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White Van Man's Will Mellor answers your questions

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Dana Stevens | 10:09 UK time, Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Thank you for all your questions for the lovely Will Mellor, who stars as Ollie in our new comedy White Van Man.

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We picked a selection that you sent via our Facebook page, @bbc3tv Twitter and added to this blog. Here are Will's answers:

From Aaron2132 on the blog: What made you want to be in White Van Man? (By the way, you're amazing playing Ollie)

Well it's such a great show and it's the show I've been waiting for for a long time. It's a comedy drama - it's got a warm side so it's not just jokes, jokes, jokes. When I read the first seven or eight pages I knew I wanted to do it. I didn't know at the time that it was written with me in mind but I found that out later on. I just think it's a brilliant script and a great show and I'm really pleased to be playing Ollie.

From Scott Julyan on Facebook: Who is your favourite character and why?

The lad who plays Darren, Joel, is just fantastic. I think he's such a brilliant part and Joel is such a great actor and he's just so funny. There's so many scenes where we were just cracking up all the time, we were just howling and laughing the whole time. It makes it really difficult to get through a scene!

From Terry Haley on Facebook: When watching the show I can see that it must be fun to make an episode, especially working with Joel. How hard is it on a scale of one to ten is it to keep a straight face and complete a scene?

Yeah, as I said, Joel just always makes me laugh and there are a couple of episodes where we just found it almost impossible to stop laughing and we had to do so many takes because I couldn't keep it together. So definitely I'd say it's an eight or nine out of ten.

@sarahjhaycock on Twitter: What's been your best episode of White Van Man?

I think the last two episodes are fantastic and they are probably my favourites as the series as a whole snowballs into chaos. Towards the end of the series it really does get going and I think the last two episodes are fantastic because everything comes to a head. The love triangle thing comes to a head and things happen with Ollie where he just tells everyone how he feels about them. And I remember filming that episode and it was a great episode. And I'm just over the moon with the series and I'm just dying to make series two.

White Van Man (Will Mellor as Ollie and Joel Fry as Darren)

Will Mellor as Ollie and Joel Fry as Darren in White Van Man

From Hannah Ciaran Collins on Facebook: Love the new show. Why does Ollie take everyone's abuse and Darren's ineptitude so lightly?

He's just in a really difficult situation, what else can you do? He's just trying his best. When people don't pay you it's just really difficult. But there's not much you can do other than getting violent - which is never a good idea - because you end up getting in more trouble than you were in the first place. So I think you've just got to take it as experience and never get into that situation again. It's happened to me and I've just swallowed a lot of money that someone ripped me off for, but I've learnt, I'll never do it again.

Lisa Wittner on Facebook: Fab show, when is series two of White Van Man on?

We don't know. We're waiting to hear but we know that the viewing figures are very big at the moment so it's doing very well. And it's getting bigger every week which is fantastic - it's a hit! So fingers crossed we're hoping for another series. But we'll let you know if we hear anything, obviously.

White Van Man (Will Mellor)

Will Mellor in White Van Man

@PeaceColeman on Twitter: Who would you rather have as your best mate, Ollie Curry or Gaz Wilkinson (from Two Pints)?

It's got to be Gaz Wilkinson - I think Ollie takes things a bit too seriously where as Gaz is up for more a laugh. Ollie's a little bit uptight at the moment because he's been put into this job situation, Gaz has got more of a free-spirit. So Gaz would probably be better on a night out.

Jackie on the blog: Have you picked up any handyman skills? Loving the programme.

No, I'm rubbish. I try to do some things: I put up a TV in my house on the wall and the kids aren't allowed to go near it just in case it falls on them! That's how much confidence I have in my own work. I try some bits, I have a go, but I think if in doubt pay someone who knows what they're doing.

And can I just say thanks very much to everyone for all your support and I'm really glad you're enjoying the show.

Yes you can Will!. You can watch Will as Ollie in White Van Man at 10.30pm tonight.



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