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Haye turns up heavyweight heat

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Ben Dirs | 03:44 UK time, Sunday, 4 April 2010

"It was drilled into me the whole way through training camp - keep hitting. If he takes it, great, hit him again, hit him again, hit him again..." David Haye

Nasa might want to think about doing some tests on John Ruiz, because having had a close-up view of what he went through on Saturday night in Manchester, I'm not convinced there's a harder substance on the planet.

"I could see he wasn't enjoying it," said the victorious David Haye after stopping Ruiz in nine brutal rounds, before realising the absurdity of his comment. Fighters have a habit of making the savage sound positively humdrum, so that Haye might have been talking about a shopping trip round the Arndale.

David Haye rocks John Ruiz with a big left hand in his victory in  Manchester.jpgHaye gave a blistering demonstration of his punching power against Ruiz. Photograph: Getty

In defending his WBA heavyweight crown for the first time, Haye did to Ruiz what only one man had done before in 54 fights, namely get him out of there before the final bell had tolled. The last time it happened was 14 years ago, and he's fought plenty of big hitters since then.

When the 38-year-old challenger hit the deck just 25 seconds into the first round, it seemed we'd all be having an early night. But never underestimate the determination of the 'Quiet Man', Ruiz had warned us often enough.

Afterwards, the challenger was clapped into the press room before being clapped out again. In between he clutched an ice-pack to his swollen face, answered questions politely and gave credit to his conqueror. Courageous almost to a fault, the former two-time champion may not be pretty, but he deserves far more than fans' derision.

"I expected it to go to the later rounds and it did," said Haye. "I knew he was tough, I knew he was durable and I knew he was going to be there. At no stage in the training did I envisage a quick blow out, I knew it was going to be a gruelling fight."

We already knew Haye packed plenty of power, but against Ruiz he also answered lingering questions about his punch-resistance and stamina - to a certain extent.

The Klitschko brothers are infinitely more skilled, are much, much bigger and they hit far, far harder. But you can only perform against what's put in front of you, and for his part Haye would like us to see the Ruiz fight as a "measuring stick".

"I was taking way too many shots, I like to land my shots and never get hit back," said Haye. "In the middle rounds I took my foot off the gas a bit to regroup, but I knew that if it had gone to 10 or 11 rounds, I could have picked it up again.

"The more of these fights I have the better I'll become. I'm nowhere near the complete article yet. But I'm getting here, I'm on the right road."

The Klitschko brothers parade their world heavyweight belts.jpgHaye hopes to relieve the Klitschko brothers of their belts and unite the heavyweight division. Photograph: Getty

Where that road might lead remains a mystery, because when Haye defeated Nikolay Valuev to claim the WBA belt last November, there was a rematch clause in the contract. "Sauerland Event [Valuev's promoters] didn't give us the WBA title shot for nothing," explained Haye's trainer and manager Adam Booth.

So when Haye said: "I'd like to fight who the fans want me to fight", what he really meant was, "sorry ladies and gents, I might actually have to run rings round that great big lump for 12 rounds again."

Let's hope sanity prevails and that Valuev is offered some cash to step aside. Haye has blasted a lungful of air into the sport of boxing, but another match against Valuev would send the heavyweight division farting round the room like a fast-deflating balloon.

The Klitschkos will want Haye as much as he wants them, that's for sure. Their adoptive fans in Germany would turn up in their thousands to watch them engage in a food fight, but Vitali and Wladimir have egos too.

Just as Haye talks about leaving a lasting legacy in the sport, Vitali, the WBC title-holder, and Wladimir, owner of the IBF and WBO belts, will know that unless Haye is disposed of, their own legacies will be tarnished. "Who will rid us of this turbulent Englishman?" Not Valuev, not Ruiz, you're going to have to do it yourself, boys.

And just like the 20,000 fans at the MEN Arena, the Klitschkos will be energised by Haye's presence in the division, his brio, his positive vibes. "I provide plenty of excitement," said Haye, "knockdowns, drama, something the heavyweight division hasn't had for a while." I wholeheartedly agree. Were you not entertained?

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  • Comment number 1.

    I'm sure Haye will still have some detractors, but whatever else you say about him, you can't deny that he's bringing boxing (as opposed to jab-jab-clinching) back to the HW division in some style.

    Great performance last night; he promised to win in style and did just that. As he said, there's room for improvement, but I'm already looking forward to his next bout regardless!

  • Comment number 2.

    David Haye punches extremely hard. But it his speed that will trouble anyone in the division. His hands are a blur; almost like a young Tyson.

    He is athletic and moves well; something the Klistchkos haven't seen in a while.

    I would like to see him in a couple more defenses before he fights the Klistchkos, to hone his skills.

    I am actually starting to think Vitali would be easier; he marked up against arreiola and hasn't been in a hard fight in a long time.

    A year or so down the line, i would give haye a real shot at beating him.

  • Comment number 3.

    Haye was too much for Ruiz to handle but if I’m honest Ruiz looked tough but powerless.

    I think that Haye could beat pretty much everyone apart from Vitali. It’s down to his size, power and the knack of keeping his chin out of harm’s way.

    When I first saw Haye fight I thought he was going to be unstoppable and I warmed to the thought of England/Britain having a heavy weight champion. Then I heard his drone and thought, 'Yay, he sounds like a gobby yank. Great...'

    I can't stand all the panto that come with Haye but I was most pleasantly surprised when he showed Ruiz respect. Keep it up mate.


  • Comment number 4.

    Agree with neko.

    Far from being a boxing expert, I'm not going to offer a technical critique of haye's performance. However what I can say is that I really enjoyed the fight and look forward immensly to his next one. Hate has ridiculous power an hopefully he can now go on and take out both klitschkos. Even if he doesn't, isn't it great to be interested in heavyweight boxing again.

  • Comment number 5.

    There goes the heavyweight division & the sport of boxing in general.

    The bout wasn't even shown anywhere except Britain.

    Wake me up when Haye's "legacy" ends (hopefully after the next one).

  • Comment number 6.

    Excellent performance by the Hayemaker showing he is the real deal against proven heavyweight opposition.

    There aint no stopping him now......

  • Comment number 7.

    The most pleasing thing was that both Haye and Booth were very open and honest in their criticisms.

    Haye is not a busy fighter and there were times when a determined combo could've gotten Ruiz out of there a lot sooner. He was happy to keep chipping away at Ruiz to grind him down. I found fault before the fight with comments from Carl Thompson and others about Haye coming out launching bombs over and over and questioning his stamina because, genuinely, Haye simply doesn't fight that way these days. He sets traps, he counters, he conserves his energy. But that does mean he isn't busy.

