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Garret Keogh, Online Editor | 16:18 UK time, Friday, 30 October 2009


The rumour mill is working overtime with talk of an American remake of Being Human so we here at the BH Blog thought we'd get to the bottom of it. We spoke to Executive Producer Rob Pursey and asked for the latest news...

"You've probably heard that there will be an American version of Being Human. We think it's a testament to the power of our series that another version will happen. It will be different, though it will be recognisable. We hope it will be brilliant, and we hope you like it when it comes. But it won't affect the show we are making here and now."

Writers, casting and storylines are yet to be confirmed, but you can expect thirteen episodes coming to American screens soon. And don't worry, it's not going to impact on the British show so you can still expect a full quality second series when it airs here in the UK at the start of 2010.


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  • Comment number 1.

    yeah but they'll probably cast really really hot actors that are all looks and not much else. Or choose to do another 'supernatural style' show. NONONO

    You canot recapture, beat or even equal our version with our fab cast. There will be no other Mitchell!

  • Comment number 2.

    I have one BIG question- why?
    It's not as if there aren't enough paranormal American vampy programs around atm. It's not as if they are short on ideas from writers.
    It's not as if the UK version hasn't been welcomed and very well received in America. Look at the weirdness that is True Blood. We don't need subtitles for that, we don't switch off because it's from a different culture to ours.
    I will watch and hope it doesn't epic-ly fail. Will be fascinated to see if they pull off the humour like ours does... we'll see...

  • Comment number 3.

    Maybe i'm just a bit too loyal though! Thanks for clearing it up for us thou guys - you're great you are xx

  • Comment number 4.

    This makes no sense to me....they've already shown BH1 on BBCAmerica which, as far as I know, went down a storm...so why would they recast for BH2?....or is this another channel doing an entire remake? ( like they did with The Office)
    I guess this is to do with setting the story in an american town....but we don't attempt to rest the US shows imported into ireland/Britain
    I'm betting all those who watched BH1 on BBCAmerica will not be thrilled at this news.....yeh it's the scripts..but it's also the fantastic Irish/British cast and crew which make the show the best thing put out by BBC in years.
    No.don't get this at all....still, as Rob says...won't affect the Brit show ..

    Anyway...for those of you who missed it....there was a vid posted her today..second half of the Hallowwen vid with Russell, lenora and Aidan..check it out!

  • Comment number 5.

    Thankyou for the update Mr Pursey and thanks too for keeping us fans informed, our BH Blog angels. They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... however, I confess that I still have my reservations, I'm afraid. Perhaps i'm like you Racey hunyn and too loyal.

    I'm with you on all those questions, Superochre (hi again by the way! *hugz* Nice to see you blogging again) - and I have one observation/question to add.

    Instead of going off and remaking an already absolutely pitch-perfect show, wouldn't it be better for American seriesmakers to invest their time and money in all that wonderful screenwriting talent thats out there and making something just as original and engaging as Being Human or another comparable "genre" show (not that I can think of one as good right now)?

    :D KC

  • Comment number 6.

    Urgh. This is such a bad idea. I hate it when America steals our shows and remakes them. I mean look at the failure that was Life On Mars. Terrific British show, completely s- American one. And going back a little way Doctor Who anyone? yeah it's had a rocky past but I think we can all agree that the American movie was much worse than even the worst of the British stuff.

    So really America should come up with original ideas for tv shows. Not just steal ones from us and remake them. Never turns out good.

    Sorry to rant everyone.

  • Comment number 7.

    Urgh, no. Copying's just being lazy. It won't work. How would they cast it? The script will be appauling and the commedy will no doubt be slapstick, terrible, and spelt-out as ever. Can't the writers in America just keep coming up with original, exciting stuff like 'Six Feet Under', 'True Blood', 'In Treatment'.... etc etc.

  • Comment number 8.

    Thanks for the confirmation!
    I agree with all you guys above! Just can't imagine a US version!
    At least it doesn't affect series 2!

  • Comment number 9.

    Cieria if you want a rant on the subject check out my FB. ;)

    I can't help but feel that it is a gigantic waste of time, money and writing talent. They could put their energies elsewhere and let the UK version flourish.

  • Comment number 10.

    In general, I'm not against remakes and re-imaginings. On occasion, they can produce great television. All in the Family? Great American show that happened to be a remake of a British show. Or Battlestar Galactica? Not a British show, but kind of the same idea.

    However, I must admit that my gut reaction to Being Human being remade in America was not exactly positive (and I say this as an American). Because even though there are good remakes every once in a while, the odds are just not in its favor.

    I hope its brilliant, but I'm not honestly expecting much. :\

  • Comment number 11.

