  • Comment number 30.

    Steedeemonkey - id like to see him fight ortiz as he is the biggest puncher around.

    Am pretty sure Khan knocked Ortiz about when they were amateurs.
    I honestly dont see Ortiz causing Khan that many problems, even though he beat Berto.

    the fight i would prefer to see domestically with Khan, instead of Kell Brook would be Kevin Mitchell.
    Mitchell looked awesome against Murray, and also back against Prescott.
    The only problem being the weight. not sure whether Mitchell is a natural 140 pounder.

    my 2 pence worth regarding Timothy Bradley, is that he wants to pad out his undefeated record and unify the division after Khan steps up to 147.

    I can understand the merits of blowing away an ageing(but bonafide hall of famer) Erik Morales for Khans legacy, but i would like nothing more than to see Khan obliterate a recently undefeated Devon Alexander in such devastating fashion that a unification fight with Tim Bradley would have to be made. We have to remember that Bradley beat Alexander, yet neither of them walked away with much credibility.

    I think all this talk of Zab being an unworthy opponent is disrespectful. Had Tim Bradley/Devon Alexander/Marcos Maidana/Malignaggi had fought Zab last night instead of Khan, i am sure the public would be stating that Zab had fully wound back the clock after a series of resurgent performances.

    If, and when the 147 comes knocking on Khan's door i think cherry picking mosley, or winky could be a good foray into the division, whilst increasing his list of hall of famer defeated opponents.

  • Comment number 31.

    @ Ichi_1

    What makes you think that Khan's low on confidence? He's just comprehensively beaten a world champion who's been in the ring with pretty much anyone who matters over the last few years. His stock has never been higher. He's calling out Mayweather. Given that he has always talked as if he has a huge amount of confidence in his own belief it seems a strange thing to suggest at this time.

  • Comment number 32.

    own ability rather than belief, that is.

  • Comment number 33.

    Khan's had more breaks and more doors open for him because hes been projected as some sort of poster boy for multi cultural Britain. Thats not fair.

    Other boxers, of the same ability havent had the same treatment. Some of them havent even had a tv deal until recently.

  • Comment number 34.

    @ Nav Sandhu

    I think that's an unfair comment. I'm don't think either Freddie Roach or Golden boy would have picked him up if thats all he is. I think he's clearly a level above most of his contemporaries who have yet to break through.

  • Comment number 35.

    People saying he needs to "avenge" his loss to Prescott clearly don't understand boxing. Yes, he lost to Prescott, but their paths sine then show that they are leagues apart. Khan is a legitimate top 10 p4p contender and a fight with Prescott who would be an emotional decisions. In boxing fights are made based on common sense and this is something alot of observers On these pages don't get.

  • Comment number 36.

    with the prescott thing.... id only consider it if he beats mcclosky as the mclosky result still seems to cause doubt. (even though it shouldnt). If Mccloskey beats him all talk of it should end there because no one wants to see a rematch with him.

  • Comment number 37.

    I watched the fight and it was clearly a low blow. However, having said that, he was clearly dominating and the blow hit Judah's cup which, as the longtime trainer Emanuel Stewart said, is preferable to getting hit with a legal blow to the midsection! For those of you who are younger fans, the man who designed the groin protection for boxers had people hit him in the groin with a baseball bat to test it so when boxers like Judah claim to be disabled by a low blow they are just looking for a way to get out of the fight!

  • Comment number 38.

    Its nice to see more and more people starting to give Khan the credit his hard work the last few years in rebuilding his career deserves.

    The Prescott thing only becomes a real question if an when Prescott himself makes himself look a credible opponent by beating a few dcent fighters himself. Nav saying look at Hearns and Hagler or Leonard ignores that those guys were always likely to rematch as they were the top fighters. Prescott caught a cocky and fairly amateur fighter in Khan who started buying into his own hype and didnt seem to think he needed to work on his flaws because his blistering speed would see him through.

    To say you'll always underrate Khan until he avenges defeats means presumably in your mind Manny is a unknown until he corrects losses to Singurat and Torrecampo as they KO'd him? The fact he was a young guy learninhg his career and boxing below his natural weight (rather like Khan) is irrelevant and didnt impact the result at all?

  • Comment number 39.

    some things will never have the few people that are being won over as the fights go on to acknowledge that he has turned into a world class fighter representing England, and you have the other guys who are just bitter about everything in life. the guy fought a good fight and is taking people calling him out in his stride. since his change of camp he would probably annihilate prescott

  • Comment number 40.

    I think Khan is the best british boxer on the planet at the moment, it is only a shame he had to go to the US to achieve it. His hand speed is frightening and now he is adding durability to his arsenal, I think he could go to the top. A fight against Morales next will be a good move and serve more education in the same way as the Barrera fight did. Well done Amir, keep the flag flying.
    As for Fury/Chisora, I agree totally with this blog. It was a good,bad fight. Two heavyweights slugging it out, ala Sprott/Williams, but like them, neither will do anything on the world stage. I expet us to see Chisora go the same way as Skelton and Fury will have a fight with a Klitschko at some point and get destroyed. The thing Fury has got on his side is age, he is only 22, so hopefully he can get more experience, put some muscle on and get as far as he can internationally as there is no one in the UK for him to fight. Expect him to call out David Haye....but he would never take that fight, too dangerous this early in his career.

