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Toby’s Top 5 Moments from Series 4

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as it seems, we have already arrived at Lord Toby's Top Five moments from Being Human Series Four.

You know the drill: Examine Toby's choices carefully, consider his decisions and then choose which clip you'd like to VOTE for.

Ready? Here goes...


1. Annie's ritual.

Episode 2 - Annie’s performs a ritual in the hope that baby Eve will cure Leo of his ills.

2. Kirby's dance.

Episode 4 - Kirby’s dances around Honolulu Heights.


3. Alex's introduction.

Episode 6 - Hal meets Alex for the first time.


4. Hal and Cutler in 1955.

Episode 7 - In the 1950s, Hal laughs as Cutler drinks a glass of (his wife’s) blood.

5. Annie blows up the warehouse.

Episode 8 - Annie blows up the warehouse, crossing over to the afterlife with baby Eve.


Which scene would you most like to see brought back from the afterlife via the medium of this blog?

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Then let's continue to debate the best bits from Series Four.

Dare you disagree with Lord Toby? Which scenes aren't on The Tobester's list?

There's at least one noteworthy omission that we're pretty sure you want to tell us about.

Answers in the comments below...

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