    BH TEAM: Thanks for clarifying this...it's a bit weird; why would they want to 'copy' something that's just brilliant as it is? Americans are intelligent enough to work out the accents - we have to do the same for their TV shows and we don't complain too much about that - so, unless there's another reason for this, I don't get it....you can't make another Aidan/Mitchell, George/Russell and Lenora/Annie partnership anywhere like this...I'll watch it but frankly I'm a bit taken aback by this and just can't see it working.

  • Comment number 12.

    Hi anglo and all..yeh said my bit in (4) but I'm thinking about this now and...I hesitate to say this ...and no offence intended xfsista...but is this a money thing....a let's employ American actors thing...or an arrogant thing on behalf of American TV networks/producers thinking that they can always improve on anything that comes from anyother country?

  • Comment number 13.

    Thanks for this blog team - let nobody say that you dont listen to us :-) glad to know it wont impact on our show at all.

    Honestly dont understand the fuss really - if its good its good if its not its not lol think its testament to the show that they're gonna have a go at it.

  • Comment number 14.

    ATfan1 - are you still coming tomorrow? If so are you meeting us at train station? We need to know whether to wait for you or not...

  • Comment number 15.

    Eagle: No I was never able to come. Work commitments, and theres so much stuff thats happened in the last few weeks that I wouldn't be able to make it even if work did allow.

    & Ewwwww. Why is there a US version. Just No. Broadcast BH2 in the States, don't make a whole new one. They love it for the actors and the British-ness of it all. The US one will not have as good as actors or storylines and will bascially be a rip off.
    Yes, it's a testament to the show, be honestly I think its a rubbish idea and they should just make more original BH.

  • Comment number 16.

    Apologies for the rant. Kept it pretty much under control, had a ridiculously large post typed but then deleted it all before posting.

  • Comment number 17.

    REMAKE?! WHY????

    They couldn't possibly find a better cast than the one we already have here! I just don't understand why the US can't enjoy our shows as they're made . . .

    Noone will play Mitchell George and Annie the way Aidan, Russell and Lenora play them . . . *sigh* . . .IDK

  • Comment number 18.

    Noooooooooo! While the quality of the acting, writing, and the originality of BH is what appealed to me most about the show, as an asian-american the diversity of casting quality actors was just an added bonus. The casting doesn't smack of tokenism and the writing is void of cultural cliches. BH gets it right where as american shows rarely do.

  • Comment number 19.

    Ciera(6)Dw movie was ok, Paul McGann excellent, and Syvester wonderful, I cried every time.....different now as met Paul McGann last year.! Get your drift tho......No to BH America.....we are left saying Why????? Completely daft, finances apart, all uk shows re-done for USA never ever worked.

  • Comment number 20.

    I won't watch it hear in the US. I'll only watch the British version. I really liked the acting. As PainterGrrl71 says, "REMAKE?! WHY????

    They couldn't possibly find a better cast than the one we already have here! I just don't understand why the US can't enjoy our shows as they're made . . .

    Noone will play Mitchell George and Annie the way Aidan, Russell and Lenora play them . . . "

    There are a few at work who are into BH and Primeval. It's refreshing to see a show from across the ocean.

  • Comment number 21.

    BH PROD: I think you should be proud of the work you and the crew and cast and everyone involved has done here...you have us all raving about you, even those who could easily say better things about an American production....you have a great fan base and a very loyal one (no, not stalkers!)....we may be TV virgins in the sense that I for one couldn't write a script for an advert let alone something like this, but we know what we like and we know what's good and you are all bloody brilliant....there, I've said it, straight from the Irish-English mouth and heart...love & best wishes to you all

  • Comment number 22.

    Nooo, they'll screw it up like they did Life on Mars
    Do Not Want
    Russell is the only George for me

  • Comment number 23.

    A version by BBC America? (or Worldwide, or whatever?) Or by someone else? The former might be ok; the latter... *shakes head sadly*

    Has it not occurred to our TV studio people that we might actually like British shows for their Britishness? Not everything needs to be Americanized. So we get lame efforts like US "Life On Mars", US "The IT Crowd" (not even Richard Ayoade could save it); even, inexplicably, an American version of "Little Britain".

    Meanwhile, edgy and daring shows like "Dollhouse" teeter on the edge of cancellation, and shows like my beloved "Pushing Daisies" are... well... *sniff* *sob* *weeps disconsolately*

    (That said, if they must remake it, they should set it in Portland. A more atmospheric city for weird goings-on I cannot imagine. Or perhaps my own home city, San Francisco, even though it's a bit played out as a setting for TV shows.)

  • Comment number 24.

    BrownIrishEyes@12: We geeky Yanks (i.e. the ones who watch cult British shows) have been scratching our heads over that for ages. It's not a money thing: American shows cost a lot *more* to make. And given producers' track records (see above re: LoM, IT Crowd, etc. etc.), it's certainly not about *improving* them.

    My hypothesis is that the words "proven success" are freaking catnip to Hollywood producers, and they override any objections or thoughts anyone else in the producer's circle may have.

