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Harriet Braun Harriet Braun | 21:30 UK time, Friday, 27 April 2012


This post contains spoilers if you’ve not watched episode two of Lip Service (Fridays, 9pm). If you’ve missed it, catch up on iPlayer now.





















Cat (played by Laura Fraser)

I'm writing this knowing that some people will be shocked as they've just watched the episode where Cat dies. You're probably wondering why.

During the writing process, I learned that Laura Fraser had acting commitments elsewhere, and would only be available to be in series two for a very short space of time. Obviously, initially I was sad and disappointed, but I had to pick myself up and dust myself off – I had a series to write. I very quickly realised what it made the most sense to do. 

I'd always known that Cat was faced with an impossible choice to make between Sam and Frankie. If anyone feels cheated of a happily ever after, I'll confess that even if she'd stayed in the series, there wasn't going to be one.

My intention was always that in playing with fire, and continuing to see both of them, Cat would end up with neither of them. In a way her death allowed for that to happen in an extremely dramatic and truthful way. 

Of course I could have, for example, had Cat move to London for a job in episode two, but given her relationship with both women, I don't think anyone would have believed in such a sudden departure. I also don't think it would have satisfied viewers, or been a fitting ending to a very dramatic love triangle.

Once I knew what was going to happen, the pieces of the jigsaw just fell into place. I know these characters so well that I could feel their pain and knew exactly what they would do in that situation. Occasionally writers talk about feeling like a script has come from somewhere outside of themselves, and they're just transcribing what they hear. Well, it's the first time I've ever experienced that for a full sixty pages.

To those who are upset that Cat has gone for good, I'd say this. Cat may not be there in body, but her death impacts on all of them in very dramatic ways. Cat dies with her emotional affairs unresolved, and it is those who are left behind who have to deal with that and pick up the pieces.

Sam, who is used to being in control of her life and emotions, suddenly finds herself hit with something she never imagined. A grief stricken Frankie has to live with knowing that she can't publicly acknowledge what she meant to Cat. And Tess carries Cat's secret with her.

They will all do things they didn't think they would, and forge new connections they didn't anticipate. A whole wealth of rich storylines lie ahead, which are well worth sticking around for.

For anyone who is worried that things are just getting too miserable all round, I would assure them of two things. Firstly, Lip Service has always had a lot of comedy thrown in with the tragedy, and that won't change. There are characters who never knew or were close to Cat, who lead the way on the funny front and keep the laughs coming.

And secondly, before we get too maudlin, Laura Fraser is very much alive and well, and now living in the United States.  I am hugely grateful to her for the fantastic work she has done on the show and wish her well in all her new ventures.

Harriet Braun is the writer and creator of Lip Service which continues every Friday at 9pm.


  • Comment number 1.

    Thanks for clarifying this Harriet. I must admit i was very shocked, i didn't see this coming. I am going to miss Cat, i love her character and i love seeing her with Frankie. I think Cat is heart truly belonged with Frankie, it's very obvious. . When you watch Lip Service, you think of Frankie and Cat. Cat's heart truly belongs with Frankie always. I think with Sam, she only stayed with her because she is a security blanket. At the moment i am not too keen on Sam, she is too horrible towards Frankie. I am on Frankie and Cat team always.

  • Comment number 2.

    I haven't cried so much at a tv show since Dana died in The L Word. It will come as a shock to most viewers because the Cat/Frankie/Sam triange was the main story arc in the show. It feels incomplete now and reguardless of the impact it has on other characters in future episodes, most of us will always come back to that fact.
    What bothers me the most though is that we're supposed to be watching a show about lesbians which is set in Glasgow and now the one and only scottish lesbian has been killed off. And since the location of the show is part of what makes it unique and interesting, I feel as though a gap has been left when it's come to the casting.
    All around, it was a brilliant episode though. It's always a risk to kill of a main character and it's a shame that Cat had to go so early in the story.

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi, Harriet. Thank you for taking the time to explain. I'm not going to lie and say that I'm not upset that Cat and Frankie will never be an official couple on this series. Because I am upset. To me, they were the heart of this series; that's what got me to keep watching the show. It's very clear, from the way Season 1 was set up, to the opening credits, to even Cat's monologue that the BBC three aired yesterday, that you built this show around that love story. I know that you say they wouldn't have ended up together, but I find that very difficult to believe, given how the show was set up and the chemistry and history between these characters. You stated, "My intention was always that in playing with fire, and continuing to see both of them, Cat would end up with neither of them." But maybe that would have only been initially, and, eventually, in the end, Cat and Frankie would have ended up together? I mean, I didn't expect the love triangle to go on forever and I knew that there would be consequences. But this is just too much. I understand it from a writing point of view, especially since I am also a writer. I know how having the death of a major character opens up all kinds of good dramatic storytelling options. But, in this case, I would have preferred that Cat leave. I think it could have been believable that she leave to deal with her conflicted heart. It would have particularly been believable if she'd left after the affair was revealed to her loved ones.