  • Comment number 41.

    I can't see a reason for Khan to fight Prescott, maybe if the defeat was in the recent past but Khan has come such a long way since the that it would be a nothing fight now - Khan has proven his chin in other fights so I don't think he should even be thinking about it.

    As for the low blow - I'm not a Khan fan but as far as I'm concerned he hit the belt line (clearly visible in slow mo replays) which the rules state is acceptable and not considered a low blow.

    The big British fight of the night was not the boxing spectacle C5 suggested it was but a more entertaining fight than Haye v Klitschko. Where they should go next... I think a rematch is on the cards, neither one is ready to step up to the next level and as their records show there's not a lot of competition around their level.

    If either one fights a Klitschko then they will lose (and probably badly!)

  • Comment number 42.

    ROFL at people still crying about Breidis Prescott. The guy is rubbish and has tailed off. Why can't people see that he just caught an unexpecting Kahn early on in a big fight, nothing more? It was Kahn's first time on his Sky deal at MEN and with a new foreign trainer who clearly didn't fit him. What I like about Kahn in that fight is that he got back up and then tried to get back up again, not hid on the floor looking to escape.

    Last night he beat a respected fighter but people are adding his age, which isn't all that old onto Barrera and coming up with that he only fights "has beens". Well what about Maidana? That's the fight all you doubters were crying out for, the one you thought would have the power to put his class chin on the floor. Is that all forgotten now? Its funny how you hear some calling for a Kahn v Maidana rematch, because it was such a quality fight but you won't give Kahn any credit for it. Stop letting your feeling about Kahn get in the way of common sense.

    Those two heavyweights you saw last night are scrappers, Kahn is a boxer, he has proper skill and technique, not just a potential big punch or a few windmills in his locker. He's in vegas now fighting top fighters like Maidana or fighters who have had multiple world title fights and yet some of you want him to fight Prescott who has done nothing or to fight nobodies in the UK.

    Checking around the web leading upto the fight last night it was clear that some thought Juda could beat him, not as many as felt Maidana would beat him but still a fair few. But now they have all disappeared and its the "he's past it" rubbish. Kahn owned him all day long and weather his worn out or not, he's a well known fighter with bags of experience who got schooled from the first bell.

    People use the excuse that Kahn is cocky but if you listen to him speak he comes off fairly well. Always has time for his fans and never goes over the top like a Nazeem, Haye or Mayweather. Tyson even. They said some real crazy things to other fighters in their time. I think Kahn is one of the least cocky, big mouthed, trash talking fighters you'll hear. We all know what the real reason MOST of his haters in the UK want him to lose so badly, don't we.................

  • Comment number 43.

    I've always liked khan , sure he made some mistakes in the past but he was young and getting better , he's a very entertaining boxer , be intresting to see how good he can become. I enjoyed the british fight , neither of them are good boxers but at least they put on a show and tried to win .

  • Comment number 44.

    Remember when Prescott beat Kahn and there were actually pundits and fans on the night saying he should retire after that. Madness. He's only 24 now and was even younger then but some people thought he should retire because of one loss. Jesus. Now look at him go though under Freddy Roach. No way would a USA fighter quit after one loss. Lots of their top fighters tend to have a few losses and still do big headline fights.

    People moan when a fighter fights in the UK and call it Frank Warren hand picking them bums or whatever but then we a fighter builds their name, gets the chances to fight in big arenas/stadiums here or in Vegas/Garden etc they say they should be fighting these nobodies etc. As Kahn said, he's not going to give people like Brook an easy pay deal.

    I just think its good that we have a young fighter, who's exciting to watch and who fights with the union flag on his shorts or when coming into the ring. He's going abroad to fight and representing England/UK which is a good thing. Would be awful if we had noone to watch after Calzaghe, Hatton, Haye call(ed) it a day. Just like Benn, Eubank, Bruno, Naz, its good to have fighters to watch and follow.

  • Comment number 45.

    Did Fury manage to avoid punching himself in the face this time? :p

  • Comment number 46.

    I give up!!! What has Amir Khan got to do to win some people over? So he's confident in his own ability! What's wrong with that? Do you want him to be doubting his own ability all the time? Does Alex Ferguson say that Man U maybe aren't that good? Does he heck!!! Does Usain Bolt saythat he might not be that good? No way!! Does Floyd Mayweather think he just got lucky in each of his 41 wins? Yeah, right!! Khan doesn't go around trash talking everyone, he's confident without being arrogant. What's there not to like about the guy?

