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Rebecca Denton, Online Exec | 08:37 AM, Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hello all.

Goodness it's been a long time hasn't it. There are now so many posts on that last blog, the entire internet is in danger of falling over. For God's sake, let's start another.

As ever, bit of housekeeping first. Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes. You made an old man very happy. By a weird coincidence I had managed to hand in all my homework the day before, so actually had a day off. The last time I had one of them, all this was fields. Being the thrusting, edgy, mercurial, (*coughs* multi award winning *coughs*) writer that I am, I obviously spent the day shopping. Yes, I am a man and I love shopping. Clothes shopping especially. I know I know, just when you ladies thought I couldn't be more perfect...

ANYWAY! Thank you. You're all lovely.

Quick update on the shoot. It's going really well. Just this morning I watched another cut of episode one. Phil John has done a terrific job, and I'm not just saying that because he's seven feet tall and has the eyes of a killer. We're currently filming block 2 - episodes 4, 6 and 7 - and I'm writing episode 8. I'm handing draft one in this afternoon, after which I have my monthly 'hour off', where I lie on the floor and weep silently. Then the buzzer goes off and I start writing again.

Now then. That homework I set you ages ago. Thank you so much for doing this. I hope you had fun thinking about the episodes. It's been curious looking through the suggestions as it kinda tells me what aspects of the story sprang out for you.Anyway, the results are in. So here goes. I've hopefully accredited the title to the right person. There were a few repeats, and so if you made a suggestion but I've said it was someone else, then I'm giving you permission to be smug and know that *you* came up with it too.

1.1 "Flotsam and Jetsom" - Stephen Collings (little factoid for you - that was the original name for episode one of series one of Torchwood).

1.2 "Tully" - Ewan. Loved the simplicity of that - like "Lia" for 3.1.

1.3 "Ghost Town" - timeandtide. Of COURSE it's called Ghost Town. It couldn't be called anything else.

1.4 "Another fine Mess" - DWilmot. Clever.

1.5 "Where The Wild Things Are" - daisy-the-tourist.

1.6 This was a tricky one. timeandtide had suggested 'The Man Comes Around" for ep 5, which I preferred for this episode... but I've gone for "Bad Moon Rising", suggested by Jac_E

2.1 A tough one. But I'm gonna go for "Cure and Contagion" - inch_high_private_eye.

2.2 "Serve God love me and mend" - aquamarine_jo. ('Men' or 'mend'? It's a quote from Much Ado About Nothing - and in that it's 'mend'. But maybe in the Mumford and Sons song it's 'men'.)

2.3 "Long live the King" - about 14 of you. Group hug.

2.4 "Educating Creature" - that's TWO from Stephen Collings. He must be destroyed. Actually I'm not a fan of puns. Laura cotton's yer woman for that. But this made me laugh.

2.5 "The Looking Glass" - SunnyFLA.

2.6 "In the Morning" - Lucia Willow XD

2.7 "Damage" - DWilmot again. Is he really Stephen Collings? Or vice versa?

2.8 "All God's Children" - again, loads of you.

So there we have it. Now I have to stress again, this is just a bit of fun, for us. Like I said, we can't go back in time to give the episodes these names, but if you like, you can use these when discussing various episodes.Sorry if your title wasn't chosen. I've got about 14 pages of suggestions and only 14 episodes to fill.

Hmmm, we didn't do the pilot... A competition for another time, perhaps.

Anyway. Keep blogging. Keep talking. Keep being nice.

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