    The danger is that he can be outworked by Vitali, who has always thrown an untypical amount of punches per round in there, while the low left hand and reliance on reflexes rather than technique will always concern against someone with a dynamite right like Wladimir. Both Haye and Booth said the defense was lacking, and while getting clipped a few times by a guy like Ruiz is one thing, from either of the Klitschkos it's not a 'luxury' they can afford.

    I'd also like to see Haye throwing his left more and having confidence in that, rather than looping in the right so much. It's something Lewis had to overcome and benefitted from when he did.

    Not trying to be too negative here, just highlighting two or three issues I think need to be addressed. While I think Vitali may be a step too far, unless the advancing years really have caught up on him, against Wladimir it's the simple case of the first guy to land their bomb wins.

    The rabbit punches, apart from the second knockdown (which I don't count) in the first round, were a non-issue. Ruiz repeatedly turned his head away and tried to clinch when he was hurt which led to him getting whacked behind the ear a few times, his reaction fault instead of Haye.

    Ruiz was brave in defeat and nice to see he credited Haye. It's a change from the chip-on-his-shoulder Johnny of the past (anyone else remember the 'Letters from John' era?)

    Haye's best asset is his hand speed. That will always give him a chance. Let's see if other areas can reach the same level.

  • Comment number 8.

    Can we now have Haye fight some proper contenders?
    These recent fights of his have just been about ratings and prove very little.
    You cant be serious when you call Haye a hard hitter when it took him 9 rounds to drop ruiz. Tua did it in 1 round about 10 years ago. Thats a hard hitter.

    Lets see how he goes against an actual fighter who is looking to become or stay a champion for the long haul instead of these wwe style of fights.

  • Comment number 9.

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  • Comment number 10.

    it will be in vegas confiseur despite what people are saying haye is getting some interest from america and hes said he wants to fight there

  • Comment number 11.

    Well done Haye. I was disppointed to find myself rooting for Ruiz last night. I'm an Irish fight fan and while I have no problem rooting for a British fighter (as I said, I'm a fight fan so I appreciate a talent) I can't help but be put of by the needless trash talking cockiness that Haye seems so intent on bringing. Granted, there was little of that against Ruiz, in fact there seemed to be a lot of respect on Haye's part but if he wants to attract fans from outside of Britain he won't endear himself with such carry on.
    It's a pity Ruiz couldn't test Haye a little more but David did what he had to do so hopefully now we'll see one of the only fights that matter, Haye v one of the Klitchkos. But no more t-shirts with ripped off Klitchko heads pleads David.....

  • Comment number 12.

    Great victory by Haye...and lets face it, he's only going to get better.

    As for Norman Conquest's comments above - seems you may have lost some money on that one son. The best fighter won and finally we have someone to make the Heavyweight division half exciting again. Why are you so anti-Haye or is that anti-English? Are you mad or would you prefer that the heavyweight division stays dull and lacking in spirit?


  • Comment number 13.

    Good read as always Ben. What I like about haye now, is he has all the attributes he needs, but has lost that arrogance that turned fans against him. Not sure if it was fake personality on his part? If he's realised he doesn't need to act up as people appreciate his talent? or quite what.

    Listened to the fight on the radio and it was one of those where at no point are you worried your guy will lose. yes he was the better faighter, harder puncher, more talented, but he seemed to really control the fight from the start, had time to step up and down when needed (all bar one moment) and it was just a matter of how the fight would come to an end in his favour.

    Little question Ben......I fully understand why the klitschko brothers won't fight each other, BUT is this surely not bad for boxing. When it comes down to it it's an avoidance issue and does the heavyweight division no favours. In effect they can control the division and the belts by not fighting each other. Bias aside, Boxing really needs Haye to go up against the brothers (one at a time :)) AND win. Wladimir, I'd think he has the measure of and if both were on top form, he should win. Vitali is a different proposition but with Hayes style, Vitali will know he's up against someone and it would be an AWESOME fight.


  • Comment number 14.

    If boxing is to survive long into the 21st century, it needs a strong heavyweight division and what we've seen in recent years is a very dull division dominated by the Klitchko's, who won't fight each other and create little interest other than in Germany.

    Like him or hate him, Haye is a genuinely exciting boxer who puts bums on seats as the old saying goes. Whilst he is still far from the finished article, still growing in size and skills, I think the rudiments have been demonstrated in his skillful wins over Valuev and Ruiz. I think he may be unwise to jump in with either of the brothers yet, but next year maybe and how about in their own backyard, just to add to the fun?

  • Comment number 15.

    Hey Dunmow Wolf,

    Would you go and try to win a close fight in Germany? :)


    'Like him or hate him'

    I think the PR game can take a while to learn and whilst he's got decent management his own opinions on hopw he should be seemed to fuel his past gaffs, now he's maturing a bit so maybe more likeable/

  • Comment number 16.

    It's been a long while since I have really enjoyed watching a heavyweight fighter, and prefer the slightly lighter weights, in particular super middleweight and light heavyweight; but it was nice to see Haye work. Really nothing like a younger Tyson, despite what some people have said, I have never seen a heavyweight punch like Tyson did in his early matches, but Haye at least mixes it up, can throw a fast combination and more than lived up to what I was expecting. Kudos to David Haye. having said all of that, it wasn''t a great fight, and Haye/Klitschko (any) is still not something i would desperately want to see. I suspect that I am just no longer interested in the division much, if at all.

  • Comment number 17.

    I could not get to see this fight and wanted to see Haye in action.
    The result was predictable as Ruiz is way over the Hill if in fact he ever was on the Hill , a ponderous punching bag known for his ability to take a beating but not truly world class and 38 he should be retired while he has some health left.
    I do not like the style of the Klitchcoes and think with speed Hayes has a good chance , hes a bit mouthy like the Yanks but with no heavies on scene boxing needs him.

  • Comment number 18.

    Haye was always going to win, but he hit Ruiz with Rabbit punches a fair few times. I know we would have been complaining if it had happened to him. Aside from the Klit's he should avoid Tua who is on a comeback and carries the power. I would like Haye to beat the Klit's but would not be as bothered if he lost as long as he hurt them. Especially Vitali. Vitali has never been hurt, even against Lewis. It was only the cuts that stopped him. Would like to see his chin tested. We all know Wlad can be impaled but on his day is the best boxer in the HW division. I would like to see Tua fight the other Klit next year too.

  • Comment number 19.

    Pretty predictable really.

  • Comment number 20.

    People who complain about Haye's "mouth" are completely missing the fact that Haye, unusually amongst boxers, is a highly intelligent individual. He goes about his business in a highly professional and totally logical way. The only way a professional boxer can put "bums on seats" is to do the controversial stuff and stir things up. That is what he has done so people who follow boxing ought to realise that.
    His training and preparation follow the same route hence he is superbly fit, well conditioned and has a tailored fight plan for each opponent.
    Having said that, I would like him to have a couple of fights before the Klitchkos, and Wlad should be first.

