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Q&A With Toby Whitehouse

Rebecca Denton, Online Exec | 21:15 UK time, Thursday, 29 March 2012


Hello Everyone! Phew! Where did series 4 go? Obviously it was with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to Lenora. She's been with us for a colossal thirty episodes, illuminating every one with her beauty and vivacity and humour. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think her performance in this series was her best ever. If you want to see a masterclass in comic timing and delivery, watch her in episode 2 of series 4. I'll never forget seeing that for the first time in the executive screening in Cardiff. It had us in stitches. But sometimes loving and respecting a character means knowing when to end their story and we all felt, Lenora included, that once you've saved the world, anything else is going to seen a bit of a comedown. But we'll never forget Annie and we'll miss Lenora lighting up the set with her grace and charm.

Toby has answered your questions and they are listed below. I think we are about to break the world record for longest Being Human blog post!


What would have happened to Cutler if Annie had invited him in AFTER he started to burn? Would it have been too late? And just how long have you wanted to do that to a vampire?!

Obviously I have no way of proving this, but I think the process of him immolating would stop immediately. We’ve never really thought about it – it wasn’t something that we always wanted to do, or had in our back pocket - but the story threw up that opportunity so we thought we’d grab it. Often we’re constrained by budget in terms of what we can achieve – but if we really want to do something we find away.


Will the new trio stay in Honolulu Heights, or find a new place for a new start?

No, they are going to stay there. Partly because we can’t afford to build a new set and, to be fair, we genuinely love that set. Our designer, Andrew Purcell, is a genius.


With every series, the Being Human world gets bigger and the story lines get more epic. Do you ever look back at the first series and yearn to alter the balance back towards the more character-driven, quirky stuff you were doing then? Like, for example, when George and Mitchell end up laying on top of each other on the sofa while trying to be casual. Not that I don't think you aren't doing the characterful stuff now, but I think it sometimes seems to get lost in the broader sweep of the story.

No, we never yearn to go back to that because if we wanted to then we would. We have to be moving forward, and if we were still telling predominantly small scale and domestic stories, I think a) the show would have been cancelled, but also that b) people would have got bored. Being Human isn’t a sitcom - sitcoms very rarely evolve. With most sitcoms the episodes can be viewed in any order and you can drop in and drop out – where as drama needs a forward momentum.


  This must already have been a challenging series to write due to Aidan Turner leaving. I wondered if the decisions of Russell Tovey and Sinead Keenan to leave as well caused further complications or if there was sufficient time to plan for this?

  When we started story lining we knew that we would only have Russell for one episode and we wouldn’t have Sinead at all – but that was just the beginning of the nightmare. Choreographing a decent exit for Russell and explaining Sinead’s absence, as well as getting the new characters in place, all within one episode was incredibly tricky. At times it felt like episode one was a shopping list of requirements rather than a story. It was a difficult episode to get right, but we were really happy with the result.


Can we please see Hal tied to a chair again next series? ;))

  At the moment there is a possibility you will.


Apart from Mitchell and Hal, we have seen other vampires, such as Carl, try to abstain from blood. Are these cycles as described by Hal something that a lot of vampires go through or was it always meant to be something that only very few vampires have ever attempted? Will we ever see any vampire accomplish to overcome their addiction entirely?

I guess it depends on the Vampire. Hal, Mitchell and Carl are all vampires who wish to reform and part of that reformation is abstaining from blood – but I can’t imagine someone like Herrick or Cutler or Fergus going through that process because they have no intention of converting to the side of the angels.

@lycan666 What's the difference between an Old One and a New One?

It’s partly to do with age and partly state of mind. For example Ivan was well over four hundred years old, but there was something about him – his innate grandeur and status made him an old one. Whereas Regus is probably around the same age but somehow it’s difficult to think of him as an Old One.


Will Alex be in series 5? She has become one of my favourite characters! I like her spunk. Plus, Kate Bracken is an amazing actress! I think she adds something new to the show!

She is our new ghost! So yes, she will!


