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Garret Keogh, Online Editor | 18:11 UK time, Friday, 26 March 2010

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Producer Phil is back to tell us more about the third series of Being Human. Be prepared for a new house and more werewolves... Oh, and major usage of the word 'hinterland'. No, we didn't know what it meant either, but it sounds mega.


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  • Comment number 1.

    Woo hoo Producer Phil!

    I will miss the pink house.

    So more werewolves? Cool!

  • Comment number 2.

    Thanks for that, Producer Phil....and Mr Pilling of course! Great blog btw...keep it up!

    The threat is from within...

    And there's more in the way of werewolfie things and lore and stuff...should please the wolf followers among us!

    Lots of intense storylines...the mind boggles.

    And yes, it's a HUGE shame the series isn't still in Bristol...was in town today and seeing some of the film locations (not necessarily on purpose either) and had to stop grinning because it was becoming most embarrassing, especially when I was passing the funeral parlour...I got some odd looks from the guys who work there (it's a garage in real life!)..

    Looking forward to more hot hints in future, BH Production Team...don't disappoint now!xxx

  • Comment number 3.

    well that was a bit sneaky - new blog - I was writing on the last thread! Not much info there Phil - keeping it all under wraps! But it does look like our speculations about all the werewolf stuff was in the right area anyway. Hope we still get to see lots more vampire stuff too - especially Daisy! Interesting he said Cardiff "city" - so maybe they arent staying in the country cottage?

  • Comment number 4.

    I like Phil but he scares me a wee bit lol! Aw that was a nice video and werewolves...fun...hope that doesn't mean the end of the vampires though? Ahh of course not we still have Daisy - YAY although the talk of werewolf "hinterland" (Mr P? Did you ask him what the hecky peck that means?!) has made me think again about Herrick :-S I mean we assumed zombie but a lot of people reckoned he looked a bit hairy lol wonder if he'll have anything to do with all that...

    I really hope we see a lot more of Daisy though :-) I love her character - great fun :-D I'm guessing she'll be around for Herrick so fingers crossed :-)

    Thanks Mr P :-)

  • Comment number 5.

    EEEEK! Fantastic - thank you BHP, X

  • Comment number 6.

    Werewolf life I was right the Werewolves are coming for series 3

  • Comment number 7.

    *waves* Hello Phil! And thanks for the new blog, BHProd! *grin*

    Mr Google defines hinterland as 'a remote and undeveloped area' - I definitely look forward to more werewolf action! :)

    Aww, the pink house... I'll really miss it! Hopefully the new cottage can become just as iconic in its own right... not that it can beat the original, of course!

    I can't wait to see what will happen in series 3 - just one request though... pretty please can we have more humour a la series 1? Thanks muchly :)

  • Comment number 8.

    good point about Herrick - cant help wondering why Toby brought him back as such a great villain - if he's going to focus on threats within and werewolves? But I guess Herrick can worm his evil way in anywhere! And Mitchell and Annie have to have their own storylines as well as George and Nina.
    Hope this vid means that we will now be drip-fed (!) lots of info on S3 from right now!

  • Comment number 9.

    Here's a question in series 1 and 2 Mitchell stood up to the Vampires to keep George ad then Nina safe will they now have to stick up for him to keep him being dragged to the forest.

    also are there rules on behaviour for Werewolves you know deciding who hunts where so the beasts don't end up killing each other things like that?

  • Comment number 10.

    9 - Mitchell saved George initially - but Annie and George saved Mitchell at the end of both S1 and S2? So it's Nina's turn to save all the others? Id like to see a Nina- Herrick showdown! with Daisy as well to make it more complicated with George. Meanwhile in another part of the forest - Mitchell has to save Annie.

  • Comment number 11.

    * big wave to everyone * well what do you make of that then?? Am I the only one thinking werewolf baby? Nina giving birth whilst transformed? Sorry I've been awake for many,many hours today and my mind is going to dark places!

  • Comment number 12.

    10 - In the start of series 2 George had been attacked at least 2 times 3 if you count Ivan having a half hearted pop at him and he gave the warning to the vampires to leave him alone

    still What will Annie be like when she returns and what is coming?

  • Comment number 13.

