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Garret Keogh, Online Editor | 16:30 UK time, Friday, 27 November 2009


After months locked in his attic writing scripts for series two, the legendary creator of Being Human, Toby Whithouse, is back to answer our questions about series two.

Toby, you've spent ages writing the scripts... Is it hard to hand them over and trust the production team to bring them to life?

Frankly it's a relief. Because then it becomes their problem. Seriously, it's like handing over a crying baby after a day spent trying to feed and entertain it. Suddenly someone else has arrived and you can say "There. Take it. The little sod."

But there also comes a point when you've been so immersed in the scripts, you lose all objectivity. You start to think, "Does any of this make sense? Is it actually any good?" It's great when the directors come on board, as suddenly you have fresh pair of eyes looking at it.
When Colin Teague read the first three scripts, his reaction was really important because it articulated something that I think we all felt but hadn't put into words. What he really responded to, he said, was how the show had grown. He was struck by the breadth and ambition of the first three new scripts. "You've taken it onto a different level now". And having spent the previous Gawd-knows-how-many months living and breathing those scripts it was a great vote of confidence. It's something Colin has reflected in the shooting of those first scripts, giving them an epic, filmic quality. He's used Bristol as a canvas, and with Nic Morris our genius Director of Photography, created some incredible, breathtaking images and scenes.

How has writing series two compared to writing series one?

It was exhilarating. But I did feel an enormous weight of responsibility. It wasn't just a question of hopefully repeating the success of the first series, but building on it. However much people liked series one, if we just replicated the formula and didn't move the characters on or explore new territory, then everyone would feel shortchanged. It sounds selfish but the only way to do it is to think "Ok, if I was watching this, what would I like to see happen?"
The relationship with the fans is a complex one. A writer disregards them at his or her peril, and certainly the BH fans have been too important to the development of the show for me to ever forget them. But I can't think about them too much while writing. The voices are too contradictory. For example, half of them would like to see a romance between Annie and Mitchell, and half of them wouldn't. I love looking at the blog and watching the little community that's grown up.

As a side note, I have to say I think the BH fans are incredibly polite and well behaved and mutually supportive. When you look at fan forums for other shows that shall remain nameless (*coughs* Doctor Who *coughs*), the fans on there can get really bitchy! Whereas the BH lot are all very kind to each other.

But what I was saying was, when I'm storylining or scripting, I have to block out all external pressures and influences. Just as a tightrope walker will focus on the point ahead and not look down, I have to write the show I want to watch.

What should the audience expect from the new series?

The characters in Being Human lead dangerous lives, and so generally the tone of the second series is a little darker, a little more tense. But as soon as I say that I know some fans are going to throw their hands up in the air and say "Oh God, you're changing the show we love!" Don't worry. This is still the same show. It hasn't changed, it's evolved. Certain things Mitchell, George and Annie did in series 1 are going to come back to (pardon the pun) haunt them.

Have you been able to get on set much? If so, what has that been like?

I wish I could be on set more often. It's not always possible as, until they start shooting the last block of scripts, I'm locked in my attic writing. But when I get the chance, it's great to swan around and be important. I always let it be known to the cast that I'm "still writing", so they should make damn sure they're nice to me. Because I can kill them. Seriously. I'm like an angry God.

Sadly all the scripts are written now and consequently the quality of 'sucking up' has nose-dived.

Will you be writing any more prequels this year? If so, what can we expect?

Yes, there will be one this year, to introduce two new vampires we're adding to our ensemble. I really can't give away too much, but they were a blast to create and we found two extraordinary actors to play them.

We considered doing prequels to introduce Mr Kemp (who you saw at the very end of series1) and the mysterious Professor Jaggat - but there wasn't really a way to introduce them in the prequels without giving away all the juicy stuff we were gradually unpacking in the series proper. But I loved writing the prequels. Hopefully that same expansion of vision and ambition is reflected in this year's one.

Who is your new favourite character this year? Why do you like them and where do they appear?

Hmmm. That's a tough one. The new villains and vampires were great fun, but to be honest I found the most joy from writing our lead cast; even more this year than last. Not only has my understanding of the characters (hopefully) grown and deepened, but so has theirs. A scene between them needs next to no rehearsal because they are so in-tune with each other you just point the camera at them. There's hardly a single moment when I watch the rushes and think "Nah, they got the sense of that line wrong..." They know these characters inside out and so writing for them has become even more fun. I can throw pretty much any line at them, any convoluted thought process, any gag, and they'll nail it. I should say that Sinead is also a joy to write for. She's another one of those actors who seems physically incapable of ever being less than stunning.

Watching how these amazing actors have grown and defined these characters has made writing them as exciting and refreshing as writing four new parts.


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  • Comment number 1.

    How exciting. I feel sick I can hardly wait. I'm so looking forward to meeting the two new vampires and seeing the new prequels also.

    I'm so glad Sinead got a name check there - she's brilliant.

    And thank you Toby for commending us bloggers for being so polite to eachother; that was teribly decent of you and may I take this opportunity to say what an immense plasure it is to blog along side you all. There that was pretty polite wasn't it?

  • Comment number 2.

    Yay! I love Toby's posts almost as much as the vids.... no, I love them more. Wait, oh there's no comparison, it's all gold dust. We're polite? Right, so someone else backs me up; I can use Toby to sheild me from my grandmother's complaints now, lol. Right, going to read this all again now....

  • Comment number 3.