Which Vamps voice do we hear on the radio in ep 1?

I’m really pleased you asked! It isn’t HAL, but I wrote It originally to be Hal – but then we cast Damien, and he has such a distinctive voice that it would have revealed so much of the story straight away, so when it came to the point that we had to record the voice we decided to use someone else. But yes, it was intended to be Hal, to the point that even at the read-through I almost asked Damien to read it out – which would have confused him enormously because he didn’t know where the series was going to go at that moment! But like I said, his voice was so idiosyncratic it would have given everything away, so we changed it.


How much of the (at that time only potential) series 5 did you have mapped out by the time that the end of series 4 is written, and in how much detail? I'm assuming you must already have decided some of the story arc involving the men in grey (unless you're really winging it and that I don't believe!)

Next to nothing. I’ll set up scenes up like the men in grey, and we’ll option that actor just in case, and when we sit down to develop that storyline we might find that it lasts for an episode or a full series arc. But when I’m writing episode 8 I have next to nothing in terms of material in mind for the new series. Consequently, when we start storylining the next series, we have a blank white board which is terrifying!


Whats your favourite episode you have written? or any of the others?

I would say ep 7 of series 3 or ep 7 in series 4. Damien as evil Hal was such a joy to watch.


If the men with sticks and rope slam shut the door to creativity, leaving you staring at a blank page, do you have a particular trick you use to open the door again?

By the time I sit down to write as script the storylines are already vaguely mapped out - so I always know the destination it’s just a question of how I get there. I tend not to hit a brick wall in terms of the big ideas, more often than not the things that hinder me are things like ‘how can I get this character to find out this information in this scene?’ rather than the big questions like ‘who Is the villain?’ - You have to keep hammering away. It’s the small things that prove problematic.

Have you (or one of your characters) ever written yourself into a corner, and if so, how did you escape?

Constantly. Again it’s the small things – reaching a certain scene and realizing a character doesn’t have the info they need, and your heart sinks and you have to back and seed it in earlier.

Now that S4 is complete, a great success, and S5 is commissioned, what will you shop for?

Another Tattoo. Yes, seriously.


Is Cutler, Nick Cutler "Proper dead"? Yes. Where on earth do you find all these wonderful actors? (Especially as you seem to cast a lot of newcomers & well as established stars)

We have a fantastic casting director who we’ve had since the pilot – Di Carling, who found us, amongst others, Aiden and Sinead. But now retired, Becca is now taking over and she will be casting series 5. Di and Becca would do the leg work. They’d go to audition showcases at drama schools. They watch endless showreels. They have an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry. Last year alone they found us Damien and Kate and Gina. But with the established stars, the thing that gets them on board is the scripts and the characters. We’re a humble little show! We can’t afford to pay very much. So people like Mark Gatiss or Robson Green or James Fleet all came because of the scripts.


At what point do you start writing/developing the new series? (I imagine you must have to have some rough ideas while filming the previous series in order to insert the 'teaser' at the end of the last episode.)

As soon as we stop filming the last scene of the previous series.

Who decides how many episodes there will be in a season? Is there a specific reason (other than budget) that the next series will have six?

The BBC!


The young girl who accompanied the OOs - was she Hetty? Yes! She is supposed to be Hetty. The girl who played Hetty in the Ivan / Daisy prequel had the temerity to grow up so we had to find a new one – but I had completely forgotten until I did a phone interview with some American press the other week, that the Hetty character is led out of the warehouse before it blows up. So theoretically there could be an old one other than Hal who is still alive. Don’t get your hopes up as to what that means, though!


How goes the plans for the sort of Super Hero series you were working on?

Oh that’s dead. But I’m still really keen on the idea so one day in the distant future when I have some time, I might rework it as a film.


Are you planning on making a prequel for Alex, assuming she's a new resident at Honolulu Heights?

Maybe not a prequel but we could be seeing more of Alex online…..

She's a brilliant character - did you invent her the same way you did Allison, by finding Hal's opposite?