    As long as more werewolves doesn't mean less Mitchell, or I'll have to write a stern letter to the BBC lol :-D

  • Comment number 14.

    11 - Werewolf baby if CONCEIVED during the full moon not born.

  • Comment number 15.

    12 - not sure what George is going to make of Mitchell bringing Herrick back - he'll be thinking he's left the vampire attacks behind (and Daisy!) - and he has Nina to think about now. Lots of ways they could all start sniping at each other - and lots of ways for Nina to get snippy.
    And as you say - Annie - she really did want to get away from the old life - not sure why she so much wants to come back now - except she's seen the alternative! even watching the boys bicker might be preferable!

  • Comment number 16.

    Thanks BHP how very exciting!!

    More werewolf stories in S3 - oh my sounds very interesting! I'm quite glad as, as Phil says, there hasn't overly been that much to do with werewolves whereas there has been many stories about the vampire world. Whatever happens it sounds fab, if not extremely cryptic lol!!

    Anglo - the funeral parlour is a garage in real life?? That is absolutely hilarious!!!

  • Comment number 17.

    Other questions will there be a pack if so will the leader of the pack take a shine to Nina forcing a fight for leadership with George?

    or will Nina have kicked his -another name for donkey- first or will she have just found out about Daisy?

  • Comment number 18.

    14 does the scene in s1 where Nina is *ahem* helping George with his problem where George is starting to transform count. I don't know much about how it works with werewolves so I will apologise if Im wrong.

  • Comment number 19.

    Ohh other idea will there be farmers or other who know about werewolves who hunt them on full moons?

  • Comment number 20.

    18 - I'm not sure on Toby's rules but I know when Human Human Baby so I guessed the whole literal nead for the two backed beast. Side note if she was then she would be showing by now so mote point.

  • Comment number 21.

    20 now you mention it it is pretty obvious she would be huge by now. Like I said I've been awake far too long today!

  • Comment number 22.

    does anyone know Cardiff city? Does it have caves near the city, or beaches or derelict docks - for transforming in?

    I'm assuming George and Nina dont know yet how they would react to each other while transformed? They might have to assume they could attack each other rather than nuzzle up? So they'd need separate places at least initially. Or two cages? Mitchell is going to have his hands full supporting all that - one night a month zoo keeper?

  • Comment number 23.

    8 episodes,big intense story lines, need to explore the werewolves and the threat from within---soooo are George and Nina the main threat from within--as Ewan said problems with pack leader developing?

  • Comment number 24.

    And is Mitchell going to be the one getting Annie back and dealing with Herrick, while Nina and George meet and greet new werewolves.

  • Comment number 25.

    If there is a pack I've had 2 ideas that would work for series 4

    1. A war between the vampires and werewolves both sides recruiting, the werewolves would have found out from Nina they don't have to be fully changed to turn someone so both numbers increasing

    2. Werewolves and Vampires working together against the next CenSSA werewolves being able to enter where Vampires cannot

    too far ahead?

  • Comment number 26.

    I see it more as conflict between the werewolves themselves, a pack already establised in Wales, and Nina and George coming onto their territory, and perhaps Nina and George joining them, can't see vampires v werewolves somehow.

  • Comment number 27.

    Evening everyone! Yippee! It's the weekend!

    Ooh, this is exciting! Thanks Phil and everyone on the BH prodcution team, as usual!

    Yes, Bristol is fantastic! I visited last week & saw plenty of Being Human sites.....wonderful! I think the postman in Totterdown wondered what we were doing because we kept walking past him when we were wandering round the streets to see the pink house, The New Found Out pub, The Shakespeare pub (from the pilot), and also the mosque featured in series 1, start of episode 4, where we see George walking past it in some tight women's clothes, the day after a full moon!

    I was kind of expecting that we'd see more of the werewolf world in series 3, after series 1 & 2 being much more vampire based (although I'll always have a preference for the vampires, I'm sure!)

    So, Eagle-eyes (4); you're thinking Herrick may be wolf-like then? I'm loving that idea! I hope he is!

  • Comment number 28.

    Notcied Cardiff city was mentioned---i thought they had to avoid the cities because of herrick and vampires.