  • Comment number 21.

    I pretty much expect Haye to keep stalling with regards to the Klitschkos. Each month that passes Haye gets better and both Klitschkos (especially Vitali) get older and decline. His chances now are much better than when he originally agreed to fight both of them in 2008/2009.

    I can see him waiting for Vitali to really age or retire altogether, he's already pushing it right now and he would be silly to carry on into 2011, but he might let his pride get to him. I think deep down Vitali wants to take Hayes belt and then would seriously consider fighting his brother in a huge unification fight.

    The way I see it is if I was Haye, I wouldnt fight Vitali unless he has seriously aged. He's too tough, mentally strong, and physically a mountain. Possibly the most intimidating man I've seen in person.

    Wladimir on the other hand seems to suit Haye. He almost never gets hit and when he does he often panics and is nowhere as tough mentally as his brother. Haye is good enough to land that one punch that will send Wlad panicing, but on the other hand Wlad does have possibly the one of the best jabs, left hooks and straight right in history... His one punch power is unrivalled.

    Even so the smart man would bet on a KO in Wlad vs Haye, a fight has never been so easy to predict the outcome, it really will be whoever lands and knocks the other one out first.

  • Comment number 22.

    Well said glaninchina. Haye and Booth have an intelligent and sophisticated partnership, and are both a breath of fresh air.

  • Comment number 23.

    From what I can tell, Haye, and televised boxing in the UK, was really hamstrung by the collapse of Setanta last year. They were giving tremendous exposure and support to boxing, and with it's demise, there is a lot less financial backing for boxers.

    This has directly impacted on David Haye in my opinion, meaning that if he now wants people to watch his fights, and wants to maximise the generated revenue from his fights, he has to talk a lot louder and a lot brasher to get the attention that his skills deserve.

    Am I right in thinking that he was only paid from PPV revenue for the Valuev fight? This to me would explain his propensity for trash talk in recent times. He never needed trash talk to sell the Maccarinelli fight, or fights before this such as Mormeck or Bonin, as he would have had guaranteed tv money coming in.

    Aside from this, I thought he fought a good fight last night. Walked Ruiz on to his punches for nine rounds, and dished out plenty of punishment. Not bad for the fourth Heavyweight fight of his career.

  • Comment number 24.

    Haye knocked out an old and weak veteran ruiz who obivously was past his best years to be honest. Ruiz didnt look like the boxer that took down evander holyfield twice or the boxer that won the heavyweight championship twice all those many years to be honest. A prime ruiz would have gave haye a run for his money but to be honest ruiz title challenge record is awful so history was against the veteran boxer so haye did have it a bit easy.

    But from the boxers in that heavyweight division that could potentially challenge any of three for there titles i don't any one losing their belts for a long time. This division has been lacking a bit of character and boxers with alot of ability since the days of tyson,lewis,holyfield and james tony all these boxers i mentioned all had character and ability which made them very good heavyweights.

    Klistchos brothers to fight them now but be a bit too early to be honest i dont think haye has the experience to match the brothers he needs one or two more fights to prove hes a match for the brothers.

  • Comment number 25.

    P.s. Did anyone watch the Hopkins - Jones Jr. bout last night? One of the most boring fights i've ever seen in my life. Really hope they both give it up now. It was sad to see.

  • Comment number 26.

    @ 20 glaninchina

    Vitali has to be his next fight, he wont be around for long enough to wait for Haye to have a few more fights and then his brother

  • Comment number 27.

    @8 re Dave,

    Who's out there aside from the Brothers grim (watching)? Don't think you can question Haye's power, seems to have translated up very well, he nearly dropped Valuev with a broken hand, and he dropped an extremely obdurate Ruiz frequently. May be pointless answering that if you're only on a wind up but never mind.

    I also agree with a few on here who're suggesting he fights Wlad first, at least if he lands he's got a good shot of scaring him, Vitali seems the more level headed of the two. Still scared about that low left hand as someone mentioned though, he's relying far too much on his own speed which, granted, is considerable when there's so many lumps of meat around, but is an area he could get caught.

    PS. My first comment on a BBC blog, so don't rough me up kids, pretty please?

  • Comment number 28.

    Should've said, good blog Dirsy, always enjoy reading them so keep it up.

  • Comment number 29.

    @ SelbysFerrule

    You make a good point. Who else is there to fight that is attractive as a spectacle?

    There is a real gap in the talent pool, with plenty of fighters like Ruiz coming to the end of their career, and a few up and coming fighters like Povetkin and Solis (even though Solis isn't up and coming as such, he is only now approaching world level I would say, and blew Monte Barrett out in 2 rounds recently).

    Some are calling for Haye to fight Chagaev next, but after Chagaev, going through the rankings, I can't see any interesting fights for either Haye or the public. Peter, Chambers, Arreola, Boytsov, Solis? How many PPV's would any of those fights sell? And with an undercard like we had last night?

  • Comment number 30.

    I can't believe there's so much negativity from some posters on here. In David Haye, we have the most exciting thing to happen to the heavyweight boxing scene in the last decade, yet so many people seem desperate for him to fail??

    Yes, he can be arrogant and outspoken, but most boxers are. I doubt he's really like that, it's just an act he puts on to drum up interest. Plus, it ain't bragging if you back it up. Since Ali, it's become a prerequisite for fighters to sell their fights in the build-up. If you refuse to do it, you end up like Froch, who despite being one of the best in the world at his weight, is finding it impossible to sell his fights or make any money.

    On the subject of the HW division, I'm sick to death of overweight, talentless, slow plodders from the US covering up against the Klitschkos for 12 rounds. Haye had it spot on last night when he called the Klitschkos' recent challengers "a disgrace to boxing". It's a cliche, but Haye really is a breath of fresh air. He's got power, speed, and superb accuracy. His trainer, Adam Booth, is a very smart tactician, and his strategy for his last 2 fights has been spot on.

    I imagine a lot of people have only started watching Haye since he moved up to heavyweight. But a quick look back at his career to date reveals a warrior who ducks no-one. As a cruiserweight, he won the title by beating the French world champion in his own backyard and after being knocked down in the second round. He moved up to heavyweight and went straight for the top guys. The earlier poster who thinks that Haye may be waiting for the Klitschkos to age before he takes them on couldn't be more wrong. Haye values his legacy more than his record, and realises that the sooner he takes them on the better. Neither of the Klitschkos have faced anyone as dangerous as Haye for years, and as long as Haye stays smart and keeps his chin down, I can see him causing them all sorts of problems.