It wasn’t just a question of Hal’s opposite but also finding someone opposite to Annie as well.

Was Hal's singing your invention or written in after Damien had been cast?!

That was a stage direction in the scripts, but he turned it into a musical number. Which surprised me! But it was a pleasant surprise. He’s got quite a nice voice, hasn’t he. Damn him.


As Yvonne is the daughter of a demon, does this mean we will one day be properly introduced to a demon? Will we ever meet the Men with Sticks and Rope? When are we going to see Trolls in the BH universe?

In regards to all those of questions – anything is possible …. EXCEPT Trolls.


I recently heard an interview with the lovely Damien who explained the premise behind the show was originally about a recovering sex addict, outsider and agoraphobe with a twist and that those character ideas became Mitchell, George and Annie. That in itself is just brilliant - how did you come up with that idea?! With that in mind how would you describe Alex, Hal and Tom in non-supernatural terms?

In terms of how I came up with that – it was a weird moment of inspiration that happens not nearly frequently enough. I was walking home from the train station and the characters arrived all at once, fully formed. This was back when the show was going to be a non-supernatural drama. George wasn’t an outsider but someone who compartmentalized his life with anger and emotion – and it was just pure luck and serendipity that those same characters lent themselves to the supernatural archetypes. I wish those moments happened more often.


Big question was Mitchell waiting for Annie? Everyone is asking everywhere, twitter Facebook etc.

Annie deserves a happy ending – and what ending could possibly be happier. Was ghost Pearl connected to the other Pearl- Daisy's daughter? No not at all. I just have a lack or originality when it comes to names.


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    He also indirectly answered our question about vampires in the AL didn't he... Good to know Mitchell's happy in there, and Cutler's probably with Rachel, and there is hope for Hal too

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    Cutler proper dead :( Why did you have to put that in writing?
    Didn't realise Hetty had escaped! So no particular plans for her - but now maybe that we've brought it to your attention...
    No trolls. But no explicit veto on leprechauns...
    A blank sheet for S5 (the answer to my question - which really surprised me!) - so the Men in Grey could be S5 big bad, or little one ep wonders! How exciting!

    Right, have to go and re-read the Q&A as that was just an over-excited skim-read.

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    If the voice on the radio was meant to be Hal... then it WAS Hal. Not some random. This is what I choose to believe.

    As for Mitchell being behind the door? "Annie deserves a happy ending and what could be better?" It's still a question. I think that scene was open to interpretationon purpose. The viewer decides whose behind the door

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    More Hal tied to a chair... :D

    And Annie and Mitchell got their happily ever after. :) So I guess vampires get an AL after all, now that puts a lot of speculation to rest! And it makes me happy.

    Ivan was over four-hundred? *raises eyebrow* In the series it was said he's 237... But I'm glad we finally know what distinguishes the OOs from other vamps. So age does play a role, and a certain charisma, dignity and probably cruelty. Good to know. ;)

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    36 LizzyT - leprechauns! Yes, we should definitely have those in S5. I love how he answered my joke question!

    38 Oops, stray question mark.

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    Who's behind Annie's door?
    LT implies Mitchell is there. But Annie's happy ending must also involve her staying with Eve, and being with George and Nina, i.e. best friends and Eve's parents. In this scenario - just how well are Nina & Mitchell going to get on for eternity, eh? 'Fraid I'm a bit skeptical on that one. After all, what does LT know, eh? ;)

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    @yekim_mikey: Well in that case....it's Mitchell :D - there decision made ;)

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    Time is relative behind the door when Annie arrives Mitchell might have passed through all his rooms by then.

    Also Mitchell's rooms.

    In his earlier rooms the bodies remain still dead only with the box tunnel are they standing - suggesting that after a while people move on from the rooms - Reborn if you will into their next life so who knows when four births will occur?

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    @Inch (44): I'm now picturing a storyboarding meeting where they really want to bring a troll into the series, but can't because of LT's blog answer to your question XD

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    46- I choose not to, purely because I believe a mass murderer shouldn't have a happy end. no matter how full of redemption he was. :-)

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    Good answers Toby, thank you.