  • Comment number 29.

    filming AROUND Cardiff not in Cardiff surly lots of hills and wilderness and a place to film indoor scenes and flashbacks locally so
    city = flashback and Herrick
    countryside = our gang

    that's my guess anyway

  • Comment number 30.

    hi guys!!!
    very exciting blog there! wonder if 'within' is very literal and nina gets pregnant!!???

  • Comment number 31.

    30 - hey crow!!! that would be exciting!! there are so many possibilities!!

    I just want George and Nina to be happy together... aww, maybe thats too much to expect!

  • Comment number 32.

    Ewan ' New stories to be told in the new city'. Surely means in Cardiff?

  • Comment number 33.

    I assume this blog will now be compulsory reading for Phil! best of luck with that! We might drive you even madder than the production - and Toby being cryptic!

    btw - wasnt Matt Bouch going to come on here and say goodbye? or is that going to be with all the other S2 stuff BHProd have still got up their sleeve inc the individual interviews? we're moving fast onto S3 without completely finishing with S2??

  • Comment number 34.

    Flashbacks though set in the past would be new to us as well as if Herrick moves to a new city new stories there as well.

    Unless you are thinking Werewolves claimed Cardiff from Vampires and bribe the establishment as the Vampires did in Bristol.

    not to hide the dead so much as keep areas clear on certain nights.

    or a dark story line a captured werewolf in a prison cell the officer knows what he is so puts in cell with him the scum of the area. that salbish is a dark story line and Don't worry princess not talking about George and Nina being in the cell another werewolf in the cell but they relate this story to George and Nina asking for help with the now backmailing officer as they don't want to do it again.

  • Comment number 35.

    Given the physical upheaval during a transformation I just can't see a werewolf baby happening. OK, it's fantasy and Toby can set his own rules, but he's set things up with multiple organ failure as part of the package. I'm afraid I can see Nina getting pregnant, her and Geroge getting all excited about it and then it's the full moon and she's not any more. :-(

  • Comment number 36.

    35 - firebird - SOB!!!!

  • Comment number 37.

    Ooh sneaky late blog!
    I'm betting on some Daisy-based jealousy issues in S3 and maybe Mitchell will have to deal with Cara again.

    I was thinking about the need to be invited in rule and churches... The vampires use an abandoned church for a while and presumably weren't invited in, so maybe an abandoned house would be the same thing - not needing to be invited because there's no appropriate person to do the inviting. Maybe the house rule and the crosses is all tied up in the person living in the house or holding up/wearing the cross - it's the intent of the person to protect themselves from the vampire, not the house/cross itself that has the power.

    (that may not have made much sense - I've just got home from a 12 hour shift!)

  • Comment number 38.

    hey guys hope you are all well

    what a lovely surprise thank you phil and bh prod oooohhh im excited.
    i understand why they have to relocate as the characters have moved on so far in themselves but i will miss that house of pastel tone.
    it was so brightly painted but there was something so dark about its atmosphere even from the outside.

    'from within' and 'more werewolf action'

    i hope that means we are going to find out a bit more about nina and her past now its a threat from within .... within themselves or within the house ?

  • Comment number 39.

    36 - Don't cry in a previous blog it was mentioned that the womb is liquid that might save the foetus from the whole crushing thing and a baby might be born?

  • Comment number 40.

    Hey everyone!! Thanks BHP for another lovely blog, got all excited there hehe.

    So we know for definite that S3 will have 8 episodes. Good good.

    It wil be interesting finding out more on the werewolf front - what happens when 2 meet? How about when George and Nina transform. There can't be many werewolfs though, compared to vampires.

    Someone (sorry don't know who!) mentioned Annie not really wanting to be back - I know she wanted to move one but I'm sure the place she ended up, is not somewhere she'd want to be. Still don't think thats the place you move on to.

    Arg, what is the threat within!! Could it be a more Mitchell vs George thing - i know they drifted apart, but it's going to be completely diferent when Mitchells killings come to light. Or, it's going to involve Annie's return unleashing something - she was kinda in the background throughout (S2) - maybe that means she'll play a bigger part S3?

    Don't get me wrong, her storyline totally lead up to what happened to her.

    Sorry, long post, been away a while!

  • Comment number 41.