    Golden Boy know how the American market works & how to fill marquee venues, like the MGM Grand etc., so they decide who he fights next. That's how it works. They have tried to get Bradley, to unify the division before Khan relinquishes the belts & moves up a division, but Bradley didn't want to know!! The powers that be in boxing should make it a mandatory for Bradley but they won't. Therefore, the fight won't happen because Bradley has admitted that he is scared of losing & that will spoil his plans of facing Pacquiao. Next summer, if all goes to plan for Amir & Manny, you could have the mouth-watering spectacle at Wembley Stadium of Pacquiao facing Bradley & Amir facing Mayweather!! Now that WOULD be worth watching. That would then be the eliminator for the 2 winners, probably Pacquiao & Mayweather, to finally get it on for the official P4P championship!! It's certainly feasible, as Floyd has already said that he'll fight over here. Pacquiao certainly will & Khan obviously will. Bradley will come if it's to fight Pacquiao, so job done!! Could Khan spoil it & beat Floyd? It's certainly possible but I just think that Floyd Mayweather is a class above any other boxer on this planet. His defence is just so good, no one can really get their shots off & make them land often enough & Mayweather's own counter-punching is so accurate!! However, Khan does have lightning speed, which would make it an interesting fight. It would also give Freddie Roach a good look at how Floyd handles someone who's fast & non-stop. This would formulate the Pacquiao gameplan for their fight!! Sounds feasible doesn't it? Hope it happens!!

  • Comment number 47.

    All those saying Khan can't be considered a great until he fights BREIDIS PRESCOTT again. How about Manny Pacquiao, he can't be considered a great until he fights Rustico Torrecampo again. He lost in 3 rounds to this fighter. Could anybody see Pacquiao having to fight this guy to be considered a great. NO. Khan has moved on since Prescott and is fighting a fat better class of fighter in the process. Yes some might not bet the best P4P fighters but they are the world champions and you have to beat them. Give the guy a break.

  • Comment number 48.

    can't believe someone says kahn has to beat precott to prove himself. There are far far far bigger fish than Prescott out there. Prescott got completely out classed by Kevin Mitchell and is way bellow Kahn's league. Amir puts a classy performance in time and time again, he should really have more support from the great british public.

  • Comment number 49.

    People keep harping on about Prescott who floored Khan in 54 seconds . Should not Prescott now then be demanding a title shot if he is up fo it again ?

    Did Tyson get his rematch with Buster Douglas who knocked him out ...NO !

    As for Pacquiao ...some of you fail to realise Khan spars with Pacquiao as Roache is Pacman's trainer as well so they are never gonna fight from the same camp unless they both deck Mayweather who always plays the clever political games in not wanting to fight Pacquaio

    People say Amir Khan is arrogant you're having laugh compared to some of the trash talking David Haye came up with about hospitalising the Klitschko brothers

    Khan has backed his words with action which Haye fail to do.

    As for Khan getting the right people behind him to promote not that what boxing promoters are meant to be do people like Barry Hearn , Frank Warren , Frank Maloney..its their job to get boxers matches they want.

    Then its up to TV stations to be prepared to pay money to boxers if they think they can give a good show although the US loathe the way Mayweather demands to be paid on pay per view. the BBC had a £1m contract with Audley but after a few matches no one was interested in him beating has beens and journeymen and wanted to see real fighters

  • Comment number 50.

    People seem to forget that not only was Judah fairly shopworn, he has also consistently lost all his big fights. Just because he has shared a ring with the likes of Mayweather doesnt mean he is on that level. Mayweather, Tszyu, Cotto, Spinks and even Clottey and Baldomir. He lost to them all. Now it looks like Morales will be next. Another over the hill fighter who lost his last fight and is way above his best weight.

    Maidana was the only Khan fight that was interesting of late and that was because he was forced to fight him as his mandatory. The rest have been hand picked.

  • Comment number 51.

    Khan is the real deal.

    Listening to peeps doubting him who's biggest fight was in a kebab shop or on the taxi rank windmilling 2 or 3 haymakers before tripping over their own drunken feet doesn't wash.

  • Comment number 52.

    Khan beat JUdah which means his career is going in the right direction..if Khan lost to a "journeyman" then his career would have been halted

  • Comment number 53.

    I wholeheartedly disagree with all those who seem to feel that Bolton's Khan, 24, has an obligation to face Prescott again. At the moment, Prescott has to earn his shot, though he has a slightly better chance than some of getting the fight, purely because of his previous victory over Khan. However, it needs to said that Khan is a tremendously different athlete now to the one who took on Prescott. He has built up his lower body and slimmed down up top and is now better able to cope with shots. A lot of credit must go to conditioner Alex Ariza. Prescott may win his eliminator and legitimately earn a shot, but Khan does not necessarily need to avenge his only defeat. Naturally, I'm sure he would like to, but he may well have bigger fish to fry amongst the bigger names in boxing.

    As for his unpopularity, I must admit, I was laughing as Prescott took him out, but am very impressed with Amir Khan v2.0. Amir and his team have made wholesale changes and he looks a very good operator now. I was very impressed with his speed in the Judah fight and can now say (eating a bit of humble pie) that I am a Khan fan. In my case, I think my initial resentment came from all the hype and his previous tendency to perhaps say a little too much. What impressed me in the post-fight interviews last night was how often he said 'we' and not 'I'. I think things like that show that he is now not so much the brash youth that he once was. Fair play, Amir.

  • Comment number 54.