    I was particularly interested in Toby's response to the Hattie question and the fact that she survived the big bang....Toby said 'So theoretically there could be an old one other than Hal who is still alive. Don’t get your hopes up as to what that means, though!'....now, I had been wondering if the He Will Rise referred to Mr Snow who somehow...being an ancient old one, had survived and indeed would 'Arise' so to speak. But Toby's response for me has squashed that idea.

    So...who is it who will rise?...could it be one of the original vampires (remember in eps 1 when Regus I think talked about how vampires began) ? Or maybe it isn't referring to a vampire at all....

    And yes...it would be lovely to think that Mitchell had been waiting for Annie..but I'm still pondering on how that could happen when he was just turned into dust.....

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    @inch: loved the anything except trolls :D
    @Nic,14: Yes, that made me very happy. That answer plus the one about Annie's AL suggests to me that redemption is possible, even for vamps. Now where is this "on the side of the angels" quote from. I know I heard it somewhere (on the show) before but where? Must have slipped my mind.

  • Comment number 52.

    43 @ Laminamara - I'm glad it isn't just me who thought Ivan was only in his 200s! Oh well, what's 200 years between friends?

    48 LizzyT - Lol! I think he really shot himself in the foot there. He'll see...2013 will be the year of the Troll. You heard it here first;)

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    Brilliant! Congratulations to everyone whose questions were chosen! They were great questions! And thank you to Lord Toby and Rebecca for the Blog Post!

    That's it. There's definitely going to be a troll now.... :D

    More Hal in 'the chair' *happy dancing*

  • Comment number 54.

    LT's answer to Rob's question was interesting in how he describes ep 1 like a "shopping list" of stuff to get through. This was exactly how I felt about ep1. Didn't enjoy it that much but could see how much plot and character turnover had to be dealt with. In a way it felt quite a bit like an inter-series tidy-up, with S4 proper starting with ep2.

    And Alex: no prequel but more of her online? Wonder what that means exactly? I can see the sense of no prequel: we've already been introduced to her character and seen how she became a ghost in the series proper, and she (presumably) doesn't have a deep dark hinterland like all those vampires.

    @Inch: year of the troll - surely that's got to be an episode title somewhere in S5?

  • Comment number 55.

    I think if Toby has said that Mitchell was through the door waiting for Annie then that's exactly where he was! It does raise some questions about the future for them in the AL, mostly Nina and whether she could accept what Annie did to her baby, or accept spending eternity with Mitchell, but they're all together and that's what matters!

    I think it's really funny that Toby didn't even realise Hattie had been taken out of the room... So a door was left open for another OO to return, and it wasn't even deliberate! Something about that pleases me. As does the idea of the blank page for a new series - it always seems so well written and thoroughly integrated with the previous series that I just assumed he must have at least a vague idea of where things are going next! That answer pretty much answered one of my questions too, even if it wasn't direct.

  • Comment number 56.

    @Dorina: As ewan pointed out, time is relative. So my guess is after spending hundreds of years in purgatory to atone for his sins Mitchell finally made it through to the AL. But when Annie came he was already there because time in the real world moves differently. As for the OOs, rewatching the episode and remembering some of the criticism raised on the other blog regarding the lack of characterization of any of the other OOs (apart from Snow) I thought that all the OOs seemed in a trance similar to the hold Snow had over Hal. They appeared more like drones, following their master's every wish. Ah well, just a thought.

  • Comment number 57.

    I've been thinking about the repeated wearing other peoples cloths type comments - A ghost is what you were wearing when you died. Now Mitchell died wearing his uniform - This however makes things Very Awkward for Lauren. Still The dismemberment only sort of kills a Vampire it takes Fire to burn the body completely - I think Tom would have done that to the bodies of the old ones or the stake.

    Now Sasha (Zombie) is the key to how Vampire souls work in a way. The heart contains the soul freed with the stake. that is why blood smothers the soul - makes them not care. So when the soul is free the Vampire can move on after all their memories of death are the same as Ghosts Men with sticks and Rope but for some reason being sent back to earth.