    Aww Ewan, you are good to me! Thank you for reminding me - I almost cried! I hope that is the case if Nina gets pregnant. If the baby tragically miscarried, Nina might hold resentment towards George, and either way it would put certain strain on the relationship. I really want Nina and George to have the relationship they had in series 1, so cute and lovely! I think they deserve a bit of happiness, and they certainly are meant to be together. I like bad-ass Nina, but I dont want her to become even more so in S3... oooh I can't bear all this speculation and excitement!

  • Comment number 42.

    41 - how about sweet with George Bad ass to all that threatens the sweetness is that what you want?

  • Comment number 43.

    22 There are docks in Cardiff, still active but with lots of derelict land around (remember last Dr Who when the Master was leaping around and showing his skeleton?). The new BBC studios are going to be built there I think, so very convenient! Caves not too far away but not in the city, quarries available though (also as in DW).
    Was it a deleted scene in which Nina says she's thinking of going on the pill? Same hormones for wolves so maybe no babies if she got round to doing that.

  • Comment number 44.

    43 - Good point but two things first
    1. is she still on the pill?
    2. when she changes dose the pill get neutralised?

  • Comment number 45.

    Oh and beaches? - don't forget Barry Island!

  • Comment number 46.

    George's ass would be good enough for me :P

    DGGTD - You raised a good point about Annie, she has had rather background stories in the past 2 series, maybe she unleashes something when she returns... hmm, you got me thinking now, god damn you :P hehehehehe

  • Comment number 47.

    44 2 - I can't see why hormones from a pill would be affected particularly, obviously one's own would be. But what do I know about werewolf physiology?
    1 - If she's organised enough to do all that research and leave a paper trail for Lucy, I guess she's sorted contraception (if she wanted to).

  • Comment number 48.

    47 well answered

  • Comment number 49.

    On the baby idea - surely a series is too short (assuming length of pregnancy is similar for werewolves to that of humans) to have conception and baby in the same series. There are only a few full moons per series so unless they miss big chunks of time and say "nine months later...", there wouldn't be a baby till S4.

  • Comment number 50.

    Lurve_BH - I know, all this speculating for the next year is going to drive me mad haha. I do though, think Annie was purposely awept into the background...

  • Comment number 51.

    48 - I try! Still, babies would be fun to see (wolf pregnancy is 63 days so maybe possible?).

  • Comment number 52.

    well as to gestation time it could be secret at the start of series 3 then revealed at end so that it is a story ling in 4 but the problem is it destroys my last ever series idea werewolf baby conceived and Annie is reincarnated as the baby.

    problem with plan it is set so far in the future there may be no baby anyway.

  • Comment number 53.

    DGGTD - I know- its driving me mad already and we still have months left - sob! It sounds very plausible, I always thought that G and M got man storylines... mainly M not that many people mind that! Hehe! I think Lenora Crichlow is a fab actress and I definitely hope she gets more in depth storylines in S3, although she did very well sacrficing herself furthermore to save her best buds... bless her

  • Comment number 54.

    silverdragon - how do you know about how long wolf pregnancy is? you are class! lol!!

    and in last post i meant to put main storylines, not man storylines... obviously Annie wouldnt suit man storylines! lol

  • Comment number 55.

    like we were saying last night as much as love annie i do think they are going to regret getting her back she wont be the same.
    i do think she will be an angelic force whether she will be an angel who brings peace or havoc is one we will have to speculate on.

    oh my what if by george killing herrick and having his blood in his system maybe nina will have little vampire/werewolf babies.

  • Comment number 56.

    Ye53 - completely agree haha. How many mocths are left??

    I wonder if Annie actually knows they guys are trying to get her back - she must have been watching them (and got Kemp), but her message on the TV seemed like her final goodbye.

  • Comment number 57.

    there is a deleted scene as well were nina anounces to george that she is going on the pill i though it was a very funny scene actually shame they didnt add it. or maybe they deleted it for a reason.

  • Comment number 58.

    54 I'd like to claim years of research and close observation but I'm afraid I just Googled wolf pregnancy!

  • Comment number 59.

    DGTTD - if it doesn't start until 2011 then it's about 10 months :'( which is SHOCKING! I don't know, I think you are right it did sound like her final goodbye - OMG what if she thinks that that's it... that must be awful to think that all she faces is a waiting room where she waits to be called... I think LC portrays Annie so well... I sob everytime I watch that last episode!