    But thank you for giving us the Frankie and Cat love story, even with it being cut short. This only makes them more epic.

  • Comment number 4.

    (You killed Kenny! You b------- ) Thank-you Harriet. I actually think it was for the best I have watched 100's of different soap episodes and I was starting to place the characters in archetypal situations that I have seen time and time again ie. Cat and Frankie go through hell but end up together anyway because we have to scratch that mental itch that we get because we want everything to be squared off and sewn up neatly. - The scene where she gets hit was very shocking! The other girls were great notably Ruta but I was particularly impressed with the actress who played Cat's mum, really excellent she owned her scenes. I was expecting to see Alana Hood(!) maybe next week then! I'll have to tune in again. Once again thanks for not choosing ye olde stale plot template.

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Harriet, sorry I know it was forced on you but kinda feel cheated cos the love triangle had so much more to give. I'm glad u say it's not all doom and gloom but in a way I feel that's not true to life. Only thing that's keeping me interested is the amazing performance by Heather Peace - I see her beginning to crack and that's very interesting. Time for more characters, but I'm worried there won't be a third series now.. This is our L word and being from Glasgow, I love the fact it's set in my city.. Oh BTW with Laura gone, where the hell are the Scots in this? More Scots to make it more true to life please.

  • Comment number 6.

    So sad :( Just dont take Frankie away from us too. I hope she gets some good story lines.

  • Comment number 7.

    Sorry but I don't think this was such a good idea. This episode was moving and emotional and I can't fault it in itself but I think Cat's premature death has damaged the overall arc of this particular drama. Why kill off something so good? This isn't true life drama (nor is it Spooks where everyone copped it at some point) so I don't see the need nor dramatic coherence in such an extreme solution to Laura's Fraser's departure. What about the viewer? You set us on a trajectory and then jolt us off it. Not good. I can't see that the pay-off in the drama to follow will match up to the price paid. I would have preferred the equally not so credible move to London or some other compelling reason to leave than such a heart wrenching ending to their relationship. I don't get it. There's challenging drama which I'm all for but there's missing the mark by going for too much. Feeling upset after losing a favourite character is fine but feeling depressed because it really doesn't work is not what I want from a show I have loved. Disappointed.

  • Comment number 8.

    Wow, what a great storyline, although admittedly a bit of a cop-out (no pun intended) to avoid Cat having to make a difficult decision. This show is definitely getting better (this season is keeping my attention more), and the characters are starting to be flushed out. The acting of Lexy is rather weak, though, and I don't find her words/actions/movements believable. Characters Sam and Tess are the clear stars... as you can see, lesbian fans love to drool over Heather Pearce, no doubt considered more believable due to her being out and proud. More lesbian actresses! And maybe an ethnic minority... as Glasgow has more diversity than this. Keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 9.

    in love we are all the same 

    what i loved about last nights episode  of Lip Service ~ gosh can i say that ? i mean as the shocks still wearing off ?? ~ i was shattered, and i watched Sam, shattered and Frankie and Tess and Ed and i related to them all, to the grief. 

    I'm a 36 year old Gay woman, i can't pretend i don't love the rare occasions when i get the opportunity to watch a film or series whose main characters share in my sexual preference but I'm not just Gay ~ 
    my sexuality doesn't define me. Sadly I do feel, perhaps because i am part of a minority group, that my sexuality is used by others to define me. A heterosexual is a great many things before anyone might mention his or her sexual preference but too often Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, these labels are placed first and foremost upon a person. Last night Sam was a devastated grieving partner. Her sexuality became very suddenly and very completely irrelevant. These characters remain Gay characters but beyond a sex based storyline.

    I think last nights episode of 
    Lip Service shifted it from a 'lesbian' series to, potentially, a groundbreaking drama.

    I hope people talk, I hope viewing figures quadruple and I hope next years series is on a more mainstream channel because in love we are all the same.

     _/|\_ namaste

  • Comment number 10.

    Hi Harriet, WELL DONE!! First series, i watched because lesbians were finally represented on tv, though i must admit there were times where there was just too much sex going on, it was a bit unrealistic (i felt) and getting in the way of the story! Second series, like someone said above, we are really getting into really good drama and away from stereotypes. Personally i will definitely keep watching and to be honest i was starting to get bored with the love triangle. Just felt awful for sam's character and was getting angrier and angrier at cat! Also i really like the new actress who has just moved in with tess and frankie, she's a great addition to the team! I am really looking forward to the rest of the series. Thanks Harriet, great work!

  • Comment number 11.