    Good grief im second on here.!! In the right place at the right time...Many thanks to Toby for a very interesting interview, plus his kind comments on the bloggers/fans. I feel at ease here, I coulndt get on the *dw* forum anyway, they do get far too opinionated, I do know someone who posts there...Toby, from a personal point of view, I just want to say Thank You for" School Re-union," its now my absolute favourite 10.th doctor story, superbly written, please bring Mr Finch back.!!Fascinating character....

  • Comment number 4.

    Brillitant: nope, sorry I beat you to second.

  • Comment number 5.

    Hey Toby! It's fantastic to hear from you again at long last! I think I agree with you Beatric, that I love Toby's posts as much as the vids.
    Oh, and isn't that lovely that he's noticed how polite we are all to each other...we're saving the rest for when we come up against those screaming Twilight fans!
    I'm just sooooooooo excited about series 2 now. It seems properly real now!
    And it's great that Toby gives Sinead an individual mention too.
    Thanks for this BH team! I really appreciate it!

  • Comment number 6.

    A very polite "Good evening" to drivingsuzanne, BeatricThomas and brilliantmightyquinn!...and anyone else who's turned up whilst I'm typing this!

  • Comment number 7.

    Well, talk about turning on laptop at just the right time!.
    Loved the blog Toby...you always make me laugh ( cue senes of humour evident in Comic Con stuff)...you could always tell them that the 'ending' of episode 8 is flexible in order to get correct amount of sucking up returned!
    Soooo two new vampires join the main cast.wonder if one/both are female....I'm thinking that one probably is...and has some 'connection' with Mitchell ( lucky thing/woman/vamp) And no...I never saw a romance between Annie and Mitchell as being somehow 'right'
    Still thinking about Aidan/Lenora but that's another story...

    Really good to hear that Sinead is loved as much 'out there' as 'in here' on the blog/twitter.

    And Toby reads the blog?...well that's good to hear and we're sending you lots of luv...and plenty of sucking up!

    BH2 sounds fantastic..do hope BBC publicise it better than they did the rerun of BH1 on BBC1...blink and you would have missed it.
    I'll miss first few eps with being away so will have to contain myself until return to do mega catch up.

    And a very polite good evening to everyone as I have to busy myself with cooking then out to dance...night all.

  • Comment number 8.

    Ah yes, I forgot myself; good evening to you all!

  • Comment number 9.

    (7) Brown: quite agree with you on the Mitchell/Annie front, I never could see it happening. But I won't say anything just in case it does. Wouldn't want to hurt TW's feelings or make him change his mind about our politeness. Actually my gut reaction was that both new vampires were male, but you're probably nearer the mark. Maybe just the way I think about vampires.... on which note I won't be able to look at Mitchell again after my dream last night (no, not that sort of dream, I'm talking bizarre-o stuff here). David Bowie, umbrella fights, BH covers of 'Ashes to Ashes', really very odd....

  • Comment number 10.

    Ooooh look::::I got modded just for referring to two children as 13/12 years olds.....but Toby can call them 'little sods' and apparently that's OK......see what I mean Mods. Perhaps a little consistency on your part would help me in future.

    Would comment on the actual blog but to be honest can't be bothered at the moment.

  • Comment number 11.

    A very Good Evening from me too, and a cold one...get yer Mitchell Mitts out, ladies.....!!!!!Yup, as I typed, you beat me , Beatric.!Two new vampires, eh...too new males...replacing Seth and Herrick perhaps...then again I feel Lauren/love interst for Mitchell seems on the cards. Off to get dinner, Xmas shopping tomorrow...thank goones Im weekend off.....Havae a good weekend , ladies, dont do anything I wouldnt do....plenty of scope there, then.!!

  • Comment number 12.

    Maybe this 'Lucy' character is in fact a vampire.... hmmm something to think about.

  • Comment number 13.

    Brown (7). I agree, they should do more to publicise BH series 2. They should start now...get a preview on here and on BBC Three! I've been doing my bit, telling all of my friends endlessly about how great it is. I think they'll watch it just to shut me up...and then, of course, they will be hooked!

    Wonder if series 1 is going to be repeated before series 2 is launched?

    Hi to everyone else who's just arrived! I'm sure Angloirishgal is around just now...

  • Comment number 14.

    Oh Toby, you lovely man...thanks for your viewpoint on all of this...I seriously am champing at the bit waiting to see all this...two new vampires as well for the future...and prequels....those I like!
    Brown's post good as always...wonder if the vampires are males or females, or one of each...bet one is female...be great if she had a Mitchell link, because at least he couldn't kill her by biting her so a bit of kit-off action might just occur there (with any luck) cos there's no excuse this time!

    We're polite are we? Well yeah we are really...so, good evening, one and all (forgive me if I sound like something out of A Christmas Carol)...how are we all tonight? I'm frozen.

    Toby reading the blog, eh?....that worries me somewhat...could it be he who feeds back to the cast do we think, because I don't think they check it out as has been suggested..if they do, they keep a good poker face but then, they are actors..

    BH PROD TEAM: Here's a polite request please....not all BH fans are able to see the episodes as they appear on TV or in fact in the week following, on BBC iPlayer, because they're only there for 1 week....so I was wondering, would it be possible to have the episodes on iPlayer for much longer, say around a month or 6 weeks or so, so they can be available to more fans? I'd happily watch one a day if I could....believe me, we'd never get bored....and it would give us chance to convert a few people to our way of thinking... trust me, BH fans are nothing if not persuasive!! Just an idea, but it might be worthwhile thinking about to give the programme more airtime...so that S3 can be even bigger and more popular...a thought. x

  • Comment number 15.

    anglo: I was going to say something along those lines but thought it was too 'A Christmas Carol'y myself. Never mind, it's fine. Toby's really given us something to talk about this time hasn't he. Actually, they always do. The BH prod team really do spoil us hehe!

