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Audley's final fling

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Ben Dirs | 16:56 UK time, Friday, 12 November 2010


If Audley Harrison loses to David Haye on Saturday he could do worse than setting himself up as some sort of mystic guru, receiving visitors on a Californian hilltop, administering medicine for the mind: "Yes, my child, you can."

For all the false dawns, all the unfulfilled promises, all the evidence which suggests - nay, screams - the 39-year-old has no chance of dethroning WBA heavyweight champion Haye in Manchester, there are those Harrison has managed to convince. Or so he would have us believe. 

"Anyone who knows boxing, they all say it's an even-money fight," Harrison told BBC Sport. But closer inspection of the raft of predictions, from fair-weather fans to former fighters, reveals very few are saying anything of the sort: stating, as Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield effectively have, that Harrison has a "puncher's chance" is not the same as saying they think he is going to prevail.

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Harrison believes his size will give him the edge over Haye

And those fans Harrison has apparently managed to convert were in short supply at Friday's weigh-in, where the former Olympic champion was greeted with half-hearted cheers and much booing while his erstwhile friend was given a rapturous reception.

But this is Harrison's genius: a man who revels in riddles, by convincing himself others are convinced by him, he manages to convince himself. And make no mistake, he really is convinced. Just as he was convinced before he lost to Danny Williams in 2005, Dominick Guinn in 2006, Michael Sprott in 2007 and Martin Rogan in 2008.

"He truly believes everything that's happened before has happened for this one night," Haye told BBC Sport. "All the setbacks, the nights in hospital after getting knocked out, this is what it's all been about. I find it quite amusing."

In truth, the normally phlegmatic Haye has appeared more irritated than amused at times, causing him to make some rather ill-advised public statements. And no doubt Harrison hopes Haye's annoyance will spill over in the ring, causing him to lose his discipline and leave himself open to Harrison's counters and, what is admittedly, a pretty decent left hand.

"I can punch and I've got the pedigree, the right team who have taught me the fundamentals of the ring," says Harrison. "David Haye is brawn over brain, he's a brawler, he likes to mix it, and you're going to see why it's called the sweet science on Saturday." But Harrison's theory has more holes in it than a rusty spit bucket.

First, Haye demonstrated against Nikolay Valuev in winning the WBA belt last November that he can be anything but a brawler if need be and that he and trainer Adam Booth are able to implement and stick to a winning game-plan. Second, Harrison has done little in the 10 years since winning Olympic gold to suggest he is anything like a scientist in the ring.

There are those who claim Harrison has 'the tools' to be a top-class operator - the height, the reach, a concussive left hand - but what use are 'the tools' when they spend most of the time rusting away in the shed?

And for all Harrison's talk of possessing an "unbreakable will", Haye is well within his rights to wonder aloud where it was hiding, for example, during his defeat by Rogan, the Belfast taxi driver who ground Harrison into dust down the stretch.

David Haye prepares for his fight

Haye says he will knock out Harrison in the first six rounds Photo: Getty

Harrison is correct to point out that when Haye does decide to mix it he is not the most elusive - Mike Tyson, whose head movement was a major strength when he was at his peak, was not the first to highlight that Haye does not move his head enough. What he forgets is that Haye has been in sticky situations before, and usually managed to extricate himself.

True, Haye bit off more than he could chew against the granite Carl Thompson back in 2004, blowing himself out before losing in five rounds, but that was only his 11th pro fight and he has demonstrated plenty of character since then.

Floored by Jean Marc Mormeck when challenging for the Frenchman's WBC cruiserweight crown in Paris in 2007, Haye got up and stopped the champion three rounds later. Haye also went over against Monte Barrett in 2008 before knocking the American bandy in the same round. And in his most recent bout against John Ruiz he was cut and deducted a point in the first only to put the former two-time world champion down four times on his way to a brutal ninth-round stoppage.

That the challenger has resorted to dredging up defeats from Haye's amateur days tells its own story. And it matters not a jot if Haye's sparring partner Tony Thompson put him down in training, as Harrison has claimed: Thompson went 11 rounds with Wladimir Klitschko only two years ago and many would say he is more worthy of another world title shot than Harrison.

Admittedly, Harrison looked lean and mean on the scales, while still weighing in three stone heavier than Haye, who has gambled it all on speed. But Harrison always looks lean and mean beforehand, it's when the first bell sounds there's a problem.

In my last blog I said this is a fight that makes perfect sense. It does, but that is not the same as saying it will be a decent fight. Harrison's mind games might work on himself, but I get the feeling Haye, like almost everyone else, is not entirely convinced.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Hello Ben. I read your blogs a lot and they are well balanced and usually quite humorous. I was a bit surprised by this one and the others you have posted about this fight. It seems as if you dislike Harrison. He can talk a lot of turkey as they say but he's not that bad. I think he is mainly disliked because he has a brain and he is articulate, something many in boxing seem to fear. He's made money, reinvented himself several times over and finally got the world title fight. We should credit him for that. He faces up to ridicule and has the courage to keep getting in the ring. He talks himself up but don't they all.

    He'll get knocked out but not before giving Haye a bit of a scare. May be then he'll get a little credit.

    And if there is any justice in the world margarito is going to get schooled, whipped and dismantled.

  • Comment number 2.

    People dislike audley because he makes audacious claims then misses them by a mile. It is not wrong to call someone in this place delusional. I'll give him his dues though the guy has a good business brain on him.

    Couldn't agree more about Margarito, I never normally want to see a fighter hurt but in this case.....

  • Comment number 3.

    AndyTab - It's not a case of me disliking Harrison - I don't know him to dislike him - I'm just pointing out that he's promised the world in the past and has rarely, if ever, delivered. Yes, they all talk themselves up, but the difference is Haye, and others, deliver. I'm not sure he has reinvented himself either - I think he's the same fighter he was two, three, four, five years ago, and he's been very lucky to get a world title fight - it's not as if he deserves it on the back of his performances. I'm also not sure about this business brain of his - he was handed a 10-fight, million pound contract on a plate by the BBC and the only reason he's still in the reckoning has nothing to do with his business acumen, it's to do with that Olympic gold he won 10 years ago.

  • Comment number 4.

    This is going to be a complete mismatch, either a one sided beating over 12 or a brutal KO. Over the course of his career Harrison has shown himself to be nothing more than a Euro level journeyman (if that). This matchup, along the vitali-briggs fight before it, is not good for boxing.