    Last night I was enjoying my Friday evening viewing, when to my realisation I had gasped and had my hands held to my face!!!! I just knew no good was to come of Cats triangle but I never saw what was coming. Well done on excellent writing and the surprise for the viewer. Laura Fraser's acting that drew us right in to the turmoil and shocked rabbit and headlights mode before Cat's demise was excellent and made the story line so believable.

    I certainly think the series needed this twist as it has opened up far more depth to the characters and intrigue as to where the stories are now going. Well done Harriet and the team. For my preference it has been a little to much on sex scenes (do we all behave like that - really)!!! BUT I can see there are reasons behind them and the characters have really drawn me in to the series.

  • Comment number 12.

    I thought last nights episode was amazing! It was totally unexpected and really shocked me, which is what great TV is supposed to do and rarely does. I have always enjoyed Lip Service but now see it as a serious piece of TV history and cant wait to watch the rest of the series. Heather Peace is fantastic as Sam and I'm happy to see more of her this series. Thanks to all involved for creating something I look forward to watching every week!

  • Comment number 13.

    Just fantastic, if someone had said to me this is the plan I'd have said 'no way, don't kill her off' but I must say this bold move by Harriet is genius. The possibilities and depth this will bring to the show and the characters is limitless especially with a brave and passionate writer like Harriet. I agree with above comment referring to Lesbians being more than just the definition of their sexuality, while I love the hot sex scenes in season one (oh Sam!!) it's great to move forward with a show and get to know the characters and see them experience universal things like losing a partner and a sister and have to deal with crap workmates and bring skint etc LOVE IT x

  • Comment number 14.

    loving it.. couldn't have written it any better - fantastic & fitting finish!

  • Comment number 15.

    Wow. Guess I'm just like Cat.....didn't see that one coming.

  • Comment number 16.

    I was so shocked - but I think this is going to make the series so much interesting! It needed a catalyst like this to sort out all the awkward mess from episode one. So sad though :( poor Cat! Thanks for explaining and good luck to Laura Fraser :)

  • Comment number 17.

    To say that I am shocked is an understatement. Although I can appreciate the situation you were in Harriet (with regards to Laura Fraser's other committments), I feel a bit cheated and let down. Firstly I must say I am a huge fan and greatly admire what the show stands for and the generally fantastic performances from all involved. However when you say you never intended Cat on ending up with either Sam or Frankie, I do not believe that for a second. The love triangle was the main storyline arc of the series and what everything else essentially rooted from. I appreciate that the other characters will develop now but Cat's kindness and sweetness was such a fantastic quality to have in the character and will be greatly missed. I think the episode itself was a bit rushed. Ed's and Tess's performances in particular I felt were a bit underwhelming considering the gravity of the situation. But the rant is over! Despite Cats death I love the show and will continue to watch, best of luck in the future and I hope you mean it when you say things get a bit happier, the last thing we need is another Eastenders!

  • Comment number 18.

    I have got to applaud the courage to write out what appeared to be a "Key" player. Thus avoiding a possible formula type program and repeating events from series to series.
    The opportunity now is to explore new storyline, and create new events within the present cast. Cat's persona was undergoing huge contradictions and undermining the credibility of the character. The sudden swing from aversion to almost adoration was against the supposed " Ms Reliable" character.

    The possibilities from this point allow a huge range of relationships, emotions, events and revaluations.

    The power of the pen and the unlimited scope can only encourage a breakaway from what was becoming a staid and predictable series.

    Well done, LOL hopefully more shock and on it's way.

  • Comment number 19.

    So, two episodes into the second series and the character around whom everything revolves is killed off... I get that it's due to work commitments but this really seems to dull any interest in the series, though I really hope I'm wrong. I mean, does anyone really care if Frankie and Sadie or Lexie and Sam get together? Sure, it stops the show becoming too staid/predictable and opens up new possibilities, but it's going to be difficult to top the interest that the Frankie/Cat/Sam triangle presented.

    As Sir Humphrey (in Yes Minister) might have said, "It's a very 'courageous' decision!"

  • Comment number 20.

    Agree with Harry, kind of feel cheated out of the time I invested in watching, it's like what's the point now? There relationship was central to the series, don't get it.

  • Comment number 21.

    I watched the 1st episode because Laura Fraser was in it but was hooked by a really good cast and storyline. Even though really surprised I do want to see what happens next. Was 'Homeland' the 'acting commitments elsewhere' ? If so then - damn Yanks !

  • Comment number 22.

    It's very disappointing that the second series was obviously commissioned after Laura Fraser had made other commitments. Her character, Cat was integral to the plot, and she was also one of the better actors in the series. The fact the script for series two was determined by needing to "kill off" the Cat character has meant a loss of momentum and an unsatisfactory dramatic opening to season 2. The success of the storyline involved the continuation of the 'menage a trois' and its playing out and resolution. The heart of Lip Service is sadly gone.

  • Comment number 23.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 24.