    Either that, or they figure that we can't work out the accents. Which is bizarre--I mean, we all got through the 24/7 Princess Diana broadcasts OK, back in the day, and it's not like they subtitle the BBC before they transmit it.

    I can't decide which is more offensive: that we're supposed to be robots who can't understand anything that isn't Our Culture, in the same way that computer programs have to be ported to run on another architecture; or that we're supposed to be idiots.

  • Comment number 25.

    why is it that the US has to steal everything that's good from us then put there own thing to it and totally miss the point! sorry i no it hasn't happened yet but you just no there gonna go over the top on it. why mess with perfection

  • Comment number 26.

    SuperOchre (2): On a side note, I have SEEN entire 'True Blood' series 1 and (at least in my opinion) it doesn't epicaly fail; it just gets better. How far have they even got with the series over here at the moment?

    Anyway. Have fun on Saturday, you lucky lot, just don't cause too much trouble or terrorise cast and crew!

  • Comment number 27.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh I cant sleep Im too excited lol I wanted an early night tonihgt - you know beauty sleep and all that but no chance - at least if I dont sleep I might be slightly calmer lol its so exciting!! :-D

  • Comment number 28.

    Love the British version..I can't even begin to imagine an American one!! Why can't they just give us more of the Brit show! Can't be improved on. Don't even want to watch it.

  • Comment number 29.

    yay, its Being Human in Nottingham day!!!! lol. See some of you guys soon. Not sure on outfit yet but will deffo be wearing grey fingerless gloves with a pink trim!

  • Comment number 30.

    Wooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo :-D :-D :-D feels like Christmas morning :-P

    Ooh someone else who's coming - we'll see you there! Make sure you come and say hi :-D well if you know which one we are...we'll be the ones sitting quietly in the corning behaving ourselves :-)

  • Comment number 31.

    BeatricThomas- Hi, I meant the US remake of BH might but I hope won't fail, not True Blood. I quite like True Blood, it's very quirky and fun to watch. I used TB as an example of a similar US show that we have embraced here despite the heavy accents (maybe we don't have problems understanding American accents here I don't know) and the culture differences. We don't feel the need to remake it just for us.

    Eagle- well behaved, sitting quietly? lol! See you all later!

  • Comment number 32.

    The thought of a Us Being Human makes me cringe. God knows how they'll ruin it.

    From reports I've heard George is set to be an ex American football player. Uurgh . Don't even want to think what they'll do to Annie and Mitchell.

    The trio should not be played by anyone else.

  • Comment number 33.

    As an American, I agree that an American version of "Being Human" is an bad idea and completely unnecessary. The original version is brilliant. It has an ideal cast, and I can't see anyone else in those roles. It seems like a complete waste to me. Most producers here lack creativity and the ones that do (Joss Whedon) are treated with no respect to their vision.

    Can't wait for series 2!

  • Comment number 34.

    Will comment on the actual question when I have calmed down::::

    I have just had the best day ever at Nottingham. It started with walking up Broad St to the cinema and my friend says "Isn't that him?...I am only walking up the street behind Aidan...I lost the ability to breathe let alone speak...so I stood and watched him as he finished his ciggie and put it out in the bin outside the cinema and then we sat outside for a while (head between knees) and then saw Russell, Sinead and Matt get out of a taxi and after a quick chat then go in..

    Then they let us into the auditorium and I spotted who I assume were the our bloggy naughty girls all along the front row....I saw you all practising your mexican wave and shushing (it worked the whole place dropped quiet, twice). I was two rows behind to your left....bang opposite where Aidan was sitting.....loved the whole thing....how funny is Lenora?. Shame Tobes wasn't there.

    But then...after...oh dear, oh dear...I went to the table where they were doing autograph/photos. Aidan was first....I amazed myself with my ability to speak...I smiled at him, he smiled back and said "Who would you like me to do it for?" I told him my name and while he is signing, I said "May I have a photo with you" He said "Of cousre you can.....and said my name. He looked at me as though I was the most important person in his world.

    Whilst I am having my photo taken with him (which is fab, he has his arm round me and he just looks so beautiful). Lenora signed my book.

    She then passed it on to Sinead, who took the trouble to look back to the previous page to find my name and write it again on her autograph. I did say to Sinead that I was amazed at how tiny she is...she said "I know and I've got my heels on"...She was really lovely. Then the book went to Russell who signed and drew the little picture with the big ears. I said thankyou Russell and he said "You're very welcome....and said my name.

    How wonderful were they all?. On my way home I bought a little blood coloured stone with the word LOVE inscribed on it as a momento of the day and a lottery ticket cos I think today is my lucky day.

    I have told my family if I die tonight...they should be comforted by the fact that I died happy.

    Off to ASDA to get the photo blown up to poster size.....Lenora loves posters and so do I. This has been one of the best days of my life.