  • Comment number 5.

    I think it's more like Haye's final folly.

    I hopes Audley will administer a brutal execution in the ring tomorrow.

  • Comment number 6.

    While I also enjoy your blogs and your writing in general, I do agree with the first comment that you've been too harsh with Harrison this week, (though I'm sure it's not based on personal dislike) in keeping with the general attitude of boxing fans and boxing commentators to him.
    I've never really understood the loathing he attracts, though when you see the reaction to Amir Khan and James DeGale, you understands that, to some extent, it's a pretty instinctive reaction to Olympic success. As a person, I have no idea what he's like (as I'm sure is true of most of the people who barrack him), but i've heard just as many people who know him say how personable he is as the opposite.
    If you look at his pro career out of the context of the hype, he should be seen for what he is, a very decent domestic operator - he's fought a good level for the last five years or so, avenged his two most crushing defeats - which deserves respect - and, apart from the first Sprott fight (where he very nearly stopped his opponent early), his losses have been narrow. He shouldn't be seen as a lesser man than the well-respected Sprott, Williams, Skelton, whom no one begrudged their (failed) shots at the big time.
    So he's been hyped and hyped himself - on the first point, you can't blame him for winning Olympic gold, on the second, that's what every boxrt who gets a bit of domestic success does, in their own way - i've heard it from Tony Bellew to John Murray to Anthony Small to Ryan Rhodes. Harrison's not the only one who hyped himself but didn't make it. Nearly all of them don't make it. None of those listed above will be World Champion, but they won't attract the opprobrium that Harrison does.
    If he fails tomorrow, as he probably will, even so he deserves to be judged not as a national joke but as a reasonable domestic level fighter who, like 95% of his ability, didn't have the full set of tools. If he succeeds, well, he won't be seen as the next Muhammad Ali, but a few less boos might be in order.

  • Comment number 7.

    There's a very fine line between being self-belief and delusion, though I can't quite make up my mind as to which Harrison is. Harrison has been incredibly lucky to find himself with the opportunity to become World Champion, but I don't particularly think he deserves it. In 2000 he had the tools, the opportunity and the potential to be a World Champion on merit, personally I don't think he has earnt it. This isn't a Rocky "plucked from obscurity to achieve a dream" moment, this is a fight that is happening only for the money. As I said on the other blog, I won't be watching.

  • Comment number 8.

    Looking at Lennox..i bet both audley and david are glad he's still not around in the fight game (or at his peak).

    David looks like a good littlun (for the HW division) but Lennox was great biggun!

  • Comment number 9.

    Not a regular heavyweight fan, but this fight has drawn my attention, simply because of Audley Harrion. Is he for real?

    This whole thing is surely a joke? After the kings of nothingness, Danny Williams and Dominick Guinn, beat this waste of space back in 2006 I really thought the sad sideshow was over.

    David Haye... I'm disappointed in you. You shouldn't be wasting your talent and time fighting nobodies like Harrison, whatever the purse is. But I still hope you 'fustigate' him.

  • Comment number 10.

    Interestingly Wikipedia confirms that Audley's real name is actually Fraudley...!!

  • Comment number 11.

    I would like Audley to knock out Haye but I'm not holding out much hope, simply because I'm tired of Haye talking himself up to be the best then ducking the Klitschkos.

  • Comment number 12.

    I almost see this fight as a civil war rather than a title shot, a sort of 'who's the best in the UK' bout with a world championship at stake.

    Haye's demolition of John Ruiz (which was admittedly the first boxing match I ever watched) was pretty stirring stuff to watch, whereas flicking over YouTube to see Audley's fights, left, well, a lot to be desired.

    Haye in 7 rounds by technical knockout. I shall enjoy watching this one.

  • Comment number 13.

    Audley Harrison is not a bad human being just because he has a few off days.

    Every human being has off days.

    Harrisons story does resonate with people, because he represents someone who has been through the good times and the bad times and at 39 he has been given his dream chance, against a seemingly unbeatable fighter.

    This would be more impressive than Rockys win over Ivan Drago.

    Im rooting for Harrison because Haye has only taken this fight for a big payday and to destroy someone elses career. This will not further Haye in any way, and it is this arrogant contempt that lies within David Haye that makes me want him to lose, and experience the other side of life, the side that Audley has experienced far too often.

    Has Haye been too cocky for his own good here or is Audley a big fat joke?

    Either way Haye does not look great.

  • Comment number 14.

    #5 Haye's final folly?? What were his previous follies? Cleaning up the Cruiserweight division and then moving up to win a Heavyweight title?

    You might hopes (sic) that Audley administers a brutal execution, but that is not going to happen and I "expects" Haye to retire Audley tomorrow.

    #2 Agree with you re Audley and judging by your user name you have impeccable footballing taste too!

  • Comment number 15.

    #11 Haye is not ducking the Klitschkos. He ducked nobody as a cruiserweight and wants to clean up the heavyweight division. The reason he can't get a fight on with either of them is down to the financial and other terms they are looking for. They will continue to fight lame ducks and milk their titles for all they can.

  • Comment number 16.

    13 Typical British attitude - side with a loser and criticise a champion because he's "arrogant". Maybe if Harrison had some of that arrogance he would have been a world champion instead of an embarrassment who lost a fight to a taxi driver.

    In answer to your questions...

    1. No
    2. Yes

  • Comment number 17.

    #15 - Haye refused a 50-50 contract that HE DOES NOT DESERVE, from both the Klits, that certainly has to be ducking.

  • Comment number 18.

    As #17 said, Haye refused a reasonable contract. The Klitschko's have nothing to prove by beating Haye. It's funny to hear them talking about fighting ducks when Haye is taking on a has-been.

    Vitali has fought some great fighters and has never even been knocked down but he is aging. Wlad is a different prospect. He could be more vulnerable to Haye but we'll never know since Haye wants to retire at 31 after signing off his career with one noteworthy victory in the heavyweight divison.

  • Comment number 19.

    I am not "typical British attitude"

    I am not criticizing Haye just because he is arrogant, I love his arrogance, if he took into a fight with the Klitschko's instead of pulling out of pre agreed fights citing injuries and then contract disputes etc.

    The reason I dont like Haye in this one, is because it will not further Hayes own career in any way. I find this beyond necessary arrogance and see it as just pure bullyboy insecure contemptible arrogance, and makes me feel that Haye needs to learn a lesson in the humility of life.