  • Comment number 60.

    Hi all...long time no see?

    I'm online again! Laptop was kaput! Booo!

    Looking forward to series 3 now! I watch it for the werewolves mainly. Love LOVE the transformations!

  • Comment number 61.

    silverdragon - you could have said you had researched it for years and I would have fallen hook line and sinker! Still I am very impressed lol

  • Comment number 62.

    Hey Melvira!! I also love the transformations!! :)

  • Comment number 63.

    56 - maybe to her it felt like her final goodbye because she was scared and alone and has no idea how the boys will even begin to get her back but i dont think they will have to and think her powers will far outreach anything they can physically do and she will find her own way.

  • Comment number 64.

    it's coming in about 9 and a bit months there might even be some double transformations if they can get someone to work with Paul Kasey

  • Comment number 65.

    hi melvira - for me its the amazing screams that RT lets out when he transforms sends shivvers down my spine every time you can actually feel the pain ... great actor.

  • Comment number 66.

    Arg, too long hehe.

    Yeah, agree that it may have been a final goodbye to Annie. And do also agree that the corridor folks will not have much control over Annie - think she just needs to realize how powerful she really is.

    Right im off for the night before I get too involved in the speculations about Annie and the werewolfs. It is a really good disscussion though. Talk to you all soon!

  • Comment number 67.

    Nina is human all but one night per month so I doubt that the gestation period of a wolf would apply, plus werewolves aren't really all that much like your real wolf anyway. Suspect that a baby is unlikely because of how it would radically change the whole dynamic of the show. Babies do have that charming way of becoming the total centre of everything :-)

    Agree that Annie probably felt like she was saying goodbye, poor lamb :-(

  • Comment number 68.

    i have been thinking alot about witches and black magic and how witches are very closely related to curses, werewolves,ghosts and vampires.

    i was just thinking about halloween and how children usually dress up

    but what about witches could they meet a witch in this new village?

  • Comment number 69.

    67 Also, from a practical point of view it sounded like very hard work having the babies on set for Annie's babysitting. For a whole series, or several episodes at least, you'd need lots of sets of twins or whatever as they can only 'act' for 1/2 hour a day I think it was - so probably not a good storyline for the budget!

  • Comment number 70.

    night night DGTTD - come back soon so we can have a proper debate! lol!

    I think anything is possible in BH... maybe she can carry the baby? If not like I said earlier, the heartache will bring severe repercussions on G and N's relationship

  • Comment number 71.

    nite nite DGTTD sweet dreams x

  • Comment number 72.

    68 ettenna: This Sunday 2pm Radio Wales "The Witch Next Door: Demonic old crones, or unfortunate women with vengeful neighbours? Witchcraft in 17th century Flintshire and beyond."
    Not that they're in Flintshire, but maybe the 'beyond' bit will be relevant.
    Night all, better go do what I originally came in the room for about an hour ago!

  • Comment number 73.

    its just because in my very strange life that i lead i have always had a fascination with witches and something that comes to mind is that the offspring of a witch was sometimes subjected to becoming vampire after death and was also believed that when a werewolf died he actually would return as a vampire or if a werewolf killed a person that person would return as a vampire. these curses were usually connected to witches and black magic.

  • Comment number 74.

    nite nite SD X

  • Comment number 75.

    so if a werewolf kills a human they return as a vampire but george killed a vampire so will herrick be mortal/human plus the fangs!

  • Comment number 76.

    I thought if a werewolf kills a Human they return as mincemeat myself

  • Comment number 77.

    hi annette

    herrick must still be at least a bit vampire or the blood wouldn't have brought him back :)

  • Comment number 78.

    its a mythical theory and a very interesting one.

    i have to do more research on it but for now

    will go to land of nod

    nite nite ewan and all x

  • Comment number 79.


  • Comment number 80.

    Like I have said before, I thnk Herrick is going to come back mentally unstable - To be dead twice - once through being killed by a werewolf, and being 'brought back to life' when it has been unknown to us before, I think he has to be a least a little screwed up - even more than he used to be! lol

  • Comment number 81.