  • Comment number 16.

    Ooooh, sounds fab! Our harrassing paid off then joooos, it's not a vid but it'll do nicely ;)
    Thanks Toby, & all of the BH Prod!

    This made me laugh - "As a side note, I have to say I think the BH fans are incredibly polite and well behaved and mutually supportive." . WELL BEHAVED? Riggghhhht.....he clearly hasn't heard about the chair saga yet...Just made me smile when I read it....

  • Comment number 17.

    ATfan1: lol...weird that, considering he reads the blog...clearly, he must have had a mega writing day when the chair conversations began to appear...as well as the convo's about Aidan in various positions, sans clothing or with...we're not fussy (VF where the hell are you? You should be reading this and please, please do Twitter occasionally...you can't be modded there and it's all kicking off believe me...you can be as free as a bird there..no mods!)...so TW...please read more of this...or perhaps not...Twitter has its drawbacks, i.e. not much space to write usually what we feel....is that a good thing?

    Hi Bea, Joooos, Brilliant, Vampy (From earlier)...hope you've all had lovely days and will have even better weekends...lookk forward to blogging etc shortly but have to get a cuppa even if it's just to warm my hands!

    VF: When you get on here, if you do tonight, please let me know...I have something I have to put on here fyeo..you will like I think hehe

  • Comment number 18.

    Lol :P
    Yes, wish Twitter wasn't restricted to short tweets, I could write epics on there most days!
    Yeah, Toby, I suggest reading and preparing yourself for the worst, or just totally boycotting us!!!!
    And, also, does anybody know if theres any BH2 adverts etc out? Or when/if there will be any? I've got loads of friends who would watch it after a little AT-based convincing....

  • Comment number 19.

    ATfan1: Not seen a thing advertising the show...I'm guessing it's going to happening around 1st and 2nd week in December, to keep us in suspender..er, suspense for after Christmas and drive us mad with BH passion...also, if they advertise it too soon, they might let us know what date it's on and I don't think they'll do that yet, for some reason...don't know the rules about that sort of thing but it can't hurt to just give us a few seconds worth of trailer with a bit of that spooky music we get on the BBC blog vids...you know, inbetween the odd programme, so that people take it in subliminally over a period of weeks...the odd scene...the few seconds of eye-flash from Mitchell, a howl or two from George, a snog between George/Nina and a little something from Annie...like they do on American TV...get some advertising out there guys...we can't do it from here, much though we'd love to...we do spread the word but it's not the same..

  • Comment number 20.

    I'm totally with you anglo ^^
    Pretty much took the words right out of my mouth....

  • Comment number 21.

    anglo: Or maybe they should just do 1/2 second flashes of AT + RT in between ads to get an even wider female viewing.... or did they ban that kind of advertising?

  • Comment number 22.

    Yay! Hey Toby. :)

    It's all getting very exciting. It's nearly january! :D And from what we've seen it looked like it's going to be good doesn't it? =D

  • Comment number 23.

    Arghhhhhhhhhhhh. I can't wait!! Gimme it now......

  • Comment number 24.

    Aww, c'mon, I'm just more desperate for Series 2 now. I'll just have to bury myself in all the old vids with a good dose of 'The Smiths' on top *buries self*.

  • Comment number 25.

    Yeah, sounds good to me.....
    Does anybody know if you can put DVD's on iTunes?

  • Comment number 26.

    Beatrice (21): lol....I hope not...flashes of AT and RT (and LC and SK for those who prefer them of course) are great... can't wait for it all to start....lovely lovely lovely...just think, if it begins around 1st week of January, we only have four and a bit weeks left...I hope it's not a Sunday night because I'll not be fit for work Monday morning unless it makes me as high as a kite and I'll be walking round with a silly grin on my face..not good for corporate image hehe...its a good job they don't know what I'm thinking.

    C: Hello..don't see you often on here now because you're toooo busy doing stuff....are you feeling better as I remember you weren't feeling too good?

  • Comment number 27.

    Toby!!! You've done it again- I literally cannot WAIT for the next series!!
    This blog is keeping me going till then but seriously- it's too good to be true getting all this amazing information!
    I can't wait to see if George has something as hilarious as the Polo line from last series- which i'm sure there will be!

  • Comment number 28.

    Just a quickie - I watched ep 1 from series 1 earlier and Mitchell was wearing so called "wedding band" on ring finger when he didn't have fingerless gloves on so that quells earlier rumour (that I may have instigated by earlier post) re: marriage plot (obviously vampire get-up).

    Sorry not so much of a quickie after all - I just wanted to read Toby's post once more as it was so lovely. I'm possibly just feeling a bit of empty nest syndrome this eveing. Eldest has gone to see "New Moon" next in line with friend next door and youngest at sleepover - I'm not used to this solitude.

    However - Vampfan don't stay cross for long - it doesn't sound like you

  • Comment number 29.