    Thats why I'm rooting for Harrison on this one, as there's no better person to teach him the humility of life than Audley himself.

    I do not respect anyone who does anything which will not further themself in anyway but is purely done to detriment someone else.

  • Comment number 20.

    Hi Ben,

    I haven't commented on your blogs before so here goes. Anyone who gets in the ring as a professional boxer deserves our utmost respect and Audley Harrison is no different. They may have been friends once, but much of the banter between the two is about selling tickets. Boxers need to make money and quickly to avoid irreparable damage; a point you have made yourself. I cannot, therefore, bring myself to question Audley's motives for wanting to carry on fighting when he has fallen at so many hurdles. I have to agree with the former fighters: Audley has a puncher's chance. That aside, I expect Haye to out box, out think and out score Audley consistently throughout the fight. Audley is a big man and may survive 15 rounds; sorry, 12 (showing my age). He should be well beaten by then.

  • Comment number 21.

    "...the difference is Haye, and others, deliver."
    What, all of them? Seems a bit steep to be critical of Audley because he's being positive before a fight when pretty much every fighter goes in there thinking he has the plan and the training to win. If we're talking about plans and lack of deliverance thereof, Haye swore up and down he was going to knock Valuev out.

  • Comment number 22.

  • Comment number 23.

    16. Couldn't agree more. I'll be right behind David Haye tonight, although I hope Audley manages to make a fist of it as I begrudge paying £15 for what is likely to be a 5 minute fight. I cannot understand why anyone would back Audley (apart from his family), if he were to win he would immediately retire and we would never hear the end of him saying 'I told you so'. Whereas if Haye was to win there should be many exciting fights ahead, I don't believe he will retire in the next 12 months as he says. The fact is like Haye or not he is an exciting fighter to watch, whereas Harrison is the exact opposite. Although I will say Audley has done a good job of selling the fight, if only his boxing heart was as impressive as his mouth

  • Comment number 24.

    Lol 50-50 contract from the Klits!! Check out the Chisora contract for a view on how the K Bros see a fair contract. Beat a K: Rematch. Beat a K again: Fight the other one.

    Haye is on record as saying the K's have turned down one or two 50-50 contracts.

    I feel for Audley. HIs Olympic win was excellent. Showed he has the fundamental skill and technique to be a decent boxer. Until he had to go past 4 rounds and deal with being hit hard.

    I think Audley is scared of being hit, which is ironic as he's stepping into the ring with an opponent who can genuinely bang.

    Looking at Frauldey's physique, I'd say he's a good 5 or 6lbs away from where he should have been.

  • Comment number 25.

    I have to agree 100% on Ben's blog, take away the personalities and just look at it on paper. Haye's last 4 out of 5 fights have been world title fights, compare this to Harrison as was done on Sky last night and you will see that Harrison at best is national class.

    There is as much a gulf in class as there is Chorisa and Klitchko.

  • Comment number 26.

    Haye has said that he can beat both Klitschkos surely he wants to face them. The first contract was beat Wlad rematch with Wlad and then if he beats him face Vitali. Surely if he wants to be undisputed champion he needs to face the brothers anyway?

    Haye signed this contract then due to Setanta pulled out citing a back injury. The next contract they signed was 50/50 no future options which is MORE than Haye deserves as Wlad is bringing IBO/IBF/WBO/Ring titles to Haye's WBA. Also he is a proven champion at heavyweight where as Haye has had four fights since moving up after unification. Barrett who was a shot fighter, Valuev who was beaten far more convincingly by Ruslan Chagaev who actually made it a fight rather than running for 12 rounds in one of the most boring fights and Ruiz who is also past it.

    If Haye is not going to fight K brothers then he should fight Solis (who holds an amateur win) Adamek, Boystov, Povetkin or even Sam Peter rather than a guy like Harrison.

  • Comment number 27.

    At 11:27pm on 12 Nov 2010, Jonnyaiston wrote:
    #15 - Haye refused a 50-50 contract that HE DOES NOT DESERVE, from both the Klits, that certainly has to be ducking.

    50/50 split? It was never that straight forward!

  • Comment number 28.

    Harrison has done nothing to deserve this chance and did not need to use his mouth in the run up to this bout. He can only make himself look even more foolish than he has in previous fights. Haye imo uses the talk just to try and get some interest in the heavyweight division as it is in a sorry state. Haye imo is a little unlucky that he is not a natural heavyweight although he is proving himself and bringing some genuine interest back to the division. Haye is rare in that he is capable of finishing fights with one punch and not because of his size, he really seems to have the power in his punches that few can match. It looks fairly obvious that Haye is lucking to pick up some nice purses without the risk that fighting the Klitschko brothers would bring. Nobody could blame Haye for wanting to make some big money and his fights normally always give full value with the excellent attacking style he brings to the ring. Harrison in the fights i have seen of him has looked as if his first objective has been to make sure he is not knocked out? Defence is a big part of boxing but I can hardly remember Harrison looking like he had the attacking tools boxers in the heavyweight division need to get the opponent out of there. There are times in a bout were a boxer may have to take a punch in order to throw a punch and put themselves in a more dangerous and risky position and champions will do this and whatever it takes Harrison imo never gives the impression that he is willing or able to take up the challenge and will be remembered for his gold medal and being frustrating in the pro ranks.

  • Comment number 29.

    BenDirs wrote

    "AndyTab - It's not a case of me disliking Harrison - I don't know him to dislike him - I'm just pointing out that he's promised the world in the past and has rarely, if ever, delivered. Yes, they all talk themselves up, but the difference is Haye, and others, deliver."

    When Audley waffles he is criticized for not walking the walk but Haye gets off scott free after failing to deliver on his promise to be the biggest reinvigorator of the heavyweight boxing division since a young Louisville lad burst on the scene all those years ago.

    A negative view of Audley on the Beeb wouldn't be without justification considering he took them for a £1,000,000 ride.

    The fight promotion strategy seemed fairly one dimensional to me:

    1) Haye plays the villain and is very disrespectful to Audley, this goes against Hayes preferred demeanor of the cheeky publisist with a twinkle in his eye.

    2) Audley is hurt by Haye's very negative and distasteful comments and plays the wounded lamb that we should feel sorry for.

    3) Haye attempts to become a figure of hate ala a young Ali and hopes this will attract fans that want to see him KO'd.