    Fantastic performance by Amir Khan and I'm sorry I felt too poor - after flashing out on David Haye - to catch it on PPV, but at least have seen highlights via- er - other medthods on-line. Wish the haters would shut up. Boxers without 100 per cent records are better - always going to be doubts about the Calzaghe's and Marciano's. Lose - get up - win; that's the real warrior way.

    Watched the (wonderfully free) Fury fight and liked Tyson, but felt if Chisora had actually got into shape, he'd have won. Great hand speed in bursts and Fury was a little like a younger Wlad with the whole robot style and looks of sheer panic when someone had the temerity to actually hit him back. He's young, though, and if he's senisble and avoids the Klitschkos for a while, he can claim a world strap, imho

  • Comment number 55.

    Of course Khan needs to revenge the Prescott defeat. It may be a long time ago but remember Joe Louis was written off until he avenged the Schmelling KO. Another point about Louis that fits here is that he had his "bum of the month" fights as well. This is the pro game and the idea is to make money not to satisfy the armchair critics, so matchmaking is a key business tool.

  • Comment number 56.

    Very pleased to see the obvious shift in public opinion towards Khan, as reflected in the comments above. He is the best boxer in Britain in my opinion.

    This lad has what it takes to be P4P king. Speed, speed, speed. I cannot see any fighters at present who would beat him to the first punch, except Manny (moot point, they will never fight). I do get more worried when Khan takes a punch, compared with other fighters.... but he certainly proved a lot of heart when he withstood Maidana's ferocity. If he fought Mayweather now, he has got the handpseed to cause problems. But Mayweather is also fast and futhermore would punish Khan during those vulnerable moments, especially when he over-reaches and leaves himself exposed. But Khan is young, only 24, and things are shaping up nicely for a Mayweather fight in 2-3 fights time. It would be a classic!

    It may be premature to say... but the USA media/fans seem to love him, and with fans in Britain, the USA and India-Pakistan subcontinent, this lad is potentially going to be a global superstar.

  • Comment number 57.

    Kentspur, Rocky Marciano and Joe Calzaghe might not have lost a professional bout, but they did have to get off the canvas and come back to win massive fights. Khan hasnt done this. Calzaghe's greatest win was when he came back from a round 1 knockdown to outpoint the legend that is Bernard Hopkins, who is once again undisputed light-heavyweight champ.

    To be great you must do great things. Calzaghe did that. Khan hasnt, has he ever beaten a modern day legend, somebody like a peak Hopkins? No. Its not entirely his own fault but he needs to step up the level of opposition and stop the mismatches. 6 years now as a pro, and still no bout where hes been the underdog. Its sickening.

  • Comment number 58.

    The vultures will only let Pacquaio/Khan near Mayweather when he is 37/38 and his speed is beginning to go. Until then expect picking on the likes of Marquez, Morales, Judah, Mosely etc,

  • Comment number 59.

    I'm surprised your saying Amir Khan is the best boxer we have at the moment Ben. Yes it was a unification fight which looks great on the surface, that plus the name Zab Judah makes it look even better, but here is the reality.

    Zab Judah is and was a spent force prior to this fight. He won the Ibf belt in a vacant belt against south africa's Kaizer Mabuza, a fighter who had 6 defeats going into this with only 1 noteworthy win against Kendall Holt.

    Prior to that he won a controversial sd against Lucas Mathyssee(who has lost recently to Devon Alexander in similar circumstances) where he was knocked down in the 10th, but won the decision with a razor tight 114-113 on the scorecards by the judges.

    Judah is not the same fighter, he's a good name for Khan to have on his resume like Barrera, but doesn't give him credence as the best fighter on British soil. He still has some way to go to get past Carl Froch, but could well get there.

    I do like Khan, but obviously if he doesn't face Bradley next I'd like to see him face the winner of Maidana v Guerrro. Obviously the Maidana fight was a great one which deserves a rematch for the sheer entertainment value, I expect Guerro to win, who looked fantastic against Katsidis in his last fight.

    But all being said I'm really starting to respect Khan who at the very least is now taking on fighters that can bang a bit, (Judah may not be the same but he can still punch and he did catch Khan)so kudos to him for that...

  • Comment number 60.

    @Nav Sandhu, Alan's question to you absolutely strikes at the crux of your illogicity. You criticise Khan for apparently dodging competitive bouts and you do so from a position of total ignorance, taking pride in the fact that you "avoid" watching Khan's fights "out of principle". Perhaps had those principles of yours been better grounded you would have seen Khan's fight with Maidana, possibly the most exhilarating bout of last year, then maybe you would have a qualified opinion to tout.

    Since you cannot even claim to be an observer of Khan, you definitely aren't a critic of his who deserves to be taken seriously.

  • Comment number 61.