  • Comment number 31.

    Exactly Bobmint, what does he do next? If he's looking for a payday it's almost worth holding up the fights with the Klits to drum up interest, but who could he now beat to drum up enough hype to get the American companies involved aside from those two? So after he fights Chagaev (who I can't see being quick enough to trouble him after his last two fights), he probably has to fight Wlad to ensure he gets a shot at Vitali afterwards. Assuming there's the odd young gun coming through (not seen anything of Povetkin but Solis doing Barrett in 2 is quite impressive), I genuinely can't see where the money (or the challenges) come from.

  • Comment number 32.

    If not Wlad and or Vitali then the next best thing might be a square off against another former cruiserweight champ Thomas Adamek. Adamek has Arreola up next so if he comes through that then a fight against Haye would be a cracker. Adamek is never in dull fights - he even involved Jason Estrada in one which is no mean feat.
    A lot of comments I have heard today focus on Haye's inability to beat x,y and z heavyweight but I think that misses the point - Haye is exciting and brings a buzz to the division.
    Haye vs anyone is preferable to watching the Klitschko's dismantle the likes of Eddie Chambers or Kevin Johnson.
    If not Adamek or the brothers I think Povetkin is possibly the only other heavy out there in the top ten who has yet to be exposed as ordinary.

  • Comment number 33.

    Dan and Selbys,

    I forgot about Adamek, but I don't see Adamek being able to live with Haye at all. I think Chad Dawson beat him a few years back, and in my eyes, Dawson is nowhere near Haye in terms of slick boxing and punch power. Where Haye wears the extra weight well at Heavyweight and the power has come up from Cruiser, I would be very surprised if Adamek gave him too much trouble.

    And Solis is an interesting case. Beat Haye in the am's, but that was time ago, and now Solis weighs in at 270 for fights?! He's got knockout power, but is undisciplined from what I've heard. Haye would take this.

    But the point still stands. Haye vs Chagaev/Adamek/Povetkin/Solis aren't exactly fights to get anything other than boxing fans excited. I could see the American's ignoring those fights completely, just like last night.

  • Comment number 34.


    Yep, it needs new blood. Boxing in heavy weight at least, is killing itself.
    Real competition needed. Without we will never know if Haye or others are actually good.

    UFC seems to work it out. Egos in boxing probably screwing up boxing.

  • Comment number 35.

    @ Dave

    UFC: helps when you only have one title per weight that people are fighting for. One linear champ, and a host of contenders.

  • Comment number 36.

    "I can't believe there's so much negativity from some posters on here." #30

    It's the same on Andrew Benson's F1 Blog. I'm beginning to think there is something in the water in Britain. This weekend I've seen a very interesting Formula 1 race and a British/World Heavyweight defend his crown successfully. In any other country that would be something to celebrate, but judging by some of the posters on these blogs, a good dose of anti-depressants in the water supply might be the order of the day.

    For the record, its been a great sporting weekend, despite all the whining to the contrary.

  • Comment number 37.

    I think last night should silence a few Haye doubters - less in terms of the performance (although, as Ben says, questions over his punch resistance and stamina were answered to some extent), and more in terms of his attitude. Whereas Haye has always been seen as a bit of a volatile character and - potentially - a bit of an idiot, these days I am more and more reassured that he and Booth have a masterplan and are, in fact, going about it pretty intelligently. The trash talking has been toned-down (vindicating Haye's assertion that it was always a means to an end, and never a serious sign of potentially problematic arrogance), and I find both men very candid and articulate when interviewed. I find myself with more and more faith that Booth and Haye can find a way round the Klitchkos...

  • Comment number 38.

    Well-done David Haye.
    Against John Ruiz David Haye was fast, powerful and effective, but what is new? I learned more about Ruiz in this fight then I did about Haye. I learn Ruiz is a total worrier well worthy of the respect of all boxing fans. I also learnt he is showing his age and with all due respect, not a true contender. Just think if he had won, would that have improved the rep of the division?
    Haye was very, very good, but we know he is; fighting and well beating Ruiz proved very little in my opinion, as he was not an attacking threat. I do not think that the fight was any barometer of Hayes standing in the division.
    I am sure that even now Haye on the right night has a chance of beating either Klitschko, but until that fight happens, I would love to see him fight a powerful and aggressive fighter like Areola. I know VK beat Areola but so what? He beats everyone he fights. Haye vs Areola may be a dangerous fight for Haye but I think it would be a more meaningful engagement.
    Well-done David Haye, excellent performance.
    TOTAL RESPECT to Ruiz, I am a new fan!

  • Comment number 39.

    "8. At 11:12am on 04 Apr 2010, dave wrote:

    Can we now have Haye fight some proper contenders?
    These recent fights of his have just been about ratings and prove very little.
    You cant be serious when you call Haye a hard hitter when it took him 9 rounds to drop ruiz. Tua did it in 1 round about 10 years ago. Thats a hard hitter.

    Lets see how he goes against an actual fighter who is looking to become or stay a champion for the long haul instead of these wwe style of fights."

    Took him 9 rounds to drop him? No it didn't, it took 30 seconds....

  • Comment number 40.

    So the Haye bandwagon continues...,the fact he is exciting is great but at the end of the day he is still too poor a fighter to beat any of the credible contenders in the Heavyweight Divison,Ruiz is a poor fighter and always will be,he lost to Roy Jones who was always a Middleweight Holyfield was 40 odd when he beat him and the only credible opponent he faced David Tua knocked him spark out within a minute,Valuev was also a joke and a freakshow and Evander Holyfield who was 46 when they fought actually outclassed Valuev whereas Haye was actually unable to achieve this.

    Haye is a good fighter and a breath of fresh air in the division but the Klitsckhos know they will beat him and so does every proper boxing fan,I would love to see David achieve the unificiation of the Heavyweight title but it wont happen,The Klitsckhos can beat better fighters than Haye has fought in 3rd gear but yet they will try against Haye simply because of how much he has annoyed them.

  • Comment number 41.

    codfather/riggadon - Yep, I'm with you, but I'm not really surprised any more. Is there a moanier country in the world? It remains a mystery to me why people can't just take sport for what it is supposed to be - entertainment. To be honest, it doesn't really concern me too much whether Haye gets hit too easily, whether Ruiz was too old, whether Haye can beat the Klitschkos or not, the bottom line is Haye provided a memorable night's entertainment, whether you were there or watching on TV.

  • Comment number 42.

    I was curious about how much, if any, coverage this received in the US press. Google News said there were only three US *blogs* covering it, which seemed wrong. (It was.)

    So I headed over to the New York Times, seeing as they're the paper of record (in blue states) over the pond n'all, and did find they'd printed an AP story on the fight. (Meaning it actually happened.)