    Theories suggestions - I'll see you on the Morrow.

  • Comment number 58.

    OK - have to say this!
    Reluctant as I am to question Toby on his own show (and end up proper dead and Dyson'd) didn't Ivan say he had drunk blood every day for 195 years? i thought he was 237?

    May just hide under the sofa now... can someone pass down a beer from time to time please?

  • Comment number 59.

    51 @Black_Dwarf I don't know, I just copy/pasted it from Toby's answer. Thought it sounded familiar but it could have easily been another show where there are angels so I didn't think much of it! Again suggesting that I need a rewatch of all series of BH, asap!

    The idea of the OOs as drones purely following Mr Snow is a bit disappointing, I had thought they would be so badass! Ivan was badass! Hal is badass even though he mostly chooses not to be!

  • Comment number 60.

    49 Mikey - perhaps he has atoned for his sins whilst he's been in Purgatory. As several people have said, time probably works differently there and he may have spent many Purgatory Years earning (and being granted) forgiveness from his many victims.

    51 Black_Dwarf Lol! The funny thing is, I had asked a sensible question about WWs being ghosts and Amy McBride - so it made me chuckle that he's answered the question I threw in just to be silly. That'll teach me to be more serious next time!

  • Comment number 61.

    Thanks LT for answering our questions, with an extra thank for answering my question :0 *does a little dance*. And thanks to Rebecca for organising it!

    It funny that we were {b}all{/b} right regarding the voice on the radio, those of us who thought it wasn't DM's voice and those who though that it had to be Hal. From LT's answer it was Hal but using another persons voice is sneaky!!!

    Sad about Cutler being 'proper dead' :(

    But at least Annie and Mitchell are together :0

    Hello all the bloggers *waves*

  • Comment number 62.

    56 - I agree after all when Hal moved into his place at his command plus two Hal quotes on Snow.
    "He'd have told me to join him and I would."
    "Generation after generation he's in our DNA."

  • Comment number 63.

    Ooh, ooh, my questions were answered! I can't do cartwheels in RL but what the heck *starts cartwheeling around blog room with the others* Thank you Rebecca! And thank you, Mr. Whithouse for taking the time to answer so many of them.

    *calms down slightly* I actually thought my first question was the same as LizzyT's, and she asked it better. I too, was surprised that writing of the next series only begins after the previous one has wrapped. Makes the little teasers in the final episodes all the more interesting.

    As for my second question, well, I only asked because someone had suggested there might be a creative reason for only having six episodes. But nope, it's down to the BBC.

    TL had forgotten that Hettie (now we know it was her) had escaped the blast! Hhmmm... *resumes cartwheels*

  • Comment number 64.

    60 @Inch I think quite a few of the serious questions were avoided, possibly because they point to plot holes like Amy McBride! ;)

    61 @Little_Blue_Star I like that, we were *all* right about the voice on the radio! (Except for the ones who listened and were convinced it was DM's voice ;)

  • Comment number 65.

    56- Ah, I'm not a religious man so the thought of a last minute "I'm sorry" shouldn't give you a key to a happy ending. Toby said it as a question and never said 'yes, mitchell was there'. It was ambiguous for a reason.

    Agree with the theory about a trance. They never spoke, they had no expressions. We only heard Mr snow.

  • Comment number 66.

    @Nic: I know what you mean. But when I saw the OOs all sitting quietly next to Snow and Hetty serving him blood I just thought they seemed a bit off. Like in a trance and that would also make sense regarding what Hal said to Tom "he is in our DNA", "he would have asked me to join him and I would" and the way he reacted in the final confrontation with Snow. I guess I was just looking for an explanation of why the OOs seemed a bit unremarkable.
    I love that he answered my question there but the bit about the angels, it just sounds so familiar but I can't place it. Argh, I hate when that happens. Now I need to google the quote and see what comes up.
    @Little_Blue_Star: Hi there *waves*

  • Comment number 67.