    My mind is fighting a battle against itself, as one side is saying "OMG how could you!" but then the other side is saying " it makes sense." It was clear that Cat could never choose, so something had to give way. Giving her a life threatening illness would only be a catalyst of her making a decision; Cat moving away suddenly like you said would not make sense as clearly her love conquers her work from watching the 1st episode of season 2. So killing Cat took the decision out of her hands. Although it feels as if there is now a void in the show, I'm interested in seeing how the characters will cope and how the secret will unravel itself. People may be questioning the representation of the show, but I think it does represent our lives, as even us lesbians experience loss!

  • Comment number 25.

    I think the interesting thing about Cat's death in the program is that it was completely shocking and unexpected. We were all waiting for some mega drama but I think most of us expected Cat to get caught cheating by Sam on her birthday. When Cat get's run over by the car it really makes your heart stop and you're like 'Oh My God' but I didn't once think she'd actually die until they pronounced her dead in the hospital room. When suddenly my body went cold and I thought 'what?' I was waiting for her to come back to life any minute. What I particularly loved about the episode and what was utterly heartbreaking was when Tess and Ed need to tell Frankie who has absoloutely no clue about the whole thing, it's awful and I was crying buckets.

    I don't think that Cat's death is necessarily a bad move although her character and Laura Fraser's acting will be sorely missed. I do think there was only so long the love triangle could really carry on and what could really happen once Cat and Frankie properly got together which I think would have happened eventually as Cat and Frankie really were soulmates. I do think the aftermath of her death will be interesting, seeing how all the different characters deal with it as she really was the one who linked everyone together.

    As much as I do think Cat's death will make for an interesting storyline, I do feel a bit cheated now reading that the reason it happened was because Cat wasn't available for the filming the whole series. I feel like her death is less poignant and more of a convenience now, I mean I would quite have liked them to finally become official.

    On another note, Jay said he was leaving because he couldn't work where he used to work with Cat, I hope last episode wasn't the last we saw of him as I really loved him as a character although I suppose he was mostly important as Cat's workmate but even so, I found him really funny and likeable despite the fact he behaved like an idiot a lot of the time.

  • Comment number 26.

    Wow, what a response! Thanks so much for all your comments. Here's what Harriet has to say...

    Thanks so much for all your comments; I’m happy that the episode has provoked so much debate. To IAMZOE, Yvonne, HotwithaPot, Bex, Paisley22, ym, Louisa , ogre, and anyone else who is excited by the developments, really glad you enjoyed it. Trainspotting, I agree, Phyllis Logan who plays Cat’s mum is a fantastic actress, and we were really lucky to have her.

    Serojay, Priceless1 and LFinny90, I can understand your desire for the possibility of a Cat, Sam or Frankie reunion to be left open. I probably should also have said that it looked highly likely Laura wouldn’t be back for future series and that informed on my decision a lot. I was deeply frustrated with the Shane/Carmen story in The L Word. They had this great love but broke up and never spoke again. I didn’t want a similar scenario to play out here.

    When I said Sam/Frankie wouldn’t have ended up with Cat – again I should have said that was the intended ending for series 2 if Laura hadn’t left. Of course, had things been different and Cat didn’t die, who knows where her, Frankie and Sam could have ended up. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are a testament to how a great love is rarely resolved. I don’t want to stamp out people’s imaginings.

    Serojay, Foots2004, Harry Palmer and amaze-me - I can see how you might feel that Cat and her relationships were the heart of the series and it will struggle without her. I can only echo what some other people have said here, that for me it did open up limitless possibilities and I had no problem storylining the rest of the series. I think when any relationship ends when you don’t want it to, (this includes fictional ones) it’s hard to imagine how an alternative could be as good. But it’s been interesting to me that even as some people decry this development, they simultaneously say they were very engaged by the episode. I can only ask that you keep an open mind, maybe you will also find yourself pleasantly surprised by how interested you are in what happens next.

    To Suzie Jane 1008, and Serojay and anyone who is worried that with Cat’s departure we have lost one of our Scottish characters, we actually have four fantastic new Scottish cast members: Hugh and Dr Love, who you have already ‘met,’ and Bea and Lauren who make their debut in the next episode. And to Mellypk, I’m pleased to say that the lovely Alana Hood who plays Bea is our latest lesbian actress to join the cast.

    And finally a word about sex. To Yvonne, boubou and Hotwithapot, I think people’s reaction to the sex scenes shows what a difficult line an author walks when it comes to pleasing a diverse audience. Some people have been disappointed there has been less sex in the first two episodes, others welcome this. It shows how different we all are, and that’s something to be celebrated. As a writer I can only ever hope that through the course of a series there are enough things that will engage and delight different people at different points.

  • Comment number 27.

    Brilliant that Harriet and the Lip Service team made the time to respond to everyone's comments. Respect.

  • Comment number 28.