    I am an American fan of Being Human and have been waiting impatiently for Season 2. I just found it on You Tube today and watched all 8 episodes. They were positively fabulous, better than I hoped they would be. I should have spaced them out, my bum is killing me from all this sitting, but once I started, I couldn't stop! The story-lines were intriguing, each episode was very well written and the acting, as during the first season, was superb! I love this show! I love the actors and I love the characters they portray! I laughed, I cried and I smiled a lot, and I mean a lot, and I mustn't forget to mention the music, I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed the music in every episode. Fantastic! Well done to everyone involved.
    I do have one gripe, however, why, why, why ONLY 8 EPISODES????? We have 20-25 episodes in a season in the U.S. Eight episodes is NOT enough! I really wish you could give us more episodes per season. Regardless, I do thank all of you who make this show as wonderful as it is.
    Jo Ann

  • Comment number 82.

    Awww no! Is everyone sleeping? Oh well, I'll be back on the morrow.

    LBH &DGTTD - Annie will be fine... this we must believe!

  • Comment number 83.

    Thanks BHProd, go out for the evening and like magic there is a new blog LOL

    Looks like the speculation about a werewolf focus is right. It really must be all those hills and sheep, they could have a new tourist slogan for Wales - Welcome to Werewolf Country!

  • Comment number 84.

    I reckon Wales will be a stronghold for Werewolves - cos of all the open space and sheep/cattle. Think George and Nina will run into a few territory feuds with the resident werewolves.
    Danger from within - possible story line might be Nina whilst in Wolf mode encounters another Werewolf on the Welsh Hills...a mating occurs....George is consumed with jealousy ...intent of revenge.
    Nina as nurse will defo be on the pill so no baby yet.

    Herrick - now a werevamp hybrid sees the opportunity to unite the two worlds and recruit more supernaturals for his revolution and world domination aims. Hope that Herrick remains the "despotic ginger ass-hole" that we know and love.

    Werewolves might have a lot of trouble from the Welsh Farmers - they are currently bent on exterminating all the harmless badgers in Wales - so they are hardly likely to tolerate Werewolves. Will the werewolves from a co-operative so they can buy up large tracts of land to make safe reserves for werewolves.

    Mitchell has done a lot of killing recently - does that mean he has to go through the blood 'withdrawal' process again - hope so as that means he has to be tied to a chair again :)

    Annie might get to come back through - Kent may wish to stay dead as wife and child will be there, even though he was not due- someone will have to die though for her to nip through perhaps.

  • Comment number 85.

    i cant stop thinking of a possible link between witches,werewolves,vamps and ghosts.

    some sources say that witches used to transform into werewolves as well. They are in a new house and new area and i think they are going to attract more attention then they think. we need a lovely witch for mitchell to fall in love with. aaaahhh.

  • Comment number 86.

    RE gestation periods for werewolves, I would imagine that it would be rather difficult to carry a child whilst transforming. You know, internal organs squashing and contracting etc. Unless the child was also transforming and thus had the weird supernatural ability to withstand such a process, they would die, I'm fairly certain.

    On the subject of intense storylines, I hope we don't do the same thing as in S2, where a theme would be picked up for one episode and then dropped immediately. George's Tourettes - how did that stop? Annie reading auras - she could have used that in so many different places. George stopping Daisy killing her daughter - there are hints at problems between Daisy and Ivan after that but they're never mentioned again.

    I think what needs to happen is a tighter control from above all the separate writers in order to make sure that all these elements are fully explored and concluded.

    And WRT witches, meh, I'd rather not. We knew from ep1 S1 that we were dealing with vampires, werewolves and ghosts. Let's not complicate things. Plus, magic is generally pretty limitless and has great potential to spoil stories because of that. IMO, anyway.

  • Comment number 87.

    86 - i agree on your story line comments sometimes they have to be followed through because then you are left thinkin well what happened there then. its like annie going through all that training and building her strengh to be able to close her own door and face her dead self was in the end shattered by the fact she was dragged to other side anyway.it would of been interesting for annie to read nina's aura for instance, as i think we will be seeing a darker side to nina and her past in S3.

    and with daisy and ivan, even though daisy looked at ivan for saving her she obviously resented him for taking her away from her child. therefore when ivan died her having that killing spree and sex with mitchell was like her payback and frustration with ivan. Almost like you bought be into this and now you are gone i have to live with my guilt. must of made her very angry.

    however i really do believe that this new house is going to bring them some unexpected visitors in S3 and we wont just be limited to vampire,werewolf and ghost. if annie does comeback what will she bring through the door with her.

