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60seconds Claudia-Liza on political parties

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Claudia-Liza Armah Claudia-Liza Armah | 11:30 UK time, Friday, 9 September 2011

For my first blog post I wanted to talk about parties ... political parties that is.

It's at this time of year they get together for their party conferences - it's a chance for them to lay out for all of us to see what they plan to do over the next 12 months.

So what would you like to see them do? Young Voters' Question Time will be back in October, towards the end of the party conference season, asking just that question, but to get the ball rolling I thought you might like to suggest some areas important to you here on the BBC Three blog.

Most eyes will be on the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats because as the coalition they have the power to put forward their ideas in legislation.

For the Conservatives we can probably expect the economy, changes to public welfare and even how ready we are for the 2012 London Olympics to be some of the issues on the agenda.

What looks like the main focus for Nick Clegg will be re-assuring Lib Dem party members that the coalition is working for them. He's always said his party will be judged on what they've achieved at the end of their five years in power.

That's not to say the Labour Party won't be in the media spotlight. It was at last year's conference they chose Ed Milband as leader. There's been much debate and many questions over what Labour under Miliband stands for. Expect him to outline his policy plans.

With the Scottish National Party (SNP) gaining overall power in Scotland last year, it'll be interesting to see the debate over the prospect of the referendum on becoming fully independent.

It falls to Plaid Cymru, or the Party of Wales, to kick the whole autumn round of conferences off this week. The Green Party, UKIP and the Northern Ireland parties like the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Sinn Fein will all have gatherings as well.

So let us know what you'd like to see discussed ahead of Young Voters' Question Time through the blog.

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