    Hello how is everyone? When is series 2 coming out, I thought I read it somewhere that it was going to be on March 28th but I could have dreamed that. I dream of a lot of things. Interesting about one of the new vampires being Lucy, ooooh could it be Lucy Westernra from Dracula, sorry if someone has already wrote this I've got a memory like a seive, okay I know she was staked in the book, but maybe Bram Stoker lied about that bit, so would be van helsings wouldn't put their lives at risk by trying to hunt her down, and she's now become moral like Mitchell and trying to pay back her murderous past by becoming a doctor on night shift...okay, I know, the series has already been written, and I'm probably waaaay of the mark, but it's fun to guess, right? Right? Owen the rat wants to come out and play so I'd better sign off for now.

  • Comment number 30.

    Whoops just noticed I missed a few words out and what I wrote isn't what I meant, it's interesting there are two vampires, and as someone has pointed out, that it could be this Lucy, wouldn't it be interesting if it was Lucy Westenra,from Dracula, okay, I've corrected meself now.

  • Comment number 31.

    Yay this was a lovely thing to come home to after a god awful night at work :-)

    We love you Toby although I agree with you about *cough* doctor who *cough* I've only visited those fan sites on occasion but this was the only one I ever signed up and came back to on a regular basis so YAY FOR THE BLOG TEAM - Toby you really should know how much we love Barry and the blog guys - they're brilliant :-D (There Mr P I said it can I have my party rings now? Lol)

    And aw he thinks we're polite...I'm blushing lol

    Haha I love the thought of Toby on set it lording it over everyone lol I'd love to be a fly on the wall :-P

    Loving the idea of having some new prequels - any idea when we'll be able to get our hands on these? *ahem* my bithday *ahem* is on the 7th January *ahem* not that I'd expect a birthday present from the bestest most lovely wonderful gorgoeus blog team who I am always saying how lovely and wonderful they are...etc :-D *ahem*

    Oh and Toby - got to ask - they said you couldn't come to Notts because you're wife was poorly - is she ok now? Hope so :-)

    And yay for Sinead - we love Sinead Toby give her more scenes please :-D

  • Comment number 32.

    I agree could we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (See-polite :-)) have a series catch up for series 1 on iplayer? I've been advertising the show like mad at work lol but they're not really going to go out and buy a dvd just because some woman in their local cinema said so lol but they've said they'll keep a look out for series 2 in the new year so series catch up would be great and I'm sure we could get some new fans on board :-D trust us we're brilliant advertisers lol

    I feel under pressure to behave now and be really polite lol goodnight then one and all...up early for work tomorrow...jolly hockeysticks

  • Comment number 33.

    Right have actually finished reading now lol I agree just some little teaser adverts would be great...someone should make some...shall I set myself a little task lol only got access to series 1 footage of course but I'm sure I could fashion something lol never did get round to making that other video unfortunately real life kept getting in the way :-( and not in very nice ways unfortunately :-(

  • Comment number 34.

    Morning all....got up too early and peaked too soon....am now starting to feel rather peculiar in a not feeling too great way...haven't refreshed just got straight onto this so no idea what's been going on last night cos I'm too tired to care at moment..but..forgot yesterday when I blogged to say hi to VF...please come back on at some point VF if only for a short time...there's changes afoot and I'd like to yt you at some point...if you can let me know how to get in touch there I'll message you....would also like to hear your opinion on blog, tiresome though certain issues are (and I agree, I really do, because I've been there as have no many others)...if you can bear it.

  • Comment number 35.

    Now, just popping in briefly before the work starts again...

    Seen a vid I've personally not seen before, from last March, called Journey's End...and at the end Mr Whithouse says "the threat in the second series comes from a human"...so although there's lots of vampire/werewolf action, the human threat is very much in evidence and just confirms the other posts on previous blogs...thing is...which human? Prof Jaggat? Kemp? A love interest for Mitchell? Somebody else?

  • Comment number 36.

    Oh yay! brilliant blog! and thank you for noticing how loverly and polite we are.... well... most of the time when chairs aren't being mentioned.... things tend to get less "polite" then.... he he!

    Loving the little details... new vampires!! cool!

    Oh, and guys... BH blog team can't do anything about the i player I don't think as that's beyond them... but there's other places to watch it online.

    sooooo cna't wait for the new series!

  • Comment number 37.

    Hi All :)

    hope you are all well.

    Soooo looking forward to series 2. Almost looking forward to it more the Christmas - and I love Christmas. Yes I know it will be darker so I am prepared for that and totally fascinated with where the character are going. Also looking forward to seeing more of Sinead - cracking actress. (or do we call them all actors now to be politically correct ? - not being a theatrical type I wouldn't know).

    But..... when, oh when its it going to be on the telly??????

    Will it really be January??

  • Comment number 38.

    Baloo... think it'll HAVE to be Jan otherwise there's be uproar, pmsl!!!

  • Comment number 39.

    Baloo: Afternoon....we've been told it's January but not exactly when yet.. will have to hang fire for that...

    Things the main characters have done in S1 are going to come back to haunt them, right Toby....OK...let's think...in S1 George scratched Nina and killed Herrick, Mitchell 'created' Lauren then killed her at her own request, turned against the vampires then killed (at her own request but for different reasons) Josie oh, and inadvertently "caused" the death of Becca according to Lauren, and Annie didn't walk through the door...I'm sure there's more but don't have time to think about it at the moment...back to work..

  • Comment number 40.

    ....and Mitchell turned Bernie into a vampire too. I definitely reckon there'll be something about that coming back to haunt him, since Bernie was only a child.

    It would be nice if Mitchell had a vampire friend rather than them all being enemies. Hopefully there'll be someone.