    I got a little excited there, sorry. I thought people asked some really thoughtful questions and there were some interesting answers. Should give us something to chew on for a while. Off to bed now, good night all.

  • Comment number 68.

    @46 Black_Dwarf rofl

  • Comment number 69.

    Nic, Black_Dwarf, ewan..ah but you see this is where I think Toby was very clever...and enigmatic...his reply on the 'was Mitchell waiting for Annie question was....' Annie deserves a happy ending – and what ending could possibly be happier'....which can be interpreted anyway you want!. i.e. Mitchell may have been there if you want to believe it ....
    Of course we all want that to be Annie's happy ending....for baby Eve to be with her mum and dad, Annie to be with mitchell, and all of them together. It's only Mitchell I have some problems understanding in that picture...but maybe I'm alone in this deliberation!

  • Comment number 70.

    @marigolds goodnight!

    I'm off to bed too. Too much new blog excitement has worn me out!

    Once again thanks to LT for answering our questions, to Rebecca for organising it all, and to all the bloggers who asked the questions.

    And before I slope off... why are Rebecca and LT avoiding the Kia-Ora question? We deserve the truth!

  • Comment number 71.

    69- nope. you're not alone!

  • Comment number 72.

    63.TL? I meant LT. yes, some of the answers were the tiniest bit evasive, but we wouldn't want to know everything, would we? :-) And some could have done with being more evasive... Is Cutler proper dead? Yes. Darn.

  • Comment number 73.

    I love this idea about the trance thing and Mr Snow. We noticed at this end how Hal seemed to come back to himself when Annie enters the warehouse and breaks the spell

  • Comment number 74.

    Hi Little_Blue_Star and Marigolds! Congratulations to everyone whose questions were answered.

    Re the idea of Drone OOs - surely it's one way of Mr Snow ensuring his own survival and future as the Vampire King. As strong and as powerful as he undoubtedly is, his position would be fairly precarious if he only had his intelligence and those crumbling blackened fangs to protect himself with. Keeping them pliant and docile would ensure they wouldn't start getting any ideas about assassinating him and usurping his position.

    Night Manc, Ewan and everyone else who is going to bed.

    Night all, it's been lovely chatting but bed beckons!

  • Comment number 75.

    @ewan: that will teach me to refresh. Just realized you beat me to those Hal quotes. Agree with you, obviously :)
    @yekim_mikey: Don't want to start an argument about religion but I think the point is more to do with feeling true regret and a willingness to make up for it rather than just saying sorry and hoping for the best. At least that is the essence of it and that concept has been used in different shows. So I always thought it would be the same in BH and if I interpret LT correctly, that seems to be the case.

  • Comment number 76.

    @70 LizzyT I missed that he hadn't answered that! I also asked if we could get the answerto that as some form of extra content like a letter or addition scene, maybe we find out next season?

  • Comment number 77.

    @LizzyT and marigolds: Good Night :) Avoiding the question gives me hope that we may yet actually get to see what happens when he drinks that stuff!
    @aquamarine: Are you still under the sofa? Here! *hands over a beer* :)
    @Dorina: Yes, I agree. I mean where would be the fun in debating if he just handed us the answers on a silver platter.

  • Comment number 78.

    Great questions and some intriguing answers. And I like to think of Mitchell waiting for Annie, behind her door. Definitely counts as a happy ending...
    And I like the definition of an Old One; poor Regus though, he doesn't quite cut the mustard as an Old One. Hope he finds out that lots of vampires did, in the end, pay attention to his scrolls. Must make those 400 years spent in mildewy archives (and his asthma!) worthwhile!
    Can we have Regus back for series 5 (and his Team Edward t-shirt)?

  • Comment number 79.

    Night Lizzy!

  • Comment number 80.

    75- i totally agree. I should've used the word 'regret'. Regret is a mindset, an emotion. Murdering is an action, lives lost, people affected. regret can never make up for actions

  • Comment number 81.