    Sorry to have prattled on so long but I just had to share with people who care about BH. I may never sleep again

  • Comment number 35.

    *runs in*
    Just got back home from Nottingham.

    It was great meeting everyone. We are all a lovely, crazy bunch.
    I can't even remember who everyone was... anyway... Eagle was fabulous! You would all have been very proud of her, asking a very crucial question to the cast (I'll let her tell that one- brilliant!)
    We were having giggle fits before the screening and during. We got on the front row- of course.
    All of them were so lovely. We got some great pics, I've only got 4 and they are on FB but others were a bit more dedicated than me and got much better ones of all of the cast.
    Toby wasn't there as his wife was ill, bless. And Barry wasn't there. *sad face*
    It was great, such a giggle and we got a preview of season 2 which looks amazing and very dark. I think we are in store for some shockers and upset in January but the humour is still firmly in place as well. After the preview I'm even more excited about season 2 now.
    They didn't rule out bringing Bernie back for season 3. I was too scared to ask about Seth. I should have done! But I'm lame.
    Oh and err.. they are considering zombies in the future. :/
    There was lots more as well.
    KC looked brilliant! Werewolf eyes, Being Human nails, loads of stuff and awww she bought Halloween goodie bags for all of us!! And gave some things for my boys.
    We are all a lovely, dedicated bunch. :)

  • Comment number 36.

    LOL yeah that was us doing the shushing and Mexican waves. The hushing was very effective! One quiet sshhh and the whole place fell silent at least twice and each time we broke the silence with a giggle fit.

  • Comment number 37.

    Sorry I didn't come to you guys but by the time I could get my legs to work the auditorium was filling and I didn't want to stand at the front with everyone looking. But I don't know how I knew the front row was you lot, I just did....who asked the marry/push of a cliff question?

  • Comment number 38.

    Eagle :D
    She was brilliant. Very excited. I was quite subdued all day but she had me giggling.
    It was Bex who was doing the sshhing and then I had a go. I'll try that again when I go to the cinema. So funny.
    Oh and there was a film crew there, I think you will have to endure seeing me grinning like an idiot very soon.

  • Comment number 39.

    err.. crew?? One man with a camera actually. *rollseyes at herself*

  • Comment number 40.

    Oh dear, they did this with Life On Mars and here we go again. The US version could very well turn out to be quite good but will lack the inherent ethos of our version. I watched the series before the pilot and couldn't get my head round how different a feel the pilot had even though the back stories of the characters were the same. Off to watch my dvd of BH1. Roll on 2010...

  • Comment number 41.

    super::: If seeing you grinning like an idiot reminds me of that day...I'll live with it.

    It really was fab wasn't it?

  • Comment number 42.

    Wish I lived near Nottingham. Any chance of a visit to Scotland?

  • Comment number 43.

    Yeah it was. Wish I'd made the most of it now. I hadn't really thought about it beforehand, I just sort of... went. Next time I'll be fully psyched and fan girl'd.
    Oh IMPORTANT!! Lenora is NOT on Twitter. It's a fake.

    What was your favourite bit vampy?

  • Comment number 44.

    Did you notice how Aidan kept drinking Lenora's water..even though he had is own glass in front of him....Obviously my favourite bit was Aidan looking me in the eyes (God, did I really just say that!!!HEHE)and putting his arm around me.....faint coming on... but what I also loved was how funny Lenora was. And also how much they really seem to think about their fans

  • Comment number 45.

    Will they delete this I wonder..

    Can't get the others to upload to photobucket.

  • Comment number 46.

    No I couldn't see from my angle. We could basically see up their noses we were that close and low down.
    I was pretty unintentionally rude to AT at the beginning (I have a habit of doing this with celebs). But I was confused and being pushed around so just sort of gave him my signature book and said hi yeah I'm fine you? But of course I rejoined the queue with Eagle and got a great photo. He wanted to know if he was pulling a silly face and showed him. I looked goofy as usual.
    It was fun wasn't it. They gave a huge amount of recognition to the fans. Tovey was so funny. I'll let Eagle tell it.

  • Comment number 47.

    They were all just so sweet wth us. I did wonder if we had built them up so much that we would be disappointed when we met them in the flesh (ooh steady, girl) But no, they were all absolutely fab. I also didn't think that the fab three...well four now, would actually be there especially after they had said filming schedule allowing. Oh I am starting to ramble now.....may have to go to bed with a damp flannel on my fevered brow.

  • Comment number 48.

    Aawww! Super, that piccy is really lovely..think we will all have some lovely memories

  • Comment number 49.

    Well, that's me for tonight...am starting to hyperventilate...will sign in tomorrow to compare notes......*drifts off, muttering to anyone who will listen*... he looked into my eyes and said my name....*sigh*

  • Comment number 50.