    Wow, didn't expect a response but it is great, it makes us feel valued viewer. Only 1 COMPLAINT - Warning alert please - If I had a glass of wine while watching it would have been all over me with my reaction to Cat's RTA. ;o)

  • Comment number 29.

    I think it took guts to kill Cat off. I assumed there was a conflict of schedule but still it could have been filmed in a way that Cat's character could have made it at least a couple more episodes. The magic of film, but u picked a different route and I admire that. It inspires me as a writer. Unfortunately life hands you shit and that's what happened in that episode. I am confident that the next 4 shows are going to be very entertaining and riveting and yes, funny.... I am a fan of your work. Mistresses, as well. You have done a truly amazing job in portraying the messiness of life and it's many layers of secrets. It also obviously portrays the complications of commitment & sex, regardless of gay or straight.

  • Comment number 30.

    C`mon really? Cat was one of my favourites (cute little face hehe), that´s really mean, my friends told me that she was going to die and i couldn´t belive, Frankie has no one anymore..that leaves her with a detective sergeant that hates her, a girl that its interested in the detective sergeant, cute Tess..Ed...and Sadie ( thats equaly crazy like Frankie) that the way the accident was really well done, extremly realistic, well i will keep watching the series cause so far the only lesbian stuff that really interest me was L word and Lip service..because of the spice scenes and not only kiss kiss *next morning * done, I love the opening and the song..Im from Portugal by the way, im saying this just so you know that you have followers from my country..Congratulations to you and your team..take care..

  • Comment number 31.

    It´s interesting Harriet, to hear the reasons behind the killing off of Cat. It seems that whatever happened, you were not going to find it easy to resolve all the issues that the Cat-Frankie-Sam love triangle had thrown up. Besides, not everyone is as drawn to one character as another. Your would have been berated if Cat had chosen Frankie from Heathers fans, and if she had chosen Sam, it would have been Ruta´s fans that were left short changed. But, to be honest, the really interesting dynamics can start. I am interested to see what you can do with Sam. I suppose it would be good to see her loose a bit of her starched stiffness, and let loose a little. Frankie is fascinating. I love Tess´s comic interludes that shine a bit of light on dark drama. Great stuff and I look forward to seeing where you take us next!

  • Comment number 32.

    Congratulations Harriet for providing us with a fantastic show! depicting a realistic portrayal of a group of diverse friends. I could easily relate to nearly all the characters ... Quite often saw myself in a few scenes. Last Fridays episode brought a massive lump to my throat! The sad departure of Cat. Laura Fraser is an amazing actress. Beautiful, talented, natural and most of all intriguing (Ok i must confess - i have a Cat crush) And it's a shame and great loss that Laura's time on lip service was cut short due to other work commitments ...... Looking forward to the next episode!

  • Comment number 33.

    What a revelation your series is.I can see very well where IAMZOE is coming from.The drama is fast becoming a must for "everyone" to watch and totally enjoy.
    It seems to me ,that you have been able to make the watcher fully believe that they are there on set and part of the scene. I am very sorry Laura has had to leave the series .(America gains and we lose !) I know you will bring us all fresh characters and memorable drama in the future.Keep up the good work,and ,oh! ,all the best to all the avid fans, "Mickey"

  • Comment number 34.

    oh i cried during this episode! cheers for the explanation, though the lesbian threeway drama will be missed. i agree with someone above - can we get a non-caucasian main character? it's looking a bit monochromatic. a huge reason why "the L word" was so popular cross-culturally was its inclusivity. once they brought latina carmen in, loads of brown girls starting watching (although pam grier had her own following, despite being straight). once tash came - it was over for me! complete addict!

  • Comment number 35.

    WOW!! Thank you for replying to my comment. I echo Hotwithapot's reply on that. Glad that I'm one of the users who checks back to see what others have said. Maybe you could put your response up higher so that others who don't check the comments know that you replied to us (without being told by their fellow posters, that is)? Unless, of course, you're going to reply to more comments. Then I understand about not placing your additional post with your original one.

    Unlike Hotwithapot and Yvonneboubou (two people, not three, LOL), I'd prefer steamy sex scenes to return (though maybe not at the same frequency), and I wonder if what Laura Fraser said about filming the sex scenes played a role in the series downplaying their explicitness this season.

    About your additional comment as to whether Cat would have ended up with Frankie or Sam: I knew it. Even though you'd said, "If anyone feels cheated of a happily ever after, I'll confess that even if she'd stayed in the series, there wasn't going to be one," I knew that you were talking about Season 2 when you added, "My intention was always that in playing with fire, and continuing to see both of them, Cat would end up with neither of them."

    Because like I stated above, "I mean, I didn't expect the love triangle to go on forever and I knew that there would be consequences." No way did I believe that you would have had this love triangle go on for the rest of the show, not without significant breaks in between at least, and then make it so that Frankie and Cat's relationship is damaged right before the show ends. If they wouldn't have ended as lovers, I feel that you'd at least had them end as friends.