    USA Today, the paper of record in both red and blue states, also printed the same AP story.
    Funny how USA Today has the sport categorized as Boxing/UFC and not UFC/Other Fighting Sports.

    Of course, just because it appears on their web pages doesnt mean it appears in print - at least not for USA Today. (The NY Times tells you.)

    Anyway, the Americans are paying a modicum of attention, at least for tradition's sake in this chaotic four-body 'sport'

  • Comment number 43.

    buymespresso - It wasn't shown on US TV, and there was only one US journalist there, but then again you don't often see US journos at big British fights

  • Comment number 44.

    Just a thought on Haye vs VK's ... does anyone else think that they might not give him a shot until they are forced to? Why give up the majority of the HW titles when you and your brother control them? Haye has very little to lose in comparison but a lot to win.

    And to rhyme with comparison ... what odds on Audley calling out Haye if he stumbles to a win next week ....

  • Comment number 45.

    Good. I'm glad he beat him. Love to see him knock over a Klitbro. If he can.

  • Comment number 46.

    Haye did a reasonable job - but no more than that. Too much hesitancy for me - Ruiz's 'durability' is MASSIVELY overated!!! He's got the names on his CV - but he's been extremely lucky to still be featuring in this type of fight. The minute Haye touched him - he shook him up. If Haye want's his image to REALLY catch fire he should have blown out this 38 yr old stagnant veteran away inside three. C'mon David - get the guns out next time you have a man so evidently at your mercy!!!!!

  • Comment number 47.

    Im not too sure about the Klitschkos being happy about Haye's arrival on the heavyweight scene, but boxing fans definitely are!

    Haye is just what heavyweight boxing needs, speed, skill, power, he has it all and would hold his own in any division pound for pound, something that has been lacking in heavyweight boxing for many years.

    I have to admit he did surprise me a bit last nite. That was one of the best British Boxing performances I can remember and probably only pipped by Hatton Tzsyu.

    The Klitshckos wont be easy but I just pray their robotic style gets exposed by Haye's versatility.

    Cant wait for the fight though and as a British fight fan am massively proud of David Haye.

    Another great article Ben, by far the best BBC sports journo!

  • Comment number 48.

    PS This performance has definitely woken up the American public to Haye, just like Hatton against Tszyu did.

  • Comment number 49.

    wow ruiz is one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. but i thought he retired about 10 years ago

    if haye is looking for a tuneup before the russians, how about a trip to new zealand for a dance with another old veteran, david tua

  • Comment number 50.

    David Haye would be to quick and with his reach and speed and power would be to much for David Tua even in Tua's last fight he was getting hit I would still like to see David in with a Klitscko cos he has that KO power but I reckon they would do what David Haye would do just jab / hook and catch him on the counter.

    There is nobody in heavyweight boxing today that would touch Haye's handspeed there has not been anybody this quick since a prime Tyson.

  • Comment number 51.

    What do people reckon to a....Bernard Hopkins vs David Haye fight would be like ?

    Despite his attitude and sometimes outlandish behaviour I would really like to see this as B-Hop has shown on more than one occasion he is a wily old guy who can take the best...I do think he could seriously get hurt though which is my one reason to not wanna see it...But the build up would be phenomenal to say the least "trashtalking at its best either way"

    What do you guys reckon ?

  • Comment number 52.

    @Comment 5:

    I watched the fight live on Polish TV, so I'm not sure where you get the idea the fight wasn't shown outside the UK?

    For the first time in ages, I was genuinely entertained by a heavyweight fight. Someone needs to clean up the division and make it interesting and credible again. Why not Haye?

  • Comment number 53.

    People talk of Haye's speed, power, skill, etc, but for me his biggest advantage is Adam Booth and Haye's ability to stick to his gameplan.
    He was criticised against Valuev, he has been criticised by some for saturday... not throwing his 'bombs' more and going for an early knockout. I felt on both occassions Haye's tactics were spot on. Ruiz always had a 'punchers chance' on Saturday, hence Haye's decision to not go all guns blazing.

    This was also a perfect warm up for either Klitbro, so knocking Ruiz out early would not have been beneficial to Haye...

    Congrats David...

    PS. Keep up the Bravado

  • Comment number 54.

    1 thing bothers me the most about these Hayebashers who have branded him as a trash talker. All Haye actually does is talk honestly, which I for one find refreshing. For example; who can deny that Valuev, at 7 foot tall and with a skull twice as thick as an average man, isn't a 'freak of nature'? Who can deny the fact that haye predicted he would knock ruiz out in the latter rounds? Who can deny these sluggers from America; Chambers, Arreola are boring to watch?

    I think David Haye is not only a very talented boxer but also a very clever man, who has ignited the HW division, He deserves credit for being a two weight world champ if nothing else. The dream showdown with the klits is bound to happen. Whether he'll win is another matter, but he's confident enough and judging by his last few fights, thats good enough for me.. he seems to be very astute at calling his fights.

  • Comment number 55.

    David Haye did very well against a plodding, ponderous and predictable Ruiz. I am from New Zealand, and as hard as David Haye hits, it is only half as hard as David Tua! David Tua only needs to hit you once and its goodnight Irene, Ruiz will attest to that. With aristocratic Samoan heritage, a warrior extraordinare, the Tuaminator is coming!

  • Comment number 56.

    An admirable job from David Haye. A good fight to watch too. He hasn't ducked anyone & isn't likely to. He seems like a decent man who only resorts to hyperbole in order to secure fights & to market them. I've got no problem with that at all. One of the first comments he made post-fight was that he wasn't happy with the amount of punches he took. That's not the behaviour of a gratuitously cocky man. Hope it's Wladimir first...

  • Comment number 57.

    The elephant in the room is the absence of US interest.
    Come on, this is the WBA, the belt of the greatest names in HW boxing! Where are they? You've got to blame Haye's promoters, there can't be any excuses.

    The following has been said before...:
    As to the Klitschkos, Vlad can be knocked out, but so can Haye. Should be a good fight. The better tactics will win this one, barring a lucky shot or two. Both Haye and Vlad are clever, but I've seen Vlad panic, so I reckion Haye has the edge.
    As to Vitali, Haye stands a chance only if age catches up with Vitali. Signs are promising, but who knows if Vitali can come up with something close to his best on the night - this is one of the great heavyweights, top 20 at least, so Haye has it all to do. If he is serious with all that legacy talk, this is the fight he should go for. As soon as possible. But he doesn't strike me as stupid, so he'll probably try and make a bit of cash first. I wouldn't blame him.

  • Comment number 58.

    codfather11? Who the hell are you?? Damn, you speak a hell of a lot of sense. A fantastic article by you, as you hammer home everything I feel about David Haye and the the attitude of his detractors.