    Aww vampy. Have a gd night.
    And... AT.. https://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t301/dizzyisback/Picture006.jpg

    Would have pushed for Lenora and Sinead but it was rushed and disorganised and they were in the middle of the table.

    Lenora was sparky, funny and lovely. Sinead was just as I expected! Lovely, funny and knew Eagle! I heart her.

  • Comment number 51.

    Ohh super...
    I am so so so so jealous.... you look fabulous and as for Aidan wow "gulp" he loves the scruffy look doesn't he... just as well I didn't go I would have shown myself up and pulled his collar straight just like his mum, either that or hung round his neck not like his mum.

    Was there many there? and did they mention the BLOG dont suppose they did. Thanks for the picsxxxx

  • Comment number 52.

    Sounds amazing glad everyone had such a good time. Sadly no longer in my twenties so too old to go to any events. Still love the show can't wait for series 2

  • Comment number 53.

    *sulking and stamping feet*
    Nottingham is too far from here!!
    I hope you wore your fluorescent tutu vampfan
    I am such a numpty, I would have been totally struck dumb and unable to speak if confronted by such brown eyed lovelieness.
    *thinks of big fat swear word* :)

  • Comment number 54.

    Evening all ....been a long day with long drives to spend an hour in Nottingham cinema..was it worth it ? yeh!
    Glad to hear super and vampfan's accounts....like vampfan I didn't get to meet fellow bloggers as Man and I got there a little late but I think we just missed Cinema man talking and first bit of BH1 film...we sat at back so my pics are rubbish
    https://twitpic.com/nqwje .....but no doubt others have much better ones. I did get a few decent ones when everyone rushed the stage after Q&As....I shouted hi to Aidan and he smiled back which will have to do me cos a loooonggg queue had formed for signing and pics with them and we had to leave then.

    I did shout at someone in a white cap who i thought might have been KC cos ahe siad she would wera one but I didn't get any response so don't know if it was she..and then we had to go.
    At least we managed to get the car back only 10 mins late so our friend was 10 mins late driving to work in the sticks..i think he'll forgive us..eventually

    Thought the trailer for BH2 was great and wished I could have asked sensible question about the cages and the fact that the 4 seemed to becoming almost isolated from each other...but my brain had turned to mush so couldn't really speak! Most of questions bit dull but great one on shag, marry, throw off cliff....as I now know from texts from eagle...and someone asked whether Mitchell had got his kit off yet in BH2.....he said yes!..who asked that?

    Even from the back it was clear that Aidan and Lenora were....very close shall I say. They shared a glass of water and seemed to spend a lot of time looking ata each other..I only noticed cos I couldn't stop looking at Aidan!

    Shame about Toby not being there but colin and Matt still stirling jobs.

    Man thought that the audience were very low-key...I wasn't really bothering about the audience but thinking about it now calmly ..I think in the main they were a bit quiet....and most asked far too many sensible questions!

    Oh and vampfan and Super....didn't the 4 of them just look so gorgeous..like they'd stepped out of a film set....and yeh they were funny and warm and I loved seeing them...Aidan said it was like filming with a bunch of mates working on BH and that's how it came across.

    Will be here for a while..waitng to hear response from Anglo and eagle once back in Bristol

  • Comment number 55.

    oh angifan.....just read through all the blogs carefully now and noticed your question....yeah they did mention the blog...and the bloggers...from the back I waved at them whenever they said this and I'll swear that Aidan waved back to me....well that's my version of events and I'm sticking to it!

  • Comment number 56.

    Just remembered something else...a new ghost features in BH2..it's a guy i think cos on the trailer for BH2 Annie is following a guy in a park and i think he said something like 'you'd don't need to follow me beacuse I'm a ghost'...or something like that.
    They all had great things to say about the actor ( Alec Price) who played gilbet and he's definately not reappearing...although there was a sort of suggestion that Bernie might in BH3

  • Comment number 57.

    (34) Oh you naughty vamp! You should have come and said hello to us...>Eagle weas the one who asked a question (more of which is a minute from the woman of the moment)....You should have spoken to us....Brown also came and we crossed like ships in the night and I missed her cos my phone was off and I couldn't switch it back on because they were talking and the vid was shown which was immense....

    We are still on the ceiling....won't come down until whenever....how sexy is Aidan....god that chest and eyes....Eagle is going 'eeeee' as we speak and hasn't shut up all day lol.....she has lots to tell you and when I go for a pee in a min she is going to log on as her and will chat merrily to you for ever and a day hehe (expect an Eagle epic) omg.

    See you on the blog tomorrow pm....we will be Totterdowning tomorrow a.m. and so will be on later p.m. Eagle is now dancing from one foot to another so I will hand you over in a min....lots of love Anglo..xxx

  • Comment number 58.

