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Toby on the conclusion of Being Human


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  • Comment number 102. Posted by U14816948

    1 Apr 2013 19:20
    Hi , has Being Human UK been shown on BBCA? Please let me know. In the states the show aired on Saturday nights at 10 PM and then reapeated at 12 AM.
  • Comment number 101. Posted by La_peach_lazuli

    20 Mar 2013 21:27
    Dear Sir Toby,

    many thanks to you and your team! I loved the serial! Deep down it was true romance. More of that stuff, please!
  • Comment number 100. Posted by E R

    16 Mar 2013 12:11
    It's been awesome, goodbye to Being Human and good luck to all of you that worked on it. Hope to see you again soon doing more original drama.
  • Comment number 99. Posted by DSBirch

    15 Mar 2013 0:46
    Good, good, good.
    Finished Sad, Sad, Sad.
    But as you say 3 is for new.
    Never thought that I could actually like a vampire and a werewolve. But then they were Only Human!
  • Comment number 98. Posted by U15643405

    11 Mar 2013 23:03
    It was an excellent piece of work and all involved should be very very proud. Maybe it was right to end it, and on a happy note. Now it will be a classic to be enjoyed over and over rather than stretching it out to become something it was never intended to be. Now the story is complete. All the same, I still dream of a follow-up series one day. Well done, and thank you, Toby. Good luck with all your future projects.
  • Comment number 97. Posted by amccaughtrie

    8 Mar 2013 15:56
    Really going to miss this having watched everything since the amazing trailer. It survived and thrived huge cast changes. Hope that all involved also thrive. Well done to everyone
  • Comment number 96. Posted by La_peach_lazuli

    7 Mar 2013 23:34
    Another suggestion: Can't you bring Annie, Mitchell & George back, together with Alex, Hal & Tom? Aidan Turner has finished his dwarf-job. Might be available again.

    If not, try to hire Kit Harrington!
  • Comment number 95. Posted by La_peach_lazuli

    7 Mar 2013 23:32
    To Sir Toby,

    I have watched all the episodes from season 1 to 4 and loved the series, being sceptical about its continuance. Had to catch up with season 5 from abroad and must say: I love it, too! Of course, there are some weaknesses in the plot, due to the limits of the production (place: still in the old B&B in Wales, supernatural problems: more or less the same) but the characters in season 5 are, again, genuine and interesting. I enjoy watching the interaction of Hal, Tom and Alex. Very convincing: Tom's crisis after not being promoted! Also, the chief of the replaced department is a very realistic character. I loved Bobby in episode 4! Shame that he had to die so soon!
    Only unconvincing thing: the old guy as the devil. Too creepy, though in the shape of an old moaner not that far from reality. I saw season 5 only on youtube now, but will definitely buy the DVDs!

    To BBC: Please allow Sir Toby either to continue BH or to produce another awesome series!
  • Comment number 94. Posted by U14259805

    6 Mar 2013 15:51
    I will be so sad to see this come to an end. It's a shame that some other channel won't pick up the rights like they do in the US. The whole series has been brilliant ... it's made you actually care about the characters and mourn their passing. I think the US version is still going strong ... and not a patch on the UK original ... WHY do all the really good show come to and end ... WHY, WHY, WHY?????
  • Comment number 93. Posted by fancypants

    28 Feb 2013 11:08
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do a JR Ewing/Dallas Dream type thingy in the future! Please dont say its over forever :P