    Yep, there's bound to be a huge thing revolving round Annie not going through the door.

  • Comment number 41.

    Joooos: Nice one, thanks for that, J, I'd totally forgotten one of the most important bits in the series lol...reckon one of his vampire friends is going to be a bit more than a friend and female...might one of his kit-off moments (or longer if we're lucky)..

    What if Annie going through the door has changed much more than should have been changed? If she'd have gone through it, that would have been it, bye bye Annie...but by not going through it she's changed other people's lives not just her own existence, but without meaning to, thus setting in motion a chain of events leading to her having an 'A' storyline for Ep1 2 and possibly 3, according to Uncle Colin...what if the male ghost we saw in the review at Mayhem has been sent to fetch her or find out why she didn't walk through the doorway?

  • Comment number 42.

    Hello Anglo (41), yes, I'm also hoping he has a vampire friend who's a female who's also more than a friend! Hopefully Toby will have taken some inspiration from some of our previous blog posts!

    Surely (hopefully!) they'll show us him & Josie visiting Bristol for a weekend in the 60's (Mr & Mrs McCartney!) and only leaving the hotel for fags and chocolate!

    As far as Annie is concerned, that makes perfect sense, someone's come to get her to make sure she goes through the door!

    I'm so excited about series 2 now!

    And another thing, Russell's on Nevermind the Buzzcocks on Wednesday, so looking forward to that too!

  • Comment number 43.

    Joooos: Hello....ooo same thoughts as me...there is such a hotel as the Clifton Hotel, I pass it every day! God if they have a scene outside there I'll kick myself for missing it..

    All these things they've said...human danger being in S2 more than vamp danger...things trio have done that come back to haunt them...someone kills, someone dies...one major character dies...any more clues from past vids, guys, we've got to get them together to start making sense...

  • Comment number 44.

    Hello all. Joooos (42)you're so excited now? As in you weren't before, lol.

    I might have something to say about possible S2 plotilines, but you people seem to have summed it up already. Ah well.

    Glad we're an improvement to the, err *cough* DR Who *cough* site, but I would like to say something on that note; could Dr Who PLEASE come to my house with his TARDIS to wisk me off to January? Please? I'm sure it wouldn't mess up the timelines too much, I'm only a 'little person' (I believe those were the words) after all....

  • Comment number 45.

    (43)anglo: maybe the 'someone kills, someone dies' thing is about one of the characters killing some part of themselves, like a major trait they have or part of their past they give up.... a little far-fetched I know, but it's just a thought....

  • Comment number 46.

    Bea:: (45) Off out in a short while on the tear in the locale...

    Could be part of their character dies...can't remember who said that or where it was written but it was definitely either part of an interview or the blurb you get below each vid as it appears on the blog...it got me thinking that Nina is wiped out because I can't see any of the main 3 characters disappearing...or maybe that it doesn't apply to our trio but perhaps another main character we've not met yet, like Lucy (who may/may not be a vampire, have babies and/or be Professor Jaggat)...

    Umm...there seem to be a plethora of vampires and werewolves around Bristol lately...must keep an eye out tonight when I'm giving it large...don't speak to me tomrrow morning anyone, I won't be compos mentis and my tongue will be glued to the roof of my mouth which in turn will feel like a gorilla's armpit...if you get my drift...

    Have a good night all...see you tomorrow afternoon-ish..

  • Comment number 47.

    Well..first thing can I say thanks to the BHProduction Team for this...talk about ask and you will receive!
    Enjoyed reading this from Toby..and ..don't know who set the questions but they are very clever and searching and far better questions thatn I could have thought of.

    Oh...new vampires join the cast...I'm not sure if one is Lucy..don't you think that Mitchell's response to her in that clip in the Hospital vid would have been different if she was a vampire?

    I love the idea that everything..including the main characters are 'evolving'..can't wait to see how that all pans out. And of course despite all the new vampires and villains we have to remember that someone dies ( weeping because I think it will be Nina) and that the real villains this time are human.

  • Comment number 48.

    Now ..my weekend so far. Well, my non-date situation went well..I think!...for a non date situation anyway! We both belong to a local Community Center and were both going to a do there so he suggested we went 'together'...hence the 'non-date ' thing. So we weren't really on our own but with others from the Centre but it was fun..he was good company and whilst i'm not sure that there's any real chemistry there we will I think continue to have other non date and possibly proper date like situations...we'll see.

    Spent all day yesterday in a posh part of Cheshire with old school friends and we had such a good day out and such a laugh...we ended up back at house of one and her 20 year old son was agog at some of the things coming out about his mum's past! ( we'd had a bit to drink by then...!) Just about made it back onto train and home in one piece wihout disgracing myself!

  • Comment number 49.

    Hi Beatric, you are very welcome to a trip in the Tardis in January, you are most welcome to Matt Smith.!!! I however will be with the 10.th doctor, in E=Space.!!!!Last of the Timelords...? Romana is still about....Lucy, always a good name for a vampire, Lucy Westenra died, was laid to rest, staked, de-capitated, by Van Helsing...her soul is in heaven, so nope, dont think its her.!! While on subject of vampires doing good work to make up for a bad past...does anyone remember a series (canadian?) about a vampire detective, I cannot remember the title...Anglo, any ideas.??

  • Comment number 50.

    Brilliant: Hello briefly....Lucy Westenra?...thought she was the young singer from New Zealand lol

    The vamp 'tec series! OMG wasn't on that long ago but I couldn't get into it.. can't remember what the hell it was called though and can't even recall what channel it was on..was it the one where he was at odds with his dad a lot? Or have I got the wrong one?