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haha so not calming down for very long time will blog bit more in mo wanna check twitter see if sinead has replied and need to upload pics!!!!!!

    I got biggest ever hug off Russell it was absolutely amaaaaaaaaaazing!!!

    Hehe oh and vf seriously why didnt yuou come say hello? yeah we were the nutters on the front row :-D i started the mexican wave and we were doing the shushing it was hilarious lol and i was the one who asked the **** marry cliff question :-D :-D :-D well it was all a bit high brow for me needed to lower the tone a bit! and russell said i was number one and i was the one who asked for the hug right at the start and shouted I LOVE YOU RUSSELL lol he was really lovely spoke to me for ages til that frump in the cardy told me off lol

  • Comment number 59.

    Brown.. So glad you had a great time and that they seem to enjoy the blog....
    Lenora and Aidan really do you think ??? Lenora WAS engaged mentioned on an interview for Sugar Rush on channel 4 but it was a couple of years ago, but lets face it how could you not want to jump on his bones when he grins that grin.
    And Russell what a great guy you can just tell by looking at him that there is no edge to him but I hear from girlfriend in LA that Russ has a guy partner she gets all the gossip (inside information) especially if I say I'm interested in someone.

    Sleep well blogers xx

  • Comment number 60.

    May have to retire myself now...man already in bed...it's been an eventful and also an emotional day esp for him which is why I can live with not having had cuddle from AT. I enjoyed v. much being there.

    Won't be blogging until late tomorrow ..for Man and his family I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a healing day and help us all move forward.

    Anglo..I'll be interested in your views on closeness of Aidan and lenora observed by vampfan and myself...you were the closest ..how did it seem to you?

  • Comment number 61.

    Angifan....hard to tell re Aidan and Lenora thing ...it's certainly given us something to think about anyway..as far as i know whe is single ( but maybe not anymore...!)..I've got to say that she was looking absolutely gorgeous today with her hair back in a ponytail...but a glamouress one!
    All I can say is that I watched them a lot as she was next to aidan and they did spend a lot of time just looking at each other and sharing stuff.

    Eagle and anglo...thanks for texts ....appreciated....did Joooos make it with her partner?...how many other bloggers were there?
    Alreday mentioned that there was a LOT of rferences to the blog....still don't think that any of them excepet Sinead actually read the posts but at least they tell a good story!

    Oh...and just remembered...Russell said they were going ahead with action figures!

  • Comment number 62.

    ALL: What a fabulous day....brilliant, best day I've had for a while.... Aidan spoke to me first and signed some bit of paper I gave him, asked me my name, if I was OK, gave me a bit of a hug when I had my pic taken with him which Joooos is lovely enough to have taken and will send me so I can decide whether I look decent enough to actually have it on Twitpic or somewhere lol...I really do not take a good picture, never have..

    Eagle thinks nothing is between Lenora and Aidan....frankly I never noticed! I knew they were natterng to each other a lot but I think they've always done that....remember how Russell and Lenora were with each other in that vid a week or so back and how much of a double act they were....think they were just mates (well I hope so anyway!)

    Eagle thinks he was just drinking Lenora's water because it had lemon in it lol..and we just want him to be happy (but only with me, lol)...

    Am high but tired at same time if this were possible...would love to tweet Sinead before bed to thank them....as super said, Lenora's twitter account is not her...Eagle asked her and Lenora had no idea what E was talking about lol.

    Twitter, here I come (briefly)....and I will blog again tomorrow...

    Eagles pics are already up on Twitter, a few that is, some may need tweaking but she will do that Monday.

    Good morning all cos it is....see you later today xxx

  • Comment number 63.

    and I am definately going to bed ...after this...had to share it with you all....Man took this pic ( which prob explains why it's a good one...) of aidan smiling at me. It was at the stage after the Q&A when they were all just hanging out ...I shoued 'hi Aidan' and he gave me this smile.....it will be my fave photo of him for ever!!!


  • Comment number 64.

    Morning all...yes it is 5.25 AM on a sunday morning but I have already been pacing for an hour. Am going to get some piccies enlarged and ASDA is open in 5 hours so I need to get ready. Hehe.
    Brown:: What a glorious photo..it just captures how he was yesterday, all smiley and twinkly.
    To everyone else who went.....how long do you think before we calm down??
    Talk later

  • Comment number 65.

    Ooh, ooh, one last one then I promise to go away. When stripy guy was introducing them and they were all standing at the back, did anyone see Aidan doing his lttle dance. Aaaw!
    Right that's it, time to attempt grown-up stuff.

  • Comment number 66.

    Brown that pic is Amazing!! Possibly my favourite AT pic so far. :)
    If you want more speculation about AT and Lenora then you should ask some of us about what we saw when they left. ;) I remain unconvinced by that.