    *KHAN has NO REASON for a rematch with that bum prescot he isnt even a noteworthy contender For fudge sakes people should just put a sock in it instead of trying to set up obstacles for khan to stumble over or worst fall over his got better contenders to think about winning in the future not stress about a blip in the past
    The reason Judah looked like a has been is because khan made him look that way zab was in peak condition which means only one thing for Boxing Fans he came to win Its KHANS TIME TO SHINE he will make others look bad in the process. Oh and i reckon that shandu character is just ranting emotionally its only because he kinda envies khan hehehehe.
    and one more thing nobody gave Lennox stick for not fighting Tyson in his prime but he just came up naturally as he gained experience through his career, you don't ask an apprentice carpenter to craft prestige furniture until he gains enough experience to do so he is only a person not a pigging robot MUCH LOVE V

  • Comment number 62.

    Is Khan the best fighter in Britain? Please, he's the only decent fighter in Britain. A country mile better than the journeyman Haye who was outclassed by a mediocre Klitscho. Let's not even get started on Carl Froch.

    He's still no match for Mayweather (or Pacman). Will he ever be? Possibly but, much as I dislike Mayweather, I fear not.

    He should really do everything he can to get Bradley next to try and unify the division before moving on. Nothing says success like that little word, "undisputed". A ticked box against a geriatric Morales would mean far less. Kell is no fight for Khan at present, he needs to build his profile. He should worry about Brook calling him out as much as any punter at ringside doing so.

    I also agree that true fighters, true greats, avenge defeats. it doesn't take away from his skill or legacy but only from his reputation / machismo. If Prescott is so far below Khan's standards then it shouldn't take much effort or time to arrange the fight and knock him out should it?

    It may not be a commercially sensible fight, it may be a waste of some months of his career but it WOULD all but erase the black mark of that defeat. Does he really want to get to the end of his career and leave Prescott telling his grandchildren, "Khan? Pah, I knocked him out in under a minute!" with impunity?

  • Comment number 63.

    *people only criticise Khan because he has set a massive bench mark from the start so people then find themselves forever nagging at him you have admit he does always step up to the hockey and entertain all the time aint that right bully 180!!!!!

  • Comment number 64.

    the sad fact is arm chair pro is that the Americans have had there confidence completely restored in khan where as the soppy depressive Brits want to humiliate him the Americans love KING KHAN and anybody knows its a wild out there in that part of the west

  • Comment number 65.

    Hopefully Khan can fight Bradley next and Unify the belts. I am not sure about the stoppage as Judah's reaction made you think it was a low blow!!! but Replays were not clear. Ref should of given the benefit of the doubt to Judah considering it was a big fight for 2 belts.
    I think Mayweather in 3-4 fights should be Amir Khan's plan.

    Fury and Chisora was a decent fight. Not pretty at times but it was nice to see boxing live on Terrestrial television. Fury needs alot of work so going for Wlad now would harm his career. Fighting David Price or the chap who holds the European Belt would be the smart way forward.

  • Comment number 66.

    Replays were very clear, he hit him right in the middle of the belt. The belt worn, like many fighters, extremely high covering over his belly button. No kind of low blow whatsoever, Judah was sadly just looking for an excuse. He was schooled for 5 rounds.

    If you want to see a REAL low blow check out Judah's fight with Mayweather on Youtube or wherever. You'd think a guy who can deliberately punch someone in the groin like that would have more sense than to cry wolf over a legitimate gut punch.

    Oh and Fury vs Klitschko (either)? Might as well put Audley Harrison in there!

  • Comment number 67.

    @Makelele6 the punch landed on the waistline of Judah's shorts. Would Khan have connected with anything of anatomical significance other than Judah's belly button?

    I agree totally with Manny Steward on this. Judah was struggling to compete physically with Khan and was running short on ideas so, tried to pull a Dirrell by feigning foulplay and getting Khan penalised or disqualified.

  • Comment number 68.

    Khan never got the credit he deserved for his victory over McCloskey who never laid a glove on him. Bradley is surely avoiding Khan for obvious reasons.
    I'm still a little concerned though over this new style which makes him more aggressive but also sees him taking punches. The Maidana fight was an example where he amazingly survived some tremendous blows. The Prescott defeat was due, I think, to poor advice from this Cuban trainer that he had. It appeared if he was told to go and knock out Prescott in the first round, and paid the price!
    Fury looked like a boxer with just 14 fights. Nowhere near ready for the Klitschko's.
    Needs more experience and a few fights against the 'B' class Americans, like Barret,
    Briggs etc. or the other Ukranian, Dimitrenko or better still the Finnish guy Robert Helenius who is unbeaten after 15 fights, and ranked 9 in the world.

  • Comment number 69.

    Best fighter in Britain? Its between Khan and Froch at this stage and for me I think the Cobra as been in with the better fighters at or close to their prime due to Super Six. But Khan has been smart since the Prescott defeat hooking up with Roach and leaving Warren were both smart moves. Having said that he does make a fool of himself on Twitter (in regards to his brother and the team GB set up) and I do think that he crosses the line at times between confidence and being a git.
    If he can't get Bradley I think that a move up to Welter will happen, I don't want to see him, fight Morales a legend but at much lighter weight categories it would be a sad fight to watch as Morales would be too slow and shopworn.

  • Comment number 70.

    The "General", sorry my bad. Khan's bouts are on ppv, and i cant afford to pay £17.50 for his bouts as we are in a recession. My apologies.