    I so agree about Shane and Carmen. I still haven't watched all of "The L Word" yet, but I watched that storyline on YouTube because I felt so much chemistry between Shane and Carmen after stumbling on to it and watching some clips. Such a shame the way their love story ended it. But like you stated, "Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are a testament to how a great love is rarely resolved. I don’t want to stamp out people’s imaginings."

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me and others, Harriet. You're a class act.

  • Comment number 36.

    i've really enjoyed this show so far. but no more deaths of such loveable characters, ok? thanks for the good cry. i'll be wearing all black to work tomorrow.

  • Comment number 37.

    I don't know if it is just me or not but I have been on such a downer since Friday's episode! I actually gasped out loud when the car hit Cat...and spent the rest of the episode shaking my head in disbelief. Even now 5 days later, I am still devastated. It must have been some sort of catalyst for me and now I feel like I am really mourning someone I know...crazy.
    Anyways...I have to say that I am not easy to shock and certainly do not get all involved with tv shows but dayum that episode got me all right! The thing is now I believe Frankie will hotfoot it back to New York or some other exotic location. She has nothing to stay in Glasgow for really...her mother doesn't give a damn and her Cat has died. And if you look at the episode guides for the next 3 episodes, Frankie is only mentioned in this once coming up and it says she makes a big decision...
    And I think that is what is upsetting me most because I loved Cat and Frankie's characters...and feel that there is going to be a massive void in the programme for me now. I will continue to watch and I really hope Harriet Braun can lift my sadness for the loss of my favourites in the series.
    Don't get me wrong, it is not that I don't like the others, Tess makes me laugh so much, and Sam is very interesting and I am hoping a lot can be done with her character because she does have something. Lexy I am still undecided on but she is new so plenty of time for her character to be developed.

    Sorry for the long post. I really hope I am still interested by the end of the series because I love this show

    Di xxx

  • Comment number 38.

    The plot of the series is the love between Frankie and Cat, it is not true that Cat has doubts about his feelings, because if she truly loves Sam it would not fall again in the arms of Frankie, which gives fear is losing the stability offered by Sam and fully confident that Frankie never again to flee. The triangle that presents us with the second season is not such, but that what we see is the deception of Cat to Sam for that fear to be she the loser to choose what her heart wants.

  • Comment number 39.

    Harriet knowing how much the series with the initial argument has life for 2 seasons, it is not logical is to give a plot twist to the series in Chapter 2 of the second season, pretending that the followers believe that from the outset this was the idea of the series. Because again, it is not, the series was based on Cat and Frankie, and now suddenly, the disappearance of one of the main performers is not important. Tell me, Sam and Frankie, Sam and Tess, Sam and Ed what have they in common ?, the answer is dead Chapter 2, Cat, and now what is going to happen?.

  • Comment number 40.

    Harriet, you are the screenwriter, and a humble follower like me, few lessons on how to develop an argument and an outcome could give you. But I'm going to try...
    1 . Cat is not dead, what happens in Chapter 2, it is a nightmare that is taking it.

  • Comment number 41.

    2. In the following chapters, Sam discovers that Cat fooled her, possibly arrive to fight with Frankie, will make that Ed also blamed the death of his sister Frankie, Tess will try not to position itself, because she understands the pain of Sam and Ed, but also the love of Frankie to Cat, but in the end Frankie will be single, Sam starts a relationship with Lexie.

  • Comment number 42.

    3. Deeply depressed Frankie, still feeling guilty for the death of Cat, enters into a spiral of destruction and the end she commint suicide. It is then when Cat wakes up from his nightmare.

  • Comment number 43.

    4. Final chapter, Cat knows that his nightmare has given the key to make a decision. The only person who could not live without her is Frankie, and is with her who must be.

  • Comment number 44.

    5. For the third season you can give this plot twist, making that Cat and Frankie will go the series together.

  • Comment number 45.

    Killing Cat you killed Lip Service. You killed the main story, the only romantic one. It was a simple story but so true and so moving...just a story about love, that kind of love that goes on even when life separates us and wins against all the pain and the difficulties. Frankie is the best written character but it has no sense without her great love. Why? I can't understand, why so left me without any sense. But i guess it's harder to write a good happy ending than a tragic one.
    I think you could wait and continue to tell us about love might and not only about drugs, depression and tragedies. I'm sorry but i will not watch lip service anymore...i'm sorry because your story gave us voice and it has a great potential and very good actresses (expecially Ruta).

  • Comment number 46.

    Good morning
    I write to say that Lip Service is a great tv series .
    is intensely intelligent and emotional well-acted, I would really like there was a third series.
    My favorite characters are Sam and Frankie , they should not be missed are the best in the series give vitality to the TV series , are perfect .

  • Comment number 47.