  • Comment number 51.

    Got it.! Had to do a search of Highlander series...Forever Knight.!I was a ken fan of the tv sreis of Highlander....you remember it, or am I going too far back.??!! That other more recent series was goog In saw only one ep, on a bit late, no Skyplus then.. Sophia Myles starred.Horrible feeling it was called Twilight, nothing to do with the teen books/film...Any more info on a BH do in London.??????!!Im broke, intrigu etc..ed

  • Comment number 52.

    Sorry my spelling bad, not checking thru...not feeling too good Im afaid at the moment.

  • Comment number 53.

    Brilliant: Well, now, if you subscribe to BAFTA, you will get emails about stuff that's coming up...I've subscribed for ages now and got an email today about a this event pre-episode 1 S2 of BH, on Monday 4th January which I can't go to because I can't get the day off and I'll be very skint by then... there's a link on twitter which, if you give me five mins, I will find and tweet for you...don't go away!

  • Comment number 54.

    Brilliant: Just tweeted you with the link to BAFTA...

    I'd love to go but it's on a weird day...I've just used up all my leave (we run fron 1 Jan. to 31st December, and I won't be allowed to take another day's holiday then because a colleague I work with has taken that day off so I can't)...but believe me if I could I'd gave thrown a sickie, just to get there! If they'd have had it on the Saturday 2nd January, I'd have been off like a shot...ah well, tis not to be on this occasion...I'd give my eye teeth though...

    Here's the link that Joooos put up on Twitter


    I hope it's helpful...if you go, please give us pictures and chat...I'd love to hear how everyone got on there *sniffs in corner and slinks off*

  • Comment number 55.

    (49) Brilliant; actually I was suggesting that the current Dr take me to January, rather than getting the January Dr.... if that makes any sense. Although, to be perfectly honest, I don't care who it is, as long as I can thumb a lift to the next BH episode....

  • Comment number 56.

    A polite 'Hi Folkes'

    I keep hoping to see some trailers on the telly for the new series. Jeeze I'm going to explode soon if they don't tell us when it on arrgh :S.

    *calm down self*

    Hubby watching footy on the telly. I'm bored and regret to say a bit sulky. Must snap out of it.

    Dorina: Sounds like you've had an interesting w/e! Are you hoping your non date type thing will become a proper date type thing or maybe just going with the flow and see what happens?

    My latest take on plot development is as follows..

    George should have let Tully kill himself because Tully hatches a plan that gets George captured.

    Mitchell tries to save George but likewise is drawn into a plot hatched by Bernie's dad to exact revenge for turning his son into a vamp.

    Lucy is the main human threat.

    That's all folkes.

    Still can't quite work out how Nina got her scars 'though or quite work out where Annie's story line is going other than of course she is no longer tied to the house and refines her talking to other ghosts and poltergeist skills.

    Oh dear Arsenal down 2:0 to Chelsea. Its going to be a long evening

  • Comment number 57.

    Afternoon all whats this I hear about the 4th january? and am I invited? Please? 3 days before my birthday - if its something involving the cast I think they would be obliged to give me birthday kisses no? :-D

  • Comment number 58.

    How are Liverpool doing.??Motd later....
    Also Come dine with me...From Colchester, might know them.!!.Anglo, I cant make that Bh day either, I have to work Mondays..Also used all my leave up too.!! Thats why I HAD to go to Nottingham, I was weekend off and there was nothing to stop me.!!

  • Comment number 59.

    Hello all. Good weekends?

    Whats this January thing??? Where/When/What is it? I'd love to come....

  • Comment number 60.

    Its the 4th January (3 days before my birthday yay!) at Bafta (Think its piccadilly circus-ish any Londoners here who know?) 6.30pm preview of series 2 - possibly same video as Notts possibly not then the cast, Toby and Matt doing a Q and A after...think that is all...have I caught up right guys? :-)

  • Comment number 61.

    Evening all...my new ( and last) vid on The Clinic can be found at


    Based on romance between Ruiari and Daisy and used one of my all time fave songs.

    I won't be going to London for the Bafta thing but hope that those of you who do go get to see all our 4 main cast and Toby as well...he's be a real bonus with his sense of humour.

  • Comment number 62.

    Evening all.... oh no, are the rest of us going to have to suffer in January (at home again) like when the lucky crew got to go to Nottingham? You people who get to go to these things are gold-plated.... or maybe just old enough to go out without a chaperone.

  • Comment number 63.

    Bea:...it's the latter...but less of the 'old' please!

    Brown..loved your new Clinc vid...and particularly loved the way you unfolded the storyline..great song choice as well

  • Comment number 64.

    Haha I just have no life - all my money goes on sensible things then left over goes in savings - but the only thing I let myself spend monet on is BH and John Barrowman lol anything linked to those things are "justifiable" in my head :-P

  • Comment number 65.

    lol money even not monet! You know what I mean!

  • Comment number 66.

    Have you seen what misfits tweets have retweeted from a certain reality tv pundit? I sense a PR campaign. Honestly I'm angry about it.

    Anyway I'm attending the London thing, my brother wants to come too. This is a major turning point in our sibling r/ship ever since he refused to watch NM with me.

    Can't wait to see you bloggers again! Just re-watching BH after a year long absence.

  • Comment number 67.

    (63)Dorina: Hey, I wasn't implying anyone was old, you were just inferring it. I was just saying.... or is this the point everybody tells me to just stop digging myself a hole?