    4) Audley gets sympathy and some people back him as the underdog. They would love to see him teach Haye lesson.

    The above they hope leads to more pay per view sales.

    The thing is Haye is not comfortable with the role he is playing for this fight in my view. He wants to be the cheeky chappie who everyone likes......the guy fighting for his legacy.......this is the real David Haye.

    Haye is doing this fight for the money but it is a million miles from where he wants to be as a fighter. He would be much more comfortable in himself fighting a credible opponent.

    For these reasons I won't be buying the fight.

  • Comment number 30.


    HAHAHA but i will read al the blogs and take the time to comment on them.

    You may not buy the fight, but you will watch it and you are caught in the hype cause you are commenting on it at 11am of the morning of fight night!

  • Comment number 31.

    #26 The next contract they signed was 50/50 no future options which is MORE than Haye deserves as Wlad is bringing IBO/IBF/WBO/Ring titles to Haye's WBA.

    Are you sure thats fact??? i think u may of picked that up from Jackanory!

    Go on the hayemaker website and watch the video of Haye explain exactly why he didn't sign to fight Klitchko.

    I don't dislike Harrison but he is going to get taught a lesson tonight and it could be painful one. a brutal second round KO with a shot he doesn't even see coming! And a similar outcome for Margarito!

  • Comment number 32.

    I just dont see what there to be excited about in this match, all i see is a public execution for Harrison. Hayes may talk the talk, but he also walks the walk as well, he was even more disrespectful to Valuev and he totally outclassed the guy. Hayes is obviously doing his best to stir up a bit of interest in the fight with his statements like wanting Harrison to be allowed to use an axe for this fight and wanting to 'end the joke that is the Audley Harrison show.' Harrison whenever he gets interviewed doesnt look particularly convincing to me, he doesnt look like he believes in what he says. Maybe hes super determined to win and doesnt want to jinx himself by being overly confident, who knows.....

  • Comment number 33.


    Just chilling out on a Saturday morning and though I'd post a comment.

    I won't be watching Haye as my next door neighbor is fighting in a charity White Collar boxing event tonight. He never boxed before he joined up for the fight 6 weeks ago. I reckon it will be more entertaining than Haye v Harrison.

  • Comment number 34.

    Your mate in white collar? Each to their own. I am not afraid to admit that I want to see this fight, and am looking forward to seeing Audley getting smashed to a pulp! Mismatch or not, I am one from the camp that wants to see the end of the Audley Harrison show. I just hope it is a long, hard sustained beating and brutal KO.

    Fortunately the local pub have it on so I dont need to pay!

  • Comment number 35.

    Audley is the only boxer who fans attack for talking him self up... Every boxer does it.. Chisora is going to talk him self up against WK, but he does not get attacked for it, what has he ever done?... Why would Audley go into the fight saying he is not good enough or cant be champ?... why would he turn down a million pound deal from the BBC?. I think that is foolish, Haye is odds on to win, But if Audley comes in focused and uses his weight well he has a chance despite Haye's "superman" attitude...


  • Comment number 36.

    Really looking forward to this fight for afew reasons.. Like many i want to actually see if Harrison can step up and deliver alternativly i want to know how Haye will deal with being the overwhelming favourite. Personally im a big Haye fan and think he needs to do well to get some credibility back into the Heavyweight devision. I can see Haye ending this with in 3 rounds he looked physically and mentally prepared at the weigh in. If Harrison does connect with that left tho we'll also see if Haye can take a punch from a heavyweight, personally im not sure if he can?! Cant wait!

  • Comment number 37.

    Great blog Ben - really enjoyed it. All I'd say is if the fight is half as entertaining as the build up then it will be a classic. The banter and verbal sparring from both fighters has been hilarious. Especially Harrison - that guy is such a great storyteller! I just love it when he goes into 'philosophy' mode! I'm no expert on boxing, but it's just impossible to see anything other than an emphatic Haye victory given their respective track records. Then again I remember Foreman-Ali and Holyfield-Tyson and Douglas-Tyson. In the HW division anything can happen and you can never be sure! That's what still makes HW boxing so exciting.

  • Comment number 38.

    Harrison has a brain?
    Pray tell me where it is because his eyes suggest something else. If there has ever been a less charismatic boxer in the heavyweight division then I am unaware of him. He just will not leave! Perhaps Haye will help those of us who are fed up of his tiresome blagging to remember that it is people like the mundane Harrison who bring the sport into disrepute. He's is a fake, an embarrassment and hopefully he is history.

  • Comment number 39.

    31. At 11:30am on 13 Nov 2010, Chris wrote

    Are you sure thats fact??? i think u may of picked that up from Jackanory!

    Go on the hayemaker website and watch the video of Haye explain exactly why he didn't sign to fight Klitchko.


    To be fair we've heard contradictory stories from both sides. Haye says Wlad is scared and wants way more than 50/50, then Wlad says Haye is scared and turned down 50/50 (with rematch clause) etc..

    If Haye really wanted to be the best in the heavyweight division, he would accept a contract that favours Wlad slightly. After all, Wlad is bringing much more to the table than Haye's WBA, and both the Klitschkos are proven champions. Haye's only beat Valuev, who was taken apart by Chagaev.

    I believe Haye can do it. Wlad's chin is questionable and Vitali is aging. I just wish he'd fight more decent heavyweights like Chagaev, Peter, Povetkin, Adamek.

  • Comment number 40.

    @ #31 So you believe David Haye? A guy who months before this fight was signed has stated he would not fight Audley only to be fighting him.

    Why does Haye even deserve 50/50? His fights are not shown in US and he will not draw a crowd until he fights Klitschko (either). They on the other hand are shown on ESPN, HBO won't by Klitschko's fights as they are in Europe where they can fill arenas and stadiums.

    Haye needs to fight actual threats in this division rather than a guy who looks afraid to throw more than one punch a minute and his paw like jab.

    And @Zilla62 How has Harrison brought the sport into disrepute? He's not a fake or an embarrassment he is just an average boxer at best.

  • Comment number 41.

    It doesnt sound like he dislikes Harrison. It sounds like he has heard it all before from Harrison. Are they on 50/50 for the pay by view I wonder?

  • Comment number 42.

    @ contrast
    "I would like Audley to knock out Haye but I'm not holding out much hope, simply because I'm tired of Haye talking himself up to be the best then ducking the Klitschkos."

