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Welcome to Becoming Human

BH Insider | 16:49 UK time, Thursday, 7 April 2011

if you're new to Becoming Human, welcome aboard! Becoming Human is an online drama from the makers of Being Human. It follows the story of Adam, Being Human's teenage vampire, as he teams up with Christa and Matt to solve a dark and dangerous murder (Matt's). Yes, Matt's dead and you need to work out who killed him! Not on your own obviously, Adam, Christa and Matt (well his ghost) are on the case. So as well as watching the eight episodes you can delve deeper into the mystery by checking out the clues they post on the blog - mobile phone videos, newspaper clippings, suspect profiles, diary entries...

The best place to begin is at the start where you can follow each clue and each episode as you go along. Alternatively you could just watch the episodes. Of course, you could just start reading below - but it won't make much sense and you'll find out who the killer is. Miss Marple would never do that!

Thankfully, there's lots of lovely Becoming Human fans on the blog who have already enjoyed the experience, so check out the comments as you go. There are some interesting theories! Good luck.

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