    Absolutely feeling awful this evening (I have the flu, or at least it feels as though I have the flu), so thought I'd cheer myself up and watch the latest episode of Lip Service (that I had taped). Wow, was I in for a shock. I was sitting sipping my coffee as the character Cat was checking her phone, I then looked up and boom. Did I see that coming - absolutely not!!!

    What an emotional impact. I'm not someone who can't separate fact from fiction, but come on - it's so well written and acted that I find myself caring about what the characters get up to.

    The funeral scene was so real. Let's just say that I've unfortunately had to observe a mum not act, but be, just like that.

    That's the whole thing about the show, it has moments that are very real. I also get educated by the whole thing, not just because it's great to watch and I can learn from a master a thing or three about writing, but I've seen things on that show that I never thought existed (certain apparatus) - lol. I'm hetero and find the nitty gritty of how things are done an interesting process - lol.

    I find the portrayal of people who pursue same sex relations in this series a very positive education against negative ignorance. A fear of the unknown can lead for people to create all sorts of negative images in their head about a situation or group. I've seen this directed against homosexual males, and I find ignorance can be awful. I have a male relative who is now married to another man. However, I also saw the discrimination that went on for years before that. Thank goodness things have moved on.

    Please carry on the good work. It will be interesting where the characters go from here. I hope to be able to watch this series for many years to come.

  • Comment number 48.

    I saw this last night and I'm probably the only one but I like the story line, it feels right somehow to have her killed in such a shocking way. Very well filmed btw I had to rewind it to see again - seamless! She was doing a bad thing and was weak to go back with Frankie and not choose. I also found her kind of whiny and in series 1, it was hard to believe that Sam would go for somone like that.
    I had an inkling that it was necessary as Laura had left the cast for some reason.

    Again I'm probably the only one and as much as I don't really feel the character Frankie, I'd like her to get messy with Sam. Greif can effect people in powerful ways and the love they share for Cat should somehow strangely draw them together (After Sam has found out about the affair, maybe because of it). It won't start or end well and will damage them both a lot but I think there's a fine line between love and hate that can be crossed.
    I'm probably way off the mark and Sam will just kill Frankie lol but I still think it would be interesting to watch, cause a lot of reaction and be very intense, which is what this show seems to go for, matched with a little comedy from Tess and others.

    Talking of others, I hope Jay doesn't leave for good he brings a good dynamic to the show and I like the new Dr she seems to fit, hope the other new characters fit just as well.
    The thing that struck me in this episode is why no-one asked how it happened when they were told Cat had been killed. Shock, disbelief and then but how? I felt it seemed too much about their drama for them to truely loved for Cat. I mean Frankie and Ed (maybe Ed was told on the phone?) Sam reacted how I thought she would but I think she will meltdown at some point after using greif for vengance, ooh remember evil Willow in Buffy?
    Anyway I'll be watching tonight and hope Harriet's correct, that it doesn't drag on as a mournfest for Cat.

  • Comment number 49.

    i absolutly love the story line. i miss Cat and have never cried so much in my life but i thought it was amazing. What happened to Frankie though :( she cant leave and stay in new york! Only thing im confused about is when Cat got hit by the car she had a text from Frankie telling her she loved her ... what happened to the text? How did Sam not see it?

    i hope now just because Cat's gone Sam doesnt go, i love Sam and Heather Peace plays her so well. Loving the drama in this series cant wait for next week.

  • Comment number 50.

    Ahhh as I suspected, Frankie hotfoots it to New York! As much as I love her character, I just can't see her coming back..I mean, why would she?? Sadie, Tess? I am sure she cares about them but I think she loved Cat too much.
    As for the rest of tonight's show....well I laughed and cried. I cried when Frankie lied to Sam by Cat's grave....damn that Ruta Gedmintas can act!!
    And there were a few laughs BUT for me, the heart has gone out of the show. Maybe it will come back in the next few episodes but right now for me, while Lip Service is still a great show , it is a show. I don't have any real interest anymore on how the characters lives pan out, except maybe Tess because she is just so funny and lovely. And now the poor thing is feeling guilty about Cat and Frankie.
    I will still be watching though because it is great drama with some great humour as only British shows can provide.

    As a really cool twist, as someone said earlier, I would kind of like Frankie coming back and getting in some sort of love/hate relationship with Sam but I doubt that would happen.

  • Comment number 51.

    Sex scenes. Their explicitness is back, and I knew that the down-toned sex scenes for the first two episodes of Season 2 were likely only in relation to Laura Fraser (Cat), so I don't know why I previously stated "I wonder if what Laura Fraser said about filming the sex scenes played a role in the series downplaying their explicitness this season."