    One day, England will be a greener and more pleasant land where we value the sporting gems we have, of which Haye is one. Like Naz before him, Haye has transcended the sport and managed to get himself known and supported beyond the confines of the traditional boxing fan. He has taken massive risks in his approach thus far, and has backed it up with intent, action and results. For that he deserves our respect, and he certainly has mine. His achievements are in total and stark contrast to the safety first approach of Audley Harrison, who in my opinion is infinitely more deserving of derision than Haye.

    Adam Booth deserves a lot of credit as well. He is a very shrewd and intelligent man and has a brilliant partnership with Haye. I've always been impressed by him in interviews. Always very composed, assured and convincing yet calm. He is very good for David Haye.

    Since the departure of Lewis, Tyson, and a compos mentis Holyfield, I'm genuinely excitedly about HW boxing again and the career of David Haye is the singular reason.

  • Comment number 59.

    but what about his charming habit of strutting around in his underpants in the changing room wiggling his backside in front of the cameras?

  • Comment number 60.

    I've just seen Haye's comments regarding retiring before 31, and only having at most four more fights. Whilst it's admirable for a fighter to want to retire early when so many go on too long you really have to think this is terrible judgement. He's not a Ricky Hatton type, whose lifestyle is starting to show its effects. He says he's nowhere near the complete article yet, if he only has four matches left then I really doubt he's ever going to get there.

    Fair enough Mayweather "retired", but I think people largely knew he was going to return. For Haye to fight four more times wouldn't exactly be the most glorious career, even if he were to beat Vitali and Wladimir. That said, Mayweather came back knowing he had some big fights waiting for him in the form of Mosley and Pacquiao, whereas Haye only has the two brothers to look at.

    Simply put, I think if Haye does care about his legacy he needs to beat the Klitschkos then stick around for a bit and try to reinvigorate the division. If he retires next year I doubt he will get the long term recognition he is after, if he retires in four atop a stronger, more interesting division I think people will be lauding him for quite some time.

  • Comment number 61.

    "Ben Dirs sees David Haye defend his WBA title in style"

    lol... sorry had to larf.. it must have been Ben Dirs who was in style... haha..

  • Comment number 62.

    So - Haye is going to fight four more times - possibly three - and will retire next year.

    So much for "saving the heavyweight division", then.

    Next please...

  • Comment number 63.

    Gooner get ya

    Haye is Audley Harrison with balls. I'm half hoping that Haye gives him a shot as a warm up to the Klitschkos. It would drum up a lot of interest in the UK, plus Haye would absolutely demolish Harrison. It would finally shut Fraudley up.

    Naz was another fighter who created a similar buzz, but unlike with Haye, I don't think the self promotion was an act. Naz genuinely was a pratt, whereas Haye is just refreshingly honest.

    The more I think about Haye v the Klitschkos, the more I think Haye will win. He's got under their skin, and that will make them angry, not a good frame of mind to go into a boxing match in (just ask Hatton post Mayweather). Also, neither Klitschko has ever beaten anyone of genuine pedigree. Even if you added their records together, Lewis is the only top fighter on it. And he beat Vitali. Haye is the first serious contender either of them will ever have faced. Speed kills in boxing, and I'd back Haye to nail both of them.

  • Comment number 64.

    ...apologies for offending any 'Guardian' readers in my previous politically incorrect post lol...

    Good post Ben... Wonder where the first Klitschko fight will be held? The germans love both the brothers and being even worse than the french at boxing themselves ( ...difficult to imagine I know..) they get really behind both Wlad and Vitali. So..London, Manchester, Cardiff or Berlin?

  • Comment number 65.

    So much negativity.

    Lets get some objectivity/

    Tua may have KO Ruiz in round 1 but Tua is probably the hardest hitting heavyweight since Earnie Shavers (Tyson was a big puncher, but more of a combination puncher than Tua who can KO with either hand in one punch, so I rate Tua as a heavier puncher). No one else has been able to KO Ruiz which does imply Haye has world class power.

    Ruiz is not a bum. Basically he only loses to world class fighters, but he is slow and always has been. There is no evidence he had got old since his last fight - but only his next couple of fights will show that.

    #8 other than the K brothers who is Haye supposed to fight? Austin, Chambers, Arreloa - please between they probably havent won a round against VK/WK. Gomez - another VK victim who barely won a round. Sam Peter is now so slow he qualifies for a free bus pass (and lost to Chambers). Outside of VK/WK the only credible challengers are Chagaev (who only beat Ruiz on a split decision) and Povetkin who is both fairly small and untested - only takes on "name" fighters when they are so far past it they need a mortician

  • Comment number 66.

    Good performance by Haye. Style wise though, he is still at a huge disadvantage when fighting the Klitschkos. I think he has a better chance of beating Vitaly than Wlad at the moment. I cant see Haye getting close enough to Wlad to land his power punches. Wlad is too good at controlling range. Also with Haye keeping his left hand low is an invitation for Wlad's very powerful one-two, which I don't think Haye will be able to stand up to.

    Vitaly on the other hand seemed to have slowed down and the power in his punches isnt realy there anymore. He has become an accumulation puncher. Haye may be able to outbox him and also cause cuts of Vitaly's face.

    Would be interesting to see who Haye actually fights first.

  • Comment number 67.

    Great to see haye win, it was a quality preformance against a tough opponant, sure he was a bit old but could defo still take a punch.

    Haye is a very smart man, he runs his mouth, but its all for show, to build up the fight.
    He is a breath of fresh air to the divison, I havent been interested in the HW since lewis v tyson.

    Well done david, cant wait for the next fight.

  • Comment number 68.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 69.

    Good performance by Haye, but something has to be said about the referee.

    The first knockdown was an awesome display of speed and power. The second knockdown was some of the most awful refereeing I have seen in a British ring. Ruiz got clubbed 2/3 times on the back of the head, by some massive shots. I've seen fighters disqualified for such infringements in other fights (in the instance where the opponent cannot continue), but what happens he instead gives him a count and then takes a point away from Haye for illegal shots. If it was football it’s the equivalent of booking somebody from scoring off a handball, but letting them keep the goal from it. Ruiz should not of had a count and been given 5 min to recoup.

    That same night Roy Jones hit Hopkins on the back of the head and he was allowed the time to recoup and then taken to hospital afterwards to check for any damage. When you compare the shots Haye’s were clearly more devastating illegal blows then what Jones threw.

    There were a number of shots behind the head in the fight that did not get accounted for. Also the other knockdowns came from shots to the back of the head, but were never accounted for. True Ruiz may have been hurt from the shot before, but it was the illegal shot that put him down so it should be ruled as such. Also one last moan the Sky panel were so far up his @rse it was ridiculous and them ignoring key parts in the match as well as the refereeing makes us look as biased as Germany does of its own fighters.