    Haye is the HW Champion of the world. He was undisputed cruiserweight champion. Dont he think he is entitled to some self belief? Compare his achievements to those of Harrisons.

    As for ducking the Klitschkos if you really believe that then you don't know boxing. Haye is not afraid of them. They are all waiting for K-Ching day ....

  • Comment number 43.

    Haye is a HW champion. Wlad is THE HW Champion of the world. And yes he is ducking them at the moment. He chased Wlad in a mall, wore T Shirts with their heads. All good stuff to create interest but then he has become one of the most inactive fighters/champions ever. It's been over two years that this stuff is going on.

    4 fights in 2 years is a poor return. If he said I need to establish as a HW then I will KO the brothers then no one would complain. But he has used their name to garner publicity in the hope that he faces them but the guy wants to retire next year so he needs to get a move on.

  • Comment number 44.


    Please don't tell me I don't know boxing when you think Haye was undisputed at Cruiserweight. Cheers. x

  • Comment number 45.

    While Harrison’s opponents have been questionable, Haye has fought over the hill opposition (Barrett and Ruiz) at HW, and is defiantly being overhyped as the next best thing in the HW division. He has guts and can punch, but has a questionable chin and very little in the way of defense. Avoiding the brothers K was very smart (businesswise) on his part. I don’t think that Harrison will win, but to completely discount him is ridiculous. If I was a betting man I would definitely put a few bob on him to cause an upset. BTW, I will not be watching this farce.

  • Comment number 46.

    44. Er, Haye was undisputed cruiserweight champion.

    45. I would consider watching if the undercard was any good, but it's pretty terrible to be fair. I think all the fights tonight will last about a total of 20 minutes

  • Comment number 47.

    46. Er, no he wasn't. Haye never won the IBF belt so he wasn't undisputed. He ducked Cunningham and even could have fought Adamek.

  • Comment number 48.

    Thanks Ben for another great read, as usual.

  • Comment number 49.

    Haye was a unified not undisputed CW champion. He was Ring Magazine No 1 only for a few months.

  • Comment number 50.

    Personally I don't see Harrison lasting 3 rounds. He's all talk, as Ben say's if he didn't have an Olympic gold medal he wouldn't even be in the frame for this fight.

  • Comment number 51.

    But Haye selected him for the fight and an easy pay day so much for being the saviour of HW boxing. The guy wants high reward, low risk fights and people seem to be lapping the hype up.

  • Comment number 52.

    47. He was WBA WBC WBO and more importantly The Ring cruiserweight champion. Cunningham wasn't big on the world scene and Adamek was fighting at light heavyweight. I don't think you can say Haye ducked Cunningham, when he fought Mormeck who was ranked no.1 and he went to France to fight him

  • Comment number 53.

    @bill : What questionable chin? He blew himself out in 5 against Thompson. That was it. The rest he battered. What is it with these oft repeated cliches? Its the same people say of Khan. Khan got KOd by a punch that would have floored an elephant. As for Haye fighting questionable HWs? Say what? He easily beat Valuev and knocked the stuffing out of the others since he became HW. He totally destroyed Ruiz who is notable for his durability. Seriously, actually watch some boxing if you're going to comment;)

  • Comment number 54.

    @Asizzle272. So lets get this straight. Haye fights ONE "poor openent" (which will probably create a new PPV record in the UK and so proves the public wants it) and now you claim he's all hype and high reward low risk? Valuev was "low risk"? Please tell me you are joking and dont base your entire view of his career on the fact he takes a fight against Fraudley and earns himself 5 million or so? have you SEEN the people the Klitschko's are lining up in Stadiums in Germany? Shannon Briggs? Please.

  • Comment number 55.

    @RichardR Valuev was low risk he should have lost the title to Holyfield and was beaten by Chagaev and these guys actually traded punches with the guy. Valuev is very slow and more of a freak show than a good boxer. The public didn't want it but they will buy it because they are fickle and the media are pushing it even guys like Lennox Lewis are saying he has a good chance.

    I have seen the people Klitschkos have lined up Vitali since coming back beat Gomez and Arreola who were regarded in the division. Briggs was unworthy but a former champion, Albert Sonowski was a tune up. Expect him next year to face either Adamek or Solis/Austin. Wlad faced Peter and dominated him a guy that made him see the canvas 3 times in their first fight.

    Against Rogan, Harrison threw 90 punches that is one every 20 seconds and since then he got a hail mary shot on Sprott and now is facing Haye.

  • Comment number 56.

    I get the sense the fight can't come quick enough now.

    Was it me or did Audley seem right on the edge at the weigh in, almost too intense, walking off mid interview and apparently tripping up on the stairs all over the place.

    Maybe he was remembering his last fight against a quicker shorter heavyweight, Coleman Barratt, in the final of Prizefigher a year ago when for a round and half he gave Audley all the trouble he could handle (to the point Audley didn't fancy it) before a sweet right, left combo finished the job.

    Omens omens, can't wait to tune in.

    Could be an omen.

  • Comment number 57.

    @Richard R

    In terms of a heavyweight alphabet belts Valuev was the easiest option. Valuev will go down as one of the poorest Heavyweight belt holders of all time.

    Lets look at Haye's heavyweight career:

    Monte "Two Gunz" Barrent a has been never was fighter who didn't want to be in England for the fight and who made a laughing stock of himself when entering the ring. He dropped Haye all the same. Anyone who thinks it was a slip should look at the glazed look in Haye's eyes when he got up.

    John Ruiz another past it fighter who was only able to achieve what he did as the division was in such poor state.

    Now he fights Audley. As a fan I couldn't care less. I feel let down.

    You know what makes it worse? Haye is a very good fighter. I just want to see him show us what he can do in a proper fight.

  • Comment number 58.

    Peronsally, I cannot see this fight going the distance. Haye early rounds for me.

  • Comment number 59.

