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Additional Scene: Rook's Revenge

BH Insider Steve

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We're pretty sure there was one question on everyone's lips at the end of The Last Broadcast...

"Why wasn't there more Toby Whithouse?"

Okay. Two questions. We can't help with that ending... but we can show you this completely exclusive scene featuring more Lord Toby action.

NOTE: This is NOT the extra scene on the forthcoming DVD boxed set.

Revenge sure is a dessert best served cold. At a drive-thru. The only thing Rook doesn't do is shout "SAY MY NAME" at Alistair as he gets out of the car. (Can you imagine what would happen if Rook and Walter White ever crossed paths?)

What do you think?

A bittersweet triumph for The Man In Grey?

Or did he simply win a battle before losing the war?

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