    I probably sound like a hater now, but I have always supported / watched Haye since he turned pro and glad that he has lit up the Heavyweight division as it has been in dire need for many years now. He can talk as much trash as he wants it just gives our sport a higher profile which is always good.

  • Comment number 70.

    I cant help but feel Haye should have beaten him earlier. Don't get me wrong, he did well, but if he wants to really stir up the heavy weight division, I think he needed to beat him inside 3 rounds.

    Also I am really disappointed to hear him talking about retiring. This is unbelievable. He has just become a heavy weight champ and hasn't yet fought one of the Klitschko brothers(who lets be honest are the only real heavy weight challenges). Haye is actually planning his retirement and I dont think he has yet done enough to be talking about retiring.

    For me he has not turned up the heat. He is now merely simmering.

  • Comment number 71.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 72.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 73.

    I see comments above putting down haye for his trash talking and can't help but feel these are unjustified. To begin with I'd rather here someone being brash and coming out with what they feel rather than being a media drone and secondly it livens up a division that consists of dull eastern block fighters.

    Hayes speed, movement, hand position, and punching power are reminscint of Roy jones jr. in his prime and haye can unify the divsion.

  • Comment number 74.

    Haye dodged both both Kiltschko's to get an easy belt.

    Klitschko (Either) by Decision.
    Way too clever boxing for David Haye to beat them. They're not interesting, but they will nullify his offence. I have doubts over his punching power too, he has some, but it's not immense.

  • Comment number 75.

    I feel the older brother will be the first up for Haye... It makes boxing sense....

    Vitali only holds 1 belt and seems to be the weaker of the 2 brothers. If Haye gets past him and takes his title then it would make the heavyweight boxing division interesting... The older Brother will want revenge and it could make a MASSIVE box office American fight and set heavy weight boxing a light again....

  • Comment number 76.

    Wladimir is the lesser of the two since Vitali has never been knocked down even! I expect a quick demolition of Wladimir to set up Vital clash from Haye. He's got to Wladimir and he will go after Haye who I'm afraid will expose Klitschko's poor chin. Do not forger Wladimir and Vital are yet to have a real fight, Vitali was forced to quit when up against Lennox but apart from Lennox Lewis he has a career of beating journeymen. Ruiz is a lot harder than any recent opponents for Klitschko brothers. Round 2 KO of Wladimir and a very close fight with Vitali since I doubt Vitali is one to be wound up whereas his brother clearly is. Vitali should beat Haye, but again Vitali hasn't had a tough fight for a long long time.

  • Comment number 77.

    "Vitali, the WBC title-holder, and Wladimir, owner of the IBF and WBO belts, will know that unless Haye is disposed of, their own legacies will be tarnished."

    - utter rubbish. Beating a couple of past-it fighters who were never that great anyway does nothing to suggest Haye is in the Klitschko league. Haye has only had the opportunities he has because as a loud-mouth Brit he can generate a lot more money than those from other nations. This article is a joke.

  • Comment number 78.

    "Who will rid us of this turbulent Englishman?" Not Valuev, not Ruiz, you're going to have to do it yourself, boys. - Ben I don't usually like your blogs but this one comment sums it up and shows you have your finger on the pulse, David Haye is the best thing to happen to at least Heavy Weight boxing since Lewis retired, HW boxing has been a joke since lewis retired and looked to be carrying on as a joke for a few more years to come but suddenly this fighter comes out of HW nowhere and has just galvinised the division into something that is actually worth watching again.

  • Comment number 79.

    David Haye like a young Tyson?! I don't think so. Tyson was a bull at the same age charging forward, he was full of energy and he was certainly not planing his way through each round nor dancing around or backward, he was constantly on full attacking mode. There have not been any boxer like a young Tyson since then. Not a single one, that's a fact. Haye is good at tiring his opponents rather than boxing them. He is no go forward, he is an observer, a tyre kicker with a good eye for an opportunity. Good on him for that, but he is not revolutionizing anything at all in boxing. Ruiz was due for retirement, to fight him was part of the big boxing joke that makes this sport look increasingly like wrestling. The Klitschko brothers are in another class, Haye will have to beat them to gain respect but he will never be close to a Tyson or Holyfield.

  • Comment number 80.

    Like others, I have noticed that Haye has a tendency to punch his opponents in the back of the head when the fight is off, and those dirty little tactics do not cut it for me. Luckily the Klitschko brothers are much taller than Ruiz and there is no way Haye will be able to apply the same sort of shortcuts to victory. I am not a supporter of the Klitschko brothers but I believe they still emphasize the idea that boxing is after all a sport of gentlemen. All the pre-match chatting, rants and gossips really annoys the hell out of me. If anything it tends to prove that boxers have a very low IQ. Promoters should never be allowed to appear publicly in pre-match conferences, they all look dodgy in a rigging sense.

  • Comment number 81.

    When either of the Klitchko's beats Haye they shouldn't forget to cut Haye's head off and may be take it with them as a souvenir (such an ugly souvenir), may be throw it to the public to have fun with.

  • Comment number 82.

    However this is not a very smart move by Vladimir. A challenge to Haye, so direct and open, will surely scare him and his whole camp of scheming "strategists".

    Also it won't happen any time too soon anyway.

    By now we know how they operate, they have to give the whole treatment to the opposition, to take care of the judges, the ref and only then might they actually to do something fighting-wise.

  • Comment number 83.

    In reality a Haye blow out of K-Bros is the only thing that will liven up the most boring division in boxing history!

    I just hope Haye has the tools in his armoury to do it and I believe he does.

    Beware though David Tua is on the comeback trail, and he was truly a great fighter that approached the Lennox Lewis fight all wrong. Apart from that old obstacle this could be known as Haye's heavyweight era.

    PS Ike Ibeabucchi is still in prison, so apart from K-Bros, it's up to Haye to lose this amazing chance.

  • Comment number 84.

    Completely agree that Haye deserves tremendous credit for knocking down Ruiz, he performed exceptionally well against a durable and tricky fighter. I also agree these negative comments about Haye are unfair although he should show the brothers some respect, they are after all the 2 best heavies in the last 6 years.

    I do not think Haye could take as much punishment from Vitali or Wladmir as he did from Ruiz, but remember it is very hard to keep your guard up for 9 rounds when your opponent is doing very little attacking. Defensively Haye will no doubt be much better prepared for a Klitschiko fight.