    @strongback : Haye was a cruiser weight. He came up. He had a couple of warm ups and then took on the monster. And beat him. He then took Ruiz who is FAR better opposition than most of the has beens and retirees the Klitschkos have been fighting. What do people expect? Him to come up from Cruiserweight and take on the world immediately? The Klitschko fights will come but only on equal terms. They dont want to share the European Pay By View. They want to tie him up in a 3 fight contract. Boxing is a sport and is about entertainment. And few people can say that the build up and expectation for this fight tonights lacks either. There is that fascination with the fact that Audley *might* do it. Nothing he has says it's at all possible except for the "one punch chance". Nothing. But ... it's got us all riveted. I fully expect Haye to totally and utterly destroy A-Farce inside a round. A forgone conclusion? Pretty much as foregone as anything can be. But I'll be watching, along with most of Germany the UK, nonetheless....and wouldn't be too surprised to see Haye showboat and get caught. If Audley has the cojones to drop his guard and throw some leather that is - it's something I don't expect to see.. I expect Harrison to come out quivering, try to wrap Haye up and wear him down. I think Haye is the real deal. He's committed, professional, fit and astute. His game plan against Valuev was perfect and dont forget he very almost KOd him too. He battered Ruiz. And not many people can say they did that.

  • Comment number 60.

    @RichardR You keep referring to Valuev as a monster but the guy was slow and one of the worst champions ever. Yes his performance with Ruiz was good but what has Haye done to dictate 50/50?

    And if Haye is as confident or as good as he thinks he is why not accept rematches? Haye himself has got a rematch clause in the Harrison match should Audley do the unthinkable. Champions should be allowed a rematch clause or do you not agree with that?

  • Comment number 61.

    Its funny how people in Britain believe that Haye is the next best thing for the heavyweight division. Who has he beaten? Valuev, WOWOWOW! A big Yeti who throws a punch at about 2mph and is about as mobile as Butterbean was in his heyday. Yipeee! Then he beats Ruiz, oh my god; WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Ruiz, the man who clings, grabs,holds and clinches at any given opportunity. There are rounds where this guy doesn't even throw a punch.

    Mormeck is the ONLY credible fighter he has beaten in his LIFETIME, and that was at cruiserweight. Heavyweight, he has done naff all, and thats why he signs up to fight Fraudley and not someone like Samuel Peters or Chagaev (forget the Klitschkos, they are a class of their own- esp. Vitali), because he knows he is at BEST an above average heavyweight (not great) and just wants an easy payday, because he knows thats the best he can hope for. His career will be in tatters if he fights the Klitschkos, I can't see him fight them EVER unless it's his last fight of his career.....

  • Comment number 62.

    Who has Samuel Peter beat? Clubbing an old Maskaev or outpointing tubby old Toney? WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Perhaps it's getting his features rearranged by Vitali and Wlad? DOUBLE WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!

    I also seem to recall that most of Chagaev's credibility came from outpointing (as narrowly as Haye did) both that big Yeti and 'the man who clings' you're on about. It certainly didn't come from his dreadful non-effort against Wlad or stopping Michael Sprott.

    Let's not go pretending there's exactly a wealth of contenders with quality names under their belt. Ray Austin got a title shot vs Wlad off the back of a draw, others can get them off the back of beating on a few tomato cans and precious little else. And can ANYONE explain how Peter Okhello deserved a title shot at all?

  • Comment number 63.

    @ RichardR

    Firstly there were no rematch clauses in Hayes last failed contract with Wladimir. Haye and Booth are quoted as saying the fight fell through because Wlad wanted a 50/50 split on everything and Haye was not prepared to give Wlad half of the Sky TV PPV money. The Klitschko's have a deal with a German TV company, RTL from memory, but they would not generate as much revenue from their TV deal as Haye would with Sky. The reality is Haye wanted a better than 50/50 split on the fight because he could generate more TV money than Wlad. That to me is wrong as Wlad is the established heavyweight champ and The Ring No.1.

    I am less fascinated by the fight than how the fight was actually made a reality and sold to a gullible public. It seems to be true that people will believe anything if they are told it enough times or they read it in the newspaper.

  • Comment number 64.

    @Strongback exactly.

    @Ryushinku let's not pretend the HW division is amazing but who would you like Klitschkos to face except Haye. Povetkin's trainer said he wasn't ready. Adamek was tied up and trying to face taller boxers before taking them on. Vitali could be taking him or Solis on next.

    Arreola at the time was undefeated but isn't dedicated enough and got beat.

  • Comment number 65.

    To the people who think Ben's been a bit hard on Audley here - I think it's worth comparing Audley to Frank Bruno.

    Granted, lots of boxers talk themselves up - of you course you have to believe in yourself in the lead-up to a fight, and even Bruno used to do it during preparation. The thing about Audley is the *way* he talks himself up - he talks like a corporate salesman who's been reading pocket philosophy books, with his spiel about 'realizing the dream', and all that.

    That's one thing.

    The other thing is this - when Frank Bruno lost, he would say immediately afterward words to the effect of "I'm terribly sorry, folks, that's cricket. I did my best, I'm sorry I didn't manage it, but the other man was the better fighter...", and so on.

    But if you look up Audley's post-fight interviews on Youtube, you'll see him, having just had a pasting, making excuses and insinuating that despite losing, he is still a great fighter. Watch his interview after the Rogan loss, where he goes on at length about how he showed heart and courage, how he answered his critics, and how, to quote him, 'It almost clicked in, it almost clicked, I was almost there....'

    It's his blatant dishonesty that gets people's goat. Bruno was the most graceful fighter in defeat, and the British loved him for it. My eyes were moist after the Tyson fight when he looked at the camera, and with absolute honesty and integrity apologized and admitted that he just hadn't been good enough - he'd certainly given a better performance than Audley did against Martin Rogan, indeed, he shook Tyson a couple of times in the five rounds he lasted. But you didn't hear him banging on about 'It almost clicked in there, I almost did it, I'm still the best thing since sliced bread'.

    Same thing against Lewis - Bruno hated Lewis, but after the fight he still gave him his dues as the champion and the better fighter, despite having, again, fought out of his skin and shaken Lewis. Imagine Audley had managed that against Lewis - you'd never hear the end of it.

    And that's what the British people don't like - they can't stand bullshit. They prefer an honest loser to a bag of wind and pish.

    If Audley had been honest with the public and honest with himself from the outset, he would firstly be a lot more popular, despite not being world-class, and he would also probably have been a better, braver fighter.

  • Comment number 66.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 67.

    DJ-MCG made a good comment about Audley. No boxer, however good or bad he may be, is ever going to say: "I'm the next mediocre fighter to come out of... (add your own place name here)". Like other sports, boxing is about confidence even if you have to convince yourself you are better than your really are half the time. Boxing is often a one shot deal. If a lesser side is beaten 7 - 0 by Man Utd at Old Trafford, that team gets another chance at home later in the season. If a fighter is beaten by a similarly large margin in any fight, his chances of convincing anyone he should get another shot are slim at best. So for Audley to keep going against all the evidence and having been beaten the way he has by lesser fighters, is only to be expected of someone dredging up the necessary self-confidence a fighter needs.