  • Comment number 68.

    Super: how did you survive the year without re-watching and RE-re-watching and RE-re-re-watching and..... I think you get the picture.

  • Comment number 69.

    #68 Beatrice: I had it memorised. Plus it seemed very wrong to watch it without the original music. It's still wrong but I have faith in the BH lot for the next DVD.

  • Comment number 70.

    They changed the music :O?

  • Comment number 71.

    Super I'm with you on that - I rarely watch my DVD when I watch it I watch the orignals on my laptop instead - not as good quality but it just seems wrong - although I do like one of the bits of music - the bit that replaced arctic monkeys in episode 1 - credit where credits due and all that. Just hope after the last fiasco they'll do better with S2 DVD - what with the music and lack of extras...think they'll have taken note. Spoke to a couple of girls at Notts that said they hadn't bought the DVDs becasue of what they'd heard - and I know a lot of people who pre ordered it excited then had it on ebay after watching it once - so it DOES make a difference to sales and they're clever people I'm sure they'll sort it :-) I'm with you Super - I've got faith lol.

    And what was that misfits thing about? Didnt understand at all :-S

  • Comment number 72.

    Oh and your bro's coming? Does that mean it won't just be you helping me prop the bar up while we wait lol

  • Comment number 73.

    Just watching Jonathan Ross on iplayer - you guys should watch it - skip it to about 5 minutes and you're in for a little chair related treat lol

  • Comment number 74.

    So excited - I really can't wait!

    *excited dance*

  • Comment number 75.

    Scary: *excited nod* sorry, too burnt-out to manage anything else right now, used up my energy bouncing around on Saturday. But it's the taking part that counts, right?

    And what's all this I hear about them changing the music on the DVD? Why? What's in it for the DVD people? It's like not using apostrophes correctly - simply not necessary.

  • Comment number 76.

    it was about copyright etc - basically the beeb have a licence to use whatever music they like on their shows (as long as its not live I think...) but when it comes to actually selling it - ie as part of the dvd they have to apply for seperate licences and they couldnt get them all...or couldnt afford them all...one or the other...is that about right blog team?

    I'm actually getting quite good at this stuff I reckon lol.

    Although the complete lack of extras - no excuse for that :-S other than the fact we get so many extras on here - but I still think they should've made a bit of an effort considering a lot of people were forking out their hard earned cash...

  • Comment number 77.

    Well, that's a bit rubbish.... glad I didn't get the DVD now. Not that I wouldn't want a DVD of it, but.... well I wouldn't want to by a b*stardised version of the original. I don't get modded for that do I?

  • Comment number 78.

    hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

    i had a really very exciting experience today. i was in the centre of bristol on a training course today and on my way downstairs from the cafe we went to for lunch who is standing at the bottom of the stairs but none other than mr aidan turner...

    as i was walking down i was thinking to myself, 'noooooooo, it isn't' but it only bloomin was!

    he is such a humble lovely man who was v. softly spoken and dealt very well with a 40 year old woman blushing in his presence!

    the only downside is that my 7 and 9 year old children (who want me to marry either james mcavoy, aidan turner or johnny depp) don't believe me and think i'm thoroughly delusional because i have no proof!!

    one point of interest is that he said he's not the aidan turner on twitter - which is a shame cos that person actually apologised to me once for insulting consultants (of which i am one, as well as my day job)...

    i'm really sorry that i can't do the blood and spookiness of this programme but hope you really enjoy the new series when it comes out. you're such devoted fans.

    best regards x

  • Comment number 79.

    Haha you lucky lucky thing he is lovely isn't he :-) you say he was "Stood" was he actually stood or was he jiggling lol because when I met him I don't think I saw him stand still for more than half a second - hes worse than me...well as bad as...

    So you dont watch BH? What had you seen him in - desperate romantics? I have to say I do still have a bit of a soft spot for those sideburns and hair extensions lol hope we get to see them in a Mitchell flashback :-D

  • Comment number 80.

    Oh and I can empathise there - my nan wants me to marry Russell...I daren't break it to her that I'm erm "not his type" as it were :-) and my mum wants me to marry a good looking well spoken irish guy...but not aidan unless he "cuts his hair and learns to shave" lmao and she wonders why I don't take boyfriends home to meet her :-P

  • Comment number 81.

    allyska ( 78) ..very jealous! What was he doing there or was he simply having a drink/food in the same cafe?...anything else you can reveal about your conversation with him?
    Yes..agree with eagle..jigging seems his more favoured 'stance'..either because it 'jees' him up or stops him getting bored or..whatever.

    Never really found Being Human gory...if you want gore try True Blood..I almost threw up when the main vampire bit his girlfriend for the first time...talk about a bloodfest!