    Ohhh Rebecca did you type all that out? I feel sorry for you, that would have tooken me ages.

    But yayyy he answered my question, episode 7 is always the best one in my opinion and his by the looks of it :-) and i do love the evil Hal.

    Its late im going to bed now, but i probs wont sleep till 1:00am very vampric.


  • Comment number 82.

    Good Night inch and everyone else that I've missed while waiting for the next 180 seconds to pass....And yes, using this hold he has over the OOs as a means to prevent regicide makes a lot of sense!

  • Comment number 83.

    Plus that bold thing doesn't work for me :/
    @64 Nic I forgot that some people were convinced it was DM's voice. I was thinking that the plot line strongly suggested that it was Hal but I was confused as it didn't sound like DM.

    *waves at Blackdwarf*
    Night Inch

  • Comment number 84.

    66 @Black_Dwarf You're completely right and it makes perfect sense, I had just hoped the OOs would be much cooler than that. I know there was only a limited amount of time and there was so much to fit in with Hal and Tom and Annie and Alex and Cutler that there was barely any screentime for the OOs. But I remember when Mitchell first said the thing about Ivan being an OO, I thought ooh that's interesting I'd like to know more about them... And to find out they're all like zombies and only one of them is really that bad is a bit disappointing!

    69 @Dorina You're not alone in that deliberation at all! But if we're never going to see any of them ever again I just want to believe that they're all together, it would be far too sad for me to think that Mitchell was stuck somewhere else alone for being a bad person, even after how hard he tried to be good. Or that Annie and George have to be without their best friend in the AL because he doesn't exist at all anymore. Think of the smile on annie's face as she went through that door. And imagine her expression if she finds George and an angry Nina, but no Mitchell on the other side... That's not a happy ending at all! I prefer to take a leaf from Annie's book and remain firmly in denial on that one ;)

    We will just have to see the Kia-Ora incident in a future episode or online exclusive scene! Pretty sure Rebecca said earlier that Toby has just finished writing s5ep1, maybe that's why he didn't answer, because he knew we'd see for ourselves soon enough!

  • Comment number 85.

    Hi Dorina,
    I see Mitchell there because I believe he wanted to confront his crimes and to atone for them. The only place he could truly do this was in Purgatory. Mitchell was truly repentant, and in the terms of the Christian church, this is enough to earn you the right to atone for your sins. I don't think Toby has steeped his view of the AL in Christianity per se, but I believe he has hung it loosely upon those beliefs. As has been suggested by other bloggers also, in the 2-3 month period after M's death that it takes Annie to reach her corridor, M may have spent 1000 years in Purgatory, begging forgiveness from his victims. Time is different there.

    How would they all cope living together? How would George and Nina react to Annie killing their daughter?
    Well, I'm inclined to think that in passing through this door, Annie was leaving Purgatory (her corridor) and entering 'heaven'. Therefore, there would be no fighting over the baby, or recriminations, or jealousy, or manipulation, lying, bitterness ... there would only be loveliness! And the Pink House :)

    (I noted before that Annie's Purgatory had only one door - leading to heaven - and one person waiting for her: Adult Eve. This was the only person she had to seek forgiveness from in order to attain her heaven. And Eve gave it joyfully. This would be enough for George and Nina, who would know all about what was going on with their daughter, because you can watch the ones you love from Heaven)

  • Comment number 86.

    Hi and Good Night Saffz! :) Congrats on getting your question answered.
    @yekim_mikey: I choose to believe that in purgatory Mitchell did get a chance to make up for his sins and achieving forgiveness from his victims. But, as I pointed out, that may have taken him a while (50 years, 100....who knows). And seeing as that the vampire infection (if you want to use that term) and the bloodlust that comes with it is something that is incredibly difficult to fight I think that he deserves his chance for redemption. As does Hal or any other vampire that chooses the "side of the angels"...(was that something Herrick said to Mitchell, perhaps in series 1....)?

  • Comment number 87.