  • Comment number 68.

    I think that the many bloggers are right (to a point) to criticise Audley Harrison on a whole range of issues already cited here. The interesting thing about Audley though is that we still don't actually know if he is any good or not. He has the size, a stiff jab, a concussive left-hand and, say what you like about the merits of his Olympic gold, it does show that he has a good degree of ring savvy. He has clearly underutilised these assets in some woeful performances, but that doesn't mean he hasn't 'got it'; just that he rarely shows it.
    The main question mark over Harrison however - I think it was raised by Barry McGuigan after the first Danny Williams fight - is still that he had no fighting heart (McGuigan saw it as fear in his eyes). He showed some 'guts' against Sprott last time out, but does that exonerate him of the accusation? - I guess we won't know until tonight.
    What we do know is that 'theoretically' Harrison has a fair armoury and 'may' have the determination to see this one through. More interestingly however, is the fact that we don't really know the calibre of David Haye at Heavyweight.
    We know that Haye has brought his punch power up through the ranks, but there are still question marks. Valuev, for example, although enormous, was too slow to really get to a Haye who rightly stuck to hit-and-run tactics. John Ruiz, although game and hard-as-nails, is not a big hitter, not a big heavyweight and was beaten in his younger days by Roy Jones Jr, who was effectively a blown-up middleweight. So there is a question over Haye's quality amongst the 'big men'
    More importantly, Haye can be knocked over at Cruiserweight, let alone Heavyweight and with little head movement, is likely to hit the deck again if hit flush by a 'big' heavyweight who can throw combinations, or throw at speed (which excludes Valuev).
    Therefore, if Audley is an under-achiever, as opposed to merely a domestic-level fighter (which we're not 100% sure of), he could have the jab to keep Haye at bay, and the left-hand to expose an unhidden and potentially fragile jaw.
    My view, like many others, is that Haye will take it to Harrison, who will not have the capacity to absorb the shots coming at such speed and will fold under the pressure. Yet, I wouldn't be 100% surprised if Harrison boxed Haye at range and then, having built his confidence, knocked Haye over in the later rounds.
    So although it probably won't be, it really could be an intriguing boxing match between 2 boxers who may be either much better or much worse than the form book predicts. And that theory doesn't even bring into account the lottery of two 'big men' landing bombs on each other, which have so often preceded the tearing of many a betting slip.
    We think we know, but we don't really, and that is why so many of us will be paying £15 to the Murdoch back-pocket fund tonight. It's just too tantalising to miss!

  • Comment number 69.

    Cant wait until the fight begins. Audley is going to win this for the people. Haye should will learn some manners tonight

    This is great for British boxing!!!

  • Comment number 70.

    @JamieMC : You stated that we dont know if Audley is any good or not. We do. He isn't. Good world title boxers dont struggle through Prize Fighter and lose to taxi drivers and fellow HWs in their dotage. -* insert usual caveat about punchers chance etc but remember the only real punch we saw from him was a waling lunch that pinged a knackered and careless Sprott in the dying seconds of a bout Audley had been easily beaten in up until that point *-.

  • Comment number 71.

    This fight will and should get all of Britain interested as its not every year we get 2 Brits fighting for the heavyweight crown. I dont think we can question the oponents Haye has fought, coming from cruiserweight as mentioned it will take time before he produces his best at heavyweight. Haye is doing things the right way imo getting used to the weight making good money not taking a big risk untill he is ready. Haye cannot be blamed for the poor fighters at the weight and his explosive style will always bring in the fans. Four fights is nothing and certainly not enough to learn how to use the extra weight to his advantage, the fight or fights with the Klitchkos will happen but all this wanting a rematch if beaten will drag it out imo. The rematch clause should be taken from every fight contract, if a fighter is so confident then why have it? My prediction for Haye v Harrison is Haye ko in round four.

  • Comment number 72.

    I think this could be one of the biggest mismatches in boxing since the Ali-Terrel "What's my name?" fight back in the late 60's.

    I believe that Haye has the speed and ringcraft to make it go much the same way, a 12-round punishing demonstration of speed over size. I hope though, for Audley's sake, that it doesn't happen this way. Nobody want's to see it, Harrison for all his failings at the top professonal level doesn't deserve it, and it would do Haye's reputation no good at all.

    I hope it's over quickly and Harrison then exits the boxing scene gracefully. IMO the only chance he has of a win is either a lucky punch or Haye getting over-confident & careless.

    We'll soon find out, but I won't be watching...

  • Comment number 73.

    From looking at the current betting odds, it seems that people are expecting a blistering, and early, finish. I would have to agree with that analysis. Not only is David Haye not used to going 12 rounds, I don't see it being a favourable occurence against a man like Harrison. Dragging the fight out is one of the only chances Harrison has here, so Haye will want to avoid that at all costs. And avoid it he will, because he has the tools to take apart a fighter of Harrisons standard.

    The only other angle I see Harrison getting a result from this, is if, during a flurry of punches by Haye, he gets a lucky, but powerful punch that connects well. We saw it against Sprott and in a moment of desperation, it's always a possibility - however slim. Haye is susceptible to a good punch (not as though Audley throws too many of those) so it's not beyond the realms of possibility, just very unlikely in my view.

    Haye to win within three rounds.


  • Comment number 74.

    Shame on me. Listened to it on 5live. Genuinely glad I didn't buy it.

  • Comment number 75.

    Bye-bye Fraudley...

  • Comment number 76.

    well... what can you say? I think the whole thing was fixed from day one and staged thereafter... Harrison didn't throw a single punch... he was probably paid to play a human punch bag with no right of reply

    two words... british mafia, sir

  • Comment number 77.

    Haye's still a clown

  • Comment number 78.

    @Norman As much as I'd like to believe that, it seems to me that the result is solely due to Harrisons lack of heart and boxing ability.

  • Comment number 79.

    Well,no surprise there then!

    Let's hope this finally ( please God) ends Harrison's was embarrassing and once again ( Audley backers please note) demonstrated that Harrison does not possess the fighters heart or indeed world class ability to make trouble within the ring.

    Can't wait to hear his pathetic excuses ( hasn't he run out of them yet?)

  • Comment number 80.