    I'd get the money together if he was in there with pac-man or a peak money mayweather, but not guys like Judah, who werent even top 5 in the division.

  • Comment number 71.

    Nav Sandhu, what are you on about mate? Kahn is only 24 and has already achieved a lot. He's fighting in MEN Arena, Vegas, the garden already at that age. You say Calzaghe has achieved great things and Amir has not but IMO he is way ahead of Joe was at the same age. Lets not forget Kahn is a multi time world champ as well. Calzaghe retired at what, 36? So that means Kahn has 12 years to match or beat his achievements. He's well on his way in many of those things.

    Oh and Volcanicjabncross, Kahn still has someway to go to get past Carl Froch? Are you having a laugh or what mate? Seriously, this must be a late April fool joke.

  • Comment number 72.

    @James Autar regarding Fury, didn't you think the referee was too liberal in dealing with Tyson's hugging last night?

  • Comment number 73.

    @Nav Sandhu haha that is laughable! If you're going to offer a strong opinion on a subject, then at the very least you should be able to claim that you know what you are talking about. If you don't watch Khan's fights how can you hope to criticise him as a boxer for his matchups?

    You cannot be taken seriously because all you're doing is slinging hateful muck which by your own admission is drawn from ignorance. Embarrassing...

  • Comment number 74.

    Khan is clearly better than he was when he faced Prescott, but Judah has lost to every world class fighter he ever faced, when Hatton lost to Mayweather and Pacquiao the British press screamed for him to hang up his gloves, by that measure they'd have had Judah sectioned for the good of his health.

    Khan is a tidy fighter, but until he fights a big name on the up slope rather than the down the doubts will always be there.

  • Comment number 75.


    You may not know this but Froch is ahead of Khan in most media p4p rankings. You may not respect or like Froch's achievements but the general consensus in the boxing fraternity is that he is a great fighter and whoever wins the super 6 final will be in the worlds top 10 p4p, and that may be Froch(Have to admit can't see him beating Ward but he's one fighter you can't completely rule out).

    So for me Froch due to the sheer level of prime top level fighters he has faced puts him ahead of Khan for the moment, but there is no reason why that can't change in the future!! Both fighters are doing us proud on the world scene!!

  • Comment number 76.

    Just to add to the comments about Khan's performance - I thought it was brilliant. Lovely speed. And his 2nd career (post-Prescott) has been handled beautifully - wracking up the big names when they're over the hill. His built up his profile to the extent where people are seriously talking about Khan-Mayweather.

    If you're interested in the Chisora-Fury fight then please have a look at my blog ( I was delighted to see that Fury realises he needs more fights before getting onto the Klitschkos. Ben, do you agree that Martin Rogan is a worthwhile fight? He is 40, but does know his way around a ring. Or is Dimitrenko a better bet?

  • Comment number 77.

    Joe Calzaghe cleared out at 168 lbs and won the undisputed light heavyweight championship, by beating legend Hopkins. Hes a bonafide two weight champion. Khan hasnt even become number 1 yet at 140 lbs, let alone emulated what Calzaghe has done. Im talking about the here and now, not about the future - thats all a matter of opinion. Picking up spurious titles doesnt make you great. Even Naseem Hamed cleared the featherweight division out before he burnt out/lost his hunger etc etc.

  • Comment number 78.

    @Chad Secksington that is absolute nonsense. In Judah, you are talking about a five-time world champion, formerly undisputed and you seem to be forgetting that until last night he was the IBF title-holder. At 24 years old, Khan is beating champions and unifying belts and frankly it all becomes a little ludicrous when you talk about "until he fights a big name on the up slope rather than the down the doubts will always be there" in the aftermath of fights like Maidana and Judah, both of whom represent clear and present dangers to any fighter in the division; how many other boxers can claim to have dropped Mayweather like Judah did?

    At 24, Khan is on course to build a laudable legacy, but your comment serves as validation for Ben Dir's blog. In as far as Khan is concerned, people like you will never give him his dues and you will always look to cheapen his accomplishments by slurring those he conquers in order to move the goalposts.

  • Comment number 79.

    Sorry, but I just can't buy into Khan at this stage. It feels like another Hamed/Barrera scenario is somewhere down the line and on that basis, frankly I can't be bothered to follow the journey. Bring on some meaningful fights and I would be happy to join the Khan bandwagon.

  • Comment number 80.

    Khan isnt particularly bothered about his UK fans either. Hes sold out to the almighty dollar bigtime. Good riddance i say.

  • Comment number 81.

    @Nav Sandhu I put it to you that you have an issue with Amir Khan that has absolutely nothing to do with his boxing ability, especially since you don't watch his fights and ergo have valid point to base a critique. You are a hater, nothing more.

    You've yet to make a coherent point. Your comparison of Amir Khan to all time greats like Calzaghe and Prince Naseem doesn't serve your wish to devalue Khan's accomplishments. Calzaghe was 35 when he eventually unified his division and 36 before his maquee fight against Hopkins, not to mention that he was 25 when he won his first world title, by comparison at 24, Khan has already won unified two of the 4 belts in his division whilst Prince Naseem was never an undisputed champion, so how could he have "cleared out his division"?