    Eagle you were so being told off by that cardigan lady and I was too everytime I tried to go fetch you. *tuts*

    OK.. season 2/3 stuff lets see if we can focus:
    George in a cage in the house, the Professor doing his bit, Annie and the other ghost (she seemed mad with him), Nina telling Annie about the scars first, apparently lots of vampire stuff in the past so I hope we see more of Sethy :D, ERM.. a zombie might be included at some point, Bernie might be in season 3... can't think of anything else.

    Oh apparently in the US remake Mitchell might be female!!! :/

    Have a great time today Bristol lot!

  • Comment number 67.

    Halloween 09 is a day I will never forget.!! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone , the mad front row bloggers (of which I was one),the cast and crew for making it a very special day. A million thanks,for everything. Kisses and hugs to Russell, Aidan, Sinead and Lenora...Love to you all...you made my day, my year etc.xxxx

  • Comment number 68.

    I'm glad everyone had such an amazing time!
    You. Must. Put. EVERY. Pic. You. Took. Of. Aidan. On. Twitter. Savvy?
    Anyhow, did they all seem nice, and whats all the gory detail on Aidan (haha had to ask), and of course Series 2?
    I'm so jealous it's unreal :)

    & Aidan and Lenora eh? They do make a nice couple....

  • Comment number 69.

    Right I've deleted the photobucket pics of me and Tovey/Turner now. I just put them up so people could see something before the other bloggers put theirs up of the cast on their own.
    I don't fancy having my ugly mug being spread around BH forums lol.

  • Comment number 70.

    SuperOchre - I didn't see them :(
    Show me? Pretty please :D?

  • Comment number 71.

    Where is everyone today?
    Recovering from the excitement of yesterday?
    Lucky peoples ;)

  • Comment number 72.

    Quick visit Im in Bristol wooooooooo so off for a totter about in totterdown in about...ooh now lol but still havent calmed down from yesterday and my mega hug off Russell!! :-D For those who were there but didnt come and say hello (vampfan! Naughty!) I was the one who asked him for a hug right at the start and then stood clinging to him for about 5 minutes at the end lol got some good photos will twitpic them later only put a few on because i was having to wrestle anglo for the computer lol will do rest monday and jooos got some which shes hopefully gonna email me :-D

    great to meet you all - you're all absolutely mental lol

  • Comment number 73.

    eagle::: Yes I was a bit naughty...but as I have said before (and I know none of you beleive me)...I am quite a shy person and didn't really spot you until we were in the auditorium but having established that the naughty girls on the front row were my sisters I had every intention of speaking to you all afterwards...but then events overtook me and it was either speak to you or get to HIM. I hope you will forgive me for the decision I made....but I had to do it while I still had my courage!.
    Please forgive me. But it is only on here where I become loud, opinionated, manic and gobby.

    I went with my friend (who is not really into BH so she was in charge of the camera).....we went on the bus which took just over an hour....she told me that going there, she could not shut me up and on the journey home, I didn't speak once.

    She also reminded me that as we left the auditorium, I put my arm around the usherette and told her that Aidan had just put his arm around me.....How can you be so drunk without actually having a drink?.

  • Comment number 74.

    Eek, it sounds like all of you had such fun yesterday evening! I am not jealous at all.... So now I'm here nursing a headache(not from the drink,just from too much sugar and too little sleep. I promise) with the hazy memories of a Jedward wombling about on the TV and an over hypified group of my under-16 friends, whilst you people share pics of the epitome of perfection which is the BH team. Right, sorry, grumble over.

  • Comment number 75.

    Get onto Twitter if you want to see the pics!
    Wish I had been there, but the pics are something at least....

  • Comment number 76.

    Right Being Human USA...finally.

    I have to be careful here because I said once before that America wouldn't 'get it' and was told (quite rightly) by one of our American friends that they would. But I didn't mean it as in 'duh you won't get what's being said'....I just thought that the whole point of BH is that it's humour in particular is very British. And I wondered if, in order to make it appeal to the American market, it would have to be changed considerably. And would those changes take away from what is BH....I know what I mean,I just don't think I'm expressing it well.

    Anyway...a female Mitchell??....nah, don't think so

  • Comment number 77.

    Female Mitchell = Point defeated.

    And anyway, why would you want to watch BH without Aidan, Russell, Lenora (& Sinead :P) etc in it?

  • Comment number 78.

    Do you know what ATfan....I could prattle on all day about the why not's of it....and you just go and sum it up in one line.....nice.

  • Comment number 79.

    Haha :)
    I have been ranting for a while about it now, have my arguments down to a fine art....

  • Comment number 80.

    Do you think that maybe we just don't want to share....cos I do question myself sometimes....but not very often!!

  • Comment number 81.

    I guess.
    I mean the whole Twilight craziness kind of ruined Robert Pattinson if you ask me.
    I'm happy for them to watch it & air it there obviously, but its pointless remaking it if it's already a hit.