    Obviously, I'm not happy about Frankie leaving. But she'll be back, no matter that it currently seems as though she has no reason to return (not even for Tess). It touched me a bit to see how deeply Sadie cares for Frankie. That was done beautifully, because it was very Sadie-like -- not about lovey-dovey words (words that wouldn't have kept Frankie there anyway), but rather expressiveness through being tight-lipped (in addition to doing drugs right afterward) about the things she wanted to say. When it comes to telling someone to sod off, Sadie has no problem doing that. But telling someone that you love them? Not yet her style. Unless maybe for a family member.

    As for pairing Frankie and Sam romantically...PLEASE DON'T GO THERE. Yuck!! It was suggested at (I think that's the first place it was suggested) after the previous episode, and posters gave that a thumbs down (literally and through comments). Rightfully so. While it would be shocking to pair them that way, it would not be believable and not everything that is shocking is good television.

  • Comment number 52.

    Priceless1 you are so right in what you said in your post. Regarding the Sam/Frankie thing I must admit I think it was an awful idea but as a twist and a shock but hardly believable given all that has gone on.

    I watched the episode again on IPlayer because I always miss things the first time, and this time around I felt choked at Sadie, she actually does care for Frankie. I would love for Frankie to come back but if she did I don't see why...or where a storyline could go with her. Her mother put her bloke before her, Cat has died. Unless it is for Sadie...they did spend quite a bit of time together, are similar types and Sadie actually was there for Frankie when she needed her even if Frankie can't see that at present.

    Tess I adore, I so want her to be loved up for once. She is lusting after Lexy poor bugger when Lexy is lusting after Sam. I just want something to go right for Tess for a change bless her cotton socks.

    And Sam, I am intrigued with how her character is going to pan out too. Is it panic attacks she is having or something more sinister?? She knows about Cat and Frankie , I am sure of that even if Frankie lied to her at the grave.

    All in all I was impressed with all the casts acting. And I am looking forward to next weeks episode now to see how things go....

  • Comment number 53.

    Hello Lip Service Community. Dropping by to say what a fantastic Ep 1 and Ep2 of S2 was. Amazing!

    37 - Minty - totally agree with your thoughts there - I felt exactly the same about Cat stepping out in front of that car - didn't see it coming and the rest of the Ep left me reeling. Well done to all the cast and crew for an amazing Ep and for 'Not Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag' - literally. Just brilliant.

    Oh but Ep 2 - incredible! It was written by John Jackson (you are very lucky) and it was funny, clever and moving.. OMG! I thought Sam was going to throw herself in front of a train at the end! And I didn't see any of that coming!

    And Frankie left for New York... someone guessed at that here, didn't they - sorry, can't remember who - was it you Minty? Mabye Priceless - not sure.

    Bit of a blow that, though.

    I missed Jay in this Ep. So where is he? Has he moved to London now?

    Can't wait for next week's Ep - especially to see the evil Nora seducing Ed Mwaaahahhaaa - Sinéad Keenan who plays Nora is a brilliant actress - we'll loathe Nora...

  • Comment number 54.

    I think you have done the right thing in not trying too much to start another close relationship yet.It's too soon after Cat's accident.Your way of showing Sam and Frankie handling their grief in such different ,if predictable ,ways was thoughtful and not over dramatic. Fully expect you to slowly bring out some very tasty new "angles" in the next episodes. (What about Tess,she seems to be getting quite "attached " to her "Fella' " actor at the end of the episode.......maybe nothing ! )
    It's great to read all the comments from fans.The series is the best I've seen for a very long time. I don't know anyone who watches Lip Service,so it would be nice to talk to some people who do..
    Roll on next weeks episode.

  • Comment number 55.

    MancVamp, due to the season airing early in Brazil, I was spoiled on YouTube that Cat was going to die. Some people knew that it was going to happen because some fans from Brazil decided go around spoiling people. The BBC three did what they could to stop some of the spoiling from happening, but it still reached some of us. I then did a little further investigating to see if it was true, and I even knew that Cat was going to hit by a car (whether I felt it by my own conclusion or because I read it). But that moment was still shocking and somehow surprising for me. I didn't expect it to happen at exactly that moment.

    And, nope, it wasn't me who stated that Frankie was going to leave for New York.

  • Comment number 56.

    if she was available to be in two series for a very short space of time
    then you ought to give a less important role, all the other characters revolve around her, and now becomes something very painful to keep seeing all this pain, and besides the story loses all meaning.

    Now, I do not really feel like seeing it go without her, everything becomes cold and meaningless, it will be like a puzzle with a piece missing and even if they're done, you feel bad.

  • Comment number 57.

    Is frankie coming back?? I'm not watching the rest of the series if not! There was so much left to be done with the love triangle even if Cat is dead! I know there's still the fact that Tess knows but still if it comes out theres no Frankie Sam confrontation! Thought Cat's death was brilliant and a great twist but it's been totally ruined by Frankie leaving! It feels like 'oh neither actor can film it, let's just get rid of them!' They were the main characters!! The show is pointless now!


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