    @aquamarine - have you got a bottle opener down there?? *hands one over*

  • Comment number 88.

    i didn't know ivan was 400? did i miss something? Also he didn't say who's voice was on the radion did he? not hal but who? maybe it doesn't matter. Is it just me or is LT kind of a hottie?

  • Comment number 89.

    Goodnight to all that have left (& hello to anybody who has snuck in)

    @72 marigolds - I know what you mean, as I could kick myself now. I put the Cutler question as a joke really, as I didn't think LT would answer it in a millions years.
    Oh well, we can always hope for flashbacks :D

    @77 Black_Dwarf - I'd love Regus back in S5, but only for one ep (imo)

  • Comment number 90.

    83 @Little_Blue_Star Yep it seemed like it should be Hal, although I never wanted it to be and was 100% convinced it wasn't his voice so I was firmly in the 'it's not Hal' camp. So I guess we were all both right and wrong in one way or another!

    Thinking about the vampire AL/purgatory corridor thing, and the discussion we were having earlier about why they dont' just put an end to it when they are trying so hard to be good and failing and hating what they are.. It makes perfect sense if you think about it, if they have an AL and a corridor full of all the rooms with all the people they have killed... I can't think of a better incentive for them to want to stay very much alive (well not that alive really seeing as they're already dead but you know what I mean ;) Imagine how long Hal's corridor would be.....

  • Comment number 91.

    @topomostro: Beautifully said. I agree with everything in your post. Was trying to raise the same point but you said it so much better than me. :)

  • Comment number 92.

    ok, night night all x x catch you tomorrow

    off to think of Hal in that chair next series :)

  • Comment number 93.

    @Nic: I think if we had met the OOs individually (like we did with Hettie and Ivan) they would all have kicked ass, presumably. But since Snow had them all in thrall they didn't get a chance to shine!
    Hi lawchick and brookesey *waves* :)

  • Comment number 94.

    A trance would also explain the perfect formation they walked into Stokers with lol

  • Comment number 95.

    @ Nic and Black dwarf I think that Mr Snow would have had that Zombiefying effect on the OOs when he is around them. I think that his touching Hal in the Cafe is important in him dominating Hal. It was a bit weird that Snow never gave any orders they just did as he wanted, creepy, maybe some kind of telepathy. When away from him they would be able to act freely and be their BB selves.

    The excitement has tired me out too so I'll say night-night

  • Comment number 96.

    Oh just realized: Welcome timeandtide *waves*, almost missed you there :)

  • Comment number 97.

    Hello all,

    Thanks to Toby for answering the questions. No trolls, though, hey. I'm a bit gutted about that.

  • Comment number 98.

    @Good Night Little_Blue_Star :) Good Night brookesey! :)
    @Little_Blue_Star: Yes, proximity is definitely a factor.

  • Comment number 99.

    93 @Black_Dwarf Agreed! That's what I'm going to choose to believe anyway... They had some kind of call to action to all be in Barry(!?) at that time but the rest of the time they are kickin as s! I bet they're all really pissed at Mr Snow in the AL now for getting them all killed while in a trance, I wonder if his influence reaches to the other plane of existence...

    @Little_Blue_Star yes, the cafe scene was just.. wow. snow was creepy! I wish we'd got to see more of him and the other OOs, even though I know there wasn't time... I get that the reduction in episodes was a BBC decision but 8 wasn't even enough!

  • Comment number 100.

    @91 Black_Dwarf
    Aww, thanks! x

    @90 Well, of course, how many of them know that a corridor awaits them? What they've seen (most of them, Mitchell appears to be an exception) of the AL is the Men with Sticks and Ropes - Purgatory's bouncers, if you like, forcing them back from their corridor and back to Earth. They don't really get to see much.

    Lauren had it figured right, all along. She realised that she was losing a grip on her human self, and she had the sense to hate that; she realised the only way to halt that, since the bloodlust got to her so, was to take a stake to the heart. And, as Toby did say, she 'went to a better place'. Mitchell made the same choice when he reached the same point of realisation, though it took him over 80 years!


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