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Episode 6 Gallery

BH Insider Steve, Online Team

Episode 6 Gallery

Episode 6 Gallery and Goodbye

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  • Episode 6 Gallery

    BH Insider Steve

    Online Team

    This blog is a good news / bad news / then more good news deal.

    *dabs tears from eyes with hanky*

    It's alright. Something in my eye. Both of 'em.

    Let's continue...

    1. Good News

    We've got one last glorious technicolour gallery of Ep 6 pics and behind-the-scenes shots to admire. To appreciate fully... CLICK HERE.

    2. Bad News

    This is the last blog from Being Human HQ.

    In an ideal world all our old Being Human blog-masters would post eternally while sat on a cosy sofa while watching The Antiques Roadshow on TV... hardly noticing the origami smart phones, tablets and dongles on the mantelpiece. Or Lord Toby's mankini.

    Then again, maybe it's safer we stick to the real world.

    Speaking of my predecessors, what an honour to follow in the footsteps of talents like Garret Keogh, Barry Pilling and Rebecca Denton. I'm sure they all join me in saying a tearful and fond farewell to you all. You've been - and are - truly amazing.

    3. More Good News

    It's not quite over yet.

    Don't forget there's an exclusive…

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  • Winning Series Five Clip

    BH Insider Steve

    Online Team

    Unbelievable as it seems, the results of our final Toby's Top Five are in.

    There's been so many classic Being Human moments this year that is seemed impossible to choose... but our fans have spoken.

    It seems Toby found the perfect way to bring curtain down on our beloved show.

    So what do you think? Has Tom mastered Origami?

    Are The Trinity at home, in hell... or in heaven?

    Are there any other scenes that merit a place in the Being Human Hall Of Fame?

  • Additional Scene: Rook's Revenge

    BH Insider Steve

    Online Team

    We're pretty sure there was one question on everyone's lips at the end of The Last Broadcast...

    "Why wasn't there more Toby Whithouse?"

    Okay. Two questions. We can't help with that ending... but we can show you this completely exclusive scene featuring more Lord Toby action.

    NOTE: This is NOT the extra scene on the forthcoming DVD boxed set.

    Revenge sure is a dessert best served cold. At a drive-thru. The only thing Rook doesn't do is shout "SAY MY NAME" at Alistair as he gets out of the car. (Can you imagine what would happen if Rook and Walter White ever crossed paths?)

    What do you think?

    A bittersweet triumph for The Man In Grey?

    Or did he simply win a battle before losing the war?

  • Toby’s Top 5 Moments from Series 5

    BH Insider Steve

    Online Team

    By now we've all seen the final episode of Being Human: The Last Broadcast.

    We were all up last last night discussing that ending. Personally, I'm still hanging on to the notion that the big twist at the end was simply that Tom had mastered Origami.

    He goes by many names: Toby Whithouse. Lord Toby. The Tobester. Djtoby (the "Dj" is silent). Our series creator has raided the archives one last time…

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  • Episode 6 Reactions

    BH Insider Steve

    Online Team

    *wipes away tears*

    What did YOU think of Being Human - Series 5: Episode 6 'The Last Broadcast'?

    Did Captain Hatch rise? Or did he fall?

    Is it even possible to defeat an eternal source of all evil?

    Or are Alex, Hal and Tom now able to enjoy the rest of their lives free of their curse?

    (Read Toby's Farewell Blog to find out more about the nature of THAT ending.)

    PS Of course, this is also the very last…

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  • Toby's Farewell Blog

    BH Insider Steve

    Online Team

    And so, farewell.

    With a heavy heart we have to say goodbye to Being Human. It's been without doubt the most enjoyable, the most rewarding and challenging experience of my entire career. I think I became a writer so I could write something like Being Human.

    A word or two about the ending. We wrestled with the exact nature of the conclusion for a long time. Should it be definitive? If so, should it…

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  • Episode 5 Gallery

    BH Insider Steve

    Online Team

    The final episode of Being Human arrives Sunday, 10pm on BBC Three.

    Let's delay the inevitable and celebrate last week's incredible episode by admiring a gallery full of gorgeous productions pics.

    To fully appreciate the beautiful faces and, of course, dramatic compositions... CLICK HERE.

    So, dear friends, how are we all feeling?

    Nervous? Excited? Listening to bittersweet country music already?


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  • #AskKate Q & A: Miss Bracken's answers!

    BH Insider Steve

    Online Team

    Alex has been trapped six feet under in her own grave by Old Nick himself. Hal and Tom just had their first bluey. It looks like a resue mission is off the cards.

    But it's not all doom and gloom, actress Kate Bracken is very much alive, well and on terra firma (not in it) and has answered this selection of your questions...

    Who's been your favourite guest star? And… if you could be any…

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  • Winning Series Four Clip

    BH Insider Steve

    Online Team

    Are we really here already?

    Toby chose his favourite moments from Series 4 of Being Human. You voted for the scene that you most wanted us to reanimate here on the blog.

    The results are in.

    It's the moment the unthinkable actually happened on the docks of Barry.


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  • Last Rookileaks

    BH Insider Steve

    Online Team

    Our source has been silent following one last exchange of images.  

    The Trinity has imploded and it looks like nothing can stop Captain Hatch from rising.

    Can Rook convince Alistair to recomission The Department of Domestic Defence?

    Click these image links to read the emails, click again to zoom in for easier inspection.

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Image 3

    Image 4

    Will Alistair finally realise the how much is at…

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