    You're exposed a hater who doesn't even watch Khan's fights, all that's left is for you to have the honesty and manhood to admit why you really hate Amir Khan? We're all making assumptions about you now Nav.

  • Comment number 82.

    The General, i think you got me. What really grates me is Khan's statement from December 2009, where he said Britain is a racist country. How dare he? Britain has afforded opportunities to those less fortunate. Frank Warren claimed that he made Khan £11m. Khan had no right to say that. I wonder what he thinks of America? He wont step out of line there, as he needs the ppv money.

  • Comment number 83.

    Khan was caught cold with Prescott's punch. It could happen to any boxer. As the fight goes on a boxer's ability to absorb a punch is far greater. You only have to look at Khan's fight with Maidana. He took many great shots.

    Khan is racist???? I am proud to be first generation British/Asian. I have experienced racism so what is your point Nav Sandhu???? Khan is still proud to be Britishg and flies the flag admirably. I agree with the general. You simply have an intense dislike for Khan. Judah was IBF Champion and Maidana was Number 1 Contender. Manny P lost two fights why dont people go on about them. Manny P proved himself as a all time great as Khan is doing!

    There are many people who have experienced racism in this country as with countries globally. You are wrong to stereo type one individual.

  • Comment number 84.

    Im stating facts. Thats what Khan said and his dad came out and said his own son was wrong for saying that. So please dont defend it. Khan said it because he knew at that time that he was going to base himself in America and he didnt need to play the nice guy over here no more. Hes clever in the ring, just like hes clever out of it. If this country is racist, as Khan stated, then how has he made over £10m from it? The man is a hypocrite, who chats dudley.

  • Comment number 85.

    @Nav Sandhu he did not say Britain is a racist country, he said that after his defeat to Prescott he personally experienced some racial abuse, how is that objectionable or controversial? You only have to do a google search of some of the forums out there to see that the racist abuse directed towards Khan is a fact, so spare me your irrational self-righteousness.

    And how is Amir Khan's earnings relevant to the discussion of racism? Being a multi-millionaire does not make racial abuse acceptable or tolerable, nor does it strip Khan of the right to feel insulted.

    You really ought to scrutinise some of your opinions, because you aren't making any sense.

  • Comment number 86.

    Keep dreaming - his dad came out to try to retract the remark, which was made on december 3rd 2009. Stop trying to rewrite history. Khan said that, simple as.

    With regard to his earnings and the remark, how on earth can the UK as a whole be racist, if the indigenous population is willing to buy the garbage ppv and tickets to his bouts? His remark was disgraceful. He claims to have suffered abuse, but havent other sports professionals like David Beckham (in 1998) suffered from that? I dont recall Becks making an issue of it. He just carried on and helped his club team do the treble. Thats class.

  • Comment number 87.

    Khan will always have his haters like Nav Sandhu. Amir's only 24, and he's already an Olympic silver medalist, boxing world champion and multi millionaire.

    He's done tremendously well, and its definately down to his decision to move from the UK to the US and change the team around him. In Roach and Ariza he has the world best trainers behind him, and shares a gym with Pacquiao who's the no.1 fighter on the planet right now. In Oscar De La Hoya and Goldenboy he's got one of the worlds best promotors, and the support of HBO.

    Khan has learnt from Calzaghe's mistakes and made the jump to the USA early in his career. If Joe had parted company with Frank Warren earlier, he could have had a different career.

    I think Amir is improving all the time, but as a fan of boxing, I hope 2012 will be the year Mayweather faces Manny Pacquiao not Amir Khan.

  • Comment number 88.

    @Nav Sandhu you are a liar, and I would not expect any better from you.

    Amir Khan did not say the UK as a whole is racist, here is his direct quote: "Straight after the Breidis Prescott fight, when people said, ‘He’s finished’, there were racial remarks made."

    he goes on to say: "I am proud to be British, and it’s a very small minority who say that."

    Unlike you Nav, I can back up what I assert as fact, here is the link:

    I can't begin to tell you how low my opinion is of you right now. And your Beckham analogy is too stupid to deserve a reply. Beckham was not racially abused he was given stick for petulance that cost England in the World Cup. Laughable.

  • Comment number 89.

    forget about floyd any chance of him giving a rematch to mccloskey. If he doesn't give him that rematch then surley that will be a cloud hanging over his career.

  • Comment number 90.

    Sorry Nav, pretty disgraceful set of opinions, this is simply discrimination and small mindedness being dressed up as some cod opinions on boxing

    You know little of boxing; why on earth you keep quoting Hopkins v Calzaghe is beyond me, Hopkins was well pasted his best as was Roy Jones when Joe fought them, neither of em were World Champions at the time. Calzaghe cemented his best in the world in the manner of his victory against Lacy & Kessler, both awesome

    As for Amir, if you have nothing constructive to say about boxing why comment on this thread? He never said Britain was racist & if you check some of the comments on YouTube for his fights there's plenty of 'P' words being thrown at him.

    Small minded nonsense, well argued General

  • Comment number 91.