    Having said this I am amazed that Haye is seemingly wanting this fight right now. I see no reason why he wants to retire by 30. Personally I do not think he has enough in his attacking arsenal to hurt either of the brothers. Given another 2 fights to perfect his heavyweight game I would back him, but I can only presume he wants to beat them before they pass their peak.

    If these proposed fights were happening 18 months ago I would say Wladimir is by the far the easier fight for Haye. Vitali has lost a lot of pace and movement from his game this last year and a half whilst Wladimir has improved steadily. Their is very little between the brothers now and either one he fights will be an incredibly tough challange, but one I hope he takes on and wins.

  • Comment number 85.

    So Wladimir calls out Haye. LETS GET IT ON!

  • Comment number 86.

    At last! David Haye has breathed some life into the HW division. He's fast, hits hard & has good movement unlike most of the overweight lumps you see these days. Hopefully now we will see him wipe out the Klitschko's who are dull, boring fighters. It's time for that T-Shirt of their decapitated heads to be worn again. Oh, and some more trash talking.
    Shame about Sprott the other night though. Seconds away from dumping that idiot Harrison out of the limelight for good. Don't care if he had a shoulder problem, the man doesn't deserve to lace up the gloves.

  • Comment number 87.

    "...Just as Haye talks about leaving a lasting legacy in the sport, Vitali, the WBC title-holder, and Wladimir, owner of the IBF and WBO belts, will know that unless Haye is disposed of, their own legacies will be tarnished. "Who will rid us of this turbulent Englishman?" Not Valuev, not Ruiz, you're going to have to do it yourself, boys."

    Ben do you see Haye KO Evander Holyfield, well I dont. This says to me he would loose to the Klitchkos especially Wladimir. He should look for more fights to earn some stats as well as money before he enters the ring with Wladimir, cause that would be the end of his pre determinind boxixing careere which he wants to quit early, else he would have to make a later come back to raise his finances to pay his mortgage bills

  • Comment number 88.

    Have to disagree. Haye could be jabbed to death by either Klitschko granted, but neither of them have fought a puncher & a slickster like Haye. He's too quick, they're too slow IMO. Eastern block dullards the pair of them. Won't be sorry to see the back of them.

  • Comment number 89.

    Vitali is 38 now so you'd assume that him fighting Haye is quite unlikely now after Wladimir's weird video. Right look at the recent fights of the Klitschko's who have they actually fought? The term nobody comes to mind. Wladimir could jab Haye and think he'll win but if it is in England which it hopefully will be then that won't win him the fight, plus if he stands and jabs Haye will have him down a few times ending the fight in rounds 5-8. IF Wladimir is wound up and comes after Haye then it could be a brutal fight with Haye winning round 2/3. Wladimir is not the quickest, not the biggest puncher, not even the best in his family. I can't see how he beats Haye unless he just runs away from Haye jabbing in Germany or somewhere but again Wladimir has not fought someone of Haye's speed or power for a long long time and I doubt he'll be ready.

    All I've seen is Haye is trying to wind them up so they fight rather than do their usual boring stuff, either way Wladimir will be knocked out by Haye. Vitali is a completely different story, he used to be fantastic had a great chin and everything but he hasn't fought anyone decent since Lennox Lewis. He's now 38 and well past his best years.

    The fact is the Klitschko's have fought nobodies for a real long time now and I don't think they are giving Haye the respect they should, I actually think both are underestimating him. If Wladimir does what he normally does then Haye will win quite easily.

  • Comment number 90.

    Let's have it right; Neither fighter will be underestimating the other. There's too much at stake and furthermore this fight will be a step into the unknown for both parties. Either Klitschko would clearly be the most accomplished fight Haye has boxed and Haye would certainly be the most dangerous encounter the Klitschkos will have had for a while. I hope they get it on ASAP, would be a good opportunity to promote boxing in general and very tricky to call aswell. Good stuff!

  • Comment number 91.

    Haye is fast, however will he have the power to take out a larger heavyweight? If either of the Klitschko brother throws a 'right hand lead' against his low left hand, I fear for Him. The low left hand was how Lennox fought against Vitali, the scorecard said it all. Lennox was lucky.

  • Comment number 92.

    Yeah, Lewis was losing that fight alright. Not a big fan of Lewis either TBH. Another massive hulk just relying on the jab & his size. I am disgusted however to today read that Audrey may get a title shot before Haye! How the hell does that happen? Hopefully not true.
    Haye's the best we've got & I like the way he fights. Tyson Fury could prove just another oversized lump in time & Derek Chisora seems to have lost his way. As for Fraudley, less said the better.

  • Comment number 93.

    Haye: "You would assume so [that he would want to fight the K-brothers] but I'm enjoying my victory at the moment and that is it".

    Doesn't sound so keen now, does he? My guess is he's already soiled his (fancy) underpants.

  • Comment number 94.

    Haye can take Vladimir, if he gets his bombs in first.
    Vitali is a different proposition, as while less skilled he is much harder to knock out. I dont think he has ever been down, even.
    To those saying that Lennox was lucky against Vitali, I disagree.
    Lennox always found fighting taller guys more difficult (ie the Bruno fight), due to the fact that being bigger than most, he was used to fighting smaller guys.
    However, while Vitali had early success against Lewis and was slightly ahead on points at the time of the stoppage, Lewis had taken his best shots and was clearly coming back into it - hence the very serious damage to VK's face. Half of it was hanging off, it wasnt just any old cut.
    Lewis was not obliged to give a rematch, given that he had damaged Klitschko to the point that he could not continue - thats a clear win in my book. The fight would never have gone all the way so points are irrelevant in this instance

  • Comment number 95.

    yes it was a good win for haye over ruiz, however, ruiz is nowhere near the fighter he used to be, he is 38 and thats retirement time for any fighter. i personally would like to see haye fight someone like solis(whom he lost to in the amateurs) chagaev, tua or povetkin or even chambers. haye is a good fighter and was a great cruiser weight but he still hasnt convinced me as far as true heavyweight, and he hasnt been hit yet! as far as the klitschkos go well...vitali didnt look too clever in his last fight and is ageing, id like to see haye fight him sooner rather than later so to avoid the "what if" questions, and wlad, everyone seems to concentrate on his apparently weak chin, but id say at the moment hed beat haye, manny steward knows the business inside out and wlad has improved, eddie chambers couldnt find a way past the jab and what do people think will happen if that right lands on hayes chin? he aint going to be shrugging it off thats for sure. . .haye just needs to get in with someone whos going to test him , valuev was a walking punch bag and ruiz, all credit to him, was never going to trouble haye, like i said a win (ko preferably) against some of the names i mentioned would prove haye is the real deal. . .
    and i do have one thing to say to the people comparing haye to tyson, are you crazy??? lets not get ahead of ourselves please, haye has done well but in my eyes he could do a lot better.


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