  • Comment number 82.

    he looked like he was waiting for someone near the entrance is all i can surmise (and yes, moving around)... i just said 'can i say hello?' he said 'sure', i shook his hand and i gushed about him being fantastic in desperate romantics and what a fantastic actor i think he is and how he's up there with depp and mcavoy in my opinion and how i couldn't do the one with all the blood) - whilst he continued to hold my hand (unfortunately i can't never wash it again as i've just done the washing up! he said 'aaawww, thanks a lot' looking v. embarrassed - prob cos he's got some 40 year old acting like a teenager in front of him! i asked if he was the aidan turner on twitter to which he said 'no, it's not me' and i said 'well someone's impersonating you then and doing strange things like giving out tips for learning lines and having women fawn all over them' he laughed. i then realised i was going bright red and touched my cheeks and he said 'oh no don't do that' then i sort of scuried off saying thank you all embarrassed as i was late for the second half of my training!

    my kids still don't believe me! my son has been messing around saying 'yeah mum, i bumped into cheryl cole today, and david beckham.... yeah right!' thing is when i met james mcavoy earlier this year backstage at a play i treated myself to for my 40th i got proof - he signed my programme 'sorry kids i can't marry your mum'. didn't have my wits about me today!

    if i had i would have told him about the fantastic project i manage for for a well-known charity and tried to drum up support. unfortunately just went a bit gaga!

    yes i know him from desperate romantics. i've watched an episode and a bit of BH but i really can't do the blood stuff - i must be one of the few people around not into vampire stuff at the mo! mind you in my goth teens i would have probably loved it cos i used to love a film called the hunger with catherine deneuve! i'm that rubbish with blood these days it doesn't take much for me to feel queezy! and not even aidan turner can counteract that!

  • Comment number 83.

    allyska: how amazing. You lucky thing. It is a credit to you that you got down the stairs safely let alone get sentences out. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to do either.

  • Comment number 84.

    well Allyska, hello! You're very lucky indeed! Although, so am I! I've also met him at the BAFTA Nottingham event...most of us lot on here were there! I went a bit "funny" when I met him too. I haven't washed the top I was wearing when he put his arm round me for a photo!
    I don't like blood stuff either, but I won't let that put me off Being Human....it's not that bad you know....I hope you can give it another try! I loved Des Rom too.

  • Comment number 85.

    Hello everyone...first frost of the year tonight...lovely!

    Allyska: You lucky woman! Have seen him x2 now, at Nottingham and in Bristol...which caff was it (I'm on Twitter as @angloirishgal if you want to Direct Message me, I know most cafe's around The Centre and the surround!)... he's very very distinctive, even from a distance, isn't he? Can't miss him...not that you'd want to...

    Eagle: Perhaps he jiggles...as opposed to gettin jiggy lol...to keep warm... bit like wearing those fingerless glove jobs...I bet he's glad he's wearing those because it is really cold down here now, -1 so I'm told...get yer thermals on Eagle :-)

    Dorina: Hello..omg wasn't Allyska lucky? I'd love to see him again...for some reason he just popped into my mind today when I was totally immersed in work and NOT thinking about him (for once)...usually when that happens, I see that person very soon afterwards..here's hoping! How are you D?

  • Comment number 86.

    Haha well it sounds like you were fine :-) I think hes used to women saying stupid things to him and tripping over themselves lol and that was before he even became famous... :-)

  • Comment number 87.

    Hi all....allyska!!!!!! you lucky woman....amazing that you managed to have such a sensible conversation with him and don't worry...he has that effect on all woman of all ages i think!

    Eagle: with you on the DVD blurb ( don't start me off again about the DVD of BH1...) Please BHteam..don't know who is responsible for making the DVD of his series but please resolve copyright stuff and yes to lots of extras.

    Evening Dorina, Baloo, Jooos and Anglo.

  • Comment number 88.

    Brown: Evening...I think Allyska did really well to have such a conflab with AT...I'd probably have fallen down the stairs and squashed him or something asinine...

    Don't know diddly squat about the DVD thing but I'll take all your words for it! Original music would be good...a great selling point...

  • Comment number 89.

    I'm good thanks Anglo and evening (again...being a polite BH blogger) to you all.
    Got email from BAFTA today saying woman organising the BH event out of office at the mo but they'll get back to me when she returns re the cast members going to The Jan 4th do.

  • Comment number 90.

    Hi Dorina, Eagle, Baloo, Anglo and Brown (Hope I haven't missed anyone...already said hi to allyska!)
    How is everyone today? Cold?

    I'd probably have fallen down the stairs if I'd seen Aidan at the bottom...but yeah, he's probably used to that. He probably thinks most women come out with stupid things all of the time and have ridiculous grins (that was me!!)

  • Comment number 91.

    Joooos: Ruddy freezing here...wish I had AT to warm me up...he wouldn't need those fingerless gloves :D

  • Comment number 92.

    Wow I just keep coming into conversations at just the wrong time tonight lol they're dicscussing something on twitter which...well either they're talking about male chickens or I've really got the wrong end of the stick again...

  • Comment number 93.

    Eagle: lol...chickens it ain't..:D

  • Comment number 94.

    I think we've just caused Twitter to crash...

  • Comment number 95.

    Lol anglo you sure about that?

    Twitter has just had a nervous breakdown lol

  • Comment number 96.

    Can't get on Twitter or twitpics...will try again in 5 mins as I won't be blogging/tweeting tomorrow...got 3 caps from Joooos bed vid but they're not particularly clear but best I can do.

  • Comment number 97.

    Eagle, Brown: We've crashed Twitter, can't do a thing with it...all that talk of chickens...

    Look forward to seeing your Twitpics Brown...I shall have my tea and drool quietly before having hot bath and dreaming of bumping into Aidan in a Bristol cafe...thanks B

  • Comment number 98.

    I can't get on Twitter either! We've caused meltdown!

  • Comment number 99.

    Haha its over capacity I got in briefly but then I tried to update status and boom crash again!

    Gonna leave you with your ahem *chickens* and wrap another present or 2 :-D

  • Comment number 100.

    ok...just got into twitpics...
    pic 1..


    2 to follow


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