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Toby’s Top 5 Moments from Series 1

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Mighty Mr Whithouse has looked through the archives and selected his favourite sequences from the first season of Being Human.

Here's his top five scenes from the first run. Pay close attention. There won't be a test at the end but there will be a vote...

1. Annie watching George transform.

Episode 1: From her kitchen, Annie sees the horror that George must endure as he transforms into a werewolf.
2. Gilbert crosses over.

Episode 3: Gilbert’s door appears after he admits to Annie that he loves her. He crosses into the afterlife.
3. Bernie ‘Mum I’m hungry.’

Episode 4: On the station platform, Mitchell leaves Bernie and his mum. We hear the chilling line “Mum, I’m hungry.”
4. Annie shouts at Owen

Episode 5: Annie exacts revenge on Owen. “I am death, I am vengeance, Fire and blood. Diamonds and bones. Sapphire and... Steel.”

5. Herrick and George in the basement

Episode 6: In the basement of the hospital, Herrick watches with horror as George transforms and rips him to shreds.
Toby's worked his retrospective magic. Now it's YOUR turn. We need you to vote for your favourite Toby Choice (oh yeah, we went there) by clicking this link.

We'll publish the clip with the most nominations next Wednesday.

Have you voted?



Good. Now we can continue...

Which of your favourite moments aren't on Lord Whithouse's list?

What would YOUR Top 5 Series 1 Moments be?

Answers in the comments boxes please...

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