    @paddyboyy.. we both know the Mccloskey rematch will probably never happen, unless he rebuilds himself into a big name and brings something to the negotiating table ie a world title. I can see why Paul felt hard done by given the nature of the stoppage, but Khan would gain nothing by fighting Paul Mccloskey again, who was lucky to have got a shot in the first place. The same goes for his next opponent Prescott who has gone downhill since his KO over Khan.

  • Comment number 92.

    To me there are several obvious things that are being implicitly hidden or ignored in these comments.

    1 Khan has lost popularity because Warren binned him and for some reason Britain loves Warren

    2 Khan beat Mario Kindelan - stop saying he has never beaten anyone good who isn't on the way down - Kindelan beat him for Olympic gold and Khan reversed it quickly - that proved he learns quickly and has nuts

    3 Britain is anti-Muslim that is why many people don't like him - he, and particular his dad, are brilliant ambassadors for British Muslims, yet he not as popular as lower quality fighters - ask yourselves why

  • Comment number 93.

    To those who are doubting Khan's ability in the Ring, I suggest you step in the ring with Amir yourself for a few rounds of "no-holds-barred" and find out if the guy has the ability to hurt.

    Plotting your way to the top is the name of the game. Don't rush it, or you could be out like a light. Khan's handlers know what they're doing, and so far so good, and what's wrong with fighting tried and tested ring-warriors? With each fight Amir gains experience and confidence in himself in the most hostile of sporting arenas.

    With what Khan has achieved so far many boxers would be quite pleased with a good-looking record to boast about in their retirement. If you are jealous of Amir or harbouring some prejudices, then I suggest you go and get your head sorted or go and support your local cricket team, there's a good chap !!

  • Comment number 94.

    Fury-Chisora was well entertaining. Neither man is within 100 miles of the Klitschkos, or even Haye or Solis, but they were well-matched.
    Fury came in to "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" but it was Chisora who seemed to have mislaid things, such as his jab.
    A left jab is a great weapon even if you're giving away height & reach. Look at Joe Frazier or Mike Tyson who had a great, snapping, jab at his best.
    Mind you, judging by the look of him, 2 other things Chisora couldn't find were his running shoes & the salad bowl.

  • Comment number 95.

    I want Khan to do well.

    TBH it is hard to know how popular he, or any boxer, is because they don't appear on terrestrial TV or at times they might attract a big audience. I can safely say David Haye is/was quite popular because I could barely push my way into a pub to watch him fight Vladimir K.

    Like, I suspect, a lot of people, I find it quite offensive to be told that if I don't like everything Amir has done it proves I'm anti-muslim. By any rational analysis Carl Froch has beaten better men than Amir has, therefore he deserves a higher reputation. Their respective religions are irrelevant.

  • Comment number 96.

    @1eriugenus, who said you were anti-Muslim? Let's not try to turn this into something it is not. I think Froch is pound for pound a better boxer, perhaps Amir will eclipse that, perhaps not, he'll be close I suspect, 5 years time

  • Comment number 97.

    I normally agree with u Ben, and I like ur analogy of Fury Chisora, what it lacked in quality it made up for in just pure brawling fight entertainment.

    But on ur Khan analogy u just completely ignored Marcos Maidana. He had just beaten Ortiz and was widely regarded as the best fighter in the division. And "chinny" Khan managed to convincingly beat the hard hitting Argentinian in the "Fight of the Year".

    I think after the Maidana win and Judah performance, Khan has gone onto a different level. You cant say that he just fights no hopers and has beens. I dont really like the tone of this article Ben if Im being honest.

    If the UK still thinks he needs to prove himself, let them think that. In the States he is widely considered as a true boxing superstar, and is now ready for a shot at Mayweather. The US see him bigger than Hatton.

    He is backed by HBO in the US but here he has to settle for Primetime, I just dont get it.

  • Comment number 98.

    I have to echo the support for the Tyson Chisora fight being on Channel 5. Made such a refreshing change. It does amaze me how no TV channels bid for some fights, surely a live fight will beat some of the boring crap that is on a lot of these channels, in terms of ratings.

  • Comment number 99.

    I would kill for a Kebab right now.

  • Comment number 100.

    Oh come on. TIM BRADLEY could not fight Amir in July as he was waiting for his managerial contract to expire. What has anyone seen from Tim Bradley to suggest he is the one who ducks challenges? He certainly hasn't feasted on old men. No surprise whatsoever a British journalist/Amir Khan fanboy would not bring this up in this glowing Khan article.

    Judah was ancient. Yes he had a belt, we can thank this ridiculous era of four titles per division for having Zab Judah as a world champ in 2011. To put it in perspective - Judah turned pro in 1996 when Amir was TEN YEARS OLD!

    Amir have developed into a fine boxer and he is fun to watch, and he surprised many by surviving Maidana, that being said I can't believe anyone can write such a raving review of khan whilst acknowledging Barrera, Malignaggi, and Judah were all old and well past their best and Erik Morales is up next?! What has he done, besides being splattered by Breidis Prescott who he won't rematch and defeat Marcos Maidana?


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