    Wasn't a surprising result at all. But I did expect Audley to fight more than he did. It was very very poor. Haye barely even had to try to win this fight.

    I'm not sure if he's any more prepared for the Klitschkos now than he was before the fight, but if he believes he is, that's better for all of us. 2011 could see the heavyweight division popularised if it happens.

  • Comment number 81.

    Well we got what we always get with Audley. I have watched his career unfold and it wouldn't take a genius to realise he should never have been in a ring fighting for a world title.

    I think Steve Bunce who totally backed the fight as being a credible matchup and hyped it to the hilt has given many casual boxing fans a bum steer. He is still talking on 5 Live as I type but I find it astonishing that he is trying to defend the fight on the basis that the event was great even though the fight left him flat. What does that mean?

    Anybody in the media who hyped this fight have misled people who spent hard earned money in a time of recession on fight tickets and PPV.

    People were duped and I called it day one. The media have a lot to answer for in this debacle which really has done more to hurt boxing than help it.

    This is one occasion when bad publicity is definitely not good publicity. A lot of casual fans will walk away from this fight with a bad taste in their mouths.

    A lesson should be learned and that is:

    Just because a fight can make money and generate hype does not mean it's good for boxing.

  • Comment number 82.

    Agreed, it was pretty embarrassing.

    The thing is you can't help but be swayed by the hype. Much as I have seen that frightened witless, too scared to even throw a punch look in Harrison's eyes before, I allowed myself to be persuaded that just maybe there was an inkling of a chance that this time he would go for it...

    This was purely purely a money making exercise for Haye... A good days work for him - laughing all the way to the bank. But a bad day for the sport. I was brought up watching free to air Nigel Benn against Eubank and such like - proper battles between proper fighters prepared to put it all on the line against their equals and try with every ounce of their mind and bodies to get the victory.

    I have been watching Haye since before he famously lost to Thompson as a cruiserweight - believe it or not he was on ITV back then! I tried to make a bet back then that he would be Heavy weight champion. He is a very gifted fighter. It is just a shame that after so much promise unifying WBC, WBO and WBA cruiser titles before moving up to heavyweight and promising to clean up, that rather than pit himself against the best out there and really put himself on the line, he has so far taken the pure money route... Fair enough he should make his money while he can... but this was a one sided beating against someone who had absolutely no right to be there. Audley didn't throw a punch. This was embarrassing for both him and Haye. Haye isn't helping himself prepare to fight a Klitschko by beating up people who are scared of him.

    I feel sorry for anyone who was sucked into paying for it. How did Audley manage to persuade us he had ANY chance!?

  • Comment number 83.

    If I had paid to watch it I would be asking for my money back. I think that Harrison threw less than 10 jabs in the whole 3 rounds. Not sure what that equates to as pound/punch. However, Harrison made some money so I guess that everyone’s a winner (except the punters of course). More worrying for Haye, is the number of times he was caught with Harrisons jab (when Harrison bothered to stick his hand out). Another fight with a more committed fighter with a bit more fire and whose is not scared to throw a punch, who knows how it might have ended. On the basis of this fight, if I were Haye I would not believe my own hype. Leave any fight with the K’s as a swan song, since they will be a bit older by then and he may stand more of a chance.

  • Comment number 84.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 85.

    Well, pretty much as predicted. Total hot air from Harrison. He was absolutely petrified. Look at the photos on the fight review on the BBC sport pages : mouth open, eyes bulging like a startled milk cow and body totally and utterly dedicated to getting out of harms why. Frankly I think his purse should be withheld. He made zero attemtp to make a fight of it. In short, as said earlier, he refused to throw any leather in case he got hit back. As it is Haye decided to just punch through Audley's defence. It was an embarassing spectacle and I don't blame him for not hanging around for post fight interviews. I almost feel sorry for him. I think deep down he really thought he could pull it off. As it is when the hype is over and you took that walk to the ring then suddenly you're all on your own. And with Haye staring at you from the other corner one can almost feel for big cuddly Audley. Pity he trash talked Haye so much- that might have sold a few tickets but his standing is now an all time low for a British boxer. Possibly only Bugner was more unpopular for well documented reasons. The whole fight was embarrassing for all concerned. The booing disgraceful.

  • Comment number 86.

    For circa £1m (or whatever his purse was) I would have glaldy done what Audley did last night. Stand there like a frozen scared rabbit for 3 rounds without throwing a punch and then get knocked out. After all his talk what a fool Audley looks now. Did he really believe all his rhetoric or was it all just bluster and bluff right from the start? Sad night for sport, and for boxing in particular.If he had any integrity Harrison would either refund the PPV and all the ticket paying fans in the arena or donate his purse to a charity. Haye doesn't exactly come out of it covered in glory either. He needs a massive two fights with the Klitchkos now if he is to restore his reputation and establish a legacy.

  • Comment number 87.

    People would have more respect for Harrison if he just said, i went in the ring with Haye for the money and didn't really have a plan as i did not expext to go to the later rounds. This nonesense i planned to take him the later rounds? imo no you didn't you realised you could not win and wanted to get out of there unhurt and as quickly as possible. Haye cannot be blamed that such a poor negative boxer is given a chance to fight for the title. Ok Haye saw a easy pay day but this bout was a total mismatch from prizefighter to heavyweight championship of the world? This is not the movies.

  • Comment number 88.

    "my mission is imcomplete"

    A Harrison post Haye fight

    I wonder what his mission is?

  • Comment number 89.

    "my mission is imcomplete"

    Obviously not to be a laughing stock. He has achieved that quite admirably.

  • Comment number 90.

    I watched this fight on pay per view and did very much wonder if it had been worthwhile. Perhaps surprisingly decided yes! The main event was a fascinating human drama with a few seconds of intense boxing action! The undercard fight for the commonwealth title was superb - so a least got good action there.

    In the build up I was torn - desperately hoping that for once Audley would stand up and really put everything on line for victory. This was against the knowledge that the chances were this wouldn't happen. Audley thought of only survival in the opening rounds not battle and this didn't help him when he got in the ring. You could see the fear.
    I feel sorry for Audley in a way - he was obviously trying to follow a game plan but it didn't help him face the onslaught. He never gave himself a chance to land significant punches and it was a very sad finish for him.

    Looking forward to Haye against the Klitchcos. Surely it has to happen, hope it doesn't get mired down with unreasonable demands and negotiations.


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