  • Comment number 82.

    Can't it just be watched all over the world for what it is; an essentally British program.

  • Comment number 83.

    Well said that person ^^

  • Comment number 84.

    I love American stuff..Scrubs,Frazier,Friends,True Blood and especially Two and a Half Men...but hate when they (or is it we?) try to make that change...it never seems to work......what is the point of God creating Bristol if they are going to change it to.......now you see after effects of yesterday...can't think of a single small town in America....but you get my drift

  • Comment number 85.

    (83) Well sure. Doesn't it actually cost more to remake the program rather than just selling it everywhere (if money is the object here)? We watch programs with Americans in, is there any reason why there's an 'oh, big wow, English accent'?

  • Comment number 86.

    VF: You were there? I wish I could've met you! Yes, I was on the front row too! Have you joined twitter yet? There's some pics on there

  • Comment number 87.

    Hi joooos...can only aplogise and refer you to my mess.73.

    What was your favourite bit?

  • Comment number 88.

    Ok.....I just found this. Been looking for ageeees.
    Type Tudors Season 1 Episode 1 into YT.
    Whats with the accent :)

    I saw this when it was on TV the first time, but could never find it on YT to show you guys, you've probably all seen it, but if not....

  • Comment number 89.

    I've seen him in the Tudors!

    SuperOchre: I've got some pics with you in, but haven't put them anywhere public though! Let me know on Twitter if you'd like me to send them to you.

  • Comment number 90.

    VF: (87) All of it! A bit surreal really, meeting them all. I got a photo with Aidan, but not with the rest of them, but got lots of other photos too! I thought Russell was fantastic and may now quite possibly be my favourite!

    I loved the series 2 preview, but can't remember it all

  • Comment number 91.

    jooos (90) I loved how funny Lenora was. And I thought (and someone mentoned it) how dark S2 looks....loved how Nina shows Annie her arm...I hope they become friends.

    Seen others photos but have to say my fave is still the one with Aidan with his arm around ME...(will never get tired of saying that) but really, he looks so beautiful...talk about the beauty and the beast.

  • Comment number 92.

    VF : Link, pretty please :)
    Nawww, come on, you know you secretly want too....

  • Comment number 93.

    ATfan (91) If you mean what I think..then firstly, would love to share but don't know how to do it and secondly, although I could get someone to do it for me...have seen that other similar pics have been deleted from this page eventually, although I did see them first and they were lovely.
    But having seen my photo with him I did ask my friend how she could let me talk to HIM with my hair looking such a mess.....she just rolled her eyes.

  • Comment number 94.

    Ahhh ok. I'll let you off ;)

    Hey bloggers, we must all watch Collision on ITV. Lenora is in the second episode, Dean Lennox Kelly (Tully from BH) is in it throughout apparently, and Phil Davies ( who was the person from the Royal Academy in DesRom) is also in it!
    Half the cast must know the beautiful one ;P

  • Comment number 95.

    (94) Humm, I think I might have to skip watching anything and just climb into bed this evening....

  • Comment number 96.

    I'm not sure when its on. Not tonight I don't think.
    I'll look it up...

  • Comment number 97.

    Starts next Monday - the 9th.

  • Comment number 98.

    I'll see what I can do, but have enough work on my hands as it is *groans*

  • Comment number 99.

    Whooo whooo....hello everybody on at last...

    Eagle and I have been visitng around Bristol....and yes, we have tottered in Totterdown, outside the house, briefly around the area, caught a bus back into town, visited College Green (Gilbert insulting the policemen, and Episode 4 opening with Mitchell and Alabama 3 song), Eagle took pic of the music shop Gilbert and Annie went into to buy CDs....came straight home and here we are about to put the kettle on for a brew.

    VF: Quite understand about yesterday....where the vampire is concerned, I totally get the feeling of wanting to get as near to him as possible....I loved that stubble on my left cheek.....grrrr....and god knows what I look like in my picture which Joooos will very kindly be giving me at some point.

    I am still totally fazed by having him snuggle up to my left side....never nuzzled the chest which was a great shame in one way but probably he'll be thanking me for it....I really could not have controlled myself there if that had have occurred lol

    Eagle loves Bristol and is keen to move to here or Cardiff but she will tell you more of that in due course! Everything seems so surreal, like it didn't happen yesterday but of course it did...what a fabulous day....don't think any of us will ever forget it, nor would we want to.

    BH PROD: Thanks so much again for your great vids and info...I'm going to try to get a message to them via their website thanking them for freeing up the cast members in order for them to appear yesterday....but thanks for an amazing piece of TV, writing is incredible, acting brilliant, and everything else just makes it superb...please pass congrats and many thanks to everybody and the cast for taking the time to be so lovely and patient with the signing and chatting!

  • Comment number 100.

    Lucky Anglo!
    & now we want all the gory details....:P


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