  • Comment number 88.

    from within? could mean the werewolf within George and Nina? could mean a traitor? what could it mean?

  • Comment number 89.

    So I'm thinking of Castell Coch as a good hospital substitute for the threesome (Google it): there's a cafe for George to work in, lots of floors and stairs for Mitchell to clean, tourists for Nina to keep in order - and a dungeon with a thick door and lock. Only 5 miles from Cardiff city centre but surrounded by woodland too, if the two of them don't want to transform together.
    Oh, and it was designed in its current form by William Burges, a friend of some chap called Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

  • Comment number 90.

    88 - on a previous blog, someone mentioned that Toby had said S3 was the threat within, maybe even the house... that opens up to even more possibilities doesn't it. I never really included the house while I speculated about S3, but it would certainly be interesting to see what threat it did provide, if any.

  • Comment number 91.

    silverdragon - you never cease to amaze me! :P

  • Comment number 92.

    but first toby said the threat is themselves now we are hearing the threat from within what can we read from that.

    - in mytholgy werewolves didnt only transform on a full moon they could transform whenever they wanted to. Im wondering by george and nina trying to live human lives and if they start to cage themselves again will this release the wolf in them not just on a full moon.

    - or something supernatural in the house, why did they come across that abandoned house and how? is there i link between the house and the afterlife. maybe that door wasnt for lucy but for something else.

    - will annie be saved or will she save herself and will she be the same annie we know and love.

    - we heard toby say that mitchell is vowing to get annie back do you think he will risk his own immortality to do that.

    - and well herrick in my opinion he will have all the physical traits of a vampire but he wont be able to do anything with them. how frstrating to still have the fangs and the rage but has lost his immortality,he can feel pain, he cant heal as quickly and craves for blood but then cant bring himself to drink it.

    - whatever toby has up his sleeve it will surely drive us all mad considering we have another 10 possible months ahead of us.

  • Comment number 93.

    so sorry guys that was long but had to get it out !

  • Comment number 94.

    annette - in a previous blog, Toby did a Q+A and something someone asked was whether at some point George would be able to change throughout the month and not just on a full moon, Toby replied that he wouldn't change that as the full moon transformation is something that controls George's life and to change those transformations wouldn't be a good idea - or something along those lines, someone will know exactly what he said but that was the gist of it.

  • Comment number 95.

    when i hear threat from within i always think of a circle of friends 'a threat within the circle' a judas someone who gets close to you and then betrays you.

    i love nina as you all know but i get this gut wrenching feeling that she is going to do something unimaginable in S3. i think there was something supernatural about her long before george scratched her.

  • Comment number 96.

    91 Thanks! For my next trick, a disappearing act - have to go do the chores :-(

  • Comment number 97.

    hey lurve yeah have seen that blog too but in a way we have aleady seen it happening. when george was caging himself he was letting the wolf sleep so in between transformations georges inner wolf was coming up to the surface causing anger and rage. if that story line were to continue maybe we are going to see georges powers as a wolf change significantly. especially as phil has said we are going to see more of the werewolf community is S3.

  • Comment number 98.

    typo - already not aleady

  • Comment number 99.

    I don't think full transformations will happen throughout the month. With George's rage and temper overlapping throughout the month, that was purely because he had tried to suppress the wolf, also they aren't physical changes just personality traits. I think there would be too many boundaries blurred and lines crossed if suddenly it came about that werewolves could now change throughout the month. We haven't seen any such significant changes with vampires or ghosts in the previous 2 series and I think thats because to change it too much would be to lose the outline of the show. George always says that he is more human due to only being afflicted with the curse once a month, and I think that is his biggest demon.

    Maybe it could happen, but I remain highly sceptical that things would evolve to that degree

    Bye silverdragon, hope you haven't got too many chores, I want you to come back and amaze me even more :P

  • Comment number 100.

    on that note i have to go open my door and see what unimaginable tortures await me not men with rope and sticks but ironing,dusting and hoovering.

    i almost wish i could do a disappearing act SD.


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