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BH Insider | 15:00 PM, Monday, 1 October 2012



Picture of three actors from Being Human at a script read through



That’s right, filming has begun in Barry Town for the fifth series of Being Human. To quote Toby Whithouse, “this joke about the vampire, werewolf and a ghost living together has got way out of hand.” It’s so marvellous to have everyone back together and it’s like we’ve never been away. Damien and Michael have already been singing mega-mixes and are as handsome as ever (I checked). Phil John and Daniel O'Hara are back directing and the little Being Human family is as close-knit as ever.

We’ve got some new peeps on board, too. There’s the beautiful Kate Bracken, of course, who’s now with us full time as a bona-fide member of the gang. She’s funny, she’s kick-ass and my goodness is she cheek-boned. We also have new Producer, Polly Buckle, at the helm of the ship being brilliant (and frankly so much like Phil Trethowan that nobody’s noticed the difference. Least of all Phil Trethowan.) Meanwhile, Phil has seamlessly stepped up to being one of our Executive Producers and – get this – he’s started wearing blazers. That’s right. Blazers.

Of course, I’m not allowed to give you spoilers, but rest assured that we have got So Much Good Stuff coming your way this series. We’ve got bits that will make you laugh! We’ve got bits that will make you cry! We’ve got bits that will make you jump! We’ve got bits that will make you drool! We’ve got puns! We’ve got thrilling guest stars! We’ve got exciting new talent! We’ve got a new place of work! We’ve got really scary threats! We’ve got flashbacks! We’ve got exclamation marks!!! We’ve got it all!

There are also lots of plans for your online content, too. We’re already on the case of devising some fun things For Your Eyes Only. Be excited.

Finally, what kind of editor would I be without a little shout out to our amazing writers? Toby, Toby, Toby. Wonderful Toby. Isn’t he brilliant? Well, he’s as brilliant as ever. Adding to our team this year we’ve got (relatively) new talents Daragh Carville and Sarah Dollard who are both funny, funny, funny… and a little bit twisted. And there’s Being Human stalwarts Jamie Mathieson and John Jackson. Based on previous form, you can expect the usual depravity and hilarity from them.

So there you go. Series Five scripts are brilliant (even if we do say so ourselves), the talent from cast and crew is HUGE. Expect big things.


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